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               Parents Guide
What you will find in this guide:
Being a Laurier parent ........................................................... 1
Guiding your child through the process . ............................... 2
Where they will live and eat .................................................. 3
Money matters ....................................................................... 4
Life at Laurier ......................................................................... 5
The next chapter: A career ..................................................... 6
Tips for parents from parents ................................................ 7
Still have questions? .............................................................. 8
Glossary of terms ................................................................... 9
Campus tour information ...................................................... 9
Being a Laurier parent

Your son or daughter has decided to further his or her education by
attending university. This is a big step in their lives...and in yours.            Great reputation!
You are worried about them attending a new school – will they
meet new friends, will they study, will they be safe, will they eat                In the Maclean’s
properly, will they find their classes? Rest assured, they are in good             2009 University
hands at Laurier.                                                                  Rankings, Laurier
   In fact, in The Globe and Mail’s 2008 Canadian University                       placed first in
Report, Laurier earned an A in several very important categories,                  Ontario and
including sense of community on campus and sense of personal                       4th in Canada
safety. Laurier is committed to assisting our students in any                      among primarily
way possible, and that includes everything from help choosing                      undergraduate
programs and courses, to help with accessibility, assistance with                  universities.
medical problems, and even help meeting people and making new
friends. We offer some great services and clubs to our students,
some of which are run by the Students’ Union, including Foot
Patrol (a late-night safety escort service) and BACCHUS Laurier
(which promotes fun times without alcohol).
   Although your son or daughter is a young adult now, we still
find that students benefit greatly from the support of their parent or
guardian through this important transition, particularly if they are
going to be leaving home for the first time. We have designed this
guide to help you help them through the process, with information
about living, eating, working and playing on campus. We hope you
will find it useful.

  Important dates
  March 17: Brantford campus open house.
  March 19: Applicant Background Summary is due.
                                                                                   Helpful hint
  March 19: Waterloo campus open house.
  april 6: Entrance bursary application forms are due.                             Terms underlined in
                                                                                   purple throughout
  april/May: Entrance bursaries are awarded by mail.
                                                                                   this book are
  May 1: Registration opens online through LORIS for those who have                defined in our
  accepted an Offer of Admission.                                                  Glossary of Terms
  May 28: Deadline to accept the Offer of Admission.                               section, which is
  May 28 11:59 p.M.: Deadline to submit the online First-Year student              found on the last
  Residence Application with $400 deposit.                                         page.
  august 4: Final day to return the residence parking permit application.
  Mid-august: Deadline to submit all Brantford campus parking permit
  septeMber 6: Residence move-in day (Labour Day).
  septeMber 13: First day of classes.

                                                                   | 1
 Guiding your child through the process

                         Six eaSy StepS
                         to ensuring your child is registered and ready!
                         step 1 - Ensure your son or daughter has confirmed their Offer of Admission to
                         Laurier. They will need to visit and use their OUAC reference number
                         and COMPASS password/PIN to confirm their offer. All offers must be confirmed by
   A decade and          May 28. The OUAC issues a confirmation number as proof that the transaction has
   counting...           been successfully completed.
   Laurier Brantford
   celebrated its 10th   step 2 - If your child would like to live in residence, they must fill out the application
   anniversary in 2009   form found at Make sure your son or daughter fills out
   – we’ve grown from    the form and submits it, along with a $400 non-refundable deposit, to the Residential
   39 students in 1999   Services Office by 11:59 p.m. on May 28.
   to more than 2,200
                         step 3 - If your child is planning to bring a car with them to campus, they must fill
   last year!
                         out the Residence Parking Permit Application by August 4. Notification of residence
                         parking status will be mailed in mid-August.

                         step 4 - Encourage your child to enrol in Headstart, an optional orientation program
                         for students and parents, by visiting (Waterloo campus) or
                (Brantford campus). For more information, see
                         “Headstart” below.

                         step 5 - Students can begin registering for their classes on May 1, once they have
                         accepted their Offer of Admission from Laurier. Registration is done online through
                         LORIS at Encourage students to read the Registration Guide,
   100 years!            which will be mailed to them in late April/early May if they have confirmed their
                         attendance at Laurier.
   Laurier will be
   celebrating its       step 6 - Ensure your son or daughter has applied for their OneCard, the student
   centenary in          identification card at Laurier. They will need it to check out library books, gain access
   2011 – a year of      to our gym facilities, use a Meal Plan, or even take the bus!
   celebrations that
   you won’t want
   to miss!
                         Headstart – for Parents
                         Offered as part of our Headstart transition to university program, our
                         program for parents will help you prepare to support your student
                         through that first year and beyond. This program addresses such topics as:
                         •	 the highs and lows of the student life cycle
                         •	 how to deal with the new family dynamic
                         •	 services available to help your student make the most of university
                         •	 residence and campus life
                         •	 financial aid
                         •	 and much more.
                             Headstart is offered on selected days in May, June and July. For
                         information about Headstart, please visit
                         (Waterloo campus) or (Brantford
                         campus). Registration will begin in mid-March.

2 |
Where they will live and eat

Home away from home
Wilfrid Laurier University has many residence buildings or complexes,      Did you know...
offering dormitory- or apartment-style accommodation in a same-sex
                                                                           Every year about
or co-ed environment in Waterloo, and apartment-style, co-ed
                                                                           80 percent of our
buildings at our Brantford campus. Two of the buildings in Waterloo
                                                                           first-year students
also offer an “Alternative Study Environment” with extended quiet
                                                                           live in residence...
hour regulations. Both the dormitory- and apartment-style residences
                                                                           and since most are
offer study lounges, coin-operated laundry facilities and mail delivery
                                                                           away from home
five days a week (so feel free to send letters or packages!).
                                                                           for the very first
    All undergraduate students entering first-year studies at Laurier
                                                                           time, we strive to
for the first time are guaranteed a place in residence, providing they
                                                                           make it feel as
meet our application deadlines (see Important Dates section on page
                                                                           homey as possible!
1). Residence is a great place for your son or daughter to meet new
friends, get involved in university activities and become more inde-
    To ensure there is a positive atmosphere in Laurier’s residences,
senior students called residence dons live in each community. The
dons are there to help answer questions, organize interactive building
events, and to ensure the building is safe and secure. All buildings
also have controlled access, so you will need to call ahead to have your
son or daughter let you in for a visit.

Hundreds of nutritious choices to suit every palate!
Laurier’s Waterloo campus has many restaurants and food service
outlets, offering nutritional meals with the flexibility and freedom of    Helpful hint
choice. Our marché style dining facility offers fresh, made to order
                                                                           If a meal plan
meals including a variety of hot and cold dishes, a huge salad bar,
                                                                           is not fully used
a smoothie station, a pasta station and plenty of vegetarian options.
                                                                           during the school
Special diets (religious, allergies, etc.) can also be accommodated.
                                                                           year, students in
   Students living in a dormitory-style residence must purchase a
                                                                           Waterloo may carry
meal plan; for everyone else at the Waterloo campus, it’s optional.
                                                                           forward up to $500
Meal plans allow students to purchase food from on-campus food
                                                                           into a new taxable
locations, including Mr. Sub, Yogen Fruz and Tim Horton’s, and also
                                                                           on-campus food
some off-campus destinations such as Swiss Chalet (delivery only)
and William’s. Meal plans are managed on a declining-balance basis
through your son or daughter’s OneCard.
   There is also a meal plan available for students in Waterloo who live
in apartment-style residences or for students who live off campus and
prefer not to carry cash all the time called a value plan.
   For students attending the Laurier Brantford campus, all residences
are apartment-style, allowing students to prepare their own meals
right at home. The campus is within walking distance of a grocery
store and a year-round Farmers’ Market for fresh ingredients. And
when students want to go out to eat, the downtown core is filled with
student-friendly restaurants, including a William’s Coffee Pub owned
and operated by the Students’ Union, a Boston Pizza and a number of
take-out restaurants specializing in student cuisine.

                                                           | 3
 Money matters

                           How much it all costs
                           Below you will find a break down of the costs, as well as information
   Got a smart             on OSAP, scholarships and bursaries, accessing your RESP, and the
   cookie on your          job opportunities that are available on campus, should your son or
   hands?                  daughter be interested in working while completing their studies.
                              These costs represent academic year 2009-2010. Fees are subject to
   Make sure your
                           increase for 2010-2011.
   child is aware of the
   great opportunities
   for funding through
   our Student Awards      All undergraduate programs except BBA                              $4,989
   Office. Send them       BBA program                                                        $5,692
   studentawards.          Residence
                           Dormitory - single room (Waterloo campus)                  $4,434 – $5,966
                           Dormitory - double room (Waterloo campus)                  $4,341 – $5,372
                           Apartment-style - single room                              $4,270 – $5,966
                           Apartment-style - double room                              $3,461 – $4,943

                           Meal Plans (Waterloo campus)
                           Plan A (Light)                                                     $3,079
                           Plan B (Medium)                                                    $3,339
                           Plan C (Hearty)                                                    $3,588
                           Incidental fees (estimate - varies depending on courses)            $964
                           Books (estimate - varies depending on courses)                      $900

                           Other financial options
                           Osap – OSAP is a needs-based program run by the Ontario Ministry
                           of Training, Colleges and Universities. It provides loans, grants, schol-
  Co-op is another         arships and bursaries based on a formula that compares educational
  great way to             costs to a student’s income, assets and funds from other sources (such
  make some                as gifts from parents). Direct your son or daughter to
  extra money!    to find out more and to apply online.
  Co-op is available       resp – You or another family member may have started a Registered
  in most programs         Educational Savings Plan in your son or daughter’s name. Visit the
  at the Waterloo          Human Resources and Skills Development Canada website at
  campus, but     for information on how your son or daughter can
  students do not          begin receiving Educational Assistance Payments through this plan.
  apply until the end
  of their first year.     JObs On caMpus – There are many job opportunities on campus
  Visit www.wlu.           for students looking to make some extra money while studying. The
  ca/co-op for more        Students’ Union hires many students to work in its stores and restau-
  information.             rants, including the Williams’s Coffee Pub at the Brantford campus, and
                           many departments and faculties hire students for a variety of tasks.
                           Laurier’s Career Development Centre is also a great resource, as it
                           recruits for jobs on and off campus, part-time and during the summer.

4 |
Life at Laurier

Support services they can tap into
Laurier offers excellent services to our students because we
genuinely care about each student’s success. Support varies from
academic services, including the Writing Centre and Learning
Services, to health-related services such as the Student Health and                      Did you know...
Development Centre and Health Services, and student-
                                                                                         Last year, more
integration services.
                                                                                         than 7,000
recreatiOn – Not only does Laurier have a strong inter-university                        students across
sport program, but it also offers an excellent intramural sports pro-                    both campuses
gram to meet new friends and keep your son or daughter active. Each                      participated in over
year, students at Laurier participate in a multitude of athletic activities,             40 intramural sports
including fitness classes, rock climbing, yoga and soccer.                               like ball hockey and
                                                                                         ultimate frisbee.
health services – Health Services is available to all part-time and
full-time students at Laurier and Laurier Brantford, eliminating the
need to find a doctor in a new city. Students can consult with nurses or
doctors, obtain massage therapy, chiropractic care and have prescrip-
tions written.
cOMMunity service-learning – Community Service-Learning
allows students to volunteer with community organizations related to
their area of study, providing practical experience to supplement academic
learning. Placements can include schools, youth services and health ser-
vices, or project-based activities such as fundraising. For more information             Every year, career
on CSL and the courses offering this component, visit                    centre staff conduct
career develOpMent centre – The Career Development Centre is                             4,000 appointments
an integral part of each student’s Laurier experience. Students have free                and offer 600
access to career advising, work and volunteer postings, information                      programs and
about careers related to specific majors, employment sessions, resumé,                   events related to
interview and job search workshops, and one-on-one appointments                          career planning.
with career consultants.

 Our cities
                             Waterloo represents a thriving, clean, safe and comfortable community
                             with plenty of cultural diversity. The metropolitan area has a population of
                             more than 400,000, which is big enough to provide the services expected
                             of a large city – restaurants, a symphony, live theatre, interesting shops,
                             art galleries, parks and an efficient mass transit system – but small enough
                             that walking and biking are still viable transportation options.

                             Brantford is a city of about 90,000, about 90 kilometres southwest of
                             Toronto and 40 kilometres from Hamilton. Brantford has more than 100
                             parks totalling 1,000 acres, and an outstanding system of walking paths
                             and cycling trails. The Grand River, which cuts through the city, offers
                             numerous recreation and leisure opportunities.

                                                                    | 5
 The next chapter: A career

                          They’ve earned a what?
                          At Laurier, support for our students doesn’t end when we hand them
                          their degree. Our Career Development Centre continues to offer career
   I love what I do       decision-making, career management and job search services to all
   and I know what        our alumni for a lifetime. In fact, in 2007-2008, more than 850 alumni
   I’m doing because      consulted with our Career Centre staff on an individual basis. Alumni
   of where I went to     are also encouraged to attend workshops and programs offered
   school.”               through the Centre, including the largest career fairs and job fairs of
   Leanne De Jonkheere,   their kind in the country, which Laurier co-sponsors.
   BSc `96                   In addition to these opportunities, the Career Development Centre
                          offers two unique programs to our alumni, whether they are recent
                          graduates or seasoned professionals.

                          aluMni eMplOyMent service (aes): The Alumni Employment
                          Service is a job posting and resumé referral service, created to meet
                          the customized job search needs of Laurier alumni. Each year, more
                          than 1,800 organizations contact the Career Centre seeking qualified
   I knew my degree       candidates for immediate openings within their organizations. The
   would be well-         positions are posted and resumés of qualified alumni who are registered
   respected.             with this service are forwarded to the employers for consideration.
   Jen Hayton, BBA `05
                          the aluMni sharing KnOwledge (asK) prOgraM: This
                          program provides students and graduates with the opportunity to
                          connect with participating Laurier alumni to learn first-hand about the
                          careers alumni have successfully pursued. Through the ASK Program,
                          students and graduates can also find out how Laurier alumni have
                          found work in their chosen professions and learn about the organiza-
                          tions for which they are working. Some alumni will even offer an
                          opportunity for Laurier students and graduates to shadow them at
                          work. This program is hosted online and features a database of more
                          than 500 participating alumni, which can be searched using a variety of
   I couldn’t have        criteria such as academic major, occupation, type of assistance provided
   asked for a            and/or organization.
   better job out of
   Shaun Coghlan,
   BSc and BBA `04        2007 Graduate survey results*
   (double degree)

                          Total number of graduates:                                                3516
                          Survey response rate:                                                    80.5%
                          Placement rate of those surveyed:                                        97.3%

                          Location of employment
                          Ontario                                         91.5% (Kitchener-Waterloo 28.0%)
                          Other Canada                                                                2.3%
                          International                                                               6.2%
                          *most current data available at time of print

6 |
Tips for parents from parents

And the BEST supporting role goes to...the parents!
Although this is the time in a child’s life to encourage independence, teenagers still rely
                                                                                              Laura and Bill’s
heavily on the advice and guidance of their parents or guardians. Therefore, you need to
                                                                                              most important
be well informed to help them make the best decisions on which school to attend,
                                                                                              message to other
what to study and where to live.
                                                                                              parents: be
    Laura and Bill Muirhead, parents of Caitlin, a first-year Kinesiology and Physical
Education major and a forward for the women’s varsity hockey team, explain how they
helped their daughter gather all the information she needed to not only attend Laurier,
but to immerse herself in the Laurier community.
    “Our role was to support caitlin and be a resource and sounding board
to make sure that she gathered as much information as possible before making her
decision,” explained Laura.
    This included encouraging her to talk to teachers in her high school, and
any students she knew who were already attending university to learn about the programs
and the student culture at the various schools. As Caitlin was also interested in playing
varsity hockey, her parents suggested that she meet with coaches at the schools, too.
    To help Caitlin narrow her decision, the Muirheads attended a campus tour
of each school with her, which they all found very useful.
    “The Laurier tour helped Caitlin gain a sense of the campus from a size and
atmosphere perspective. Our tour leader was very knowledgeable and readily
answered all of our questions. Caitlin also had an opportunity to meet with some
of the science and kinesiology faculty, and was able to discuss her
interests and confirm her choice of program.”
    Surely, choosing a program of study is a big decision for a
teenager to make. But the Muirheads think there is a lot of unnec-
essary pressure on students in choosing their university program
to ‘know what they want to be when they grow up.’
    “We feel that nowadays most adults have multiple careers
in their lifetime and so we encouraged caitlin to think
about her choice of program as a stepping stone
rather than a ‘forever’ decision. I think that took a little of
the pressure off!” said Bill.
    Even though the Muirheads live in Waterloo, caitlin
wanted to live in residence, and they supported
that decision, since they believe it is an important part of the
university experience, and a great way to quickly make new friends.
    To help ease the transition to residence life, Laura and Bill
encouraged caitlin to find out who her roommates
were and to communicate with them through Facebook
prior to the move-in date. This took some of the stress out of those
first few days. They also decided to make the move-in day
a family event. That way her two brothers had a chance to see
where she would be living, while everyone helped her get her room
set up. But they didn’t stay long. Most teenagers will tell you it’s
easier to make friends without mom and dad there.
    So, are Laura and Bill happy with the decisions Caitlin has
made thus far?
    “Definitely: we’re very proud of her!”

                                                                             | 7
 Still have questions?

                    Our most common questions answered
                    My insurance company requires verification of my child’s status as
                    a full-time student to maintain his/her benefits. How do I get this
                    confirmation? The Office of the Registrar is able to provide you with
                    confirmation of enrollment. For students registered at the Waterloo
                    campus, call 519-884-0710 ext. 6097. Brantford’s Registrarial Services
                    Office can be reached at 519-756-8228 ext. 5885.

                    Will my son/daughter be charged for the Health Plan even if he/she
                    is already covered by another policy? The Health Plan is a mandatory
                    plan, however a provision has been made available to those students
                    who already have alternate coverage. You are strongly urged to inves-
                    tigate benefits available on this plan, as benefits can be coordinated
                    when utilizing more than one plan. Students may opt-out of the Health
                    Plan by submitting a copy of their proof of alternate coverage and
                    completing an opt-out application/waiver form. The form is available
                    at the Students’ Unions Health Plan office or on its website at http://
           These documents must be
                    received at the Health Plan office prior to September.

                    Can my son or daughter transfer between programs or campuses
                    after first year if they feel they’ve chosen the wrong program?
                    Absolutely. Many undergraduate students change programs of
                    study or switch to another campus throughout their four years at
                    any institution. It is important, however, that students keep track of
                    required courses and credits that are required for graduation in any
                    given program. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic
                    advisors if they have any questions or concerns.

                    How are residence rooms assigned? When will we find out about my
                    son or daughter’s allocation? On the Residence Application, students
                    are asked to provide information regarding their personality and
                    habits, any documentable special needs or other concerns. This infor-
                    mation is used in addition to their area of study to assist the Residential
                    Services staff in selecting the most appropriate residence environment
                    with a suitable roommate. Room allocation will be emailed to your son
                    or daughter’s Laurier email account beginning in late July.

                    Is the residence deposit refundable? The residence deposit ($400) is only
                    refunded if we receive written cancellation of your residence application
                    in the Residential Services Office on or before 11:59 p.m. on May 28.

                    What arrangements can be made for tuition payment? You may pay
                    for tuition online or through telephone banking. Please contact your
                    financial institution for help on how to set Wilfrid Laurier University as
                    a bill payment payee. Note: Your child’s student ID number should be
                    set as your account number. You may also pay at your bank by taking
                    in the Laurier invoice.

8 |
Glossary of terms

Glossary of common terms and abbreviations
applicant bacKgrOund suMMary – This optional form is designed to
provide students with an opportunity to present extracurricular information that will be
presented to the appropriate admissions committee, should the applicant fall within 3%
of the determined program-specific admission average (for their highest ranked program
only). The ABS form is mailed to all Ontario High School applicants, except those applying
to the Honours Bachelor of Music program, as additional information will be collected
through the audition process.

cOMpass – This is the Ontario Universities’ Application Centres’ online
application form.

entrance bursary – An entrance bursary is a monetary award for full-time
first-year students, based exclusively on financial need. It does not have to be repaid
to the university. Entrance bursaries are only available to applicants who are Canadian
citizens or permanent residents entering full-time programs at Laurier with no previous
attendance at another post-secondary educational institution.

entrance schOlarship – Most entrance scholarships are granted
automatically based on submitted marks (no application is required). Other awards
and scholarships are competitive and require an application form. All necessary forms,
as well as information regarding program deadlines can be found online at www.wlu.

Fippa – Wilfrid Laurier University Admissions is required to adhere to the
government mandated Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).
Therefore, we are prohibited from discussing, changing or divulging information
regarding student applications for any applicant over the age of 16 with anyone other
than the applicant.

lOris – LORIS stands for “Laurier Online Registration and Information System” and
is used by students, alumni and employees of Wilfrid Laurier University. LORIS allows
access to grades, academic decisions, program confirmation and course registration.

Onecard – Laurier’s OneCard is a photo identification card, an access card to the
fitness facilities, a transit card, and a library card, all in one! At the Waterloo campus,
the OneCard is also used as a declining-balance meal plan card.

  Campus tours                                                                                The best way to get
                                                                                              a sense of what
  Waterloo campus tours usually take 90 minutes and are offered Monday                        Laurier is all about
  through Saturday. Please visit to book a tour, or contact              is to take a tour of
  Student Recruitment at 519-884-0710 ext. 3385.                                              our campuses.
  Brantford campus tours are available Monday through Friday, and two
  Saturdays a month. Please visit to book a tour online
  or contact the tour coordinator at 519-756-8228 ext. 5816.

                                                                             | 9 |

                  Admissions questions:
            Both campuses - 519-884-0710 ext. 3351

                   Residence questions:
           Waterloo campus: 519-884-0710 ext.3236
           Brantford campus: 519-756-8228 ext. 5805

      Student Recruitment Office/General Inquiries:
           Waterloo campus: 519-884-0710 ext. 3385
           Brantford campus: 519-756-8228 ext. 5777

     C A NA DI A N E XC E LL E N C E S I N C E 1911

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