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									                                  Phone: (651) 293-2693
                                   Fax: (651) 225-3429

                            Stone Care Training Seminars
The seminars will take place in our state-of-the-art Research and Development facility, the Allan
Schuman Campus. Our 1,500 sq. ft. demonstration room allows for the most intensive combination of
classroom and hands-on training possible. Training is scheduled 4 times per year (check the list for exact

How to Register
Seminars fill early and attendance is restricted to ensure a beneficial experience for all. Fax or mail your
registration and payment no later than 2 weeks prior to the seminar.

The seminar registration fee is $695 per person. The fee includes a 2-night hotel stay and meals. Ecolab
will provide lunch both days and dinner on the first night of the seminar. Breakfast will be provided by the

Hotel Accommodations
Hotel arrangements will be made for all attendees. Individual rooms will be reserved for attendees to
check-in after 3:00 p.m. and check-out by noon. The hotel requires a cash deposit or credit card
imprint at the time of check-in for any personal expenses. Attendees wishing to stay extra nights will
be responsible for the additional cost. You will be notified of your hotel confirmation approximately one
week prior to the seminar.

The hotel is only minutes from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and provides shuttle service
from the airport to the hotel as well as to the surrounding areas. Car rental is available at the airport,
though it is not recommended. Transportation will be provided during the seminar.
Substitutions & Cancellations
You may have someone substitute for you at any time – just notify us of the name change as early as
possible. If you must cancel, your registration fee will be deposited towards the next seminar you can

Please note…
       This is a hands-on seminar, so dress is casual - make sure to bring proper footwear.
       Full payment is required before the seminar.
       Please verify your reservation
      Fast, easy registration
Mail or FAX the completed Registration Form and Seminar Agreement & Disclosure to:
Attn: Beth Ogren
370 Wabasha St. N
St. Paul, MN 55102

Please include your payment with forms. If you are paying by credit card or are on open account and
would like to be billed, you may fax your forms to 651 225-3429.

                 I want to learn more about stone restoration and maintenance. Please register me for the
                 seminar to be held at Ecolab.

Seminar date you are reserving space for ____________________________________________

Seminars are scheduled to be held 4 times each year, please check our website (
for dates. Registration should be made at least 2 weeks before seminar dates to ensure a space is

Please check what best describes your organization:
 Manufacturer             Installer      Restoration Contractor               Ceramic & Stone Supplier

   Janitorial Contractor     Distributor      Other ______________________________________

Company Name __________________________                Phone # _______________________________
Mailing Address
_________________________________________              E-Mail _______________________________
                                                       Please print clearly
City, State, Zip
_________________________________________              Fax # _______________________________

Please Print

#1 Registrant’s Name _________________________________                Title _________________________

#2 Registrant’s Name _________________________________                Title _________________________

#3 Registrant’s Name _________________________________                Title _________________________

#4 Registrant’s Name _________________________________                Title _________________________

Please note any special dietary requirements: _________________________________________
All Minnesota Hotels are non-smoking.

METHOD OF PAYMENT (Payment is due before the program):
Total amount due: $ ______________________________________

Please check one:
□ Check # ________ (payable to Ecolab) for _________ is enclosed. Please write registrant’s name on
□ Bill my company (Must have established open account & fill-in all company info above.)
□ Charge to the following credit card:  □ MasterCard           □ Visa          □ Am Express

          Card # _______________________________________                      Exp Date_________________

          Cardholder Signature ____________________________________________________________

          Cardholder Name (please PRINT) __________________________________________________
This agreement is made this __________ day of ____________, 20______

Between Ecolab and ______________________________ (Employer)

And _____________________________ (Employee.)

Whereas, Ecolab periodically holds seminars on the machines and products currently
available in the industry, the use of such products or machines, potential problems
which may be encountered and possible solutions; and

Whereas Ecolab wishes to protect itself, its employees, agents, principals and officers,
directors and subcontractors from any claims, damages or expenses which may arise
from such a workshop.

Now, Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

   1. Participant, its Employees or Associates hereby waive any claim or right against
      Ecolab, its employees, agents, principals, officers for any injury, damage,
      expense, loss, etc. arising out of or in any way involving the workshop and agree
      to indemnify and hold harmless Ecolab and its employees, agents, principals,
      officers, directors, and subcontractors from any such liability. This waiver
      includes the consumption of alcoholic beverages at dinners supplied by Ecolab
      and any situations that may arise therefrom.

   2. Ecolab (through its employees, agents, or officers, etc.) may make statements,
      suggestions, explanations, etc. on the use of machines, capabilities of machines,
      solutions to problems, etc.. It is understood and agreed that these statements,
      etc. are made in good faith, but Ecolab is not responsible for any consequences,
      damages, costs, or expenses incurred if these are incorrect, misleading or
      incomplete. It is completely up to the participants what use, application, etc. is
      made of these machines, products, suggestions, statements, explanations, etc.
      and under what circumstances they are utilitized.

   3. Participant, its Employees or Associates shall be solely responsible for adequacy
      of the machine and products used and all applications and uses of machine and

Ecolab, Inc.

By: ________________________
      President, or other official (state title)
      of attending company

By: ________________________

By: ________________________

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