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									     THE BLU-RAY
Removing the obstacles in product
                    THE BLU-RAY EXPERIENCE

There are several large online retailers of titles for the Blu-Ray format in the UK
competing with such as –

•   Zavvi
•   HMV
•   Lovefilm
•   Tesco

At present Amazon has a missing component in it’s product information for these
products. One that would enhance the customer experience and also keep a
customer on the Amazon site without having the need to browse elsewhere to get
answers and it’s incredibly simple.
                THE BLU-RAY EXPERIENCE

                        Let’s take a recent Blu-Ray release, in this case Shutter
                        Island. The format offers the movie in the best possible
                        home entertainment format and also brings more to the
                        bonus materials that customers have previously
                        experienced on dvd.

                        The official specs list the following extras

                        • Behind The Shutters Featurette
                        • Into The Lighthouse Featurette

So we compared competitors websites to, with the piece of product
information in mind.
              THE BLU-RAY EXPERIENCE features no information for the bonus material on this disc.

 HMV does include this product information.
                 THE BLU-RAY EXPERIENCE

We asked format users via dedicated dvd/blu-ray online forums the following
questions –

• Do you look for extras/specs info on product info?

The overwhelming majority said that they do look for this information on a retailers
site or search for independent reviews.

• Would you be more likely to buy from a site that had this info rather than one
  that didn't?

One response we received said the following

“I would almost always use a site that contains info on disc contents over one that
didn't. Although because I have grown to love both Amazon & (because
I've always had excellent service from them), even if I researched the disc content
else where, I would still use only those 2 sites for the actual purchase.”
                  THE BLU-RAY EXPERIENCE

From user comments it’s clear that most feel loyalty to the Amazon brand but still
have other competitors in mind. With there being no major differences in price
between retailers, the small details in product information can gain a sale for the
retailer who supplies details of the disc. A seamless flow in the user experience with
no obstacles. Using a site such as HMV’s to look at Blu-rays results in a shopping
experience like this.

                  BROWSE               PRODUCT                  BUY

The customer is already browsing the site of a trusted brand and is being given the
product information they are looking for, as such there are no obstacles in the
products information which would make the customer move on to an other website
before completing a purchase.

In comparison the current flow of the customers experience at Amazon is like this.

              BROWSE            PRODUCT                                             BUY?



                                          • REVIEW SITE
                                          • FORUMS
                                          • COMPETITOR
                  THE BLU-RAY EXPERIENCE

Our recommendation is to improve the product information on pages for Blu-ray titles
to include such things as bonus materials. The object of any good user experience is to
make the user think as little as possible.

Removing the current obstacles will improve the customer experience on for Blu-ray and remove some of the opportunity that a customer has to
look elsewhere and get information to inform their purchasing decision. Amazon’s
brand recognition online in the UK already informs the customer that the price will be
one of the best out there, why give them a reason to look elsewhere because a few
lines aren’t included on the product information?

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