Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club Charter

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					                      Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club Charter                   September, 2005

The purpose of this document is to define the rights and responsibilities of all those who
participate in the Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club including its league members, tournament
participants, volunteers and club executive. It is also defines for all participants, the
course of action and procedures available to address issues.

Mission: The goal of the Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club is to promote a fun and recreational
atmosphere of co-ed volleyball for adults wishing to participate at a competitive or semi-
competitive level.

Expected Conduct: All participants are expected to conduct themselves with an
appropriate behaviour and sportsmanship towards fellow players, volunteers, officials
and the club’s executive. All participants must follow the Co-ed Fred Rules and
Regulations as adopted by the club and support the club’s efforts in good faith.

Representation: The Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club is comprised of a co-ed indoor league,
co-ed 4’s beach league, monthly indoor and beach tournaments including the well-known
Beach Blast Volleyball Tournament. Other beach leagues are backed by the club but are
managed separately. The following describes the rights and responsibilities of each
component within the club:

       Teams: Any team can register to participate in a Co-ed Fred volleyball
       tournament. Acceptance in tournaments will be on a first come basis until the
       maximum allotted numbers of teams have registered. Teams wishing to
       participate in league play must either be part of the league or must apply to be
       accepted into the league.

       Players: Any player, with the exception to those limited by the restrictions
       outlined in the rules, is eligible to participate in tournament and league play. A
       player does not have to be a member of the league to participate in a tournament.
       Players participating in league play must be registered as either a member of the
       club or as a designated spare. Members or players wishing to raise issues with the
       club are to forward their concerns through their team captain. Only club members
       may present themselves for committee roles or positions within the executive.
       Only members can vote when issues are presented at the player level.

       Captains: Any player designated as captain takes full responsibility for their team
       and is the main contact for league and tournament information. It is the captain’s
       responsibility to distribute information to their team, control team conduct,
       enforce team rule violations and shall be the only designate to discuss issues with
       other captains, tournament officials or the executive. It is the team captain’s
       decision as to which player will or will not be accepted on his / her team. Any
       captain (tournament or league) can raise an issue with the executive to be
       officially tabled for discussion at a Club’s Captains Committee meeting. Captains
       are also responsible for nominating volunteers from their teams.

                      Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club Charter                    September, 2005

       Executive: The executive is comprised of the club president, promotions and
       sponsorship coordinator, club treasurer and two elected representatives. A tier one
       and tier two representative for the indoor and beach league will take part in the
       executive. Elected representatives will be delegated responsibilities within the
       executive. The executive is responsible for the overall management of the club,
       indoor league, beach league and all tournaments. Responsibilities include
       overseeing the management of committees, volunteers, accounting, distribution of
       funds, schedules, registrations, sponsors, prizes, advertising, promotions,
       equipment, facilities, web hosting, volunteer appointments, rule enforcement,
       discipline, suspensions and appeals. At the executive’s discretion, any of the
       above noted tasks can be delegated to club volunteers or committees.

       Volunteers: Interested club members can submit their name to their team captain
       or executive for volunteering. Each league team must have one volunteer
       available for the entire season to assist on committees and with various tasks
       when requested. Volunteers can be delegated various responsibilities and
       authorities as designated by the executive. Volunteers can also be appointed into
       various committee roles and official functions as required by the executive.

Club Captains Committee: A Club Captains’ Committee meeting will be held in May
for the beach league, in September and January for the indoor league. The Club Captains
Committee meeting is opened only to existing league captains of the associated league
and club' executive in which matters such as rules, new team application, league
expansion and other tabled issues are discussed. Captains are responsible to vote on rule
changes, appointments to the executive and other issues impacting the club’s
(tournaments or league) direction. Captains only represent the season in which they play
(beach or indoor). Captains failing to have representation at these meetings will result in
the team being moved to the new team list for reapplication into the league. Once
direction is established, the implementation and administration is turned over to the
executive. Unless already a team captain, an executive member will only vote at the Club
Captains’ Committee meeting if there is a tie. The executive may seek, from time to time,
a vote of confidence from the captains for feedback on the management of various club
issues. Changes to the Rules and Regulations or the Charter must be voted on at this

Controlling Interest: As teams split up and players change teams, the following
guideline outlines the rights of captains and players in tournament and league

       Tournaments: The team captain retains control of the team’s spot and name
       when registering for tournaments. The captain can change players within the
       confines of the rules without notification to the club’s executive. Players can
       freely change teams as long as it is not during the same tournament.

       League: An individual designated as a team captain has the controlling interest
       for the team’s spot for the entire season and automatically retains such control

                      Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club Charter                     September, 2005

       when applying for the following season. Players can freely transfer to another
       team as long as the new captain advises the executive of any such additions. The
       captain, at their discretion, can also change players on their team within the
       guidelines outlined in the rules. However, the controlling interest of the captain
       will be lost if the following conditions occur:
       - If they do not fulfill their responsibilities as a captain and are requested by the
           executive to step down. (Captains will be issued 3 warnings for non
           compliance before any such decision is made)
       - If a large number of members from a team submit a request to the executive to
           have the team captain replaced. (The executive will evaluate and render a
       - If the individual or team is suspended or ejected from the league.
       - When registering at the beginning of the season, if the team captain does not
           have a minimum of 3 players for indoor or 2 players for beach (including
           themselves) from the previous year’s roster. (They will be considered as a new
           team requesting application)

New Team Applications (League only): Prior to the beginning of each season, a request
for new team submissions will be posted on the club’s web site and via e-mail. Any
interested team can apply to be part of the upcoming season. New teams must submit
their team name, player roster (min 6 / max 8 for summer and min 8 / max 10 for indoor),
team captain’s contact information (phone & e-mail) and a volunteer. The number of
teams accepted is dependant on the number of positions available within the league. The
acceptance of new teams including the decision to expand the league is voted by the
captains at the Clubs Captains Committee meeting. New teams will be evaluated based
on the following: Number of previous club members, participation over the previous year
in club tournaments, skill level of the team and likelihood of consistency. If the number
of new teams applying is less than the number of spots available, the executive will
decide if a captains’ vote is needed.

Elections and Appointments: Every two years an election will be held to vote for a
league tier 1 and tier 2 representatives on to the club' executive. The election will be
held at the start of the indoor season in the election year. An Elections Committee will be
appointed at the Club’s Captains Committee meeting to seek out representation for each
position. All nominees and their candidate statements must be sent to the Elections
Committee Chair within the 1st week of the season. The election will be held during the
2nd week in which the league captains or club members will vote for their representatives.
Any failure to find candidates for any of the representatives will either result in the post
remaining vacant until the following year or someone may be appointed to that role. Any
appointments must be supported in majority by the captains. Any election committee
member that decides to present himself or herself as a candidate must first resign from
the committee.

The other positions within the executive will remain occupied until vacated through the
following means:
- The executive member resigns

                       Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club Charter                       September, 2005

-   The other members of the executive unanimously vote for the individual step down
    for not fulfilling their duties or for any other conduct that is not in the best interest of
    the club. If a unanimous vote cannot be achieved, then the vote will be put to the
    Captains Committee.
-   The Captains Committee cast a majority vote of no confidence asking for that
    individual to step down.

Once vacated, the Elections Committee will seek potential interest in any of the executive
positions. If sufficient interest exists, an election will be called rather than a candidate
appointed. Any appointments to the executive must be supported in majority by the
Captains Committee. If replaced, the president will sit in the position of past president for
the period on one year.

Volunteers fulfilling league functions such as web page developer, journalist,
maintenance managers, committee members or other designated functions will be asked
to continue their role on a yearly basis by the executive. Volunteer positions will be held
until the following conditions occur:
- The volunteer resigns or does not accept to continue their role for another term.
- The executive requests for that individual to step down for not fulfilling their duties
    or for any other conduct that is not in the best interest of the club.

Penalties and Suspension: Any player that does not abide by the Rules and Regulations
of the club or this Charter may be issued a warning or suspension. Penalties in
accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Rules and Regulations or the Charter will
be determined by the executive and may carry a suspension for up to one year. Severe
violations could result in the time frame being extended indefinitely. League captains will
be informed of any such decisions; however, the authority remains with the executive.

Appeals: Any player suspended from tournament or league play can submit their request
for reinstatement through their league or tournament captain. The captain must notify the
executive prior to any of the Club' Captains Committee meeting for the matter to be
given consideration. With the approval of the executive, the matter may be raised for
discussion at the Club' Captains Committee meeting. The executive will seek input at
this meeting before they render a final decision on the appeal.

                              Co-ed Fred Volleyball Club Charter                       September, 2005

        Club Organizational Chart
                                        Club Captains Committee

                                                            Rule & club direction voting
                                                            Executive appointments / voting

                                             Club President

                                                       Management &
                                                       issues response
                                                       Event & task
                                                       Club chair
                                                       Executive &
                                                       captains committee
                                                       meeting facilitation

      Elected Member             Treasurer                         Sponsors and               Elected Member
     Tournament Chair                                               Promotions                League & Events

        Volunteers                                                     Volunteer                Volunteers
  Tournaments                Finances                           Sponsors                Reporting
     Registrations               Book keeping                       Sponsor
     Scheduling                                                                            Web page
                                 Payments,                          recruitment &
     Volunteer meetings                                                                    League / tournament
                                 collections &                      relations              reporting & photos
     Draws & prizes              deposits                       Prizes                     League stats
     Tournament              Administration                         Ordering,           Social Events
     operations                  Invoicing & mail                   collections &          Pool tournament
     Tournament stats,           outs                               inventory
     tracking & reporting                                                                  Fun tournament
                                 Bookings &                         Organize &             Banquet(s)
                                 reservations                       distribution
                                 General                        Promotions
                                 correspondence                     Promotions
      Elections                       League & Tournament                                  Maintenance
      Committee                             Captains                                      (Summer Only)

Elections                                     Club
    Candidate recruitment                        Distribution and collection of                Volunteers
    Advertising &                                information
    announcements                                Event support & participation         Courts
    Ballot preparations                       Team                                        Initial set up and
    Elections monitoring &                       Leadership & support                     routine maintenance
    vote tallying                                Player recruitment                       Year end take down
MVP/MSP Voting                                   Attendance                               Equipment repair,
    Advertising &                                Adherence to rules                       ordering and
    Announcements                                Volunteer recruitment                    replacement
    Ballot preparations                                                                Facilities
    Vote tallying                      Players                                            Set up, maintenance
                                                                                          and take down