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Thatch Away Supa-System                        4-5     Maintenance Shed                           12-13
True Surface Vibratory Rollers                    6    GroGreen                                        13
GreensGroomer                                     7    Tines Direct                                    14
Sprayers, Pumps and Hose                       8-9     Turf Safe                                       15
Turf Maintenance Equipment                  10-11      Location Map and Contact Details                16
    The GreensTeam              ®


4                                                                     Now superintendents
                                                                have the advantage of fully
                                                            mechanised greens maintance.
                                                The Greens Team is the most advanced and
                                      proven system for providing firm, fast, healthy greens.

    Totally mechanised Greens Maintenance
       Thatch-Away can remove more thatch than ANY other triplex unit.
       Call us for an obligation-free trial and we’ll prove it for you.

                             10 second cassette swap
    0:01              0:04                  0:08                      0:10

     Undo the latch   Open the unit        Swap cassettes            Close it up

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The world’s leading                                             Verticutter
                                                                Spaced at just 10mm apart, the revolutionary
interchangeable                                                 Tungsten tipped Fan-Force® blades stay sharp
                                                                season after season to remove an incredible
cassette systems                                                amount of thatch and leave an impeccably
                                                                groomed finish. Standard operating depths of
for triplex mowers                                              0-3mm, maximum operating depth 6mm.

Imagine being able to do                                        For periodic linear aerification down to nearly
almost any greens maintenance task                              12mm with 40mm spacing. The unit is an ideal
with all the speed and ease that your                           treatment to compliment regular use of the
                                                                Thatch-Away® Verticutting cassettes for
triplex gives you.                                              reducing thatch and increasing firmness.

                                                                ‘POA Buster’
Now you can!
The amazing NEW Thatch-Away®
                                                                5mm spacings to reduce and refine coarser
                                                                grasses, remove lateral growth and Poa Annua
                                                                seed heads. Optimum depth 1.5mm or less.
SUPA-SYSTEM® is a totally unique                                Deep Slicer
concept. These revolutionary multi-                             Creates continuous 20mm deep slits on
purpose units will operate 9 different                          40mm spacings for maximum air,
types of cassettes to handle all those                          water and nutrient absorption.
jobs you never had time for before.                             Greens Spiker
Just undo the latches, and the                                  Allows the surface to breathe and helps
Thatch-Away® SUPA-SYSTEM’s®                                     irrigation water and dew to be absorbed. Ideal
                                                                preparation before overseeding. Approximately
patented chasis swings open allowing
                                                                20mm penetration.
you to change cassettes in just
seconds!                                                        Star Slitter
                                                                The quick and easy way to aerate the surface
    A new era is dawning in                                     of your greens without any surface disruption.
  greens maintenance – make                                     Approximately 20-25mm penetration.
  sure you are not left behind!                                 Rotary Brush
                                                                Use to give your greens a light grooming or
                                                                remove dew, debris (pine needles, acorns,
                                                                leaves, wormcasts), or excess topdressing.

                                                                Topdressing Brush
                                                                The greens triplexs’ speed and manoeuvrability
                                                                makes it ideal for brushing-in light topdressing
                                                                using these new cassettes.
Zero setting for
scarifiers is when
                     Each 1/4 turn “click”                      Greens Roller
                     lowers the height of
you can feel the     cut by 0.25mm.                             True up the surface of your greens for a faster,
indicator cap is     With this amount of                        smoother ball roll, without lowering your
flush with the       cutting power, you
adjuster top.        need this degree of
                                                                height of cut.
                     precision control.
                                             We re open for your convenience from 6:00am to 4:30pm (Mon-Fri).
    The GreensTeam                           ®

           True Surface Vibratory Rollers

                                                 The only vibratory                    • All year round usefulness
                                                                                       • Consistent speeds on all greens
                                                 roller units purpose-
                                                                                       • Restore surface after aeration
                                                 designed to fit to your
                                                                                       • Solid front roller and larger
                                                 Greensmower                             rubber mounts – quieter

                                                 • Smoother, faster, truer greens      • New Vibe5 selector keeps you
                                                 • Greater resistance to stress          in control
                                                 • Better colour without fertiliser    • Increase Greens speed without
                                                 • Less blunting of your blades          lowering the height of cut
                                                   after topdressing                   • Fits all popular Greensmowers

     Greens Slicer                                                                                        Maxi Brush,
     Simple spliking all year round
                                                                                                          Multi Brush
     • Ideal for overseeding
                                                                             • Use at either 5.4m (18’) or 1.8m (6’)
     • Gently open up turf surfaces
                                                                             • Brushes off dew before mowing for a cleaner cut
     • Improves moisture and gas exchange
                                                                             • Reduce risk of fusarium
     • 180kg additional weight
                                                                             • Leaves beautiful stripes
     • Low maintenance
                                                                             • Brush in top dressing with ease
     • Electric lift
                                                                             • Maxi Brush has manual fold out extension
     • Rear roller leaves surface smooth and ready for play
                                                                             • Multi Brush uses the ease of hydraulic folding

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                                                                                                 The most effective

    GreensGroomer                                                                                topdressing brush
                                                                                                 ever made

                                                                                        GreensGroomer 6 &
                                                                                         GreensGroomer 12

• Lifts grass for a clean-cut               • Easy to fit, quick to use                 • Draw bar position can easily be
  smooth textured surface                   • Brushes-in topdressing sand –               reversed to extend brush life
• Greens back in play sooner                  wet or dry                                • 1.8m (6’) wide or add 2 wings for
• Removes dew before play                   • Also excellent for maintaining              3.8m (12’)
                                              synthetic or clay pitches

                                                            Walk Behind

   Fairway Turf Groomer                                     Thatch doesn’t
   • Lift out thatch and debris                             belong in healthy
   • Allows air circulation around the grass,               sports turf—so cut it out!
     reducing the chance of fungal diseases
                                                            • 605 Tungsten tips over 24” cutting width for fast thatch removal
   • Rear brush leaves a beautifully groomed
     and striped finish                                     • Unique fan forced blade design
                                                            • Powerful 5.5 Honda engine
                                                            • Complete with large capacity catcher box

                                          100% Satisfaction - All our products are guaranteed to do what we say about them.
    Sprayers, Pumps & Hose
    Petrol & diesel pumps
    • Dewatering • Fire fighters • Dust control • Irrigation
    • Petrol and diesel powered             pumps, sewage transfer and
      pumps to suit every                   grinding pumps, irrigation
      application                           and fire pumps pressure
    • 240V and 415V pumps                   systems and more
      including submersibles, end        • Pressure cleaners to 5,000
      suction pumps, bore pumps,           psi diesel or electric
      chemical pumps, fuel                 powered

                                                           Flex drive units
                                                           •    5.5HP petrol 2” pump drive unit
                                                           •    one person operation
                                                           •    no suction hose required
                                                           •    great for dewatering bunkers

                                                                                                             Pressure washers
8     Submersible pumps
      • 240V/415V • storm water
                                                                                                                 petrol and diesel powered
                                                                                                                 electric powered
                                                                                                                 huge range • cold water units
      • bore pumps                                                                                           •   hot water/steam units

       Spray equipment                                                                                        Poly tanks

                                                                                                             • corrugated rain water tanks
                                                                                                                 - 500L to 22,500L - 24 colour options

      • compression sprayers      • knapsack               • spot & field spray units
        1, 5 & 9 litre              sprayers                   - ute mount and ATV mount options                 • freestanding / trailer mounted
                                     12 litre & 16 litre       - tractor PTO drive 3-point linkage options         tanks - 50L to 1300L

                          • trailers                 - from 100L to 3000L
                               - farm trailers       - 12v & petrol powered options
                               - road trailers

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   Water Saver™
                                                                            Flex it, it’s on...

                                           Unique design operated
                                 by flexing the rubber nozzle.
                     Flex it it’s on, release it it’s off. There is no
           need to turn water supply off as the Water Saver
      will not leak. The most durable nozzle design in the
      world. Moulded nitrite rubber nozzle. Can be stepped
      on, driven on, left out all year, then pick it up and use
      it... year after year. Hand assembled, quality materials,
      fewer moving parts, and made in the USA.                              Release it, it’s off...

GreensTeam®                                                                   BossJet™
Water Pro™                                                                    • 3-in-1 easy use:
• excellent watering

                                                                              • heavy duty construction
  hose for all turf
  applications                                                                • 2 year warranty
• doesn’t kink burst,                                                         • suits 1” and 3/4” hose
  bulge or tear

   Hose                                                                                  Suction Hose
                                                                                         •   oil & fuels
                                                                                         •   water
                                                                                         •   slurries
                                                                                         •   chemicals

   Layflat 8 options available for • mining
   • irrigation • firefighting • water transfer
   & supply, drainage, etc.                                                              Delivery Hose
                                                                                         •   water • air
   Hose Kits                                                                             •   firehose reels
                                                                                         •   irrigation
                                                                                         •   pesticides
                                                                                         •   chemicals
                                                                                         •   petroleum products, etc.

 Hose Fittings               brass | aluminium | poly | stainless steel | galvanised | black steel

              ,              ,                                                                                 the globE.
           Can t see what you re looking for? Talk to us, we are continually sourcing new products from across
     Turf Maintenance Equipment

                                                                                           • Soil Renovators
                                                                                           • Stone Buriers
                                                                                           • Seeders
        One person, one machine….one pass.                                                 • Bed Formers
                                                                                           • Scarifiers
        RotaDairon provides a full range of specialty turf and reverse tillage
        machinery designed to produce a high quality finish and save time.                 • Overseeders

10      Stoneburiers have been developed to produce seed
        beds with minimum damage to soil structure and
        little or no compaction.
                                                               In one pass the soil is passed backwards through a
                                                               screen so that heavy material is buried and soil is
                                                               laid over the top, providing an excellent seed bed.

      RotaDairon also
      manufacture a heavy
      duty Dethatcher for fast,
      clean thatch removal
      over larger areas. This
      unit can also double up
      as an ideal spiker.

                                              GreensWagon                            Fast, damage-free transport
                                                                                     for walk-behind mowers.

                                                                                     Benefits at a glance
                                                                                     • Fast, easy towing
                                                                                     • Strong, maintenance free
                                                                                     • Suitable for ALL walk behinds
                                                                                     • Wide stance stability
                                                                                     • Made in the USA

                               Call US now            1800 250 258

                        4-stroke Lawnmowers
                        • 17”, 19” and 21” models • catch, mulch & catch
  11 models             and utility models • push and self-propelled models

TM1255 • 25cc • 1.1hp
• 720mm blade • 6.5kg
                                                      TM1454 • 25cc • 1.1hp
                                                      • 10.5m3/min • 5.3kg
                                                                                        4 Stroke
                                                                                        • 25cc & 35cc
                                                                                        • loop or bike handle
                                                                                        • cutter blade options

                                                                                    Garden Tillers
                                                                                    •   4 Stroke Engines
                                     Bowling Club                                   •   1.1hp-8hp
                                                                                    •   230mm - 900mm cut
                                     Supplies                                       •   deadman clutch
                                                                                        most models
                                  We supply a large range of Scott Bonner
                                  Scarifiers, smooth rollers and Queen
                                  Mowers. Large range of Queen mower
                                  bedknives, spares and coring drills.


                                                        Coring drills

                                                           Custom made
                                                           scarifying blades

                                           we are a family business, so you can Talk direct to someone who cares,
                                  Smooth Lap
                                  • Excellent torque and power
                                  • Exceptional engineering
                                    ensures a long working life
                                  • Forward or reverse motion at
                                    the flick of a switch
                                  • Low maintance design                    Huge range
                                                                            of petrol and
                       Power carrier              HP40                      diesel powered
                                 • 450kg payload • 5.5hp motor
                                                                            portable generators
                                         • highly manoeuvrable              • Open and roll frame portable options. These
                                                                              units are rugged, reliable and ready to go!
                                                                            • 1.5kVA - 15kVA petrol
                                                                            • 3kVA - 18kVA diesel
                                                                            • WorkCover approved
                                                                              RCD option

12       Plate Compactor
         • Honda powered
         • Vibration isolated
           reversible handle
         • Central lifting point for
           safe and easy handling

     Engines                                                                                       Spare Parts
     Huge range of petrol and diesel engines                                   Fast, genuine spare parts for
                                                                               most brands of power
                                                                               equipment and engines

     • Honda • Kubota • Kohler • Robin                        • parts for your engines, generators, pumps, lawncare, compressors,
     • Briggs & Stratton • Hino • Isuzu • Ruggerini • Robin     pressure cleaners
     • Deutz • Perkins • Yanmar • Hatz • Cummins              • accessories for your power equipment centrifugal clutches, wheels
                                                                & tyres, belts & pulleys, oils, fuel cans, extensions leads, work lights

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   Air Compressors                                                                         Air hose & fittings
                                                                                           • air hose 8mm-12mm
                                                                                           flexible, rated 300psi

                                                                                           • quick

                                                                                           • brass fittings • hose clamps • claw fittings

    • 240V & 415V • petrol & diesel • up to 500cfm

                       • ratchet wrenches • impact wrenches • screw & impact drivers • drills • die grinders • grinders • sanders • polishers
   Air tools           • hammers • shears • nibblers • air saws • riveters • spray guns • needle descalers • blow guns • tyre inflators

GroGreen™                                  Organic nutrient blends for healthier turf
Fertilisers prescription blended for your turf.

By offering the industry’s most
comprehensive and easy to read soil audit,
out team of experts can accurately
prescribe an ideal mix of inputs to exactly
match your soil needs. Using the very best
organic and environmentally safe soil and
plant nutrient products, these blends are
the most economical, no-compromise
approach to soil fertility and healthy turf.
An extensive range of liquid fertilisers is                         4 steps to healthier turf
also available. Start reducing your ‘carbon
footprint’ today. Call us on 1800 250 258.

                                                                       Fast delivery available on all products throughout AustraliA.
                                                       Tines Direct®
                                                       For the largest range
                                                       of tines in Australia.

     We stock thousands of coring                                    (leaving a 9mm hole) to the huge
     and solid tines in hundreds of                                  32mm deep tines, we have a tine for
     different shapes and sizes. Tines                               your every need.
     are available to fit most aerifiers
     including Vertidrain, Soil
     Reliever, Wiedenmann, Toro,
                                                                     Vertical Cutting Blades
     John Deere, Jacobsen, Ryan,                                     A large selection of different blades
     Coremaster and MultiCore.                                       are available to suit Graden, Ryan,
                                                                     Scott Bonner, John Deere, Toro and

14   Dillennium
     The Dillennium Tine from Tines
     Direct is the longest lasting tine
                                                                     Jacobsen verticutters and scarifiers.

                                                                     Premium Bedknives
     on the market. The D22 carbide,                                 A superior Greensmower bedknife
     tungsten tip ensures the                                        designed for maximum life.
     Dillennium Tine will out last a                                 Manufactured using a unique
     typical OEM tine up to 7 to 8                                   coining process, the steel is
     times. This vastly reduces                                      compressed reducing the risk of
     downtime and provides a                                         splitting or cracking and producing
     consistent core depth through                                   a truer, flatter bedknife.
     out your whole course.
                                                                     REQUEST YOUR 48 PAGE
     Bayonet and                                                     CATALOGUE NOW!
     Cross Tines
     These 2 popular tines provide a
     much larger surface area than
     the traditional round solid with a
     fraction of the trauma.

     Coring Tines
     From the small quad tine

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                                              Every day safety items for
                                              the turf care industry

        First Aid      • Wall mounted or carry box • Refills available • Huge range • Australian made

Line Marking                         Flashing Beacons                         Spill Safety
• Heavy duty line marker             • 12 & 24 volt                           • Spill kits 40-500L

                                     • Magnetic base                          • Spill Pallets
• Spray paint—large                  • Heavy duty                             • Fuel Containers
  range of colours

Safety Protection
• Head Protection          • Eye Protection            • Hearing Protection            • Gloves

                                                        Turf Care Solution Packages available to suit every budget.
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