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									  courses for the Automotive
    Engineering Certificate                               Automotive Engineering
Level I (one course):                                          Certificate
ME    3523   Thermodynamics II
ME    3423   Mechanics of Machinery                         For further information about the program,
             Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
                                                            contact:                                                                            AU TOMOT IVE
                                                                     Automotive Certificate Coordinator

IE    3124   Industrial Ergonomics
                                                                     210 Carpenter Engineering Building
IE    3913   Engineering Economy I
IE    3323   Manufacturing Processes                                 Mississippi State, MS 39762
ECE   3414   Fundamentals of Energy Systems                          Telephone: (662) 325-3260                                                   C E R T I F I C AT E P R O G R A M
ECE   3163   Signals & Systems                                       Fax: (662) 325-7223
CSE   2383   Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms              E-mail:
CSE   3324   Distributed Client/Server Programming
ASE   3223   Aircraft Structures I
ASE   3333   Aerothermodynamics
CE    3113   Transportation Engineering
Level II (two courses):
ME    4123   Failure of Engineering Materials
XX    4193   Automotive Engineering
ME    4463   Engineering Design
ME    4543   Combustion Engines
CHE   4613   Air Pollution Control Design: Theory
             and Practice
CHE   4423   Fundamentals of Industrial Corrosion
CHE   4990   Special Topics: Fuel Cells
IE    4113   Human Factors Engineering
IE    4533   Project Management
IE    4753   Systems Engineering and Analysis
ECE   4653   Introduction to Power Electronics
ECE   4913   Feedback Control Systems I
ECE   4723   Embedded Systems
ECE   4833   Data Communications and Computer
CSE 4153     Data Communications and Computer
CSE   4214   Introduction to Software Engineering
CSE   4233   Software Architecture
CSE   4283   Software Testing and Quality Assurance       M i s s i s s i p p i S ta te U n i v er s i t y co m p l i e s w i th all
CSE   4733   Operating Systems I                          appl i cabl e l aws re gardi ng af f i rm at i v e ac t i on a n d
                                                          eq u a l o p p o r t u n i t y i n a l l i t s a c t i v i t i es a n d p r ograms
ASE   4553   Engineering Design and Optimization
                                                          and do es no t di sc ri m i nate agai nst anyo ne pro tec ted by
EM    4133   Mechanics of Composite Materials             l a w b eca u s e o f a g e, co l o r, d i s a b i l i t y, n a t i o n a l origin,
CE    4103   Pavement Design                              r a ce, r el i g i o n , s ex , h a n d i ca p , o r sta t u s a s a v eteran or
CE    4133   Geometric Design of Highways                 di sabl ed v eteran.

CE    4143   Traffic Engineering
                                                       requirements for the
                                                        certificate progr am
                                                      The program is available to undergraduate and grad-
                                                      uate students currently enrolled at Mississippi State.
                                                                      Undergr aduates
                                                          To meet the requirements for the Automotive
                                                      Engineering Certificate, an undergraduate student
                                                      must complete 15 hours of designated courses.
                                                      These courses include one from the Level I list,
                                                      two from the Level II list, a course entitled “Au-
                                                      tomotive Engineering,” that will be taught under                   Automotive
                                                      the cross listed course numbers of ME 4193, ECE
           ProgrAm                                    4193, IE 4193 and CHE 4193, and a directed indi-               Engineering Course
                                                      vidual study course (ME/ECE/IE/CHE-4000) related
                                                      to a team experience in automotive engineering.                  his course is required for the Automotive En-

                                                      Additionally, at least two of the courses (6 hours)              gineering Certificate program. The course is
      he State of Mississippi and the Southern                                                                    taught under the cross listed course numbers of
                                                      taken for the Automotive Engineering Certificate
      Region of the United States are home to a                                                                   ME 4193/6193, ECE 4193/6193, IE 4193/6193 and
                                                      must be in addition to the courses required for the
number of diverse automotive related manufactur-                                                                  CHE 4193/6193.
                                                      student’ ’ 's degree program in the student’ ' ’ s major.
ing companies. Collectively, these industries, both
                                                                                                                       All students in the Automotive Engineering
large and small, contribute significantly to the
                                                                                                                  Certificate program are required to take this
overall state economy. Many of these companies
                                                                                                                  "Automotive Engineering" course. The course is
depend on Mississippi State University to edu-
                                                                                                                  available to all engineering majors and includes
cate future employees and are currently actively
                                                                                                                  topics in Power Units, Mechanical Systems,
recruiting graduates to meet their strategic hiring                                                               Electrical Systems and Industrial and Systems
needs. The university recognizes the needs of our
citizens, students, and companies by tailoring se-
lected programs to meet the needs of all of these
constituencies.                                                                                                     team Experience in
                                                                                                                  Automotive Engineering
     This certificate program is a formal acknowl-
edgement of engineering students who complete
a specialized program of study related to auto-
motive engineering. This program, although not
                                                                    gr aduate Students
                                                           To meet the requirements for the Automotive
                                                                                                                  A      ll students are required to participate on an
                                                                                                                         MSU team to design/build a vehicle or in a
                                                                                                                  pre-approved alternative experience with consent
                                                      Engineering Certificate, a graduate student must
all inclusive, demonstrates the Bagley College of                                                                 of the director of the Automotive Engineering Cer-
                                                      complete 12 hours of graduate level courses.
Engineering’ ’ 's commitment to the automotive in-                                                                tificate program. An example of an alternative
                                                      These courses include two from the Level II list, a
dustry in the state.                                                                                              experience may be a co-op or internship with an
                                                      course entitled “Automotive Engineering,” that will
                                                      be taught under the cross listed course numbers             automobile company. The level of effort for the
     The Automotive Engineering Certificate program   of ME 6193, ECE 6193, IE 6193 and CHE 6193,                 team or alternative experience must be equivalent
is the first of its kind in the Southern Region of    and a directed individual study course (ME/ECE/             to a three-hour course with a grade assigned for
the United States and is designed to give students    IE/CHE-6000) related to a team experience in                the appropriate directed individual study course.
an opportunity to focus on engineering knowledge      automotive engineering. To receive the certificate,             Membership in the student section of the
and issues related to the design of vehicles and      the student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA                     Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is strongly
their production. The program is multi-disciplinary   in the courses taken for the certificate. The               encouraged. Typically SAE members are involved
allowing students from all areas of engineering to    student’ 's graduate committee will determine what          in a design team: DOE Energy Efficient Vehicle,
                                                      certificate-related courses, if any, fulfill course         Formula Race Car, Solar Car, etc.
                                                      requirements for the student’ 's graduate degree.

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