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									                                  PRE-EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT

                                      I ________________________________ the
                                  undersigned, by accepting employment with Peaceful
                                  Journey Executive Protection (hereinafter referred to as,
                                  “PJEP”) do hereby understand and agree to the

1. Employment with PJEP may be terminated at any time, with or without cause, and
with or without notice, by either party.

2. Employment requires twenty-four (24) hour on call availability. If a pager is given to
you by PJEP, said pager shall remain company property and must be surrendered upon
request at any time and may not be held in lieu of payment or as ransom for cause as a
result of dispute. Also as a condition of employment, I agree to maintain a home
telephone in good working order and agree that the pager I am issued is my responsibility
for which I will maintain a new battery in pager at all times.

3. PJEP will provide all proper training, training equipment, radios, training facility,
personal gym access and other resources for any and all assignments.

4. As I understand that I will be working closely with the public and realize that my
appearance will be a direct reflection of PJEP and their clients, my personal appearance
will not change from that of my pre-employment photographs: my hair will remain short
and neatly trimmed and I will be cleanly shaven. My clothing will be clean/pressed and
my shoes will be highly shinned at all times.

5. I understand that what I observe while providing executive protection to PJEP clients I
am not allowed to any way divulge, take pictures, ask for an autograph, sell any personal
items even if they are given to me by the client(s), write, email, or communicate any
information regarding client(s) personal life. I also understand that violation of said
contractual obligation can and will result in severe repercussions up to and including

6. I will not let my personal life interfere with my obligations to PJEP and I understand
the importance of punctuality and reliability. I understand that any requested leave must
be submitted in writing and is subject to prior approval.

7. I understand that while providing executive protection or training, neither PJEP nor its
client(s) will be held liable for any damages that result in injury, death or loss of wages.
Furthermore, PJEP is not responsible to provide representation in any civil or criminal
case where I am found to be at fault.
8. I understand that under no circumstance, am I to discuss with PJEP clientele any or
part of PJEP’s training practices or company policies. Additionally, should any client(s)
wish to change any pre-approved itinerary I will contact PJEP at once for further
approval before acquiescence.

9. I understand that I may not under any circumstance, including client request, engage
in any form of criminal activity. Consequently, if I observe any criminal activity I am to,
confidentially, submit a written report recounting the events to the Director of Operations
as soon as possible.

10. Under no circumstance will I be required to remit personal funds (pay for anything)
unless previously agreed upon by self and PJEP’S Director of Operations, funds for
which I will be recompensed the amount equivilent to that which was disbursed . I
understand that upon said approval reimbursments will be allocated to me within 30 days
of expense voucher submission.

11. I understand that all price negotiations and the supplemental employment
procurement with, through, or as the result of PJEP’S clientele is expressly prohibited. I
also understand that failure to comply will result in termination as well as prosecution to
full extent allowable and designated by civil law.

12. I understand that wherever possible I am to avoid all forms of media exposure,
including but not limited to; television, pictures, and or interviews, unless to do so would
in any way hinder client protection or safe execution of the mission .

13. I understand that if required to discharge any weapon in defense of client(s) or self, I
am to immediately contact the PJEP Director of Operation, that is once the client(s) is
securely positioned away from any potential danger .

14. I understand that I am hired at and have accepted the pay rate of $__________per
hour and do affirm that no other offers or promises were made.

My signature below indicates my acknowledgement of having read, understood and
agreed with all contents of this document which is executed and hence forth enforcable as
of this_________day in_________________, of the year 2005 at Oakland, California.

_________________________                                    ________________________
Signature                                                     Donte Butcher,
                                                             Director of Operations
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