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									                                                                                                                            Environmental and Energy Economics


  A Question of Rigs, of Rules,                                                                      Gas Prices in the UK
  or of Rigging the Rules?                                                                           Markets and Insecurity of Supply
  Upstream Profits and Taxes in US Gulf Offshore                                                     Philip Wright, Management School, University of Sheffield
  Oil and Gas
                                                                                                     Provides insights into the reasons for dramatic increases in UK gas prices since
  Juan Carlos Boué, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies                                              2003, contending that replacement of administered arrangements by market
  Edgar Jones, PMI,Spain                                                                             relationships and competition have made UK gas prices far more sensitive to
  This book is an exercise in applied economics that,                                                insecurities of supply, both small-scale and large-scale, leading to the formation
  for the first time, brings together and combines a                                                 of an industry ownership structure.
  historical and institutional approach to the                                                       2006 | 190 pages | Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  development of oil and gas activities in the US Gulf of                                            978-0-19-929965-2, HARDBACK                                           £50.00/$95.00
  Mexico with the statistical and analytical material put
  in the public domain by agencies of the US Federal or
                                                                                                     European Natural Gas Demand, Supply, and Pricing
  state governments.
  January 2007 | 416 pages | Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
                                                                                                     Cycles, Seasons, and the Impact of LNG Price Arbitrage
  978-0-19-920575-2, HARDBACK                                                  £50.00/$95.00         Anouk Honore, Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
                                                                                                     Natural gas is expected to be the fastest growing fossil fuel consumed in Western
  Russian Oil Supply                                                                                 Europe in the coming decades. The purpose of this book is to better understand
                                                                                                     the actual and future trends of the European natural gas market by analysing the
  Performance and Prospects
                                                                                                     tendencies in demand, supplies, and prices.
  John D. Grace, President, Earth Society Associates
                                                                                                     October 2007 | 200 pages | Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  Russian Oil Supply traces the development of the Russian oil industry from its                     978-0-19-922653-5, HARDBACK                                           £50.00/$90.00
  inception in the 1870s through the present. The fundamental geology of
  the two main producing basins (Volga-Ural and West Siberia) is presented along
                                                                                                     The Future of Russian Gas and Gazprom
  with a review of key production technologies. The technical, economic, and
  policy aspects of achieving the 1987–88 peak production are described as well                      Jonathan Stern, Director, Natural Gas Research Programme; Oxford Institute for
  as the mechanics of the production collapse that followed and, since 1999, the                     Energy Studies
  recovery of Russian output. The performance of Russia’s major oil companies,
                                                                                                     This book examines developments in the Russian gas industry since the late
  independents and joint ventures is analyzed and conclusions drawn on the
                                                                                                     1990s in a domestic and international context and likely developments over the
  future course of production and exports.
                                                                                                     next two decades. Russian gas deliveries will expand from a domestic, CIS and
  2005 | 256 pages | Oxford Institute for Energy Studies                                             European focus, to a global role encompassing Asian and North American
  978-0-19-730030-5, HARDBACK                                                  £45.00/$85.00         markets. Over the same period Gazprom has the potential to become Russia’s
                                                                                                     first multinational energy - oil and gas - company.
                                                                                                     2005 | 300 pages | Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
                                                                                                     978-0-19-730031-2, HARDBACK                                           £39.50/$95.00

The Oxford Handbook of                                             Critical Issues in
International Environmental Law                                    Environmental Taxation                                               The New Energy
Daniel Bodansky, Woodruff Professor of International               Volume IV: International and Comparative
Law, School of Law, University of Georgia, Jutta                   Perspectives                                                         Edited by Dieter Helm,
Brunnée, Professor of Law and Metcalf Chair in                                                                                          Fellow in Economics,
                                                                   Edited by Kurt Deketelaere, Full Professor of Law and
Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University of                                                                                        New College, Oxford
                                                                   Director, Institute for Environmental and Energy Law,
Toronto, and Ellen Hey, Professor of Public International          University of Leuven, Janet E. Milne, Professor of Law,              This book provides
Law, Faculty of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam                  Vermont Law School; Director, Environmental Tax Policy               an overview of the
The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law             Institute, Lawrence A. Kreiser, Professor Emeritus of                current energy policy
takes stock of the major developments in international             Accounting, Cleveland State University, and Hope                     debate, contextualized
environmental law, while exploring the field’s core                Ashiabor, Associate Professor of Law, Macquarie                      by the oil shock from
assumptions and concepts, basic analytical tools,                  University, Sydney                                                   2000, and considers
and key challenges. Featuring contributions from                                                                                        how the trends in
                                                                   This new volume in the Critical Issues in Environmental
distinguished scholars and drawing upon insights                                                                                        international energy markets impact on security
                                                                   Taxation series provides a multidisciplinary analysis of
from political science, economics and philosophy,                                                                                       of supply and climate change. It includes a
                                                                   a number of environmental and energy taxation issues
it is intended to serve as an indispensable overview                                                                                    discussion of market design, looks at carbon
of the field.                                                                                                                           and oil markets, and considers best practice
                                                                   June 2007 | 680 pages                                                for effective policy design.
February 2007 | 1,112 pages
                                                                   978-0-19-923126-3, HARDBACK                   £110.00/$215.00        April 2007 | 544 pages
978-0-19-926970-9, HARDBACK                  £85.00/$150.00
                                                                                                                                        978-0-19-922970-3, HARDBACK         £35.00/$65.00

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Environmental and Energy Economics

The Evolution of Resource                                   Promise, Trust and Evolution                                    Managing Water Resources
Property Rights                                             Managing the Commons of South Asia                              Technologies, Policies, and Institutions
Anthony Scott                                               Edited by Rucha Ghate, SHODH and IFRI, Indiana                  V. Ratna Reddy and S. Mahendra Dev
This book traces the development of the standard
                                                            University, Narpat Jodha, International Centre for
                                                                                                                            The volume argues that judicious management of
property rights over five kinds of natural resource -       Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal, and
                                                                                                                            water resources is a critical policy issue for India.
inland rivers, ocean fisheries, petroleum resources,        Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Goa University, India                      The volume argues that Integrated Water Resource
gold and base metals and forest resources - from            From land management to water rights, this volume               Management (IWRM) is a step towards curbing
classical times through to the 19th century. Completely     looks at the current status of Common Property                  mismanagement of water resources, but the approach
private resources and those in the public (or Crown)        Resources, or CPRs, in South Asia. Developed countries,         is yet to be fully integrated in the Indian context.
lands are given equal attention and a simple supply-        have managed to establish well-defined property rights          2006
and-demand model is used to explain how property            over numerous resources and in some instances
                                                                                                                            978-0-19-568112-3, HARDBACK                     £21.99/$35.00
rights are altered. Including numerous case studies and     extended non-exclusionary rights over privately owned
examples, this book provides a unique insight into the      resources over an extended period of time. In the
historical development of property rights and makes a       developing world, however, the share of community               Trade and Environment
special plea for the multiple-purpose and multi-owner       property is extensive, either as a response to an               A Study of India’s Leather Exports
management of resource rights.                              expanding market or because the exposure to markets
                                                                                                                            U. Sankar, Honorary Professor, Madras School of
Table of contents: Concepts in Resource Property            in still in its nascent stage. This coupled with the
Rights; Rights over Water-based Resources; Fugacious        demands of globalization, has led to the co-existence
Resources and Common Property; Rights over Flowing          of both community ownership of resources as well as             March 2007 | 400 pages
Water; Rights over Fisheries and Fish; Rights over          an evolving private property rights market. This book           978-0-19-568395-0, HARDBACK                     £23.99/$45.00
Mineral Resources; Mineral Disposal and Mining Rights       tells the story of CPRs and the commons in a rapidly
                                                            changing South Asia.
to 1850; Free Mining from Medieval Europe to the Gold                                                                       India’s Water Resources
Rushes; After the Gold Rush: Alluvial and Hard Rock         November 2007 | 368 pages
Mining on Public Land in the New World; Mineral
                                                                                                                            Contemporary Issues on Irrigation
                                                            978-0-19-921383-2, HARDBACK                  £45.00/$85.00
Disposal and Mining Rights on Private Land; Rights over                                                                     A. Vaidyanathan, Professor Emeritus, Madras Institute
Coal, Oil, and Gas; Rights over Woods-based Resources;                                                                      of Development
Concepts of Forest Property Rights; Forestry on Public
                                                            Moving to Markets
                                                            in Environmental                                                The multifaceted collection looks at the key issues
Lands from Medieval to the Modern Era; Forestry on
                                                                                                                            relating to water resources management in India with
Private Lands from the Medieval to the Modern Era.          Regulation                                                      a focus on irrigation.
February 2008 | 512 pages                                   Lessons from Twenty Years                                       March 2007 | 328 pages
978-0-19-828603-5, HARDBACK                       £65.00    of Experience
                                                                                                                            978-0-19-568216-8, HARDBACK                     £23.99/$45.00
                                                            Jody Freeman, Professor of Law, Harvard University,
NEW EDITION                                                 and Charles D. Kolstad, Donald Bren Professor of                Environment and
Competition in Energy Markets                               Environmental Economics and Policy, University of
                                                            California, Santa Barbara
Law and Regulation in the European Union                                                                                    The Strategy of Environmental
                                                            This book of contributions brings together some of the
S ECO N D E D I T I O N                                                                                                     Treaty Making
                                                            best academic minds from economics and law to take
Peter D. Cameron, Professor of International Energy         a retrospective look at the performance of market-              Scott Barrett, Professor and Director of International
Law and Policy, University of Dundee (CEPMLP)(UK).          based instruments for environmental protection. The             Policy, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns
                                                            basic question is has the promise been fulfilled.               Hopkins University, and Distinguished Visiting Fellow,
This is the second edition of a highly regarded work,                                                                       Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Yale
                                                            2006 | 500 pages | OUP USA
comprehensively analysing the current state of                                                                              University
European law in the energy sector. Energy law has           978-0-19-518965-0, HARDBACK                  £35.99/$60.00
grown significantly in importance in EU law in recent                                                                       How did the Montreal Protocol succeed in protecting
years. It frequently overlaps with competition and          Handbook of Agriculture in India                                the earth’s ozone layer? Why will the Kyoto Protocol
environmental law and has often been a controversial                                                                        fail to materially dampen global climate change? Are
                                                            Shovan Ray                                                      treaties really needed? Can they be made to work
and complex subject, but this work examines the
relevant law and regulation in an integrated and            June 2007 | 300 pages                                           better? This book develops a theory to answer these
objective manner. The author draws on the insights                                                                          questions—one that integrates the approaches used in
                                                            978-0-19-568673-9, HARDBACK                   £18.99/$35.00
of an expert advisory panel made up of senior                                                                               economics, political science, international law, and
practitioners, regulators and academics in the sector, to                                                                   game theory. It also applies the theory to some of the
                                                            Unlocking Opportunities for Forest-                             world’s most important environmental problems.
ensure that coverage is optimally directed to addressing
the issues and problems arising in practice.                Dependent People                                                2005 | 456 pages
March 2007 | 776 pages                                      The World Bank                                                  978-0-19-928609-6, PAPERBACK                     £12.99/$21.95
978-0-19-928297-5, HARDBACK              £145.00/$235.00                                                                    978-0-19-925733-1, HARDBACK                     £34.00/£82.00
                                                            This report argues that forests offer a huge potential
                                                            for poverty reduction in India and tries to improve the
Handbook of Water Resources in India                        understanding of Joint Forest Management in India.

Development, Management, and Strategies                     2006 | 124 pages
                                                            978-0-19-568319-6, PAPERBACK                  £13.99/$24.95
John Briscoe and R.P.S Malik
This handbook focuses on major water policy issues
in India, the challenges and the critical measures that
need to be addressed.
February 2007 | 381 pages | OUP India
978-0-19-568561-9, HARDBACK                £22.99/$75.00

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