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					Power Innovations
   Uninterruptible Power Quality   TM
      Empowering People through Innovation & Technology

Uninterruptible Power Quality                                         TM
                                                                            ( U P Q TM ) i s a n u n p r e c e d e n t e d n e w

standard that began with traditional UPS technologies and moved

                                                                                            forward to address critical

                                                                                            moder n power issues. Traditional

                                                                                            UPS systems focus on backup

                                                                                            power; UPQ technology focuses

                                                                                            primarily on the critical issues of

                                                                                            power quality and management,

                                                                                            while still providing backup

                                                                                            w h e n p o w e r o u t a g e s o c c u r.

“The existing grid does not possess the capability to mitigate the occurrences of blackouts and their adverse consequences…or
improve environmental impacts through the utilization of more renewable resources. These inadequacies place in peril our national,
economic, and environmental security and are unsuited to meet the long-term demands of the digital age.”

                                                                                                 -Kenneth Nahigian, Reform Institute Senior Advisor

Always Online                                      Superior Level of Output Power Quality                    overcharge and destroy batteries.
UPQ systems are always online and feature          UPQ systems deliver the highest quality of                DC conversion processes prioritize battery
superior isolation and conversion, creating a      regulated clean, pure, filtered power,                    management, extending battery life and
new standard for power quality and excep-          regardless of the quality of the input power,             performance up to three times that of
tional reliability. In comparison, standby and     utilizing multi-stage conversion technology               traditional UPS technologies
line-interactive UPS systems merely filter input   and advanced isolation.
                                                                                                            Quality Power With or Without Batteries
utility power, and online UPS systems have
                                                   Accept a Wider Range of Input Power                      UPQ systems operate whether or not batteries
double conversion (two stages) technology.
                                                   UPQ systems accept a wider range of input                are connected. Without batteries, UPQ systems
Five Stages of Isolation and Conversion            power variation (up to double that of                    become isolation, regulation, conditioning,
UPQ technology provides multiple levels of         traditional UPS systems) before utilizing                filtering, and conversion units that continue to
isolation and conversion, five (5) stages. In      batteries.                                               manage and regulate a wide range of input
comparison, traditional UPS online systems                                                                  power deviation.
                                                   Extend Battery Life and Performance
provide only double conversion, two (2) stages.
                                                   UPQ technology:                                          Adapt to Alternative Energy Sources
Eliminate Need to Balance Loads                     Overcomes the biggest expense and reliability           UPQ systems have the flexibility to accept various
UPQ technology handles 100% load imbalance          issues of traditional UPS systems…the batteries.        input energy sources (i.e. utility, generator, wind,
in its three-phase systems and eliminates the       Focuses on controlled charging and load                 and solar). Batteries are also treated as
need to balance loads. Facility and equipment       exercising to avoid battery deterioration and           independent energy sources.
loads do not stay balanced. Traditional UPS         sulfation.
                                                                                                            No Adverse Effect on Surrounding Equipment
systems are sensitive to load imbalance and         Manages charging cycles and does not allow
                                                                                                             UPQ systems minimize induced input
will fail if out of tolerance.                      overcharging. Most UPS charging systems
                                                                                                             harmonics and upstream power problems to
                                                                                                         Powering Life Today...

 equipment not connected to the UPQ system          UPQ systems:
 (low input distortion). Traditional UPS systems     Are self-diagnosing and incorporate status LEDs
 inject high levels of harmonics onto the utility    and screens that clearly indicate when and
 feed lines and increase power quality problems      where a problem exists
 to equipment not isolated or connected to the       Are fully modular and have plug-and-play
 UPS output.                                         components that can be easily replaced if
 Through the use of inrush current management        necessary
 technology, UPQ systems eliminate inrush            Have modular “hot-swappable” (or slide-tray)
 current, reduce stress on upstream circuits and     battery packs that make battery service easy
 equipment, as well as eliminate the need for        and convenient
 oversized systems or generators.                    Require less time to repair – typically less than
                                                     30 minutes “mean time to repair” (MTTR)
Eliminate Step-up / Step-down Transformers
                                                     Feature slide-tray battery modules (standard in
UPQ technology:
                                                     small systems, available in large systems)
 Offers multiple voltage options. Input voltages
 can be different from output voltages.             Operational Benefits
 Eliminates the need for independent input /         Load imbalance protection. The larger UPQ
 output step-down or step-up transformers.           systems accommodate uneven load distribution
 Input: Provides international compatibility for     across phases.
 global applications.
 Output: Allows for multiple and simultaneous
                                                     User error protection. UPQ systems have built-in
                                                     features to protect the user and identify
                                                                                                                                       ...and Tomorrow
 output voltages.                                    problems so that systems will not operate unless
                                                     properly installed and / or configured.
Advanced Management and Control
                                                     Unique “whisper-quiet” operation. UPQ systems
UPQ systems can be controlled from within a
                                                     generate less noise, and are unobtrusive in the
network operations center, via an Internet
                                                     work environment.
connection, and from handheld wireless devices,
                                                     Convenient power feed locations. Larger UPQ
such as PDAs and cell phones. Simple Network
                                                     systems are adaptable to the needs of the user       Figure A
Management Protocol (SNMP) enables Internet
                                                     with power feed locations on both sides, the                      Total energy production and consumption, 1980-2030 (quadrillion Btu)
access to real-time power status and history
                                                     top, and the bottom.
reports. Flexible interface, environmental                                                                  125
                                                                                                                               History                      Projections

                                                     Compact Size. UPQ systems are 30 – 70%                                                                                          Consumption

monitoring, and security management                                                                         100
                                                     smaller than other systems on the market and
capabilities are available.                                                                                                                                                          Production

                                                     are designed for small footprint and cubic              75

Distinct Cost Savings                                space requirements.                                     50

UPQ systems provide long-term direct and                                                                     25
                                                    Models Available for Specific Applications
indirect cost savings. UPQ systems:                                                                            0
                                                     Rugged applications requiring 30Gs of                      1980        1990                 2006             2020         2030
 Supply perfect quality power and prevent
                                                     gravitational force in X,Y, and Z planes, with
 damage to connected equipment, which                                                                     With the increasing dependence on electricity,
                                                     temperature ratings to -86°F (-30°C) and above
 extends the life of the equipment being                                                                  supply simply cannot meet the demand. During
                                                     140°F (60°C)                                         the past decade, actual demand for power
                                                     Compliant as components in ATEX Zone 2               increased 33%, whereas capacity increased
 Have longer battery life, which decreases                                                                only 8%.
                                                     applications for operation in potentially
 battery replacement costs and equates to                                                                 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2008
                                                     explosive environments
 substantial savings over time, especially on
                                                     Certified and customized for critical medical
 larger systems
                                                     applications and neonatal equipment
 Have longer system life with a “mean time
                                                     Customized for multiple environmental
 between failure” (MTBF) of over 175,000 hours,
                                                     conditions (NEMA and IP ratings)
 meaning that UPQ systems last substantially
 longer than ordinary UPS systems before            Options
 service and / or replacement is necessary           Custom input and output voltages and
 Provide higher operating efficiencies that          frequencies
 require less utility power                          Custom power distribution units (PDUs)
                                                                                                             Power Innovations will
 Generate less heat, which reduces air               Twelve-pulse rectifier available in 10 – 60kVA
 conditioning costs                                  (standard in larger systems)
                                                     Parallel and serial emergency power OFF
                                                                                                         for your specific application.
Ease of Maintenance
                                                     (EPO) connectivity
UPQ systems provide advanced features that
                                                     Rack front loadable
                                                                                                                         500 VA to 500 kVA
make them easier to maintain and service.                                                                      POWER INNOVATIONS
                                                     Casters for mobility
                                                                                                                    I N T E R N AT I O N A L , I N C .
UPQ : A New Standard for a New Decade

      Uninterruptible Power Quality TM (UPQTM ) is an unprecedented new
      standard that began with traditional UPS technologies and
      moved forward to address critical modern power issues.

                                        A must for all electrical and
                                                      electronic equipment!

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