Employment Contract Expatriate Sample by tkx61813


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									                      COMPANY LETTERHEAD

Date: Current Date

This contract is hereby signed between _________________________ (Company No:
___________ ) and the employee whose details are as follows:

Name of Employee              :

Duration of Employment :
(Same as MDC’s Approval letter)

Designation              :
(Same as MDC’s Approval letter)

Monthly Basic Salary        :
(in Ringgit Malaysia, above RM2500.00)

     Signature of Employer                                  Signature of Employee
Designation:                                              Name of Employee:
Name of Employer:
NB: Do not sign “on behalf”                                NB:Signature must be the
                                                             same as in passport

Note: Feel free to add any other information necessary, but this simple contract is
already sufficient for Immigration purposes.

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