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									                            APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT
Position Sought:                                Store/Location                           Ref:

Thank you for applying for a position with JJB Sports Plc. Your details will be treated in the strictest of
confidence. In order for your application to be processed please complete all sections using block

All candidates invited for interview will be asked to produce proof of eligibility to work in the UK.
Failure to do so will lead to your application being declined.

Personal Details

Surname:                                              First Name:

Telephone Number:                                     Email Address:

Mobile Number:                                        National Insurance Number:

Full Postal Address:


Are you related to anyone in the company?                   Yes.           No.

Please give details:

Have you previously worked for this company?                Yes.           No.

If so give details:

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? (Please disregard any convictions considered spent
under The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974).          Yes.          No.

If yes, give details:
Expected salary / rate of pay:
Are there any restrictions to your residence in the UK that might affect your right to take up
employment in the UK? Yes / No
If yes please provide details

If you were successful in your application would you require a work permit prior to taking up
employment? Yes / No


Name of                              Name, level and grades obtained   Date qualification awarded

Present / Last Employment

Name and address of employer:

Job title:                                            Salary:

Start Date:                                           Leaving Date:

Brief description of main duties:

Notice Period:                                        Reason for leaving:
Previous Employment continue on separate sheet if necessary

Name of employer           Job Title                  Period of employment       Reason for leaving
                                                      from            to

Evidence of your suitability for the vacancy
Please provide details of the relevant skills, experience and knowledge that you have, which you feel will
support your suitability for this role. These may be gained from your life and work experience (paid or
unpaid), education, training, or hobbies and interests. Where possible provide examples of how you have
put these into practice and to what effect. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Please provide the contact details of two referees, one of whom should be your current or most recent line
manager or employer. If you have no or limited previous employment please provide referees from your
school, college or training scheme or from any voluntary/temporary work. Do not include family
members or friends.

Full Name:                          Relationship to you:
                                                                                      For Office Use Only
Job Title:                          Email:                                      Date Ref       Date     Satisfactory
                                                                               Applied For   Received    (Yes/No)

Full postal address:

Telephone:                          Fax:

Full Name:                          Relationship to you:
                                                                                      For Office Use Only
Job Title:                          Email:                                      Date Ref       Date     Satisfactory
                                                                               Applied For   Received    (Yes/No)

Full postal address:

Telephone:                          Fax:

I hereby declare that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that
should I knowingly fail to disclose material facts then the non-disclosure may result in my summary

I understand that my employment with the company is subject to satisfactory references being obtained
and a six month probationary period. I understand further that any false statement supplied by me renders
me liable to summary dismissal

Employee’s                                                                   Date

Next of Kin

Name:                                                        Relationship:



How did you become aware of this vacancy? (Delete where appropriate)

Website (please state):                                                       Newspaper:
Word of mouth:                      Other (please specify)

For Office Use Only:
Manager’s                                                                    Date
                                   Equal Opportunities Monitoring

JJB Sports is committed to equality of opportunity in its recruitment and selection process to help achieve
and maintain a diverse workforce. The criteria used for selecting the right candidate are based solely on
merit and ability to do the job.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission recommend that employers collect and monitor information
to ensure that their recruitment practices are fair and open to all sections of the community. To help JJB
to monitor the effectiveness of its Diversity Policy in this area, please take a few moments to complete
this section of the form.

We are aware that you may be hesitant in providing the personal details requested. Please be assured that
this section of the form will not be used as part of the selection process. Upon completion this section
should be placed in a sealed envelope and submitted along with your application form. The information
will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will only be used for monitoring purposes.

Job title applied for: ……………………………………….                              Job Reference: ……………………….

Date of birth: ………………………………………………

Are you: (delete as appropriate)       Male                 Female

What is your nationality? ………………………………………………………………………

How would you describe your ethnic origin?

White – British                                     Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
White – Irish                                       Mixed – White and Black African
Other White background                              Mixed – White and Asian
Black or Black British – Caribbean                  Other Mixed background
Black or Black British – African                    Other Ethnic background
Other Black background                              Information refused
Asian or Asian British – Indian
Asian or Asian British – Pakistani
Asian or Asian British – Bangladeshi
Other Asian background

The descriptions listed above are those used in the 2001 Census of Populations and allow comparison of
statistics to be produced. This question is not concerned with your nationality, place of birth or
citizenship but aims to establish the broad ethnic groups of people responding to our job advertisements.

Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person?     Yes / No (delete as appropriate)

Thank you for assisting JJB Sports to monitor the effectiveness of its Diversity Policy.

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