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New Years Eve Menu - Railway New Year Eve


									ORDER FORM - New Years Eve 2010
Please complete the form below and post or deliver to the Pub as
confirmation of your booking. A non-refundable deposit of £10.00
per person is required to secure your booking.                     New Years Eve
Telephone No’s.
Address                                                             Menu 2010
Arrival Time                     Number in Party                    DINNER and DANCE MENU
Date of Function                 Deposit                                            Served from 7-30pm

     Name           Starter           Main          Dessert                  4 Course Dinner £19.95
                                                                                With our popular D.J. BILL
                                                                                 Disco starts at 9-30pm
                                                                             Disco and Bar closes at 1-00am

                                                                    4 Biddulph Road, Congleton, Cheshire Tel: 01260 272527
                                STA RT ER S                                                      Chicken Pakora - tender cooked chicken breast filled with a pakora stuffing of
                                                                                                          spinach, peas & spices served with a rich creamy masala sauce

        Homemade Vegetable Soup - served with warm ciabatta & butter                              Salmon Asparagus Gratin - flakes of Salmon layered with sliced potatoes,
                                                                                                          asparagus and cheese smothered in a creamy white wine sauce
      Smoked Salmon and Prawns - served on a bed of iceberg lettuce and
                             topped with marie roses sauce                                     Stuffed Pepper Ricardo - sweet red pepper halves filled with Italian courgettes,
                                                                                                 mushrooms, tomatoes & colourful vegetables, tossed in olive oil & mixed with rice,
       Fresh Melon and Prawns - A fan of fresh Melon served with Prawns                               sun-dried tomato, basil coriander and smothered with grated cheese
                           and topped with Marie Rose sauce
                                                                                            Four Cheese & Wild Mushroom Farfalle - fresh Oyster, chestnut & flat mushrooms
                                                                                               cooked in a creamy four cheese sauce of Dolce latté, Camembert & Parmesan cheeses
  Butterfly Breaded King Prawns - 6 x King Prawns, butterflied and enrobed in                                               on a bed of Farfalle pasta
light breadcrumbs, served with a sweet chilli dip, salad garnish & a wedge of fresh lemon
                                                                                                   A ll main courses are serv ed with a selection of Potatoes and V egetables
 Chicken Satay - 6 Chicken Satay sticks served with a peanut dip and salad garnish                                     Chips can be serv ed if requested

                           MAI N CO U RS E S                                                                                  D ES S ERTS

                                                                                                Blackcurrant & Champagne Pavlova - fresh cream mousse & blackcurrant
   Sirloin Steak with Pepper Sauce - 8oz. Sirloin steak served with peppered
                                                                                                   on a sponge base moistened with blackcurrant liqueur, surrounded by sponge
                     cream sauce with cracked black peppercorns                                                & decorated with meringue shells and blackcurrants

     Beef Stroganoff - strips of lean Beef gently cooked in cream, sliced onions,           Orange & Whiskey Roulade - chocolate sponge soaked with whiskey syrup, rolled with
           paprika and wine, garnished with sliced mushrooms & served with                  orange mousse, decorated with mandarin oranges and sided with Belgian chocolate shavings
                          boiled rice or chips & garlic bread
                                                                                              Baileys Irish Torte - base of sponge filled with a fresh coffee and Irish liqueur cream
        Somerset Chicken Breast - a whole tender sliced Chicken breast                      mousse surrounded with swirls of caramel sponge decorated with Belgian chocolate shavings
       topped with bacon and cheese in a creamy cider, rosemary & sage sauce,
                        garnished with apple and mushrooms                                                      All the above served w ith fresh double cream

      Fishermans Crumble Pie - poached Salmon, smoked Haddock& Prawns
           with Leek, Mushrooms and a white wine sauce topped with Gruyere                                     Fresh Coffee served with After Eight Mints

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