Summary of ISO TC197 WG12 Meeting San Ramon, CA

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					                       Summary of ISO TC197 WG12 Meeting
                                 San Ramon, CA
                              February 23-24, 2006

The meeting was hosted by Chevron at its facilities in San Ramon, CA. The WG
members adopted several changes to DTS14687-2, primarily to clarify analytical
measurement issues. The key changes made by WG included:
      • deletion of the fourth column of Table 1 on “Suggested Detectable Limits”
          due to the implication that the limits listed are related to the methodologies
          listed in column 5
      • renaming column 5 “Laboratory Test Methods to Consider”
      • adding a new section (5.1.3 Report results) to read: “The detectable limits for
          analytical methods and instruments used shall be reported along with the
          results of each test. These detectable limits shall be below the threshold limit
          for each constituent.”

The WG also added the following sentence to the end of paragraph one of the
Introduction to help prevent the mixing of the lower grade of fuel specified in ISO1467-
1992 and that specified in ISO14687-2:

“Because ISO 14687:1999 includes other grades of hydrogen fuel of lower quality and in
the absence of ISO standards for hydrogen fueling stations and installation of hydrogen
equipment, it is important to note that appropriate measures should be taken to prevent
cross-contamination of these fuels.”

For the R&D and testing needed to develop an international standard based on DTS
14687-2, the WG agreed to focus on the following:

    •   three categories: fuel cell tests, fuel production and delivery parameters, and
        analytical methods and instrumentation
    •   for near-term cell testing: CO, S, NH3, and other constituents that may be
        identified as testing proceeds
    •   for fuel cell stack efficiency and BOP integrity: He, CH4 and inerts, and PM

WG 12 will develop detailed R&D/test matrices for each of the three categories and
integrate the activities of the three categories at the next meeting.

The next meeting was tentatively set for June 6-7 near Paris in conjunction with the
Plenary meeting of ISO TC197.

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