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									Our Ethos                                                                     Welcome to Redmoor
We are a small school, and are thus in a position to bring a special
intimate and caring flavour to our education. We are large enough to have
                                                                              High School
a well qualified, dedicated staff pursuing the highest academic standards     Redmoor High School continues to be a successful, popular and happy
for all, and yet small enough to provide individual attention in small        school. Our work is founded on the belief that all children are of equal
classes.                                                                      value and that it is our aim for each child to flourish. Our task is to
                                                                              develop the abilities and talents that all unquestionably have.
The school is an ideal size to facilitate effective communication, which
enhances the close monitoring of individual progress.

We expect the highest achievement from our pupils and as a consequence
will settle for nothing less. We celebrate achievement in all its forms and
from pupils of all levels of ability.

The full development of each individual is encouraged through challenging,        “I am very pleased as a parent that
educational opportunities to extend and enrich, both within the classroom            my son is doing very well at this
and also through the extensive range of extra-curricular activities – for
example: choir, orchestra, performances, sport, Information Communication           school. The teaching staff are all
Technology, homework clubs and day and residential visits.
                                                                                       very nice, which makes a huge
Good relationships between pupils and teachers and amongst the pupils                  difference to a child’s progress”
themselves ensure that a positive working environment is created.
At Redmoor we take pride in the very special ethos we create: a calm,
caring and purposeful atmosphere in which the many achievements of our
pupils, past and present, are shared and celebrated.

We understand the concern that arises when moving from one school to
another and our aim is to overcome this by careful preparation. The staff
work closely with all feeder schools. Detailed preparations are made before
transfer to ensure that future pupils know several of our staff and feel at
home prior to the Autumn Term. Similar care and preparation are made for
pupils transferring during the school year.

Andrew Coombs – Headteacher

                                                                                    “It values every pupil and fosters
                                                                                  outstanding relationships. This is
                                                                                an inclusive school that gives a good
                                                                                   quality of education to its pupils”
           “The Headteacher is
rigorously driving the move to
  raise standards. As a result,
     standards are on a steady
      upward trend and pupils’
          achievement is good”
Redmoor High School                                                          There are a variety of
provides                                                                     contact opportunities:
•   An excellent education with pupils achieving better than national        Effort Profile Evening - In the first term we will provide an opportunity
    average results                                                          for you and your child to discuss progress with their form tutor.
•   A broad and balanced curriculum including all National Curriculum
    subjects. In addition, there is an extensive programme of additional     Parents’ Evenings - There are regular opportunities to talk to subject
    opportunities including Drama and Dance                                  teachers at a Parents’ Evening.
•   Excellent facilities and a superb working environment
•   A caring staff who value each pupil as an individual                     The Pupil Personal Organiser - This can also provide a way of
•   High expectations with clear policies on discipline, homework and        communicating between home and school as it is checked regularly and
    attendance                                                               we ask parents to sign it weekly.
•   An open door policy to enable parents to be fully involved in their
    child’s education. Regular information on pupil progress                 Newsletter - There is a regular newsletter containing information about
•   An extensive range of extra curricular activities including sports,      recent and future events. This can be received electronically or accessed
    music, drama and a full programme of residential trips and visits        from our website.
•   An exciting future

                                                                                        “Good leadership is helping the
Partnership with Parents                                                                  school improve even further”
The education of your child is a partnership between home and school.                                                                         Ofsted
We place a high value on the communication between home and school
and will strive to keep you fully and accurately informed of your child’s
progress and well-being at school.

If particular issues arise affecting your child we would hope that you
would not hesitate to contact us, and we will do likewise. The first point
of contact is your child’s form tutor. You are always welcome in school,
although, it would help us greatly if you make an appointment by
telephoning first.

                                                                                             “Pupils come to school
                                                                                  with enthusiasm. They are keen
                                                                           to work and make progress. As well as
                                                                             enjoying their lessons they participate
                                                                               extensively in a wide programme of
                                                                                sporting and other extra-curricular
                                                                        activities and show very positive attitudes
                                                                                                in all that they do”
“Higher attaining pupils do
         particularly well”
The Wider Curriculum                                                         Anti-Bullying Statement
During the course of the year there are a variety of educational visits      Pupils from the school have appeared on local and national TV, radio and
arranged for the pupils, many of which relate directly to the core           in print to publicise the work the school undertakes to deal with
curriculum. Others, form part of our broader extended curriculum. All        bullying.
such visits are designed to be of positive educational value. No one is
excluded on financial grounds.                                               Redmoor High School is against bullying and any form of behaviour,
                                                                             which infringes the rights and freedom of individuals.
Residential experiences provide opportunities to promote the social and      As a school we aim to promote a co-operative working environment,
personal development of pupils. Furthermore, individuals become more         where everyone in the school community is tolerant, caring and sensitive
aware of the pleasures and responsibilities that come from being part of     to the needs of others and where everyone is respected.
a close-knit community. We provide experiences for pupils that are           Our aim is to -
outside our normal school based curriculum, including a residential
experience in either this country or abroad. Pupils are encouraged to        •   Ensure all students are free from the actuality or threat of bullying
look beyond the classroom at the environment as a learning resource,         •   Ensure active involvement of the whole school community
since we believe in the high motivation that this alternative approach to    •   Raise the awareness of bullying and promote an anti-bullying policy
learning offers.                                                                 throughout the curriculum, both formally and informally
                                                                             •   Encourage an atmosphere in which bullying is universally
SPORTING OPPORTUNITIES                                                           condemned
In order to extend further and to refine skills acquired in PE lessons, we   •   Develop a consistent approach to dealing with incidents of bullying
offer a varied extra-curricular programme organised during lunchtimes            which is shared and understood by the whole school community
and after school. All pupils are welcome at these clubs and may try for      •   Ensure pupils and parents make the school aware of any incidents of
the school teams if they wish. Clubs include: Football, Rugby, Hockey,           bullying that may arise
Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Table Tennis, X-Country.                     •   All incidents will be treated seriously and appropriate action will be
There is a wide range of opportunities for pupils to participate in Drama
projects, both within the school and as part of the wider community.

Pupils are offered a wide variety of opportunities to develop their
musical skills not only during lesson time but also during lunchtime and
after school. Activities include: Choir, Orchestra, Steel Pan Drums,
Recorders, Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Drums, Guitar,
Keyboards, Saxophone and Violin.

                                                                                                          “I can’t believe the
                                                                                                    amazing difference in my
                                                                                                    daughter’s confidence and
                                                                                                   improvement in her work”
“Pupils make many contributions to their school
and local community through support for charities
and by taking positions of responsibility. The
school council has been active in improving the
school environment”
Gifted and More Able                                                            “Pupils are encouraged to voice
We acknowledge the potential of each individual pupil and as such seek
                                                                                their views and the school acts
to support the Gifted and More Able pupils within our school through a             upon them whenever it can.
broad range of opportunities. We believe that the social and emotional
growth of all pupils should be encouraged alongside the development of                 Adults provide very good
academic potential.
                                                                               examples of how to behave and
In the pursuit of school-wide excellence we aim to provide opportunities
for all our pupils to reveal, display and extend their abilities. We believe
                                                                                           very good classroom
that supporting the needs of Gifted and More Able pupils is a factor in            relationships help to reduce
raising the achievements for all.
                                                                                         anti-social behaviour”
Pupils with Special
Educational Needs
A number of pupils at Redmoor High School have additional or special
education needs, which may be of a permanent or temporary nature.
Wherever appropriate, pupils are fully integrated into mainstream
classes and have access to the whole curriculum. The Curriculum
Support Team consists of specially trained and experienced teachers and
Learning Support Assistants who support pupils with special needs both
inside and outside the classroom.

“The welfare of pupils is central to
the work of the school and robust
procedures ensure that pupils remain
safe and healthy”

                                                                                  “The school is rightly proud
                                                                                          of its programme of
                                                                                   extra-curricular activities”

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