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  Clean Cities Program Webcast
        August 16, 2006

              EcoZone is the flagship program of
about EcoMedia   SM

  EcoMedia is dedicated to pioneering marketing
  and media programs that generate necessary
     funds and resources to address critical
           environmental challenges.

   about EcoMedia

 Founder and CEO Paul Polizzotto leading environmental entrepreneur
 Pioneered public-private funding model for environmental change with
  Adopt-A-Waterway program (launched 2002)
 Named “environmental hero” by EPA
 Launched national EcoZone program to
  expand and broaden public-private part-
  nership opportunities to address critical
  environmental challenges
about EcoMedia – demonstration of past success

about EcoMedia – sponsorship funding at work

Since 2002, EcoMedia partnerships have funded
critical community programs such as these, at no
cost to taxpayers

                                                                 Catch-Basin Insert Filters

                                    Water Quality Testing

                Watershed Cleanup                           Streambank Restoration

about EcoMedia – benefits to communities

• Cleaner Waterways… Cleaner Cities
• Measurable improvement in water quality
• Public education campaign
• No cost to taxpayers
 Preserving Wetlands                                           TidePool Cruiser
 EcoMedia helps fund the                                       The mobile Windows-On-Our-
 Mather Wetland Enhancement                                    Waters environmental education
 project in Sacramento County.                                 program “coasts” to Long Beach

                Schoolyard Greening Project
                Gilmor Elementary School is also one of
                seven schools to have unused, obsolete
                asphalt removed from their schoolyard as
                part of the Baltimore City School Greening
                Initiative begun by the Department of Public
                Works, Recreation and Parks, and Planning
                and other partners.

about EcoMedia – federal agency support

       Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
       “Now one of the most exciting things about EcoZone and the partnership that we're
       embarking on here is that EcoZone relies on innovation, collaboration and the enthusiasm
       of corporate America to really help get the job done, maintaining America's economic
       competitiveness and also getting environmental results.”
       Benjamin Grumbles
       Asst. Administrator for Water, EPA

       U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
       “The department really views public-private partnerships as a key element in the nation’s
       energy strategy. I’m very hopeful that [EcoZone] will help bring a number of players
       together to not only deal with things like clean air and clean water, but also help us
       advance our mission to get more efficient use of energy and alternative sources of energy
       for America’s future.”
       Richard Moorer, Deputy Asst. Secretary for Technology Development
       U.S. Department of Energy

       National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
       “EcoZone creates the opportunity to foster collaborative partnerships between public and
       private entities that can make measurable improvements in the quality of our waterways
       and promote environmental stewardship of coastal resources.”
       Dr. Holly Bamford, Manager, Marine Debris Program, Office of Response and Restoration,
       National Ocean Service

about EcoMedia – congressional support

                              "The program improves our quality of life by reducing
                              pollutants that otherwise go into the Santa Monica Bay
                              and onto our beaches.”
                              Jane Harman, D, California, U.S. House of Representatives

“…a success in more than a dozen municipalities across the
country and is quickly being embraced at the state level as
agencies recognize the benefits of stretching limited financial
resources through this effective private-public partnership.”
David L. Hobson – R, Ohio, U.S. House of Representatives

about EcoMedia – municipal support

"As the Nation's Capital, it is fitting that the District of Columbia should
implement the nation's first - and flagship - EcoZone program. In partnering
with the federal government and the private sector for revenue and support,
the city can now address some of the most urgent environmental challenges
in our city - at no additional cost to District taxpayers.”
Anthony A. Williams, Mayor of District of Columbia

                                “Providing this kind of funding is something that is essential for us to help
                                us clean our environment, because it’s not typically the kind of funding
                                that would be available in a general budget of a municipality. So, these
                                outside sources, because of the public-private relationship, allow us to
                                convert those funds to great use in cleaning up our environment.”
                                Manny Diaz, Mayor of Miami, Florida

“One of Baltimore's highest priorities is to enhance the quality of life for all
residents; it is essential that we clean up the local streams that run through
our city and then to the Chesapeake Bay. Our partnership with EcoMedia is
designed to help resolve this critical environmental issue by recruiting the
private sector to raise funds and support our efforts to restore and preserve
streams and the Bay."
Martin O’Malley, Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland

about EcoMedia – advocacy validation

“EcoMedia’s EcoZone program is one of the best ideas I've encountered to combat the problem of urban runoff.
It's the type of creative idea that's going to clean up our waters…Cities get much needed funds; communities get
cleaner water; and corporations can put their resources to work for the betterment of society.“
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President and Founder Waterkeeper Alliance

“What a great thing in this day and age, when you have private
money, entrepreneurial money, market-based forces, coming
together to work with government to actually make a difference in
our nest, our habitat, and the human world in which we live.”
Will Baker, President, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

“Through a unique partnership between government, business, and
individuals, the EcoZone program effectively addresses the most important
environmental challenges facing communities today. I heartily support this
innovative, market-based strategy that will leaf to improvements in energy
use, air & water quality, green space, and ultimately quality of life.”
Terry Tamminen, Special Assistant to the Governor
and former Secretary, CalEPA

   about EcoMedia – success in public-private partnerships*

                                   CH2M HILL
                                  “We are proud to join the launch of the EcoZone Program
                                  because it reflects CH2M HILL’s ongoing mission to protect
                                  and preserve natural resources around the globe.”
                                  Liliana Maldonado, Senior Vice President,
                                  Northeast Regional Manager, CH2M HILL

    “EcoZone is an innovative approach that allows us to
    continue to converse with our customers about our
    desire to be good neighbors, save energy and work to
    improve the environment.”
    John Bozella, VP of External Affairs & Public Policy,
    Americas, DaimlerChrysler

* Non-exclusive
   about EcoMedia – Awards

 The 2003 Governor’s Environmental
  and Economic Leadership Award
  State of California
 2002 Keeper Award
  Santa Monica BayKeeper
 2001 Clean Water Award nominee for
  efforts to clean up our waterways
  California Regional Water Quality
  Control Board
 Certificate of Recognition for innovation in motivating
  public responsibility to preserve and protect our
  California Assembly Members, Carol Liu and Fran Pavley
 Year 2000 Achievement Award for developing
  innovative technologies to mitigate toxic urban runoff
  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

what is EcoZone ?   SM

    Brings together city and state governments with corporate
    partners to address critical environmental challenges

    Directs a percentage of partnership revenue directly back to local
    governments to fund environmental education outreach and
    protection programs

    Benefits communities with measurable improvements to local
    environment in areas of air, water, energy and parks & green spaces
    at no additional cost to taxpayers

    Provides corporate partners an integrated partnership opportunity
    with benefits including outdoor, broadcast, internet, grassroots
    educational programs, public relations and merchandising

  EcoZone – National Partnership Program

 The EcoZone Corporate Partnership Program will officially launch in April 2007
 EcoZone corporate partnerships provide a fully integrated marketing platform
  with local impact, national reach, and measurable ROI:
    • Media value / brand impressions
    • Revenue generation
    • B2B platforms
    • Consumer promotion opportunities

  EcoZone markets in top DMAs
 EcoZone Partnership Program will launch in 15 major U.S. markets by April 2007
 Program will expand to a total of 20 top markets through 2008

                  Bold = EcoZone Market; additional markets in top 20 DMAs will be added in 2007-08.
   why the environment now?

 Tremendous consumer interest in the environment: high
  fuel prices, need for alternative energy sources, global
  warming, natural disasters (Katrina)

 Corporate marketers interested in viable sponsorship
  programs that can deliver ROI and halo effect of environ-
  mentally friendly program

 Corporate clients / marketers want a diversified
  sponsorship portfolio representative of more than just
  sports and entertainment

 87% of American adults say they are “concerned about the
  condition of the environment,” which is reflected in their
  purchasing behavior
 Influencers are more likely to “open their pocketbooks than
  their day planners to save the earth.”
 Environment is equally important as a “pocketbook issue”
  for Middle Class Consumers

* Source: Environmental Research Associates (ERA) Princeton, NJ
    why EcoZone - value proposition summary

For Local Government
•   Provide education & outreach that inspires citizens to improve environmental behavior
•   Fund environmental technologies and projects - at no additional cost to the taxpayer
•   Satisfy environmental regulations and requirements
For Corporations
•   Apply a portion of the $165B spent each year on advertising to media that does what no other form
    of media can: improve consumers’ quality of life
•   Build brands and sell product
•   Earn a better return on investment by supporting multiple corporate initiatives
For Federal & State Environmental Agencies
•   Shared mission, including responsibility to educate, inform and inspire the public
•   Make existing budgets go further by reducing the amount spent on content and messaging
•   Distribute messages through media that fund technologies and projects - achieving objectives while
    decreasing the taxpayer burden

EcoZone – sponsorship funding at work

Stimulating tangible environmental improvement in a number of
ways, such as…

      Air Quality                            Greening Projects

      Solar Panels                            Catch basin insert filters

  why EcoZone – funding exploration

 Opportunity to collaborate on best technologies and practices

Alternative Fuel, Low-Emissions Vehicles   Urban Re-Greening    Interactive Education

 Trashskimmers                             Sustainable Energy    Streambank Restoration

Program Elements

EcoZone – media and marketing platforms
EcoZone provides Corporate Partners a fully integrated media and marketing
platform including:

  Mobile Marketing/Grassroots         Quarterly TV Specials              New Media Programming
   Educational Program                  1 hour high-quality quarterly       and Applications
   Minimum 10-city tour in top US       specials promoting the benefits     Digital application with
   markets (4 days per market)          of a healthier environment          information relating to local,
  Leadership Conference Series/       Press Events and Municipal          national and international
   Year-End Summit                      Launches                            environmental services
   10 local conferences and 1 year-     Press event with key local pol-    Exclusive Outdoor Signage
   end summit focusing on environ-      itical leaders at EcoZone           Co-branded outdoor signs
   mental issues and policies that      launch in each market               prominently positioned on high
   affect corporate America            Seat on EcoMedia                    traffic roadways in EcoZone
  Public Service Ads (TV/Radio)        Advisory Board                      markets
   :30 & :60 second public service      Comprised of EcoZone Corpo-        Category and
   commercials including EcoZone        rate Partners, NOAA, EPA            Promotional Rights
   partner message integration          and DOE                             Exclusivity, rights to marks and
                                                                            logos. Official designation
   EcoZone – mobile marketing tour
  EcoZone Live and Learn Mobile Marketing Tour
  Presented by “Company”
 Minimum 10-city tour in Top DMAs (4 days
  per market)
 Spring / Summer time frame (April – June)
 Highly attended family events (concerts,
 Supported by pre-event, in-market
  promotion including radio, teaser events,
 Indoor and Outdoor interactive displays
  and activities with emphasis on water,
  energy, air and green spaces
     • Touch tanks / screens
     • Educational content

   EcoZone – television specials
  EcoZone Quarterly Television Specials
  Presented by “Company”
 1-hour programs airing each quarter

                                                       For example purposes only.
 High-quality specials that present the benefits of
  a healthier environment in a smart, entertaining

 Topical subject matter with universal appeal;
  preserving, protecting, and securing our planet’s

 Product placement opportunities

 Potential for digital media extensions

   EcoZone – leadership conference series
  EcoZone Leadership Conference Series
  Presented by “Company”

 A series of ten (10) 1-day conferences in EcoZone markets
 Year-end weekend summit at an eco-friendly resort such as
  Habitat Suites
 A unique, impactful forum centered on improving the
 Keynote speakers including thought-leaders,
  environmentalists, politicians, corporate leaders
                                                                           Conference Series
 Panel discussions featuring executives of EcoZone partners,
  governmental agencies and EcoMedia
 EcoMedia presentation of program highlights, new
  developments and future vision
 Networking of ideas (environmental improvement, co-
  promotion concepts, business and brand building)
 Participation by EcoMedia Advisory Board which includes
  EcoMedia Corporate Partners, EPA, DOE and NOAA
                                                              Year-end summit at eco-friendly venue
   EcoZone – new media programs
  Eco-Friendly Makeover Webisodes
  Presented by “Company”

 A series of short programs that advise audiences on how to improve the environment
  at home, at work, on the “farm” and in the community

 Distribution opportunities include internet, radio, mobile phones; made available for
  portable download as well

   EcoZone – new media application
  EcoZone Environmental Dashboard
  Presented by “Company”

 Digital application that is a one-stop-shop for primary information
  relating to local, national and international environmental services
  and information

 Self-contained application will house content feeds from EcoMedia,
  its partners and other digital sources of environmental content.
  Sample content includes:
      • NOAA maps and key weather
         related applications and
      • EPA feeds on current events
        and issues of interest
      • EcoZone activity and program
      • Partner content and branding
   EcoZone – EcoMedia advisory board
  EcoMedia Advisory Board
 The EcoMedia Advisory Board advises local
  governments on best available technologies
  and most effective best management practices
 The Board is comprised of representatives
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Department of Energy
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric
    • EcoZone Corporate Partners
    • Environmental groups

   EcoZone – media (television and radio)
 Public Service Commercials (:30) with Partner message integration

 Public Service Commercials (:60) with Partner message integration

   EcoZone – media (outdoor)
  Out of Home (OOH) Signage
 EcoZone/Partner co-branded outdoor signs prominently positioned on
  high traffic roadways in EcoZone markets
 Locations otherwise unavailable to advertisers

EcoZone – media (outdoor)

   EcoZone – press event

  EcoZone Press Event
                                                                                                                             District of Columbia
 Press event for launch of EcoZone
 Participation by key municipal political leaders

  City of Miami

                                                                                       (l-r) John Bozella – DaimlerChrysler, Mayor Anthony Williams –
                                                                                       District of Columbia, Paul Polizzotto – CEO EcoMedia, Liliana
                                                                                       Moldanado – CH2MHILL

   (l-r) Dr. P. Goldschmidt, Dean, Miller School of Medicine; F. Craviero, VP, Miami
   Office, CH2M HILL; C. Planas, Owner, Tamiami Jeep Miami; Univ. of Miami
   President Donna E. Shalala, City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, EcoMedia CEO
   Paul Polizzotto

   EcoZone – additional benefits

  Data Capture
 Opportunity for data capture

 Partner logo positioning and link on EcoMedia website
 Opportunity to provide Partner/EcoZone content on
  EcoMedia website

  EcoZone Merchandise
 EcoZone merchandise (T-shirts, hats, bags, lapel pins)

  Additional Leveraging Opportunities
 Best efforts by EcoMedia to make introductions to
  participating city, county and state governmental and co-
  partner executives
 EcoMedia support in coordinating EcoZone/Partner
  volunteer function each year, e.g., “EcoZone/Partner
  Clean Up Day”

  EcoZone - summary

 First-to-market, innovative public-private partnership for the environment

 New funding sources for municipal environmental initiatives

 Production and distribution of valuable educational outreach – at no
  additional cost to the taxpayer

 Advisory board assures programmatic integrity and effectiveness
 Exclusive opportunity for a limited number of corporate partners

 Differentiation in a cluttered sponsorship marketplace

 Drives incremental revenue opportunities for ROI

 Measurable improvement in quality of environment


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