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									                             ROUND UP                                                       July/August 2002

      2002 Dean’s Research Award Winners                                     Other Refereed Articles

We are pleased to announce the following 2002 Dean’s Research                Jaydeep Balakrishnan,
Award Winners who were recommended by the Dean’s Research                    Chun-Hung Cheng, Kam
Advisory Committee for their meritorious research contributions. The         Fai Wong (both from
award is in the form of a personal plaque, an honorarium of $2,000,          Chinese University of
and inscription of the award winner’s name on a plaque displayed in          Hong Kong) had their
Scurfield Hall. Honorable Mention winners receive a personal plaque          article “FACOPT: A User Friendly
and an honorarium in the amount of $1,000.                                   Facility Layout Optimization System,”
                                                                             accepted for publication in a
                        Dean’s Award for Outstanding                         forthcoming issue of Computers and
                           Research Achievement                              Operations Research.

                For outstanding achievements in research over the            Jeffery Everett (Accounting
                preceding five year period with the Haskayne School          Ph.D. student alumni,
                of Business.                                                 University of New South
                                                                             Wales), Duncan Green, and
                Dr. Brent Ritchie (Award Winner)                             Dean Neu’s article
                Dr. Tom Rohleder (Honourable Mention)                        “Independence, Objectivity and the
                                                                             Canadian CA Profession,”
                Dean’s Award for Research Excellence                                     was accepted for
                                                                                         publication in
                This award is presented annually for outstanding
                research performance based on activities presented
                                                                                         Perspectives on
                in the previous year’s annual report.
                Dr. Nicole Coviello (Award Winner)
                Dr. Jim Chrisman (Award Winner) - (see photo
                          Publications                                       Published bi-monthly by the Office of the
                                                                             Associate Dean (Research) at the
       Refereed Articles in Financial Times List                             Haskayne School of Business, University
                                                                             of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. Its purpose
          Jim Chrisman, Jess Chua, and Lloyd Steier                          is to communicate information about
          (University of Alberta) had their article “The                     research activities, research support, and
          Influence of National Culture and Family                           other noteworthy professional awards and
          Involvement on Entrepreneurial Perceptions                         accomplishments.
          and Performance at the State Level,” accepted                      Comments and contributions can be
for publication in Entrepreneurship Theory and                               forwarded to Daphne Taras, Editor, at
Practice (special issue on national culture and                     or Lori
entrepreneurship).                                                           Gibson, Managing Editor, at

University of Calgary                          Haskayne School of Business                                  Page 1
Peter Bowal and Irene                  •   (with Marcelo Paladino and        Achievements
Wanke’s article, "Lay                      Hilary Bates) “Customer Focus
Knowledge of Courts in                     in Value Chain Development: A     Mergers & Acqusitions
Canada," was published in                  Case Study,” forthcoming in       Summit 2002
International Journal of the               Total Quality Management.
Sociology of Law, vol. 29, 2001,                                             We are pleased to report that the
pp. 173-194.                           •   “Improvement Trajectories in      first Mergers and Acquisitions
                                           Operations and Technology         (M&A) Summit Conference, the
Kenneth J. Klassen                         Management: Concept, Process,     brainchild of Amy Pablo and
(OPMA Ph.D. Student                        and Content Issues,” Technology   Mansour Javidan (co-chairs)
Alumni, California State                   Analysis and Strategic            was an overwhelming success.
University, Northridge) and                Management, vol. 14, no. 2,
Thomas R. Rohleder                         2002, pp. 227-240.
"Demand and Capacity
Management Decisions in Services:      Presentations
How They Impact One Another,"
International Journal of               Janice Bodnarchuk
Operations and Production              presented (co-authored with
Management, Vol. 22, Nos. 5 and        Frank Thirkettle) “Teaching
6, 2002, pp. 527 - 548.                a Cross—Functional Business
                                       Course: The Experience at             Over 170 registrants came from
Norma Nielson was                      the University of Calgary,” at        all over the world to attend the
pleased to report the                  the 2002 ASAC Conference,             conference which was held at the
following publications:                Management Education                  Sheraton Suites (Eau Claire),
                                       Session, held in Winnipeg,            June 6-9, 2002 in Calgary.
•   "Tax Changes to                                                          Distinguished scholars, leading
                                       May 2002.
    Improve Retirement Savings                                               practitioners, and a strong group
    Opportunities for Multinational    Monir Mir (University of              of PhD students including a
    Workers," appeared in Tax          Wollongong, Australia) and Abu        contingent from the Haskayne
    Notes International.               Shiraz Rahaman presented              School were all in attendance.
                                       “Institutional Isomorphism and the    Mr. Richard Haskayne was in
•   "Understanding the Retirement                                            attendance at some of the
                                       Adoption of IASs in a Developing
    Savings Challenge of Cross-                                              sessions too. Please congratulate
                                       Country: Another Crisis of External
    Border Employees," appeared                                              Amy and Mansour, and the many
                                       Dependence,” at the Critical
    in the Journal of Financial                                              support staff and student
                                       Perspectives on Accounting
    Service Professionals.                                                   volunteers who were involved in
                                       Conference, CUNY, New York.
Thomas R. Rohleder and                                                       the M&A Summit.
                                       Brent Ritchie attended the
Kenneth J. Klassen “Rolling
Horizon Appointment Scheduling:
                                       International Conference on           Labour Arbitration and
A Simulation Study,” Health Care
                                       "Rethinking of Education and          Policy Conference
                                       Training for Tourism" in
Management Science, Vol. 5, No.
                                       Zagreb, Croatia, where he             We wish to recognize Allen
3, pp. 201 - 209.
                                       presented the keynote                 Ponak for chairing his 20th
                                       address entitled, "Hybrid             annual Labour Arbitration and
Giovani da Silveira, a new faculty
                                       Programs in Tourism &                 Policy Conference, held at the
member in the OPMA Area,
                                       Hospitality: A Review of
reported the following publications:
                                       Strengths, Weaknesses and
•   “Towards a Framework for           Implementation Issues."
    Operations Management in E-        The presentation was co-
    Commerce,” forthcoming in          authored with Simon
    International Journal of           Hudson and Lorn
    Operations and Production          Sheehan.

University of Calgary                        Haskayne School of Business                              Page 2
Westin Hotel, Calgary, Alberta,                        Graduate Student News
June 5-6, 2002. This annual not-
for-profit conference attracts       Bill Bonner, MGIS Ph.D. graduate, was selected as one of
between 300-400 participants per     15 winners of the 2002 Canadian Policy Research Awards
year. Andrew Sims, one of the        Graduate Prize. The sponsors of this award included: the
country’s top labour lawyers,        Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Natural
honoured Dr. Ponak by giving a       Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC), Social Sciences
tribute speech about Allen’s         and Humanities Research Council, and the Policy Research
major contibutions to labour         Initiative (PRI). As one of the winners, Bill will be
relations in Canada. In addition,    sponsored to attend a seminar and conference on research and the policy
Dr. Ponak was presented with a       process in Ottawa, October 19-22, 2002. In addition, Bill will be
certificate of appreciation from     sponsored to attend the National Policy Research Conference in Ottawa,
Mark Asbell (as show in the          October 23-25, 2002, where he will be recognized along with others who
photo on the previous page) on       have made a contribution to public policy research in Canada.
behalf of the Alberta Labour
Relations Board. Congratulations     Pamela Buckle, HROD doctoral candidate, successfully
Allen on having the stamina and      passed her Candidacy Examination on Monday, June 10,
dedication necessary for             2002. The Haskayne School of Business is grateful for the
organizing such a major event 20     service of the Examining Committee, consisting of:
times in a row!!
                                     •   Sloane Dugan, Chair and Supervisor
                                     •   Amy Pablo, Supervisory Committee
Distinguished Service
                                     •   Janice Thomas, Supervisory Committee
                                     •   Michael Wright, Internal/External
                                     •   Nancy Dudley, Department of Applied Psychology
We are very pleased to report that
Jacline Nyman                        Fred Jacques, HROD doctoral candidate, successfully
received the 2002                    defended his dissertation entitled “An Examination of the
Distinguished                        Relationship Between Self-Differentiation and
Service Award from                   Transformational Leadership, Through the Lens of
the Canadian Council                 Emotional Intelligence.” on Friday, June 7, 2002. The
for the Advancement                  Haskayne School of Business extends thanks to the
of Education                         members of Fred’s committee:
(CCAE). Jacline has served in
many capacities at CCAE. First       •   Theresa Kline, Chair and Supervisor
as member of the board, and          •   Daphne Taras, Co-Chair, Supervisory Committee
subsequently as Chair of the         •   Laurie Milton, Supervisory Committee
CCAE Communications                  •   John Mueller, Internal/External, Department of Applied Psychology
Committee. She was instrumental      •   Richard Field, External, University of Alberta
in creating a new visual identity
                                     Sibylla Lane, MGIS doctoral candidate, accepted a
for CCAE by developing their
                                     prestigious position as Dean of the School of Business,
inaugural website, and for
                                     University College of the Cariboo, situated in Kamloops.
redesigning and publishing the
                                     The Business School currently offers undergraduate
annual directory of members.
                                     degrees, diplomas and certificates. Recently, the business
Jacline served as editor of
                                     school was given approval to grant an MBA. As Dean, one
Ensemble, the CCAE newsletter
                                     of Sibylla’s challenges will be to design, implement and
for four years, and also as
                                     launch their MBA Program.
corporate secretary on the CCAE
Executive. Please congratulate
                                     Chryssa Sharp, HROD doctoral candidate, has accepted an Assistant
Jacline on this award as it is the   Professor tenure-track position in Organizational Behaviour in the School
highest honour bestowed by           of Management at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Marist
CCAE.                                College is a liberal arts school with an AACSB accredited business

University of Calgary                     Haskayne School of Business                                  Page 3
Appointments                              URGC Starter Grant                      URGC Conference
Daphne Taras has been appointed           Victoria Mitchell received a URGC
to the Editorial Board                    Starter Grant in the amount of $9,307   Teri Ursacki received a URGC
of the Journal of                         for her project entitled “Compatible    Conference Grant
Individual Employment                     Strategies for Electronic Process       in the amount of
Rights, a US-based                        Transformations.”                       $2,000 to
journal emphasizing                                                               participate in the
employment law for                        URGC Short Term Project                 conference Japan
academics and                             Grant                                   Studies
attorneys.                                                                        Association of Canada (JSAC)
                                          Teri Ursacki received a URGC            Annual Conference, being held
In addition, Daphne joined the            Short-Term Project Grant in the         at the University of Calgary,
2003 Nominating Committee for             amount of $3,718 for her project        October 4-6, 2002. The theme
the Industrial Relations Research         entitled “Foreign Board Members         of the conference is Japan in a
Association. The Committee                and Managerial Change in Japanese       Changed World.
selects a nominee for President           Companies.”
Elect and five candidates for the
Executive Board of the 4000-              URGC Travel Grants
                                                                                  Working Paper
member Association                                                                Series
headquartered in the US.                  Carlton James Osakwe received a
                                          URGC Travel Grant in                    If you are currently working on
                                                                                  a manuscript and would like to
Research Grants                           the amount of $1,500
                                                                                  add it to the collection, please
                                          to attend the 6th
Received                                  Annual International                    contact Lori Gibson (220-3803)
                                          Conference on Real                      to obtain a working paper
Schulich School of                        Options, Coral Beach,                   number. If you are interested in
Business                                  Paphos, Cyprus, July 4-7, 2002.         posting your manuscript on the
                                                                                  Haskayne School of Business’s
Anne Kleffner was pleased to              Brent Ritchie received a URGC           website, please send us an
report that she                           Travel Grant in the amount of $1,500    electronic copy of your paper
received a grant in                       to attend the International             which will be converted to a
the amount of                             Conference on "Rethinking of            PDF file. Otherwise please
$22,925 from the                          Education and Training for Tourism"     submit two hard copies—one
Schulich School of                        in Zagreb, Croatia.                     which will be kept on file in the
Business, National                                                                Associate Dean (Research)
Research Program in Financial             Alain Verbeke received a URGC           Office, and the other will be
Services and Public Policy for her        Travel Grant in the                     catalogued and added to the
project entitled: “The Future             amount of $1,500 to                     University of Calgary Library
Distribution of Property/Casualty         attend the Academy of                   collection.
Insurance in Canada.”                     International Business,
                                          San Juan, Puerto Rico,
                                          June 28 -July 1, 2002.

The Haskayne School of Business at the University of           The Financial Times (London, U.K.)
Calgary is a progressive and innovative management             recognizes our MBA Program as one of
school with an international reputation for influencing the    the Top 100 worldwide.
practice of management and leadership through quality
teaching and research. With more than 2,500 full and
part-time students currently enrolled in bachelor's,
master's and PhD programs, the school boasts more than
12,000 alumni in 50 countries around the globe.

University of Calgary                           Haskayne School of Business                               Page 4

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