Economic Crisis in Automobile Industry

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					Case Studies practices in our centres:
     Electricity Industry   Mkt Str &        China – US        Protectionism,
                            Failure          Trade             engine of growth
     Land transport in      Elasticity &     Spain &           Protectionism,
     Singapore              Market Failure   Germany           macro policies
     Platinum &             Commodity        Chinese           Expanisonary FP
     Palladium              mkt, merger      Economy           & measures for
                                             S’pore & US       Recession, inflation,
                                                               rescue packages
     Confectionery          mkt str,         Growth Outlook    Growth,
     Companies              takeover         & Challenges      Globalisation
     Telecommunications     Market           Protectionism &   FTA &
     & Information          structure        Recession         protectionsim
     Missing Taxis          Market           GDP & Growth      Fts,
                            structure                          Globalisation &
     Music Industry         Elasticity,      Subprime Crisis   Performance, FP
                            piracy                             & SOL
     Automobile industry    BOP,             Economic          How US →
                            Protectionism    imbalances        S’pore, K
     PC industry            Mkt failure      Trade & Growth    Trade, Engine of
     Mobile Revolution      Market
     Alcohol                Mkt Str &        Deglobalisation   Global financial
     Consumption            Failure                            crisis, trade &
     Movie Industry         Mkt structure    Germany &         financial crisis,
                                             Greece            ER
     Car population         Market Failure   China’s surplus   Yuan & US,
                                             & ER              China
     Beverage Industry      Mkt str,         Fiscal Stimulus   Scale & mix,
                            externalities                      protectionism
     Greenhouse Gas         Market failure   Trade & Global    Recession
     Emissions                               Recession         transmission,
     Airline Industry       Market           China & India     Impact on
                            structure Mkt                      ASEAN,
                            failure                            protectionism
En Bloc Fever      Demand,            Inflation Tsunami             Inflation, MP
                   property mkt &
The market for     mkt str &          Global Inflation & Growth     Staflation &
TV                 intervention                                     policies for
Rail Travel        Market             Tethering inflation           Inflation, SOL
Pharmaceutical     Market             Global Recession              Protectionism,
Industry           structure                                        policies to
Mobile Network     mkt str, merger    Weakening Global Economy      MP &
Brewed for good    Market             Global Economic Crisis        SOL, China’s
& bad              structure &                                      contribution to
                   demand                                           recovery
Pharmaceutical     Mkt structure      Global Recession              MP, policy for
Industry           & FDI                                            recovery
Apples not the     Mkt structure      Credit Crisis                 Policies for
only fruit                                                          recession,
                                                                    decoupling fr
Aviation           Market             Irish Rise & Fall             Productivity,
industry           Structure &                                      recession
                   market failure
Aviation           Market             New Rules of Game             Engine of
industry           structure &                                      growth
                   Mkt failure
Vroom industry     Mkt str,           Propelling Growth Engine      China &
                   externalities                                    source of
Price of H2O       Market failure     Germany & France              SOL, macro
                   & privatisation                                  policies
Broadband          Externalities &    Fare Well, Free Trade         Protectionism,
Network            demand                                           free trade
Casino Industry    Market Failure,    US, China Trade               MP, trade
                   SOL                                              deficit
Education          Market failure     Trade & Finance               Trade,
Global Warming     Rising food        Trade liberalization          Integration,
                   prices                                           free trade
Congestion &       Negative           Policies in BRIC              Trade pattern,
Public Transport   externalities,                                   Inflation
                   public transport
Economics of       Externalities      Indonesia reduces subsidies   BOT,
Transport                                                           unemployment
Airline          mkt str &         Japanese        Inflation &
Industry         deregulation      Economy         macro policies
DVDs or          Market            Singapore &     Inflation &
Downloads        structure         USA             interest rate
Unfolding        Market            Stagflation     Inflation,
Power Play       Structure                         interest rate &
Airline          Mkt str &         Trade &         Trade & policies
Industry         regulation        Globalisation    for
Drug stores &    Market            EU-A Model      Economic
online           Structure         for Asean       integration
Price of Oil     Effect of high    ASEAN           MP &
                 oil price &       Single Market   integration
                 mkt str
Sugar Industry   Mkt structure     Glimmer of      Macro
                 &                 light           Indicators &
                 protectionism                     globalisation
World’s          PD & Mergers      US & The        Dependency &
Airlines                           World           Ex Rate
Oil & Petrol     Price             Chinese         Trade & macro
                 determination     Economy         policies
Energy           Market            US Trade        Ex Rate &
Markets          structure & Mkt   Deficit         Protectionism
Pharmaceutical   Market            Two Deficits    Budget & trade
Industry         structure & Mkt                   deficits
Land Transport   Market failure,   Vietnam         Ex & BOP
in Singapore     policies,
Tourism          Market            India           MP & Ex Rate
                 failure, IR       Economy
Transport        externalities     Prospect of     MP & growth
economics                          Growth
Drug Market &    Market Failure    Vietnam         Mkt based &
Cocaine                                            growth
Oil and its      Market failure    India & China   Challenge &
effects                                            policies for DCs
Smooth Flow      Negative          Vietnam         Economic
                 externalities,                    performance &
                 mkt str                           challenges
Still Sky High   Subsidies &       Jobless         Inequity &
                 measures for      Growth          unemployment
                 high prices

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