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									 Brochure title – Communications
 We work in the following sectors

 Management consultancy
 Programme and project management
 Project development

 Heading – Clarity in communications
 Main text – Communications continues to underpin every aspect of our lives, whether it’s using
 satellite, fibre optic cables, mobile radio or computer technology to link into the global network
 and reach even the remotest points on the globe. At Mott MacDonald we’ve been involved in
 developing communications technology and its uses since its very early days when one of our
 founders invited Marconi to come to England to develop his ideas – then described as ‘a new
 system of telegraphy without wires’.

 For projects of any size or complexity – from small individual systems to major national or
 international networks – our services cover the whole development cycle from initial concept,
 feasibility study and planning to design, implementation and commissioning. As organisations
 increasingly turn to specialists within the private sector to help deliver and operate capital
 intensive facilities, our experience working with banks, developers, operators and contractors
 means you can be assured that both technical and commercial arrangements are integrated into
 a cohesive and successful project. Our work with Telcos and private companies around the
 world encompasses every facet from developing business cases to managing infrastructure roll-

 Our commitment is to deliver independent, cost-effective, practical and quality communications
 solutions, precisely tailored with the right technology to meet our clients’ specific needs.

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At Mott MacDonald we’ve been involved in developing communications technology and its uses since
its very early days

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We’ve developed network management solutions for clients across many sectors including
telecommunications, road transport and utilities
 Heading – Technical consultancy
 Main text – Mott MacDonald’s expertise covers a wide technology range including mobile
 communications, wireless delivery systems, satellite and fixed network design. Within each of
 these generic areas we also have extensive knowledge of the applications and uses to which the
 technology can be put and, most importantly, the latest developments in their design and

 Designing and specifying complete networks are key skills for us and we’ve worked on all
 applications from major switching centres to fibre optic cables laid alongside canals or suspended
 on power cable towers. Our radio expertise covers everything from site acquisition and
 construction for GSM radio base stations to 1 MW medium wave broadcast systems. We’re
 highly skilled in designing new IT networks ranging from LANs to WANs and in upgrading and
 replacing existing IT infrastructure systems to accommodate broadband and multimedia
 capabilities, including CCTV. The integration of voice and data on a network, network security
 and issues such as TEMPEST are all part and parcel of our work.

 For private and commercial mobile communications systems our initial involvement, before the
 establishment of the auctioning spectrum, was in supporting bids for licences to operate in the
 UK and elsewhere in Europe. As the environment has changed so our involvement has
 developed and we’re now managing network roll-outs, contracting arrangements and supplier
 negotiations as well as developing specifications and carrying out project management. We also
 have a growing reputation in developing bespoke service level agreements, business plans and
 investment appraisals.

 In the field of private mobile radio, where the new technology is the TETRA digital trunked
 system, we’ve been involved in some of the earliest installations in Saudi Arabia and recently in a
 combined emergency services system for Guernsey.

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For a new Royal Navy submarine fleet communications service, we were banks’ technical advisor for
the MOD Defence Procurement Agency’s innovative £280 million PFI project

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We designed and managed the implementation of in-tunnel communications including GSM, radio
transmissions and emergency services for the UK’s Mersey tunnel
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For Qatar Gas we designed, installed and commissioned an integrated communications system
for a new production platform featuring VHF/UHF air, marine and PMR radio, GMDSS systems,
PA/GA system and a subsea power and fibre optic cable

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We’re helping police forces across the UK deliver PMR and TETRA solutions, call centres and
emergency control rooms

Heading – Broadcast and communications media
Main text – While convergence of data, communications, audio and video technologies and
products continues apace, Mott MacDonald has been busy building an enviable reputation in
broadcast and communications media services. We’ve been providing technology and project
management support to all stages of the broadcast and communications project lifecycle, from
defining feasibility and user requirement, through design, tender documentation and evaluation
plus contract implementation to post installation training. We have particular expertise in
engineering support for upgrading radio and TV stations incorporating the very latest digital
technologies and standards as well as advising on new build facilities.

For TV station upgrades our services cover central routing matrices, new production recording
facilities and news systems including new virtual studio infrastructure, newsroom automation,
server system and journalist browser servers. We can help merge an existing operations control
room with master control room functions, upgrade continuity, studio and theatre areas as well as
interfacing to existing studios. For new build projects such as radio station facilities we can assist
with any infrastructure requirements plus more technical issues including solid state transmitters,
digital transmission, combiners, programme control equipment, antenna systems and feeder lines.
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As technology advances towards the use of broadband enabled devices, we’re helping clients
incorporate it into their strategic thinking

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As the UK member of TELEURBA, a European consortium of regional authorities and consultants,
we contributed towards an EU action plan to stimulate the use of teleworking in Europe through the
introduction of teleworking trials in four member states

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In the Middle East, we’re assisting in the development and implementation of a 1 MW transmitter
broadcasting to the Middle East and Africa
Heading – Management consultancy
Main text – Implementing any communications network – either fixed or mobile – requires
major investment. To justify that investment it’s necessary to have a full and detailed
understanding of the technology involved and the entire system’s whole life cost, from staffing
to equipment.

Because we’re equipped to offer our clients any service from design to a fully managed
solution, we have the background knowledge to advise on business planning issues as well.
Our role often begins at the feasibility stage, when an outline design is compared with
budgetary estimates and proposed revenue. Bringing all this together enables us to advise
clients on the viability of a project and how best to seek funding.

We get involved too in writing bespoke business cases and in planning short and long term
communications strategies for a wide range of clients, including regional and international
development agencies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), international companies,
higher education establishments, Telcos and government bodies.

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For Orange, the UK’s largest and fastest growing digital mobile phone network, we’ve
provided engineering services for new and upgraded base stations in the Midlands and
south-west England

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We provided technical consultancy and project management support to the UK’s Staffordshire
police fire and rescue services when they replaced their existing radio systems with a joint
trunked radio system known as STARNET
Heading – Programme and project management
Main text – Cost control, time management, quality assurance, design management and contract
administration – they’re the backbone of our project management systems. We take care of
everything from preparing the brief, analysing risk and advising on safety to helping appoint other
consultants and contractors, briefing them, agreeing and issuing specific procedures plus
managing development of phased programmes.

With the facility to call on specific technical expertise from within the Group, we’ve been providing
mobile operators in the UK with a fully comprehensive programme and project management
service in their quest to meet demand for mobile communications. From acquiring sites, obtaining
the required permissions and drawing up contracts to taking care of environ-mental planning,
construction and cost control, we’ve been delivering the complete solution at locations throughout
the country.

We use proven project management methodologies including Prince 2 along with our own
integrated quality, environment and safety management systems to give you confidence that your
project will run smoothly, meet set targets and have a successful outcome. And by highlighting
and addressing problems before they happen, our risk management expertise can bring added

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From initial specification through procurement to implementation, we were Norfolk Fire
Service’s consultant for its new mobile communications system. As well as mobile voice
communications, the system provides extensive data facilities and is the most advanced in use
by fire services in Britain

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Under an ADC (acquire, design, construct) contract with One2One, we helped increase the
company’s number of mobile phone masts to improve its coverage and services to clients
throughout Britain
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We’ve advised some of the world’s major satellite operators on the design and development of
both payload and ground stations

Heading – Project development
Main text – Delivering major schemes world-wide has given us a fundamental insight into every
issue affecting development of communications networks – and constantly sharpens our ability to
identify potential pitfalls and solve them before they become major difficulties. From establishing
technical and financial feasibility, assisting with funding and obtaining licences to delivering the end
product, we’ll help you select the most appropriate and cost-effective system for your needs.

As well as technical plans we carry out strategic and commercial reviews to identify opportunities
and constraints and advise on funding in both the public and private sectors. From our global
experience we can navigate through national policies, regulations and funding mechanisms.
In an industry that crosses every business community and boundary, our experience in project
development extends through almost all sectors from transport to education to healthcare. We’re
able to bring together first class teams of consultants and engineers from all disciplines in order to
deliver the most efficient solutions.

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We’re working with mobile operators to develop 3G applications across many sectors
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We designed, developed and now support an inter-urban travel management system called
MATTISSE, providing up-to-the-minute traffic and travel information in Birmingham, Britain’s
second largest city. Information from the system is used by local TV to show real-time images of
traffic congestion

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For Belfast’s Royal Group of Hospitals’ £7.5 million integrated security management system –
one of Europe’s largest – we designed, specified, supervised and commissioned the entire
communications infrastructure along with supervisory and control equipment plus control centre

Heading – Implementation
Main text – Preparing specifications, organising and adjudicating the tendering process,
supervising project construction and commissioning new systems are all roles that we’ve been
fulfilling on projects for many years. Whatever the type of system – fixed, mobile, wireless or
satellite – we’ve all the experience needed to manage the implementation process and bring your
system on line on time and to budget.

At Mott MacDonald we’ve overseen construction of huge projects in the most daunting of
conditions, amid the most demanding environments and in the face of the most complex logistics
– so when it comes to protecting our clients’ interests there’s no situation we haven’t dealt with

Once your new system is up and running we’ll provide support in the form of training to help you
maximise its benefits, along with operation and maintenance advice including system optimisation
to extend efficiency and lifetime.
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Our specialists have designed innovative software solutions for network event management. Using
variable message signs network managers can advise motorists of problems ahead and guide them
away from long delays caused by complex incidents

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For the UK’s first combined emergency services TETRA system in Guernsey, we’ve provided
specification and implementation management services

Heading – End to end solutions
Main text – With our total communications capability we can provide services across all aspects of
business and within any sector, from transport, energy and water to buildings, industry and
education. In the transport sector we are delivering applications from police traffic control centres
through to vehicle messaging systems on many motorways via sophisticated communications

We’ve worked on projects linking schools and colleges via broadband networks, as well as creating
the educational content being hosted for use by pupils and teachers. In developing end to end
solutions we’ve designed complex call centres requiring integrated computers and telephony down
to fire and security aspects of server farms.

Our skills extend into real-time control systems for all manner of public and private bodies including
simulation and diagnostic systems for industry. We can provide support with EMC and interference
studies and in the public sector our work on emergency communications and control systems has
been used to help shape government policy.
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To support our combined client/consultant teams working on projects world-wide, we’ve set up
dedicated extranet systems

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As part of the UK government’s National Grid for Learning initiative we’re helping local
authorities implement internet based architecture for educationally valuable information plus
a programme for accessing the information in schools, libraries, colleges and universities

Heading – How Mott MacDonald makes the difference

• Because we’ve planned, engineered and managed some of the most demanding projects
world-wide for over 100 years, our knowledge and experience is hard to beat.
• We understand that no two projects are ever the same, nor the goals of any two clients –
so we make sure right from the start that we’re fully in tune with your objectives, then carefully
tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
• With a multi-disciplinary base our integrated teams combine technical expertise with
commercial skills which means you can call on us for anything from strategic planning and
feasibility studies to project implementation and training.
• With resources available from over 20 centres across the UK and in 100 countries world-
wide, we can respond quickly and cost-effectively to any project demand anywhere.
• In essence, we give you confidence – confidence that your project will proceed smoothly,
that you’ll receive the best professional advice and that your objectives will be achieved to
your satisfaction.

To discuss how we can help you, contact us at
For UK public sector clients we are an
S-CAT framework holder, see
Heading – List of skills and services

Heading – Key services

critical evaluation of technical solutions
due diligence
regulatory advice
technology assessment
business case planning and development
cell, frequency and network planning
financial and technological risk analysis
formulating user requirements
licence application
site selection
EMC and propagation modelling
environmental impact
feasibility studies
market studies/research
computer modelling
security management
system design
contractual conditions and service
contract negotiation and recommendation
preparation of tender documentation
service level agreements
tender evaluation
project management
bespoke process management systems
contract management
contract review and development
cost control
expanding capacity
expanding coverage
network rollout
Prince 2
project extranets
subcontractor management
tariff design

design implementation
monitoring and regulation
technical audits
technology transfer
Heading – Key skills

broadcast and media
control systems
data communications
information systems
satellite systems

audio and video technologies
call centre technologies
fire protection systems
security systems

private financing
asset transfer
best value
public private partnerships

prime contractor

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