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					                                                  DEAKIN UNIVERSITY
                                          FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW
Recipients of Overseas Conference Grant & Leave are required to provide the following to their Associate Head of School
(Research) within 14 days after returning from the conference:
        (i)         a copy of the presented paper or evidence of significant contribution;
        (ii)        a completed Conference Report.
In addition, Heads of School may invite successful applicants to present their papers to the School or Faculty.
Papers later published must also be submitted on receipt for the research output collection, with a signed author
Financial support for OCL will normally be awarded for staff who are HDR candidates only where the paper to be
presented is directly related to the thesis in progress.
               Applications not to be handwritten, excepting signatures and comments by AssocHoS(R) or HoS.


Name:                                                                                        Title:

School:                                                                                      Campus:

Position Details (Tenured, Length of Contract etc):

Currently enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research:                         YES / NO
Degree program: PhD / Masters by Research / Other (specify)
Title of thesis in progress:

Have you received Conference Financial Support from any source in this current year? YES / NO

If yes, provide details of previous assistance:

DETAILS OF DOCUMENTATION                                                                                      (please
The following must be attached before the application can be considered for funding by the                         
Faculty Research and Graduate Studies Committee
Details of Conference (flyer/invitation/website, etc)

Confirmation of refereeing process

Confirmation of acceptance of full paper, or of other significant contribution

Information on publication of Proceedings, or alternative publication of paper

Copy of approved application for leave from School

Evidence of travel and associated costs (Conference fees, Travel quote, etc)

    If all required documentation and signatures have been provided, forward the application to the
                                 Associate Head of School (Research).
Attach copy of the conference brochure, conference URL or invitation to participate. A copy of the paper
acceptance and other information outlining details, including arrangements for peer review and publication of
papers, must also be attached.
Name of Organising Body:

Conference website:

Name of Conference:


Dates of Conference:       From:                            To:

DETAILS OF PARTICIPATION: Title of paper to be given (or nature of significant involvement in the
conference organisation):

Full author list of the paper

Indicate the institutional affiliation of other author/s:

Provide a brief outline of the importance of the conference to the participant and anticipated academic
outcomes, progress on thesis, etc:

Anticipated publications resulting from OCL:

Indicate which of the University, Faculty and/or School Research group this paper is linked to:

FINANCIAL SUPPORT (detail overseas conferences in the past three years)

Year     Amount Source           Conference                             Publication/s resulting

Form Revised July 2002                                                                              2
PUBLICATIONS: List full citations for all publications during the previous three years. Clearly indicate:
publications arising out of conference presentations, and category, eg. C1 refereed journal article. (OR attach
list from: ) All publications must be submitted to the Faculty Research
Office for reporting to DEEWR and the University.

Is this Conference Leave to be taken in conjunction with OSP                YES / NO
or Long Service Leave
Place of departure for Conference Leave:

Date of departure on Conference Leave:

Date of return from Conference Leave:

Conference Leave applied for:(in days)

Details of annual leave to be taken in conjunction with
Conference Leave:

Absence greater than one month will be considered by FRAGS Committee under the OSP Guidelines.

PLANNED ACTIVITIES DURING LEAVE (other than annual leave - includes dates and details of visits to
institutions, research, etc.)

List estimated expenditure in Australian Dollars and attach supporting documentation
(a)      main travel (air ticket)                                                                    $

(b)      local travel (taxis etc)                                                                    $

(c)      registration fee                                                                            $

(d)      accommodation                                                                               $

(e)      other (specify)                                                                             $

TOTAL                                                                                                $

Anticipated financial assistance available:
Beside your normal University salary, what other financial support will you receive for this leave
from within the University or from outside sources.
(a)      School                                                                                      $

(b)      Other body (please specify)                                                                 $

This information may be taken into account when assessing the level of Conference grant awarded.

Form Revised July 2002                                                                                      3
I undertake to provide a copy of the presented paper or evidence of significant contribution (if applicable) and
Overseas Conference Report to the School within 14 days of returning to the University after the conference.
If for any reason I do not attend the conference, or do not provide a copy of the presented paper or evidence
of significant contribution and Overseas Conference Report within 14 days, I will return all allocated monies.

I also undertake to provide a signed pro forma and copy of all resulting publications for the research output

Signed:                                                                                        Date:

(To be completed by Assoc Head of School (Research), or Head of School if applicant is AHoS(R))
Include comments on the standing of the conference, its relevance to current developments in your School and/or the
applicant’s Higher Degree by Research candidature, and the strength of your support, as well as arrangements to cover

Signed:                                                                                        Date:

HEAD OF SCHOOL (or nominee)


Signed:                                                                                        Date:

Please indicate the amount of financial support your School will provide for the applicant to attend
this conference:

Application for Overseas Conference Leave:                       APPROVED / NOT APPROVED

Form Revised July 2002                                                                                      4
                                               DEAKIN UNIVERSITY
                                      FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW
                                    OVERSEAS CONFERENCE REPORT
On return from Conference Leave (within 14 days), staff must complete the following report and submit it to the Associate
Head of School (Research), together with a copy of the presented paper or evidence of significant contribution.
A signed proforma and copy of all publications must be submitted for the research output collection

Name:                                                                                             Title:

School:                                                                                           Campus:
HDR candidate:           YES / NO


Name of Organising Body:

Name of Conference:


Dates of Conference                      From:                                     To:

COMMENTS ON CONFERENCE                      Provide a brief outline of the conference by including notes on:
•   Achievement of planned aims and objectives               • Resulting publications
•   Academic development                                     • Value in terms of Higher Degree by Research candidature
•   Conference worth                                         • Recommendation for future attendance
•   Other relevant information. (Attach additional notes if necessary.)

My publication output resulting from this conference is:

Signed:                                                                                           Date:

Associate Head of School (Research) or Head of School
Signed:                                                       Date:

Form Revised July 2002                                                                                         5

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