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                 DR. DAWN VELLIGAN
                   Evidence for Implementation of
                 Environmental Supports to Improve
                     Outcome in Schizophrenia
FEBRUARY 23                 
              Dr. Velligan’s internationally recognized research
   CAMH       program focuses on the cognitive deficits associ-
              ated with schizophrenia, the functional conse-
              quences of these deficits, and on interventions to
250 COLLEGE   decrease cognitive impairment and improve com-
  STREET      munity function in individuals with this illness. An
AUDITORIUM    additional research focus is on adherence to oral
              antipsychotic medications for individuals living in
              the community. Dr. Velligan is author of numer-
              ous publications and has received grant funding
  LUNCH       from the National Institute of Health, The National
 PROVIDED     Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and De-
              pression, industry and private foundations. Dr.
              Velligan frequently serves as a consultant to phar-
              maceutical companies and scientific investigators
              in the areas of symptom assessment, cognition
              and outcomes, and is a scientific board member
              of the Foundation for the National Institute of