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                         2010 ENERGY EFFICIENCY INCENTIVES
                          NEW COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION
Beginning in January 2010, CPS Energy incentives for new construction is based on a “whole building
performance” concept. To receive an incentive for energy efficiency, the building must be at least 15%
more efficient than the new building codes (IECC 2009) implemented in January 2010. The building
codes and related efficiency incentives were adopted from recommendations provided by a diverse
community stakeholder process and formalized by CoSA ordinance.

For buildings achieving more than the minimum 15% savings, the program has established three tiers of
performance, as follows:

      Tier 1: savings of 15-24.9% above code
      Tier 2: savings of 25-34.9% above code
      Tier 3: savings of 35% or greater above code

Savings are based on the total energy consumption for the building, including all fuel types, and are
typically calculated in British Thermal Units (BTUs), which allows for straightforward conversion from
fuel-specific energy units such as kilowatt-hours of electricity and CCF of natural gas.

Custom incentives are offered for eligible projects to help offset the additional design and construction
costs of achieving higher levels of energy efficiency. Incentive amounts are calculated individually for
each participating building based on the kWh and kW savings that the building achieves beyond code, as
                                       Energy Incentive         Peak Demand Incentive
                        Tier 1            $0.08/kWh                     $125/kW
                        Tier 2            $0.12/kWh                     $150/kW
                        Tier 3            $0.20/kWh                     $200/kW

Address of Building (must be served by CPS Energy)

_________________________________________                   _______________________________
Developer/Owner or Builder                                  Date

_________________________________________                   ________________________________
Phone Number                                                Email

Mailing Address for Rebate Check:



Building Type: ___ Office ___ Warehouse ___ Hotel/Motel ___ Retail Store ___ Shop
___ Restaurant ___ School ___ Library ___ Theater ___ Industrial ___ Military ____ Other

Conditioned Square Footage: ___________
Effective January 2010                                                                             Page |2

   This application must be completed entirely and submitted with required documentation.
   Sufficient energy modeling software data must be provided to verify energy savings.
   Certificate of Occupancy dated after 12/31/09
   Applications must be received within 90 days of Certificate of Occupancy date.
   New construction is not eligible for other individual measure rebates with the exception of solar
     and geothermal rebates
   By participating in the program, the developer/builder agrees that CPS Energy obtains and/or
     retains ownership of all rights to existing and future emission credits, renewable energy rights to
     existing and future emissions credits, tradable renewable certificates and/or any and all other
     environmental benefits associated with constructing the property.

  Please email the application and documents to and include:
   Certificate of Occupancy dated after 12/31/09
   Signed application form
   Modeling software results to verify energy savings
   Please email questions to

Missing documents or information may result in the application being returned. Please keep a copy of
these documents for your records.

                              DEVELOPER/OWNER SIGNATURE BLOCK
I will allow a representative of CPS Energy or the City of San Antonio to physically inspect the
property identified in this application.

______________________________________________                      _________________________
Developer/Owner              Print Name                             Date

                                    ENGINEER SIGNATURE BLOCK
I hereby certify that the information provided above and in attached documents is to the best of my
knowledge correct.

______________________________________________                     __________________________
Engineer Signature           Print Name                            Date


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