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					GENPACT Process Re-engineering
                                  Growth Enabler

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 GENPACT Overview
 GENPACT Re-engineering
 GENPACT Re-engineering Product Offering

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Genpact…10 years in business with a global footprint

                                                                                                         McKinsey   Low     Genpact    Delivery
                                                                                                          Rank1     Cost   Headcount   Centers

                                                                                         1    India         1        X      19,700       10

                                                                                         2    China         2        X       1,700         2

                                                                                         3    Philippines   4        X         300         1

                                                                                         4    Hungary       7        X         500         2

                                                                                         5    Romania                X         300         1

                                                                                         6    Poland        9        X         300         1

                                                                                         7    Mexico        6        X       2,300         3
                                                                                         8    US                               900         4
                                                                                         9    UK                               300         –

 30+ nationalities, 25+ languages … spread across nine One of the Original Six
  countries                                              Sigma Beta Site for GE
 One quality/service culture worldwide
 Flexibility and ability to move work between locations

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Genpact Has Strong Presence In Its Chosen Verticals

         Financial Services                                   Manufacturing                                            Services

                    Retail                                          Discrete                                          Logistics

                Wholesale                                           Process                                          Technology

                Insurance                                               Auto                                             Media

               Investment                                        Others                                            Others (Airlines,
              Management                                     (Retail, CPG…)                                        eCommerce…)

          11,000+ Employees
           Credit application evaluation,
                                                            8,900+ Employees                                       4,200+ Employees
        customer support, lead generation,
      financial modeling, research, portfolio         Supply chain services, forecasting &                     Contract management, pricing
           management, agent services,                planning, sourcing (direct & indirect),                analysis, marketing services, sales
          actuarial analysis, underwriting            equipment monitoring, field services                    force training, asset monitoring,
         support, claims processing, policy            support, logistics support, research                       information management
             admin, risk management                               and analytics
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Our Horizontal Service Areas

  Finance &                                                    Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Record to Report, Gen. Acct.,
  Accounting                       5,700 FTEs                  Hire to Retire, Treasury & Tax

  Sales & Marketing                                            Market Research, Database Marketing, Credit & Risk Modeling,
  Analytics                        1,500 FTEs                  Pricing Analysis, CRM

  Customer                                                     Online/ Inbound Customer Care, Account
  Service                          3,700 FTEs                  Management, Contract Management

  Financial Services                                           Risk Mgmt, Underwriting, Booking/Funding, Cash
  Collections / Ops                3,300 FTEs                  Applications, Collections

  Supply Chain &                                                Procurement Services, Logistics Support, Vendor Support &
  Procurement                      1,300 FTEs                   Mgmt, Spend Analysis

  Aftermarket                                                  Field Engineering Services, Warranty & Repair
  Services                         1,000 FTEs                  Support, Parts Dispatch Services
  Transaction                                                   Application Processing, Claims Processing, Document Mgmt,
  Services                         1,200 FTEs                   Billing Services, Order Mgmt
                                                               IT End-User Computing and Remote Infrastructure
  Information Technology
                                   2,400 FTEs                  Management
  Enterprise App Svcs &                                         Design, Implementation & Support Solutions in ERPs, CRMs, &
  Program Mgmt                     1,900 FTEs                   Content Development

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Genpact Is An „Employer Of Choice‟

                                                Selective Hiring (6% of All Applicants)
                                                    Targeted Recruitment
 2,000+   Green Belts                               Pre-employment Testing
                                                    Competency/Cultural Assessments
  500+    Blackbelts / MBBs
                                                    Pre-Hire, Post Offer Orientation
   600    CA / CPA                              High Retention (2X Industry Average)                              Ranked 3rd in
                                                    Robust Performance Rating System                          the “Best Companies
  2,000   MBAs                                                                                                     to Work For in
                                                    Retention Modeling & Programs                              India” Survey (2005)
   100    PhDs & Doctors                            Metrics-based compensation
                                                    Flexible Work Arrangements
    75    Actuarial trained                         Best-in-Class Medical Benefits
                                                    Leadership Interactions
 16,500   Graduates
                                                    Training Investments ~ $8 million / yr
  2,000   IT Resources                          Attractive Career Paths (2,500+ in
  800+    Insurance Certified
                                                              In-house Career Opportunities
    30    Nationalities                                       Professional/Industry Certifications
                                                              Education@Work… MBA/CPA
    25    Languages                                                                                               Ranked # 9 Best
                                                              STAR/Buddy/Reward Programs                    Managed Global Outsourcing
                                                                                                             Vendor. The analyses covers
                                                                                                               People Practices as the
                                                                                                                key assessment area.

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Genpact‟s Process Re-Engineering Offering
Our Focus
  Bring value to potential strategic customers through power of
   Process Excellence
  Deliver business impact and continue to deepen Relationship and
   increase customer confidence

 Our Strength
  We differentiate by offering Best Practices through our experience with
   customers from diverse industries
  Re-engineering – Optimal blend of Lean / Six Sigma customized for your
  Productivity gains through Process Improvements offer sustainable
   financial benefit
  Reengineering offering can be leveraged to solidify the long-term virtual
   captive relationship
  DNA (2000+ Certified GB / BBs / MBBs / QLs , 180 Lean Coaches , 400+ Six
   Sigma Projects, 2500 Lean Improvements)

                     Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Genpact‟s Process Re-Engineering Product Offering
  End to End Process
       Understand and document complete process                                           Process diagnostic
       Process vs Function                                                                Understand Metrics
                                                                                           Redesign Process

                                                                                                                 Business Impact
       “Outside in” using process & output metrics

  Effectiveness & Efficiency
                                                                                           Specific Challenge
       Speed of delivery
                                                                                           Understand defects
       Quality of delivery
                                                                                           Change behavior
       Cost per transaction

  Culture & Deployment                                                                   Lean Training
       Creating a process improvement culture                                            Six sigma training
       Deploy & support in sustaining business impact                                    Change Management

  Risk Governance
                                                                                          Internal Audits
       Controllership
                                                                                          SOX Advisory
       Zero Surprises
                                                                                          Fraud Risk Services

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Governance Service Offerings
                                           ► Perform risk assessment                                 ► Full Scope Audits **
                                           ► Design business                                         ► Standardized service delivery
     Internal Audit                          processes and controls                                  ► Independent reporting to Audit

                                           ►    Support in SOx scoping                               ►   Support in project
    SOx Advisory                           ►    Process documentation/                                   management **
                                                Risk control matrix

                                           ►    Evaluate compliance with
     Regulatory                                                                                      ►   FSA, HIPPA, AML, FCPA etc
                                                statutory requirements

                                          ►    SOx IT Controls testing                               ►   Information security solutions
       IT Risk                            ►    SAS 70 documentation                                  ►   Service continuity solutions
     Management                                / testing

                                          ►    Develop and define business                           ►   Process awareness/ change
   Business Process                            processes, procedures/ policies                           management workshops
     Improvement                          ►    Revenue risk management                               ►   Cost management solutions

                                                                                             ** Do not do independent attestation
      Dedicated Team for Substantive & Analytic Support for Onsite Audit                                                                  9
                  Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Process Re-engineering Deployment
                                                                                                                              Institutionalize Quality
                                                                                                                                Change Management
   High                                                                                                                         Knowledge transfer
                                                                                                                                SWAT teams
   Value to the Customer


                                                                                                               Leadership development
                                                                                                               Six Sigma workshops
                                                                                Lean                           Lean workshops
                                                                                Six Sigma
                                                                                   Metric Improvement
                                                                                   Improve efficiency
                                                                                   Cost Reduction/Revenue
                                              BPMS                                  Uplift
                                                 Metric Identification
                                                 Dashboard
                                                 Reporting
                           Value Add/
                           Non-Value Add
                              Project Scoping
                              Process Mapping
                              Baseline
                                           Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Nine Step Re-engineering Methodology

            Current State Assessment                                  Design New Process                                                     New Process Sign-Off

    1                    2              3            T            4                     5                       6              T         7                 8                 9

Project Charter      Process        Baseline                 Identify            Best in class           New Process               Additional                            Plan
                                                                                                                                                     Biz Case and
                     Mapping        Operating             improvements          benchmarking               Design                  Checks &                         Implementation
                                     Metrics               opportunities                                                           Balances

              Understand “As Is”                               Identify improvement opportunities                                        Final Recommendations &
              Process                                          & design “To Be” Process                                                  Implementation plan

           Define project                                    Brainstorm sessions with ops team                                        Consolidate data
           Identify stakeholders                             Identify VA/NVA process steps                                            Summarize findings &
           Build comm. plan                                  Map process /identify bottlenecks                                         recommendations
           Understand process                                Identify digitization opportunities                                      Review draft report-out with
           Identify customers & suppliers                    Identify process defects/rework                                           project lead
           Identify process inputs/outputs                   Baseline process metrics                                                 Get business sign-off
           Understand process metrics                         (if data available)                                                      Final Report out
           Map process

                                    Project Tollgate Review                                                Project Tollgate Review

                                            Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Process Improvement Framework

                                                                                                      Reduce Process Variation
          Improve Efficiency
                                                                                                       Increase Standardization
          Consolidation Opportunities
                                                                                                         Reduce Non Value Add
          Leveraging Geographic Spread

                                                          Quick Hits

                                                      Customer –Genpact

                                                                                     Improve Platform Effectiveness
       Standardization of Policy                                                        Consolidation Opportunities
       Policy Best Practices                                                        Roadmap for Reducing Platforms
       Global Bench marking

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Judicious mix of tools for robust solutions

             Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Partnering With the Customer to Create an
“Improvement Roadmap”
  Fix And Keep Strategy                                                            Ship And Fix Strategy                                        Fix And Ship Strategy
     Critical core process                                                            De-couple                                                    Broken process
     Risk/Compliance issues                                                           Manually Intensive                                           High Complexity
     Max. opportunity to save on-site                                                 Savings Opportunity high                                     Fixes critical to make it “off-
     Not manually intensive                                                           Level of Standardization                                      shorable”
     Skewed effort/benefit relationship                                               Proximity Requirements

                                                                     Mid Term                          Immediate                         Immediate

                                                                       BPO                               BPO                               BPO
                             Opportunity Size (L/M/H)


                                                                    Mid Term                          Mid Term                            Mid Term
                                                                   Re-engineer                       Re-engineer                            BPO

                                                                    Immediate                         Immediate
                                                                                                                                       Just- Do- Its

                                                                   Re-engineer                       Re-engineer

                                                                         High                              Medium                             Low

  • Apply process selection tools to determine approach (Fix & Keep / Ship & Fix / Fix & Ship)
  • Leverage Genpact‟s process improvement tools to retained and transitioned processes
                                                                 Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Two Primary Re-Engineering Engagement
Types Offer Different Value Propositions
                                   Structured Re-Engineering Engagement
Characteristics                                       Re-Engg. Team                  Customer org.                  Advantages for customer
 Pyramid structure leverages expert                                                                                 Re-Engg. Leader manages
  resources                                                                                                           engagement teams
 Customer provides charter and                                VP                                                    Minimal work disruption
  data to Re-Engineering team                                                                                        Identify, prioritize improvement
 Team provides recommendations                                                                                       areas
 Short duration - work driven by Re-                 PL        PL       PL                                          Robust recommendation
  Engineering team                                                                                                   Resources compliment the
 Leverages industry experience                                                                                       process improvement program
                                                    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5

                                  Collaborative Re-Engineering Engagement
Characteristics                                                                                                     Advantages for customer
 Project selection and execution                                              Customer team                         In-house domain & process
  facilitated by Re-Engineering team         Re-Engg. Team                                                            excellence expertise
 Re-Engineering team provides                                                                                       Identify, prioritize improvement
  customer teams with training,                                                          PL                           areas
  guidance, and tools                                                                                                Works as a change agent
 Longer duration - work driven by                  Expert
                                                                                                                     Knowledge resource for best
  customer team                                                                                                       practice
 Leverages process expertise                                                R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
                                                                                                                     Helps support strategic initiatives
                                                                                                                     Can help deploy lean sigma,
                                                                                                                      train people, support program

                         Firms typically focus on one type of engagement
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Banking Case Studies

     Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
GENPACT Experience in Banking Processes
           Project Areas                               # of Projects                                       Business Impact Achieved
                                                                                      25% increase in Straight Through Processing of trades.
 End to End Equity Derivatives processes            1 (US)
                                                                                      Over 55 action items identified for long-term process improvements.

                                                                                     Root causes and solutions for 75% of Fixed Income breaks identified.
 Client Settlements and Account Servicing            2 (US)
                                                                                     Reduced time on breaks from 40 mins to 20 mins per transaction.
                                                                                     Improved claims mgmt with clients, yielding productivity of 6 FTEs.

 Corporate Actions & Dividend/ Interest                                              40% reduction in Fixed Income breaks.
                                                     2 (US), 1 (EMEA)                Root causes and solutions for 80% of Equities breaks identified.
                                                                                     Reduced defects for processing of manufactured dividends by 8%.

                                                                                     Straight Through Processing improved from 29% to 80%.
 Prime Brokerage                                     1 (Global)                      15% productivity increase.

 Collateral Management                               1 (US, EMEA)                    In progress

 Finance Controllership and Audits                  1 (Global)                       In progress

                                                                                     Quick Hits to reduce defects in trade execution by 50%.
 Futures                                             1 (EMEA)
                                                                                     Cycle time reduced from 60 mins to 25 mins.

                                                     2 (EMEA)                        Reduced breaks by 63%.
 Stock Loans
                                                                                     Improved First Pass Yield from 82% to 95%.

                                                     1 (Global)                      Identified improvement areas for faster settlements
 FX Warrants
                                                                                     and commission payments.

 Exchange Traded Funds                               1 (EMEA)                        In progress

                                                                                     Improved cash flow of USD 600 MM p.a.
 Cash Management                                     1 (EMEA)                        and FTE avoidance of USD 2 MM p.a.

                         Over 25 Complex End to End Key Projects Undertaken
                             With Measurable and Realized Business Impact                                                                                   17
                                     Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Improve wire transfer cycle time and accuracy
Background                                                                                    Process Improvement Actions
 Major US bank                                                                               Setup
 Case Study pertains to improving cycle time and accuracy                                     Wire contract redesign – 6 pages to 1 page
  for wire Transfer process covering all lines of business and                                 Error proofed contracts; info directly uploaded to
  ~ 15 departments                                                                              database
Business Case                                                                                  PINS sent through online banking channels
 Few million wires p.a. with annual revenues of >200 MM$
                                                                                               Error proofed front end - eliminate thousands of ABA
 Huge variation in cycle time for customer setup and
                                                                                                corrections and >90% international wire payment
                                                                                                corrections every month
 Goal is to reduce cycle time by >80% to setup a customer
                                                                                              Online Banking
  within a day and complete a transaction within 15 minutes
                                                                                               New initiation channel to ease wire transfers for a
                                                                                                significant portion of personal retail and small business
Key drivers for high cycle time
 Complex setup form leading to errors, rework and high                                       Center of Excellence
  cycle time                                                                                   Centralized team for handling all backroom activities –
 Paper intensive process leading to multiple date entry for                                    helps build wire expertise, standardize customer
  customer set up; PINS sent manually to customers                                              experience
 Lack of wire control points in front end leading to rework
  in the back-office
                                                                                              Business Impact
      > 90% of international wires reworked                                                   Potential cycle time reduction by > 90%; error rework
      > 50% of wires corrected for formatting/other errors in front end                        reduction by > 75%
 Lack of a self serve channel for customers leading to                                        Potential for significant customer satisfaction impact
  customer inconvenience and high cycle time                                                   Go GREEN – Move to a paperless environment
 Fragmented support activities – leading to inefficiencies                                    Potential gross benefits of ~ $14MM
  and inconsistent customer experience

      $14 MM benefit, > 90% cycle time reduction; 75% less errors and significant increase in customer satisfaction
                                          Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Account Reconciliations Project                                                                                      Executive Summary

Background                                                                            Process Improvement Actions
 Time to resolve for Open items has a very high span,                                Changed definition of the metric to a wing-wing one
  exceeding customer requirements leading to potential                                 which is as felt by the customer. Currently cycle time
  exposure                                                                             measured as time from closing to action plan. This
 The effectiveness of resolution needed improvement as per                            was changed to measure days from occurrence to
  the customer                                                                         resolution
Business Case                                                                         Leveraged tools unique to each business’s need for
                                                                                       tracking and resolving open items
 Very high cycle time to resolve open items                                          Established a clear escalation process to track and
 Lack   of a clear, standard process to deal with                                     publish this data
  reconciliation items                                                                Set up a mechanism of more frequent reconciliations
 There was a need to evaluate whether the metric being                                to ensure volume and $ value is reduced
  tracked currently was the right one                                                 Set up a unique target for each business based on
                                                                                       type of account/segment
Key Problems Identified                                                               Created a unique end point as target instead of total
 Huge variation across different businesses                                           cycle time (Time of occurrence +Quartile 1 days)
 Frequency of doing Recs – whether daily or monthly was                              Created a detailed SLA for each business
  a key driver of volume and extent of reconciliations to be
 Existence of tools vs. no tools was a significant driver
  impacting discovery time and influencing number of
  reconciliation items
                                                                                      Business Impact
 Lack of a clear and formal escalation process was a key
  factor                                                                               Span for time to resolve reduced by 71%
 Frequency of customer review – whether weekly or                                     Cycle time reduction by a third
  monthly was also a key factor impacting reconciliations

                           Business Impact : Open items reduced to 1/3rd $ value
                                  Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
Denovo Cycle Time                                                             Brokerage Operations
Business Case                                                                   Business Case
 Inconsistent cycle time ( ~ 500 days) in new                                 Broken processes and multiple handoffs within
  Branch opening process                                                        branches, TA and Financial advisors contributing
 Process incapable of meeting the goal of                                      to an increase of cycle time by 50%
  handling 300% additional capacity a year                                     No predetermined mechanism to measure
                                                                                productivity or accuracy leading to high risks for
Process Improvement Actions                                                     operational losses
 8 week assessment – 2 day LEAN event with 20
   participants from across the business.                                       Process Improvement Actions

 Identified opportunities to reduce cycle time by                             Single point of entry for requests, end to end
   20%                                                                             processing ownership by processors and
                                                                                   designing & defining metrics
 Eliminated 23 process handoff’s and > 50% of
   NVA Steps                                                                   Elimination of hold time, wait time and
                                                                                   unnecessary hand offs. Linking processes to
 Determined optimal sequencing of activities                                      “turn off overlapping steps” within the process
   based on critical path analysis                                                 and within departments.

 Clear guidelines to reduce process                                           Increasing span of control, process
   inconsistencies across different regions                                        consolidations and cross trainings

Business Impact                                                                 Business Impact

   20% reduction in cycle time                                                   50% reduction in cycle time, FTE reduction 20%
   ~ $ 21 MM due to revenue acceleration                                         ~ $ 8 MM potential benefit
                              Confidential. All trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners.
                         Thank You
Contact Information
P Ramakrishnan
Email address:                   Ramakrishnan.p@genpact.com
Telephone number:                + 91 98851 70101


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