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									Liste der Abkürzungen - Stand Anfang 2010
List of Abbreviations - As at Beginning of 2010
      Kurzform                                  Bedeutung
     Abbreviation                                Meaning
Accel               Accelerator
Accltr              Accelerator
Additve             Additive (Zustätzlich)
Aq                  Acquired
BA                  Benefit Administrator (für Software Assurance Enhancements)
BC                  Benefits Contact (normalerweise ein Angestellter)
BPM                 Business Process Management
CAL                 Client Access License
CCF                 Customer Care Framework
CCRDSS              Concurrency & Coordination Runtime & Decentralized Software
                    services (Robotics)
CLM                 Certificate Lifecycle Manager
Clnt                Client
CltML               Client management License
Comp Promo          Competitive Promotion
Cnfg                Configuration
Config Lic          Configuration License (similar to a CAL)
Conn                Connector
Cn                  Connector
Cnnctr              Connector
CRM                 Customer Relations Manager
CSF                 Content Selection Framework
CSF SBE             Content Selection Framework Standard Business Event
CSR                 Customer Service Centre Tool
CTEC                Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center
Datacntr            Datacenter
Dev                 Developer
Distrbtd App Dsgn   Distributed Application Design
DPM                 Data Protection Manager
Dsktp               Desktop
Dyn                 Dynamics (eg CRM, Navision)
EA                  Enterprise Agreement (Vertrag)
Ed                  Edition
Edtn                Edition
EEE                 Expression Evaluator Engine
Ent                 Enterprise
EPP                 Employee Purchase Program
ESP                 Flight Simulator Program - that's the full name ( Electronic Simulation
ESP SDK             ESP Software Development Kit
EULA                End User License Agreement
Exch                Exchange
Extnl               External
Exttrnl             External
ExCon               External Connector
Ext Conn            External Connector
ExtCon              External Connector
ExtrnCon            External Connector
Fin Svc             Financial Services
Foundatn            Foundation

FPP                 Full Package Product (Retail boxed version der Microsoft Produkte)
FTP                 File Transfer Protocol
Gtwy                Gateway
HIPAA               Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HL7                 Health Level 7 (Industry Standard Protocol)
HPC                 High-Performance Computing
HUP                 Home Use Program
IA64                Itanium 64-bit
IIS                 Identity Integration Server
ILM                 Identity Lifecycle Manager
Int Con             Internet Connector
Intgrtn             Integration
IntgrtnGP           Integration with Great Plains
Intlgt App Gtwy     Intelligent Application Gateway
IntlgtAppGtwy       Intelligent Application Gateway
Intrctv             Interactiv
ISA                 Internet Security & Acceleration
LCS                 Live Communications Server
Lic                 License
Lic/SA              License plus Software Assurance
Live Mtg            Live Meeting
Lng                 Languages (Sprachen)
Lrng Lib Trng/Ref   Learning Library Training/Reference
LOBi                Line-of-Business Interoperability
Mac                 Macintosh
MCAAP               Microsoft Centralized Application Access Promotion
MDM                 Master Data Management
MELL                Microsoft Education Learning Library
Mgmt                Management
Mgr                 Manager
MLEnt               Managment License - Enterprise
MLStd               Managment License - Standard
MOM                 Microsoft Operations Management
MOSS                Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (ab 2007 - auch SPS)
MQSeries            Message Queueing Series
MS                  Microsoft
MSDN                Microsoft Developer Network
Msging              Messaging
Mstrng              Mastering
MultiLang           Multiple Languages (mehrere Sprachen)
MVL                 Microsoft Volume License
MVLS                Microsoft Volume Licensing Services (MS Webseite für Kunden)
Non Emply           Non-employee
Ntwrk               Network
OBA           Office Business Applications
OEM           Original Equipment Manufacturer
OM            Operations Manager
OMA           Outlook Mobile Access
Onln Trn Kt   Online Training Kit
OPS           Operations
Opt           Optional
OS            Operation System
OSE           Operating System Environment
PerfPoint     PerformancePoint
PerOSE        Per Operating System Environment
PerUsr        Per User
Prcsr Lic     Processor License
Pro           Professional
Protectn      Protection
Prtnr         Partner
Pblc IM       Public Instant Messaging
R2            Release 2
SA            Software Assurance
Sae           Software Assurance Enhancements
SAID          Software Assurance Identification
SAM (1)       Software Assurance Membership
SAM (2)       Software Asset Management
SAP           Firmennamen des Softwareherstellers "SAP"
SB-Ware       System Builder Ware
SBE           Standard Business Event
SC            System Centre
Scrcrd        Scorecard
SDK           Software Development Kit
Sec           Security
Sngl          Single (Language) - ersetzt "English", "German", usw
SOA BPM       Service Oriented Architecture / Business Process Management
SP1 / SP2     Service Pack 1 / 2 (Nie vollständig - nur ein Patch)
SPS           Sharepoint Portal Server (siehe auch MOSS)
SQL           Sequential Query Language
SR1           Service Release
Std           Standard
Stdio         Studio (eg. Visual Studio)
Svc           Services
Svr           Server
Svr Mgmt      Server Management
Term Svr      Terminal Server
Trmnl Svcs    Terminal Services
Unvrsl        Universal
UPG           Upgrade (NUR bei Betriebssystemen)
Upg/SA        Upgrade/Software Assurance (Upgrade nur bei Betriebssystemen)
UsrAdd-onSL   User Add-on Standard License
V             Visual
VB            Visual Basic
VECD          Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop
VSourceSafe   Visual Source Safe
Vstudio       Visual Studio
w/MSDN        MSDN Abonnement inklusiv
w/OMA         with (mit) Outlook Mobile Access
w/SQL         with SQL Server Technology
WAH           Work At Home
Weg           Workgroup Edition
WinPE         Windows Pre-Installation Environment
Wrkstn        Workstation
WWLP          Worldwide Licence Program
X64           64-bit
XP            Version of Windows / Office - from 2002
Yr            Year
Y1            Year1
Y2            Year2
Y3            Year3
Yrs           Years
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(Verpflichtet man immer SA zu kaufen und ergibt dafür zusätzliche Benefits.)


        Kurzform                                Bedeutung
       Abbreviation                              Meaning
Access                        Access
AccessISV                     Access ISV
AntigenEntMgr                 Antigen Enterprise Manager
AntigenforExchg               Antigen for Exchange
AntigenIM                     Antigen for Instant Messaging
AntigenforSharepoint          Antigen for Sharepoint
AntigenforSMTPGtwys           Antigen for SMTP Gtwys
AntigenSpamMgr                Antigen Spam Manager
AppVrtSALS&T                  Applications Virtual SAL S&T
AppVrtCALforTS                Applications Virtual CAL for Trmnl Srvcs
AppVrtExtConnforTS            Applications Virtual Ext Conn for TrnmlSrvcs
AppVrtSAL                     Applications Virtual SAL
AppVrtSALforTS                Applications Virtual SAL for Trmnl Srvcs
AutoRouteEuro                 AutoRoute Euro
BztlkAdptrPk                  BizTalk Adapter Pack
BztlkHIPAAEnt                 BizTalk HIPAA Enterprise
BztlkHIPAAStd                 BizTalk HIPAA Standard
BztlkHL7Ent                   BizTalk HL7 Enterprise
BztlkHL7Std                   BizTalk HL7 Standard
BztlkRosettaNetEnt            BizTalk RosettaNet Enterprise
BztlkRosettaNetStd            BizTalk RosettaNet Standard
BztlkSvrBrnch                 BizTalk Server Branch
BztlkSvrDev                   BizTalk Server Dev
BztlkSvrEnt                   BizTalk Server Enterprise
BztlkSvrStd                   BizTalk Server Standard
BztlkSWIFTEnt                 BizTalk SWIFT Enterprise
BztlkSWIFTStd                 BizTalk SWIFT Standard
Bkshlf                        Bookshelf
BusinessCntctMgr              Business Contact Manager
BusinessProdOnlnDesklessSte   Business Prod Online Deskless Ste
BusinessProdOnlnStdSte        Business Prod Online StandardSte
BusinessProdStdSteSAL         Business Prod StandardSte SAL
CarrierCalendar               Carrier Calendar
CarrierCalendarSAL            Carrier Calendar SAL
CarrierConfSAL                Carrier Conference SAL
CarrierDomain                 Carrier Domain
CarrierDomainSAL              Carrier Domain SAL
CarrierEMail                  Carrier E-Mail
CarrierEMailSAL               Carrier E-Mail SAL
CarrierGAL                    Carrier Global Address List
CarrierGALSAL                 Carrier Global Address List SAL
CarrierIM                     Carrier Instant Messenger
CarrierIMSAL                  Carrier Instant Messenger SAL
CarrierPOP3                   Carrier POP3
CarrierShrdCmmrclSAL          Carrier Shared Cmmrcl SAL
CarrierUMSAL                  Carrier Unified Messaging SAL
CarrierWorkflowSAL            Carrier Workflow SAL
CCFCAL                        CCF CAL
CCFExtConn             CCF Ext Conn
CCFSvr                 CCF Server
CCRDSSToolkitStd       CCR DSS Toolkit Standard
ClassSvr               Class Server
CmmrcSvrDev            Commerce Server Dev
CmmrcSvrEnt            Commerce Server Enterprise
CmmrcSvrStd            Commerce Server Standard
CommsSvrEntCAL         Comms Server Enterprise CAL
CommsSvrStdCAL         Comms Server StandardCAL
ComputeClstrPk         Compute Cluster Pack
CoreCAL                Core CAL
CoreCAL                Core CALClient Access Lic
CIS                    Core Infrastructure Server
CorpWebAccessSALSA     Corp Web Access SAL SA
CreativeWriter         Creative Writer
CRMProHosting          CRM Professional Hosting
CRMProSvr              CRM Professional Server
CRMProSvrRylty         CRM Professional Server Royalty
CRMSBSvr               CRM Small Business Server
CRMSBSvrRylty          CRM Small Business Server Royalty
CSFStdBusinessEvnts    CSF StandardBusiness Events
CSFStdSvr              CSF StandardServer
CSFSvr                 CSF Server
CSFSvrCAL              CSF Server CAL
CSFSvrExtConn          CSF Server Ext Conn
DataAnlyzr             Data Analyzer
DevTools               Dev Tools
DivN/SMSReSrch(DNU)    Div (N/S) MS ReSrch (DO NOT USE)
DsktpCampus            Desktop Campus
DsktpOptmztnPkforSA    Desktop Optmztn Pack for SA
DOPSASvr&Tools         Desktop Optmztn Pack SA Server and Tools
DsktpSchool            Desktop School
DsktpSB                Desktop Small Business
DuetforOffice&SAPCAL   Duet for Office and SAP CAL
DuetforOfficeSAPSvr    Duet for Office SAP Server
DynAX                  Dynamics AX
DynAXHstd              Dynamics AX Hosted
DynCRMAddtvCAL         Dynamics CRM Additive CAL
DynCRMAddtvExtConn     Dynamics CRM Additive Ext Conn
DynCRMCAL              Dynamics CRM CAL
DynCRMCALRylty         Dynamics CRM CAL Royalty
DynCRMEntSvr           Dynamics CRM Enterprise Server
DynCRMEntSvrRylty      Dynamics CRM Enterprise Server Royalty
DynCRMExtConn          Dynamics CRM Ext Conn
DynCRMLtdCAL           Dynamics CRM Ltd CAL
DynCRMLtdExtConn       Dynamics CRM Ltd Ext Conn
DynCRMProSvr           Dynamics CRM Professional Server
DynCRMProSvrRylty      Dynamics CRM Professional Server Royalty
DynCRMSrvcPrvdr        Dynamics CRM Srvc Provider
DynCRMWkgrpSvr         Dynamics CRM Workgroup Server
DynGP                Dynamics GP
DynGPAMCAL           Dynamics GP AM CAL
DynGPAMSvr           Dynamics GP AM Server
DynGPBscCAL          Dynamics GP Basic CAL
DynGPBECAL           Dynamics GP BE CAL
DynGPBESvr           Dynamics GP BE Server
DynGPDevTools        Dynamics GP Dev Tools
DynGPExtConn         Dynamics GP Ext Conn
DynGPHstd            Dynamics GP Hosted
DynGPSvr             Dynamics GP Server
DynNAVHstd           Dynamics NAV Hosted
DynSLHstd            Dynamics SL Hosted
EncrtaAcdmcOnln      Encarta Academic Online
EncrtaPrem           Encarta Prem
EncrtaPremOnln       Encarta Prem Online
EntK/KN              Enterprise K/KN
Ent                  Enterprise
EntCAL               Enterprise CAL
EntDsktp             Enterprise Desktop
Entourage            Entourage
ESPClt               ESP Client
ESPSDK               ESP SDK
Excel                Excel
ExcelISV             Excel ISV
ExcelMac             Excel Mac
ExchgBscCAL          Exchange Basic CAL
ExchgBscSAL          Exchange Basic SAL
ExchgConfSvr         Exchange Conferencing Server
ExchgEntCALwSrvc     Exchange Enterprise CAL w Srvc
ExchgEntCALwoSrvc    Exchange Enterprise CAL wo Srvc
ExchgEntPlusSAL      Exchange Enterprise Plus SAL
ExchgEntSAL          Exchange Enterprise SAL
ExchgHstdArchv       Exchange Hosted Archive
ExchgHstdArchvExt    Exchange Hosted Archive EXT
ExchgHstdCntnty      Exchange Hosted Continuity
ExchgHstdEncryptn    Exchange Hosted Encryption
ExchgHstdFiltering   Exchange Hosted Filtering
ExchgOnlnStd         Exchange Online Standard
ExchgStdCAL          Exchange Standard CAL
ExchgStdPlusSAL      Exchange Standard Plus SAL
ExchgStdSAL          Exchange Standard SAL
ExchgSvrEnt          Exchange Server Enterprise
ExchgSvrExtConn      Exchange Server Ext Conn
ExchgSvrStd          Exchange Server Standard
ExprssnBlend         Expression Blend
ExprssnDsgn          Expression Design
ExprssnEncdr         Expression Encoder
ExprssnMdia          Expression Media
ExprssnProSubs       Expression Professional Subs
ExprssnStdio         Expression Studio
ExprssnWeb                    Expression Web
FrFrntCltSec                  Forefront Client Security
FrFrntCltSecMgmtCnsl          Forefront Client Security Mgmt Console
FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL            Forefront Identity Manager CAL
FrfrntIdnttyMgrSAL            Forefront Identity Manager SAL
FrFrntOfficeCommsSvr          ForeFront Office Comm Server
FrFrntSecExchgSvr             Forefront Security Exchange Server
FrFrntSecSharePoint           Forefront Security SharePoint
FrFrntSecSte                  Forefront Security Suite
FrFrntSecSvrMgmtCnsl          Forefront Security Server Mgmt Console
FrFrntTMGMidBusiness          Forefront TMG Medium Business
Frfrnt IdnttyManagerExtConn   ForefrontIdentityManagerExternalConnector
FrontPage                     FrontPage
Generic                       Generic
                              Get Genuine Solution/Get Genuine Windows
GGS/GGWA-SMO                  Agreement -Small and Medium Organization
                              Get Genuine Windows Agreement-Large
GGWA-LO                       Organization
HostIntgrtnSvrStd             Host Integration Server Standard
HPCPk                         HPC (High-Performance Computing) Pack
IdnttyIntgrtnSvrEnt           Identity Integration Server Enterprise
ILMCAL                        Identity Life Cycle Manager CAL
ILMExtConn                    Identity Life Cycle Manager Ext Conn
ILMSvr                        Identity Life Cycle Manager Server
InfoPath                      InfoPath
InfoPathISV                   InfoPath ISV
InfraEAPlatform               Infrastructure EA Platform
InfraEAPlatformwSQL           Infrastructure EA Platform w SQL
InfraSvr                      Infrastructure Servers
InfraSvrNoCAL                 Infrastructure Servers No CALs
InfraSvrwSQL                  Infrastructure Servers w SQL
InterCnnct                    InterConnect
Interix                       Interix
ICSA                          Internet Cellular Smart Access
ISASvrEnt                     ISA Server Enterprise
ISASvrStd                     ISA Server Standard
IWCoreCAL                     Information Worker Core CAL
IWEntCAL                      Information Worker Enterprise CAL
LrningSltnsE-Lrning           Learning Solutions eLearning
LrningSltnseReference         Learning Solutions eReference
LrningSltnsMCP                Learning Solutions MCP
MapPoint                      MapPoint
MapPointFleet                 MapPoint Fleet
MsgingSecSte                  Messaging Security Suite
MgmtRprtr                     Mgmt Reporter
MOMOpsMgrSvrEnt               MOM Ops Manager Server Enterprise
MOMOpsMgrWkgrp                MOM Ops Manager Workgroup
MOMStdOpsML                   MOM Standard Ops ML
MSMath                        MS Math
MSDNAcdmcAlliance             MSDN Academic Alliance
MSDNLib                     MSDN Library
MSDNOS                      MSDN O/S
MSDNUnvrsl                  MSDN Universal
MSTVAdvClt                  MSTV Advanced Client
MSTVIPTV                    MSTV IPTV
NonOfficeDsktpApps          NonOffice Desktop Applications
OfficeAcctgPro              Office Accounting Pro
OfficeBusinessScrcrdMgr     Office Business Scorecard Manager
OfficeCommsSvrEnt           Office Comms Server Enterprise
OfficeCommsSvrEntCAL        Office Comms Server Enterprise CAL
OfficeCommsSvrEntSAL        Office Comms Server Enterprise SAL
OfficeCommsSvrExtConnEnt    Office Comms Server Ext Conn Enterprise
OfficeCommsSvrExtConnStd    Office Comms Server Ext Conn Standard
OfficeCommsSvrGrpChatCnsl   Office Comms Server Group Chat Console
OfficeCommsSvrGrpChatSvr    Office Comms Server Group Chat Server
OfficeCommsSvrStd           Office Comms Server Standard
OfficeCommsSvrStdCAL        Office Comms Server Standard CAL
OfficeCommsSvrStdSAL        Office Comms Server Standard SAL
OfficeCmmnctr               Office Communicator
OfficeEnt                   Office Enterprise
OfficeEntISV                Office Enterprise ISV
OfficeFamily                Office Family
OfficeFormsCAL              Office Forms CAL
OfficeFormsSvr              Office Forms Server
OfficeFormsSvrIntrntSites   Office Forms Server Internet Sites
OfficeGroove                Office Groove
OfficeGrooveEntSrvcs        Office Groove Enterprise Srvcs
OfficeGrooveISV             Office Groove ISV
OfficeGrooveSvr             Office Groove Server
OfficeLCSCnnctPblcIM        Office LCS Connect to Public IM
OfficeLCSEnt                Office LCS Enterprise
OfficeLCSStd                Office LCS Standard
OfficeLiveMtgBsc            Office Live Meeting Basic
OfficeLiveMtgPro            Office Live Meeting Pro
OfficeLiveMtgRoom           Office Live Meeting Room
OfficeLiveMtgStd            Office Live Meeting Standard
OfficeMac                   Office Mac
OfficeMacPro                Office Mac Pro
OfficeMobile                Office Mobile
OfficeMultiLangPk           Office Multi Language Pack
OfficePro                   Office Pro
OfficeProPlus               Office Professional Plus
OfficeProPlusISV            Office Professional Plus ISV
OfficeProPlusPIPC           Office Professional Plus PIPC
OfficeSharePointCAL         Office SharePoint CAL
OfficeSharePointDsgnr       Office SharePoint Designer
OfficeSharePointSvr         Office SharePoint Server
OfficeSB                    Office Small Business
OfficeSB                    Office Small Business
OfficeSBAcctg               Office Small Business Accounting
OfficeSBISV              Office Small Business ISV
OfficeSBMgmt             Office Small Business Mgmt
OfficeSBPre2003          Office Small Business Pre-2003
OfficeSPSforSrchEnt      Office SPS for Srch Enterprise
OfficeSPSforSrchStd      Office SPS for Srch Standard
OfficeSPSSrchStdwSQL     Office SPS for Srch Standard wSQL
OfficeStd                Office Standard
OfficeSvrLangPk          Office Server Language Pack
OneNote                  OneNote
OneNoteISV               OneNote ISV
Outlk                    Outlook
OutlkISV                 Outlook ISV
OutlkwBusinessCntctMgr   Outlook w Business Contact Manager
Outsrcr                  Outsourcer
PerfPointCAL             PerformancePoint CAL
PerfPointExtConn         PerformancePoint Ext Conn
PerfPointSvr             PerformancePoint Server
PNSRfrlSvr(Rvnu)         PNS Referral Server (Revenue)
PwrPoint                 PowerPoint
PwrPointISV              PowerPoint ISV
PwrPointMac              PowerPoint Mac
Premier                  Premier
ProClrtyAnltcsDsktpPro   ProClarity Analytics Desktop Pro
ProClrtyAnltcsSvr        ProClarity Analytics Server
ProDsktp                 Professional Desktop
Prjct                    Project
PrjctExtConn             Project Ext Conn
PrjctPrtflioExtConn      Project Portfolio Ext Conn
PrjctPrtflioSvr          Project Portfolio Server
PrjctPrtflioSvrCAL       Project Portfolio Server CAL
PrjctPro                 Project Pro
PrjctSvr                 Project Server
PrjctSvrCAL              Project Server CAL
ProofingTools            Proofing Tools
ProvisioningSys          Provisioning Sys
Pblshr                   Publisher
PblshrISV                Publisher ISV
RmtOpsMgr                Remote Ops Manager
RmtOpsMgrCltMgmtSAL      Remote Ops Manager Client Mgmt SAL
RmtOpsMgrSvrMgmtSAL      Remote Ops Manager Server Mgmt SAL
RetailPOS                Retail Pont of Srvc
RoboticsDevStdioStd      Robotics Dev Studio Standard
SACorpErrorRptg          SA Corp Error Reporting
SAE-LrningClt            SA E-Learning Client
SAE-LrningIW             SA E-Learning IW
SAExchgSvrApps           SA Exchange Server Applications
SATechnetPlus            SA Technet Plus
SAVrtPCExpress           SA Virtual PC Express
SAWinFundamentalsLPC     SA Windows Fundamentals LPC
SAWinPE                  SA Windows PE
SAWinVistaEnt          SA Windows Vista Enterprise
SAWinVistaEntK/KN      SA Windows Vista Enterprise K/KN
SAWinVistaEntKN        SA Windows Vista Enterprise KN
SAWinVistaUlt          SA Windows Vista Ult
SAWinVistaUltK/KN      SA Windows Vista Ult K/KN
SAWinVistaUltKN        SA Windows Vista Ult KN
SAWinVistaEntK         SA Windows Vista Enterprise K
SrchSvr                Search Server
SharePointEntCAL       SharePoint Enterprise CAL
SharePointIntrnt       SharePoint Internet
SharePointOnlnStd      SharePoint Online Standard
SPS                    Sharepoint Portal Server
SLPCodeProtector       SLP Code Protector
SLPSvrEnt              SLP Server Enterprise
SLPSvrStd              SLP Server Standard
SBSvrCltAddOn          Small Business Server Client Add On
SOABPMCompete          SOA and Business Prcs Mgmt Compete
SftGrdCALforTS         SoftGrid CAL for Trmnl Srvc
SftGrdExtConnforTS     SoftGrid Ext Conn for Trmnl Srvcs
SAWinEnt               Software Assurance Windows Enterprise
SAWinEntK              Software Assurance Windows Enterprise K
SAWinEntKN             Software Assurance Windows Enterprise KN
SQLCAL                 SQL CAL
SQLCALRuntime          SQL CAL Runtime
SQLSvrDev              SQL Server Dev
SQLSvrEnt              SQL Server Enterprise
SQLSvrEntRUNTIME       SQL Server Enterprise RUNTIME
SQLSvrforSB            SQL Server for Small Business
SQLSvrforSBCAL         SQL Server for Small Business CAL
SQLSvrStd              SQL Server Standard
SQLSvrStdRUNTIME       SQL Server Standard RUNTIME
SQLSvrWeb              SQL Server Web
SQLSvrWkgrp            SQL Server Workgroup
SQLSvrWkgrpRUNTIME     SQL Server Workgroup RUNTIME
SQLWkgrpCAL            SQL Workgroup CAL
SrvcsforNetWare        Srvcs for Netware
SrvcsforUnix           Srvcs for Unix
StrConnBztlkSvrBrnch   Store Conn BizTalk Server Branch
StrConnBztlkSvrStd     Store Conn BizTalk Server Standard
StrConnExchgSvr        Store Conn Exchange Server
StrConnISA             Store Conn ISA
StrConnMOM             Store Conn MOM
StrConnSharePointSvr   Store Conn SharePoint Server
StoreConnSQL           Store Conn SQL
StrConnSysMgmtSvr      Store Conn Sys Mgmt Server
StrConnTrmnlSvr        Store Conn Trmnl Server
StrConnWinSvr          Store Conn Windows Server
StsandTrips            Streets and Trips
StdntwithEncrtaPrem    Student w Encarta Prem
SvrApps                   Server Applications
SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML        Systems Center Config Manager Client ML
SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr          Systems Center Config Manager Server
                          Systems Center Config Manager Server Mgmt Lic
SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt     Enterprise
                          Systems Center Config Manager Server Mgmt Lic
SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd     Standard
SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL      Systems Center Config Manager Server wSQL

SysCtrDPMSvr              Systems Center Data Protection Manager Server
                          Systems Center Data Protection Manager Server
SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt         Mgmt Lic Enterprise
                          Systems Center Data Protection Manager Server
SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd         Mgmt Lic Standard
SysCtrEssntls             Systems Center Essentials
SysCtrEssntlsCltML        Systems Center Essentials Client Mgmt Lic
SysCtrEssntlsSvrML        Systems Center Essentials Server Mgmt Lic
SysCtrEssntlswSQL         Systems Center Essentials wSQL
SysCtrMDMCAL              Systems Center Mobile Device Manager CAL

SysCtrMDMSvr              Systems Center Mobile Device Manager Server
                          Systems Center Mobile Device Manager Server
SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL          wSQL
SysCtrOpsMgrCAL           Systems Center Ops Manager CAL
SysCtrOpsMgrCltML         Systems Center Ops Manager Client Mgmt Lic

SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd      Systems Center Ops Manager Mgmt Lic Standard
SysCtrOpsMgrSvr           Systems Center Ops Manager Server
SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL       Systems Center Ops Manager Server wSQL
                          Systems Center Ops Manager Server Mgmt Lic
SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt      Enterprise
SysCtrRptgMgr             Systems Center Reporting Manager
SysCtrMgmtSteEnt          Systems Center Server Mgmt Suite Enterprise
                          Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager Client
SysCtrVMMCltML            Mgmt Lic
                          Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager Client
SysCtrVMMCltMLSAL         Mgmt Lic SAL
                          Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager Server
SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt         Mgmt Lic Enterprise
                          Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager
SysCtrVMMWkgrp            Workgroup
SysMgmtCAL                Sys Mgmt CAL
                          System Center Server Management Suite
SysCtrSvrMgmtSteDataCtr   DataCenter
TechNetPlusDirect         TechNet Plus Direct
TechnetPlusSingleUsr      Technet Plus Single User
UnrestrictedAccess        Unrestricted Access
VDISte                    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Suite
VrtEarth                  Virtual Earth
VrtEarthPro               Virtual Earth Pro
VrtEarthStd             Virtual Earth Standard
VrtPC                   Virtual PC
VrtPCforMac             Virtual PC for Mac
VrtSvrEnt               Virtual Server Enterprise
VrtSvrStd               Virtual Server Standard
VisioPro                Visio Pro
VisioStd                Visio Standard
VBAppsLic               Visual Basic Applications Lic
VFoxProPro              Visual FoxProfessional Pro
VisualSourceSafe        Visual SourceSafe
VS.NETPro               Visual Studio .NET Pro
VSPro                   Visual Studio Pro
VSProwMSDNPrem          Visual Studio Professional w MSDN Prem
VSProwMSDNPro           Visual Studio Professional w MSDN Pro
VSStd                   Visual Studio Standard
VSTeamArch              Visual Studio Team Architecture
VSTeamDB                Visual Studio Team Database
VSTeamDev               Visual Studio Team Dev
VSTeamFndtnSvr          Visual Studio Team Fndtn Server
VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL       Visual Studio Team Fndtn Server CAL
VSTeamSte               Visual Studio Team Suite
VSTeamTst               Visual Studio Team Test
VSTeamTstAgnt           Visual Studio Team Test Agent
VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn   Visual Studio TeamFndtn Server ExtConn
VSToolsforApps          Visual Studio Tools for Applications
VSToolsforOffice        Visual Studio Tools for Office
VLAppsPool              Volume Lic Applications Pool
WebAntmlwrTMGMB         Web Antimalware for TMG MB
WhaleIAGCAL             Whale IAG CAL
WhaleIAGExtConn         Whale IAG Ext Conn
WhaleIAGSvr             Whale IAG Server
WinCltBusiness          Windows Client Business
WinCltBusinessK/KN      Windows Client BusinessK/KN
WinCltN                 Windows Client N
WinComputeClstr         Windows Compute Cluster
WinComputeClstrSvr      Windows Compute Cluster Server
WinEmbPOSReady          Windows Embedded POS Ready
WinEBSPrem              Windows Essential Business Server Prem
WinEBSStd               Windows Essential Business Server Standard
WinEBSCALSte            Windows Essntl Business CAL Ste
WinEBSPremCALSte        Windows Essntl Business Prem CAL Ste
WinHPCSvr               Windows HPC Server
WinHPCSvrOS             Windows HPC Server OS
WinHPCSvrOSwoHV         Windows HPC Server OS wo HyprV
WinLiveOneCare          Windows Live OneCare
WinOEMSvrEnt            Windows OEM Server Enterprise
WinOEMSvrEntwoHV        Windows OEM Server Enterprise wo HyprV
WinOEMSvrSAL            Windows OEM Server SAL
WinOEMSvrSALwoHV        Windows OEM Server SAL wo HyprV
WinOEMSvrStd            Windows OEM Server Standard
WinOEMSvrStdwoHV           Windows OEM Server Standard wo HyprV
WinProRmtDsktpLic          Windows Professional Remote Desktop Lic
WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL       Windows Rights Mgmt Srvcs CAL
WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn   Windows Rights Mgmt Srvcs Ext Conn
WinSBCALSte                Windows Small Business CAL Ste
WinSBSvrPrem               Windows Small Business Server Prem
WinSBSvrStd                Windows Small Business Server Standard
WinSvr                     Windows Server
WinSvrCAL                  Windows Server CAL
WinSvrDataCtr              Windows Server DataCtr
WinSvrDataCtrwoHV          Windows Server DataCtr wo HyprV
WinSvrEnt                  Windows Server Enterprise
WinSvrEntKN                Windows Server Enterprise KN
WinSvrEntwoHV              Windows Server Enterprise wo HyprV
WinSvrExtConn              Windows Server External Connector
WinSvrforSB                Windows Server for Small Business
WinSvrforWinEssntlSvr      Windows Server for Windows Essntl Server

WinSvrforWinEssntlSvrCAL   Windows Server for Windows Essntl Server CAL

WinSvrforEssntlSvrwoHV     Windows Server for WinEssntlServer wo HyperV
WinSvrItnm                 Windows Server Itanium
WinSvrLangPk               Windows Server Language Pack
WinSvrStd                  Windows Server Standard
WinSvrStdKN                Windows Server Standard KN
WinSvrStdwoHV              Windows Server Standard wo HyprV
WinSvrWeb                  Windows Server Web
WinTSCAL                   Windows Trmnl Srvcs CAL
WinTSExtConn               Windows Trmnl Srvcs Ext Conn
WinVECD                    Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop
                           Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop for
WinVECDforSA               SA
WinVista                   Windows Vista
WinVistaBusiness           Windows Vista Business
WinVistaBusinessK/KN       Windows Vista Business K/KN
WinVistaBusinessKN         Windows Vista Business KN
WinVistaBusinessN          Windows Vista Business N
WinVistaUlt                Windows Vista Ultimate
WinVistaUltKN              Windows Vista Ultimate KN
WinWebSvr                  Windows Web Server
WinXPEmb                   Windows XP Embedded
WinXPPro                   Windows XP Pro
WinXPProK                  Windows XP Professional (Korea)
                           Windows XP Professional K/KN (Korea)(no media
WinXPProK/KN               Player)
                           Windows XP Professional KN (Korea)(no media
WinXPProKN                 Player)
WinXPProN                  Windows XP Professional N (no media Player)
WinXPeSltns                Windows XPe Solutions
WinCEToolKitforVC++        WinCE Tool Kit for Visual C++
WinPro                 Windows Professional
WinProK                Windows Professional K
WinPr KN               Windows Professional KN
WinProN                Windows Professional N

WinSvrStdLangRstrctd   Windows Server Standard Language Restricted
                       Windows Small Business Server Premium CAL
WinSBSvrPremCALSte     Suite
WinUlt                 Windows Ultimate
WinUltN                Windows Ultimate N (no media Player)
WinVistaBusinessK      Windows Vista Business K (Korea)
WinVistaHomeBsc        Windows Vista Home Basic
WinVistaStrtr          Windows Vista Starter
WinVistaUltK           Windows Vista Ultimate K (Korea)
WinVistaUltN           Windows Vista Ultimate N (no media Player)
Word                   Word
WordISV                Word ISV
WordMac                Word Mac
Works                  Works
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         Kurzform                                   Bedeutung
        Abbreviation                                 Meaning
Config Mgr                  Configuration Manager
Cnfg Mgr Svr                Configuration Manager Server
Cnfg Mgr Svr Mgmt Lic Ent   Configuration Manager Server Management License Enterprise
Connct Pblc IM              Conntect Public Instant Messaging
Custsrv                     Customer Server
CustsrvPro                  Customer Server Professional
CustsrvStnd                 Customer Server Standard
Forfrnt Sec                 Forefront Security
Forfrnt Clnt Sec Mgt Cnsl   Forefront Client Security Management Console
OfcFormsSvr                 Office Forms Server
Ops Mgr Ent                 Operations Manager Enterprise
Ops Mgr Std                 Operations Manager Standard
PClrty Anltcs               Pro Clarity Analytics
ProClarityAnltcs            Pro Clarity Analytics
SCCM                        System Center Configuration Manager
SCOM                        System Center Operations Manager
Scrcrd Mngr                 Scorecard Manager
SCVMM                       System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Syst Cntr Essentls          System Center Essentials
Sys Ctr Ops Mgr             System Center Operations Manager
Sys Ctr Ops Mgr Clt ML      System Center Operations Manager Client Management License
Syst Ctr Vrtl Mach MgrWGE   System Center Virtual Machine Manager Workgroup Edition
Sys Mgmt Svr                System Mangement Server
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