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• Read pg. 94-95
• What is a pioneer species?
• Give an example.
Ecological Succession

        Unit 3
      Chapter 4-2
      Ecological Succession
• Ecosystems are constantly changing
  in response to natural and human
• As an ecosystem changes, older
  inhabitants gradually die out and new
  organisms move in, causing further
  changes in the community.
      Ecological Succession
• Ecological Succession = the series of
  predictable changes that occur in a
  community over time
• Succession can occur because of
  slow changes in the physical
  environment or sudden disturbances,
  like a natural disaster or human
       Primary Succession
• Primary Succession – establishment
  of plant communities on newly formed
  habitats previously lacking plants
  –Begins with bare rock
  –Rock  lichen  moss  grass 
    shrub  oak/hickory forest
What are lichen you say?
         What Are Lichen?
• It is not just one organism, but two
  organisms living in a symbiotic
  relationship (fungi and algae)
• Lichen is a PIONEER SPECIES, which
  means it is the first species to populate
  an area.
• Lichen can grow on bare rock. They
  help break up the rock as they grow.
  When they die, they help form the soil
  so that plants can begin to grow.
      Primary Succession

• Can take
  1000’s of
     Secondary Succession

• Secondary Succession –
  return of vegetation to its
  former state following a
  disturbance (fires, floods,
  mudslides, tornadoes, etc.)
Grass  shrub  oak/hickory forest
     Secondary Succession
• Faster than
• May only take
  200 years
     Secondary Succession
• Begins with soil on which the
  previous ecosystem has been
  removed (by fire, agriculture,
  flooding, etc.)
• First species are small plants
  (grasses) instead of lichen, because
  soil is already present and doesn’t
  have to be formed before things can
  Biodiversity and Succession
• Biodiversity = the variation of life
  forms within a given ecosystem
   –Bio = Life
   –Diverse = many and different
• Biodiversity is one of our most
  important resources.
• Most of our medicines and technology
  have been based on living organisms.
• Biodiversity is being threatened by
  human activity.
    Which ecosystem has more
• Desert             Forest
          QOD (4)

• What is the difference
  between primary succession
  and secondary succession?
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