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									                                        AMBULATORY CARE - Cambridge Memorial Hospital
                                                        700 Coronation Blvd. Cambridge
                                      Phone: (519) 621-2330 or (519) 621-2333 (ext.1120) Fax: (519) 740-4948
 Ambulatory Care is a program within Cambridge Memorial Hospital that offers many different programs to help people with different health problems or
  Bailey Welless Centre - The BWC is a part of AC that was established to encourage individuals to accept responsibility for their own health by offering
                                                 health education, counselling,and fitness programs.
BWC SERVICES - (519) 740-4911
                                                                                                        Physician                       Frequency/
                         Program                                           Clientele                    Referred           Fee             Time
Asthma Clinic - To assess pulmonary function and assist       Adults and children with asthma     Yes, with         OHIP         Morning and afternoon
the individual to understand and manage asthma with the                                           medical                        classes available.
least amount of medication.                                                                       history
Cardiac Program (Education Series) - To modify risk           Individuals with risk factors for   Yes               OHIP         Morning and
factors related to heart disease, improve performance of      heart disease, angina, a heart                                     evening
heart and blood vessels, cope with changes, develop heart     attack, or pre/post balloon                                        classes available
smart diet, learn about cholesterol, and improve quality of   angioplasty or bypass etc.
Cardiac Exercise (follow-up to education) -Designed to        Same as Cardiac                     Verbal consent    Fee          Morning and
develop a safe exercise routine.                              Education                                                          evening
- 4 month personal exercise program, goal: independent                                                                           classes available
Cholesterol Class - A group information and education         Individuals with high cholesterol   Yes               OHIP         Afternoon and
session facilitated by a dietitian.                           or want to know more about                                         evening
                                                              food choices.                                                      classes
Consultations - a personal exercise program,advice on diet, Individuals who need                  No                Fee          Booked
information about medication, community resources, stress information on any health issue.                                       accordingly
management, and learning to cope.
                                                                                                        Physician                       Frequency/
                          Program                                         Clientele                     Referred           Fee             Time
Diabetic Education - to assist individuals to understand and Type 1,2, gestational                Yes               OHIP         Morning and afternoon
manage their diabetes.                                       and other forms of diabetes                                         appointments
Fitness Appraisals - an evaluation of body composition,      Any individual who is                No                Fee          Booked
aeorbic fitness, strength, flexibility, and endurance.       interested in their fitness level.                                  accordingly

Fitness for Function - supervised exercise program to        Individuals who need hands on       No                 Fee          2x a week for
improve balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and   assistance to exercise. For                                         1 1/2 hours
endurance.                                                   example post stroke, MS, arthritis,
Fitness Membership - Equipment available:                    Community Members                    No                Fee          Monday - Thursday
treadmills, lifecycles, bikes, arm ergometer,                wishing to exercise                                                 7:00am - 8:00pm
weight machine, rowing machine and steps.                    independently.                                                      Friday
                                                             * Resources available                                               7:00am - 6:00pm
                                                             2x a week to assist
                                                             individuals to operate
                                                             equipment safely.
Osteoporosis Program - Education and exercise                Individuals with osteoporosis/       No                Fee          Day or evening
program. The aim is to provide information to assist         osteopenea or risk factors                                          classes available.
the client to manage their own disease safely or to
learn more about prevention and risk modification.
Chronic Pain Clinic - Program contains stress                For individuals with                 Yes               OHIP         3x a week for
relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy,         chronic, non-malignant                                              10 weeks
exercise, education, and activities of daily living.         pain
Physician Directed (Val Thomson)
Speech & Language Practice Group - weekly                    Suitable for aphasic adults          No                Fee          12 weeks
practice group to offer speech support and                   regardless of diagnosis.
opportunities to practice in a social setting.
Stress Management - Practical "hand-on" approach             Individuals with high stress levels No                 Fee          According to the
using basic skills in a group setting.                       or anyone interested in managing                                    needs of the
                                                             stress.                                                             participants.
Weight Management - Program includes education,              Individuals interested in            No                Fee          According to the
behaviour modification and exercise.                         managing their weight.                                              needs of the
                                                     OTHER PROGRAMS WITHIN AMBULATORY CARE (AC)
                                                                (519) 621-2330 (ext.1120)
                                                                                          Physician                              Frequency/
                          Program                                   Clientele             Referred              Fee                 Time
Day Hospital - The Rockwell Automation Day                  Adults wishing to increase        Yes        OHIP             According to needs of
Hospital is time-limited rehabilitation therapy program     their level of independence.                                  individual.
                                                            To be eligible for the program,
                                                            individuals must require the
                                                            services of at least 2 health
CMH - Employee Rehab - Offers assessments and               CMH employees (Referrals          Yes        No               According to needs of
treatments, assistance with modified work programs,         are accepted for non-work                                     individual.
work-site recommendation to help to work more               injuries).
comfortably and prevent injuries, and education
pertaining to backcare, lifts and transfers and office
Geriatric Outpatient Clinic - Increase functional           Community elderly with            Yes        OHIP             According to needs of
abilities to provide education and increase functional      complex medical conditions.                                   individual.
Physician Directed (John Yang)

                          Outpatient Services - All out patient services provide individualized treatment and education plans
                                for each client. These plans include: assessment, treatment, and follow-up services.

Nutritional Counselling Services                            Individuals with GI disorders,    Yes        OHIP             According to needs of
                                                            eating disorders, pregnancy/                                  individual.
                                                            fertility issues, pediatric,
                                                            organ dysfunction and
                                                                              Physician                       Frequency/
                      Program                     Clientele                   Referred           Fee             Time
Occupational Therapy Services:        Hand Injuries (acute/chronic)     Yes               OHIP         According to needs of
                                      All Thermoplastics (splinting)                                   individual.
                                      Rheumatology (education &
                                      Functional Performance
                                      Cognitive/Perceptual Screen/
                                      Tx Neuro U/E
Physiotherapy Services:               Orthopaedics, chest, back         Yes               OHIP         According to needs of
                                      classes. Neurological patients                                   individual.
                                      are seen if they do not qualify
                                      for Day Hospital.
Speech Language Pathology Services:   Neurogenic conditions,            Yes               OHIP         According to needs of
                                      dysphagia, fluency disorder                                      individual.
                                      (stuttering), voice disorders.

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