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					     HOW TO FIND THE PRODUCT YOU WANT                                                                         Pages

The Connevans catalogue is full of useful information both technical and                Radio Aid Systems
practical ‒ however, unless you are a professional from a local authority,
school, clinic or advice centre you are unlikely to need all of it!                1    Sections 1a-1c
Here is a quick guide to help you find the product you want:
                                                                                        Hearing Aid
INDEX If you know the name of the product ‒ you can go to the index
on pages 233-235.                                                                  2    Direct Input Shoes
SECTIONS If you know the kind of product you want ‒ go to the correct
section, where you will find all the product details.                                   Test &
EVALUATION & COMPARISON Look for comments from our evaluation                      3    Measurement
panel which can help when choosing and use the comparison charts to
identify which product has the features you need.
                                                                                        ATU30 Auditory
ICONS You will also notice that many products have icons which give you
a quick reminder of the kind of product it is and how it would be used. For
                                                                                   4    Training Equipment
example ‒ whether it is for use with or without hearing aids.
         Equipment to            Hearing aid              Assistive listening           Soundfield
         help hearing aid
                                 users on ʻTʼ             devices for non
                                                          hearing aid users
                                                                                   5    Systems

To help you choose alerting devices, we use icons to indicate the type of alert:
                                                                                        Hearing Aid
         SOUND ‒ such
         as especially
                                 VISION ‒ usually
                                 indicates a
                                                          VIBRATION ‒
                                                          products which
                                                                                   6    First Aid
         loud alerts             flashing light           vibrate to alert you

WEBSITES Our regularly updated websites and                           Personal Pager are an excellent source of                        7    Systems
         Where you see this icon ‒ more detailed information is
         available online at                                    Batteries & Battery
QUOTATIONS Some products have a wide range of accessories and our                  8    Chargers
sample quotations allow you to select a complete system that meets your
requirements and contains everything you need. They provide a really
easy way to order a system such as a radio aid.                                         Alerting
IN DEPTH Our product instruction booklets are available online ‒
                                                                                   9    Devices
reading them can be a very valuable way of assessing whether or not a
product will prove suitable for a particular person. For example, some
people love to have a product with lots of features while others just want
a straightforward product that is simple to use with minimal setting up.           10   Telecommunications
DDA If you are looking for equipment to help you offer facilities in
line with the DDA, then either choose a complete package from
                                                                                        TV, Audio & Assistive
pages 221-224 or look for the DDA icon.
SCENARIOS Overleaf we show you some product solutions you
                                                                                   11   Listening Devices
may not have known existed ‒ Solutions to improve your quality of life
                                                                                        Loop Amplifier
   VAT        VAT     VAT    To VAT or not to VAT? See page 236.                   12   Systems

    Connevans stock a fantastic range of equipment
             Explore Discover Enjoy!                                               13   Protection

              CONNEVANS LIMITED                                                    14   Tinnitus
              54 Albert Road North, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9YR                                               229-232
              Switchboard 01737 247571 Minicom 01737 243134 Fax 01737 223475
              Online shopping:
              Online information: Email:          Index             233-235

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