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					  Update your Resume
for Engineering Students
 Leslie Rand-Pickett, Asst. Director
 Liaison to CSC & ECE departments
     2100 Pullen Hall * 2112 EB2
  515-2396 *
  How are resumes like
newspapers or magazines?
                  My answer?
• They both have a few short seconds to capture your
• They utilize headings or headlines to engage readers
• Their articles are written so that the most important
  information is first
• They are aesthetically pleasing and well organized for
  quick reading
• They reflect the interests and preferences of their
       Quick Tips on Resumes
Resumes should…
• Be brief (probably one page)
   – You have 30-60 seconds to engage the reader
• Display your most important qualifications at the top &
  to the left of the page
• Be directed to the type of position for which you are
    Your Resume Might Include
• Objective/Summary       • Volunteer Experience
• Education               • Honors
• Relevant Experience     • Additional Work
• Computer or Technical     Experience
  Skills                  • Relevant Coursework
• Course Projects         • Campus Activities
• Language Skills
A few samples…

          A Few More Hints
• Within each section, use reverse chronological
• When describing experience be sure to begin
  your phrases with action verbs
• Focus on your accomplishments
• Give ##’s and results when possible
• If experience isn’t relevant, focus on the
  transferable skills used
    Common Resume Issues
• No relevant experience (intern/co-op, etc)
   – Solution: describe projects from classes, list relevant
     courses taken, and demonstrate transferable skills
     from un-related jobs
• Resume doesn’t fit on one page
   – Solution: eliminate unnecessary information (old
     achievements or less notable items) or re-format.
     Use your horizontal space efficiently. Adjust margins
     to .75-1.00” ** use 10-12 pt. fonts
 Suggestions for each section
• Skills: be sure to organize this section, give it
  subheadings if necessary & make good use of
  horizontal space
• Projects: use action verbs to describe what YOU
  did on the project. Incorporate technical terms to
  show application of skill.
• Experience: use space to describe your
  accomplishments. Use varied action verbs
sample skills sections

        sample projects sections

sample experience sections

Resumes for On-line Applications
 • Copy & paste your “pretty” resume into a separate
 • Justify all items to the left
 • Remove bullets, bold, italics and underline
 • Use only keyboard characters (* - ), ALL CAPS, and
   white space to show separation
 • Copy & paste the file into the text box on web
 • This can also be used when an employer requests you
   send your resume via email, but not as attachment
              2100 Pullen Hall * Raleigh, NC 27695 * 919-515-2396 *

              To obtain an internship position related to computer and electrical engineering.

              North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
              Bachelor of Science- Computer Engineering, May 2008
              Bachelor of Science- Electrical Engineering, May 2008
              GPA- 3.3 * Dean’s List- 3 semesters
              Microprocessors, Programming Concepts, Electrical Circuits, Fundamentals of Logic Design,
Online-       Linear Systems, Microelectronics, Embedded Systems, Introduction to Computing- Java

              COMPUTER SKILLS
Application   Languages: Java, Verilog, Assembler, C, PSpice, Visual Python, HTML, MySQL
              Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Unix
              Software Packages: Adobe Suite, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Office Suite

              Intern, NCSU WolfTech
              Raleigh, NC * August 2005-present
              Supported the Electrical and Computer Engineering departments’ computer needs by assisting
              with software installation, systems upgrades/patches and basic troubleshooting.
              Provided support to over 800 desktops, laptops, and printers.

              Counselor, Sailing Instructor and Lifeguard, Camp Don Lee
              Arapahoe, NC * Summers 2002-05
              Supervised all activities and safety of 16 campers each week, ages ranged from 4-16.
              Planned group team-building activities and led classroom instruction on the sport of sailing.
              Led groups of campers and counselors on overnight sailing/camping trips along the Neuse
              River and in the Pamlico Sound.

              Eta Kappa Nu-Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society, 2003-05
              Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc (IEEE), 2003-05
              University Scholars Program
              Kappa Sigma Sorority 2004 – Present
              New Member Educator - Fall 2005
      It’s all about BALANCE
• Think critically about your own skills,
  experiences and qualities.
• What will the EMPLOYER see as most valuable
  to their organization?
• Choose to include information THEY will view as
  important, and ARRANGE it so that it is easily
  read & understood.
              Test Yourself

• Hold your resume out at arm’s length
• What jumps off the page?
• Do you quickly see your most important
• What impression does it make?
• Trade with a friend to see if they can determine
  what your strengths are.
            CV vs. Resume
• Resume for business * CV for academia
• Main difference, CV can be longer and includes
  more info on research, teaching, publications &
• CV’s should still follow some resume rules, like
  keeping the most important info first, and
  keeping details well organized & consistent
      Sample CV’s available
• Additional info on statements of teaching
  philosophy & other elements of an academic job
  search available @
   Upload & Publish to ePack
• Allows you to apply for positions with on-campus
• Allows employers to find your resume, and for
  Leslie to refer your resume out to employers who
  contact the Career Center
• Is a secure place to store your resume!
 For More Information
• Visit the University Career Center
   – 2100 Pullen Hall
   – Or our website,
• Leslie’s walk-ins in EB2 2112
   – Monday afternoons & Thursday mornings
• Counselor Drop-In Hours in 2100 Pullen Hall
   – Monday through Friday 11-2
• Leslie is also available by appointment
   – call 515-2396
• Leslie’s website –
  for today’s PPT and other tips just for tech students

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