Employment Invitation Letter Sample by zgf13979


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                         APPLICATION FOR INVITATION

Visa type: (Please tick)
Single entry Z-visa( Work/Employment visa)
F Visa (Business Visa): • Single-entry         X
                           • Multi-entry within 180 days
Applicant's Particulars: (Please complete in block letters)
         Name in full               Nationality         Sex    Date of Birth     Passport No.

 John Smith                        US                   M      01-01.60          123456789

Occupation (business man, engineer, manager, etc)                Engineer
Details about the Invitation:
Where will you apply for Chinese visa? (Country)                US

When do you plan to come to China?             March 29

How many days do you plan to stay in China for each duration?               10


Please fax the invitation letter to the attention of:       John Smith

Fax Number: 555.123.4567

E-mail for applicant or contact person: john.smith@example.com

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