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                         EN 10204, Levels 2.1, 2.2, and 3.1 Certifications
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Due to the recent demand for certification and traceability of metals that are used, EN10204 Certifi-
cates 2.1, 2.2, and 3.1 (formerly 3.1B) are now available. Initially, these certificates were requested
to certify the properties for the raw metals that were used. The criteria for testing material proper-
ties are typically provided by the customer or by the sales force. For example, these certificates can
be used to certify that the materials in direct contact with process fluids are indeed suitable for the
process conditions (provided by the customer). These certificates can now be requested for products
with plastic components as well. It is the customer’s responsibility to specify all test requirements.
George Fischer Signet has developed a policy for issuing these certificates. Please see below for all
the details.

1.   Signet will provide certificates according to EN10204, levels 2.1, 2.2 and 3.1 (formerly 3.1.B) for
     certain products on request.
2.   These requests will be handled as special orders, for now, with separate quotation. In the
     future (e.g. new catalog) we may include such certificates as an orderable item with part
     number and list price.
3.   Certificates for 3.1 can only be provided if requested before the order is placed and may extend
     the lead time, typically by 2 months. The price for 3.1 certificates price can be substantial due
     to special material ordering, tracking and documenting. (see sample Inspection Certificate to
     EN 10204 - 3.1 below)
4.   Certificates 2.1 can be issued for all Signet products.
5.   Certificates 3.1 and 2.2 can be issued for sensor and fitting products, listing the tested
     properties of the wetted materials. We will also include tested performance specifications as
6.   Typically, we will not issue 3.1 certificates for instrument products. If a customer requests
     certification of specific instrument performance parameters that are important for the
     application, we can review this request and submit a quotation on a case by case basis.
7.   Requests for 3.1 certificates for products already delivered will be declined.
8.   We will not issue certificates according to 3.2 requirements.
9.   The EN10204 certificate only determines who is to test the product (i.e. plant inspector) and
     which products have to be tested (i.e. samples of a batch).
10.  The EN10204 certificate does not state what has to be tested or how many runs are to be
     made. It is the customer’s responsibility to specify this in order to meet full certification.

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Summary of Inspection Certificates According to EN 10204

New Type     Old Type      Title of Certificate   Content                 Tested On             Issued By
Number       Number

2.1          2.1           Declaration of         Confirmation of         N/A                   Manufacturer
                           Compliance With the    compliance with
                           Order                  the order, no data

2.2          2.2           Test report            Confirmation of         Generic sample,       Manufacturer
                                                  compliance with         manufactured in
                                                  the order, with         same way as
                                                  non-specific test       ordered material

3.1          3.1.B         Inspection             Confirmation of         Sample of the         Quality specialist,
                           Certificate 3.1        compliance with         material to ship      independent of
                                                  the order, with         or material sample    production
                                                  specific test results   if documentation is   department
                                                                          provided supporting

3.2          3.1.A         Inspection             Confirmation of         Sample of the         Quality specialist,
                           Certificate 3.2        compliance with the     material to ship      independent of
                                                  order, with specific    or material sample    production
                                                  test results            if documentation is   department AND
                                                                          provided supporting   external expert

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