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									                          Coastal Card
Discounted Prices, Priority Booking

                                  Be kept up to date on all News,
                                        Special Offers and Events

    Suffolk Coastal Leisure Community Association Ltd working in partnership with Suffolk Coastal District Council
What is the Coastal Card?                           Coastal Card Application              Ethnic Origin (optional)                           I wish to apply for the following
The Coastal Card has been introduced                                                      a) White             British                       Coastal Card
by Suffolk Coastal District Council in order to                                                                Irish
                                                    Cardholders Details
provide discounts and other benefits                                                                                                         See section headed Concessionary Entitlement
to regular users of leisure facilities within the   Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)                                     Any other White
                                                                                                                                             for eligibility and proof requirements.
district.                                                                                                      Background
What are the benefits of having a card?                                                                                                      Suffolk Coastal                   Card Issue
The Coastal Card entitles the holder to             Surname                                                                                  District Council Residents        Price
a reduction off the casual price for the                                                                                                              Adult                    £11.90
majority of activities offered at Suffolk
                                                    Forename                              b) Mixed               White & Black Caribbean              Children                 £6.00
Coastal District Council’s Leisure Centres.                                                                                                           (Aged 3 to 16)
It also enables you to pre-book leisure                                                                          White & Black African
facilities and achieve even greater discounts                                                                                                         Registered Disabled      £6.00
                                                    House name / number Street                                   White & Asian
through pre-payment for swimming and                                                                                                                  Senior Citizen           £6.00
certain activities.                                                                                              Any other
                                                                                                                                                      Benefit Claimant         £6.00
                                                                                                                 mixed background
                                                                                                                                                      Full Time Student        £6.00
Who is entitled to a card?
Quite simply everyone is entitled to a card,                                                                                                          Non Residents
                                                    Village/Locality                      c)     Asian                     Indian
but it costs less if you live within Suffolk                                                                                                          Adult                    £23.95
Coastal District Council’s borders, and even                                                     Pakistani                 Asian British
                                                                                                                                                      Children                 £11.90
less for concessionary applications. For full       Town                                         Bangladeshi               Any other Asian            (Aged 3 to 16)
details on                                                                                                                 background                 Registered Disabled      £11.90
card pricing, please read on.
                                                    County                                                                                            Senior Citizen           £11.90
How do I get a Coastal Card?                                                              d)     Black                     African                    Benefit Claimant         £11.90
Simply complete this application form,                                                           Black British             Caribbean                  Full Time Student        £11.90
enclose the required payment, and take              Post Code
it to your local leisure centre or post to                                                e)     Chinese                Other Ethnic
Felixstowe Leisure Centre. Your card will
                                                    Date of Birth                                Ethnic Groups (Please specify)              Please make cheques or postal orders
then be posted to you within 21 days.
                                                                                                                                             payable to S.C.L.C.A. Ltd. Cash payments are
The Coastal Card is renewable annually.                                                                                                      accepted if application is presented in person
                                                    Home Tel No                                                                              at one of our four leisure centre receptions.
Data Protection
The information supplied in this application                                              Your Interests (optional)                          Check List
will be collected by Suffolk Coastal Leisure                                                      Badminton                Gymnastics        Please ensure you have enclosed the following
Community Association Ltd, on behalf                Email Address
                                                                                                  Keeping Fit              Basketball        with your application:
of Suffolk Coastal District Council and                                                                                                              Completed Application Form
stored securely. Suffolk Coastal District                                                         Trampolining             Aerobics
                                                    New Member          Existing Member
Council and its partners will use this                                                            Swimming                 Football                 Appropriate Fee
information for the purpose of gathering                                                          Tennis                   Lifesaving               Copies of documents proving
information about patterns of usage at                                                                                                              entitlement to concessionary card
                                                                                                  Volleyball               Table Tennis
Suffolk Coastal’s leisure facilities and for        Card No
administrative purposes. Suffolk Coastal                                                          Martial Arts             Gymnasium         Signature
District Council and its partners will also use                                                   Squash
this information to send you news about                                                           Other (please specify)
special leisure promotions and events, if                                                                                                    (or signature of parent or guardian of
you have indicated you would like to receive                                                                                                 applicant if under 18)
such news in the Coastal Card Application
section.                                                                                                                                     I would like to receive news from Suffolk
                                                                                                                                             Coastal District Council concerning special
                                                                                                                                             leisure promotions and events:

                                                                                                                                             My preferred method of              Post
                                                                                                                                             receiving this news is:             Email
Concessionary Entitlement                          Please post or bring your completed
The card is available at a reduced rate to         applications to;
persons in receipt of the following benefits and
allowances, provided that copies of relevant       Felixstowe Leisure Centre
documentation are provided as evidence of          Seafront,
current receipt.                                   Felixstowe,
                                                   IP11 2AE
Council Tax or Housing Benefit                     01 394 670411

Income based jobseekers allowance                  Brackenbury Sports Centre
                                                   High Road East,
Income Support                                     Felixstowe,
                                                   IP11 9JF
Attendance Allowance                               01394 270278

Disability Living Allowance                        Deben Swimming Pool
                                                   Station Road,
Working Tax Credit                                 Woodridge,
                                                   IP12 4AU
Industrial Injury Disablement benefit              01394 384763

War Disablement Pension                            Leiston Leisure Centre
                                                   Redhouse Lane,
Incapacity Benefit                                 Leiston,
                                                   IP16 4LS
Invalid Care Allowance                             01728 830364

Full time Students 16 and over                     For further information on these leisure
Enclose a copy of your student union card          centres, and for directions please visit
For further details please contact;
Coastal Card Administrator
Felixstowe Leisure Centre
IP11 2AE


Tel: 01394 670411

For Application Receipt Office Use Only
Payment Received          Date Received

Till Receipt No           Received by
                          FLC / LLC / DP / BSC

For Card Issuing Office Use Only
Card No Issued           Effective Date

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