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Thank you for subscribing to Dare 2 Audition. We are an Australian owned and operated Acting, Audition &
Talent Casting Portal, set up for proactive emerging and experienced actors.

Please save a copy of this document. Read this information thoroughly, before setting up your profile, so
you know how to set up all the features of your account. When you login you will be taken to “My Account” to fill
in details for your CV profile”. This is required before you can apply for any work. If you are re-subscribing then
read through, for changes to the site.

When you are cast in a role, please let us know. Our internal message system via My Account/My Messages
receives prompt replies. This is the fastest way to contact us, if you have a question or require help. Contact
username is helen.edwards

Talent – Bronze Silver & Gold Level Membership

   My CV Profile

        How to Add your Personal Attributes
        Fill in your name, age, sex, location (add your home city for local work – Australia Wide is only for actors not based
        in one location), height, weight, and any other personal attributes. If you wish to apply for work Australia wide, add
        “will travel Australia wide” to the very top of your biog or experience.

        Stage Age
        This is the age range you can play. Most actors under 25 have a maximum age range of 5 years and children
        under 16 have a maximum range of 4 years. Please do not add a 10 year range.

        Add your Experience and Training
        Fill in all your personal details in My Profile - experience, bio and training, adding your agents details to the bottom
        text box. Ensure you add your location and phone number for urgent work.

        Add your Web Link
        This is provided for you to add your own personal website page. We do not allow links to Starnow, Ecaster or Show
        cast for a variety of reasons. Some website links are so long that they send your CV Profile off screen, You can add
        your personal website, Dare 2 Audition link, AT2 profile, Agents profile, my space profile, youtube channel or
        linkedin profile.

        My Dare 2 Audition Web Link
        Your CV Profile web link is set by the Screen name you choose eg. www.dare2audition.com.au/id=MyName

        How to Copy & Paste your Online CV Profile
        Do not copy and paste your whole CV from a Microsoft Word format CV or from another website. Microsoft
        Word is not a website compatible format and most websites have trouble displaying it correctly. It is best to type in
        your experience and training, If you want to copy and paste follow the steps below.
        1. Open Windows Notepad
        2. Copy & paste your CV to Windows Notepad, to remove the invisible code
        3. Paste your experience to the relevant text box in your CV profile at Dare 2 Audition.
        D2A Administration will edit the layout of your CV Profile, before activating. Your phone number and email
        address is not viewable to visitors on the site, or other actors.

        How to Add your Photos
        Make sure your photo’s file name has no spaces or gaps in the name, as Gmail (Google) will not display
        photos with spaces in the file name.
1.   Locate the upload link on your profile
2.   Click “Browse” to find where you have stored your photo on your computer, CD/DVD, or memory stick
3.   Double click to add the file to the upload link
4.   Click “Save” at the very top right of your CV Profile to upload the photo
     (you will see the photo at the top right of your profile, if it uploaded correctly. If you do not see your photo, see
     below “How to reduce the file size of your photo’s”)
5.   Click “edit profile” at the top left of your CV Profile to add another photo
6.   Copy 1. To 4 to upload each photo.

Photos are uploaded one at a time. Bronze x 1 photo, Silver x 5 photos, Gold x 15 photos. You must save your
CV profile to upload each photo. The maximum file size of each photo is 100kb. Photos on the internet need to
be low resolution (small file size) so that your online CV profile loads quickly.

What is the most suitable size and format for my photos
Professional photos are required to be considered for professional work. Photos are usually saved as a jpeg image
but can also be saved as a png, gif or . The most suitable size is 400 x 600 pixels up to 500 x 750 pixels. With a
maximum file size of 100kb. Professional photo optimization will reduce the file size without reducing the quality of
your photo.
Do not reduce the size of your photo as a way to reduce the file size, unless your photo is over 500 x 750
pixels. Small photos are not suitable for professional work

How to Reduce the File Size of Your Photo’s
If your photos are over 100kb please follow the below instructions to access photo optimization Silver and Gold
memberships include professional photo optimization (reducing the file size) Silver x $50 & Gold x $80 in photo
optimization. Bronze level can purchase this as an add-on**

Follow below to forward your photos for optimization (file size reduction)
1. Open your email program
2. Add “photo optimization” to the subject line
3. Locate the “attachment” button and click
4. Locate your photos on your computer, CD/DVD or memory stick
5. Double click to upload your photo to your email program
6. Repeat to upload each photo (If your photos are high resolution over 500kb send 1 photo per email – repeat
     step 1-8 until all photos have been forward)
7. Add your name and nickname to the email requesting optimisation
8. Email to resize@dare2audition.com.au
Your photos take approximately 48 hours Mon to Fri to optimize and upload to your CV Profile
**Bronze level can purchase optimization at a sponsored price of $4.95 each – Login to Dare 2 Audition,
locate the Resources/extra services link on the main menu

Changing photos
1. Open My Profile
2. On the top left click “edit profile”
3. Delete any photos you wish to change
4. Copy the steps above in “How to Add Your Photos”
Dare 2 Audition retains your photos as a photo file, so that your photos are easily saved or printed by the producer
or casting office. Some talent sites do not have file size limits, they convert your photos to a flash file. Flash files are
very low in file size, but are not easily printed or saved. If file sizes are large, the web page takes too long to open.

Adding your Show Reel - Video’s
To ensure viruses are not accidentally uploaded to Dare 2 Audition, we do not allow members to directly upload
videos to their account. Please follow the instructions below for your membership level.

Gold level membership
Your membership includes 2 x 20mb Videos – these are privately hosted, not viewed anywhere other than on your
D2A CV Profile. Gold level members are emailed an easy set of instructions, within 24 hours of joining, Monday to
Friday. We will then embed a video player and add the videos to your account.

Bronze and Silver level members
You are able to request a 1 x 10mb youtube, vimeo, photobucket or similar video*** be added to your CV profile, or
are able to purchase ** show reel hosting from Dare 2 Audition as an add-on at $29,95 per year (includes 2 x 20mb
** Login to Dare 2 Audition, locate Resources/extra services link on the main menu, to purchase video hosting.
*** Upload your video to any free video hosting service and advise, your name, nickname, video link or the video
embed code, and we will add a player and 1 video to your D2A Profile (no admin fees – takes approx. 7 days)
       Inclusion in our “Talent Search” System
       Before being activated, your CV Profile is checked and edited. Making sure your online CV Profile represents you
       as a professional. Any photos sent for optimization, or videos that need to be added, are done before your profile is
       activated. Once activated, your profile is matched against roles by agents, casting directors and producers, who
       use the Talent Search System for casting. Ensure you provide as much information as possible, listing your
       location for local work. Many urgent castings only accept local actors and therefore, it is important to have your
       current location listed. You can add “Australia wide” to the top of your experience.

       How to Email Your Profile
       You can email your CV profile
       1. Go to “My Profile”
       2. At the top right select “email this profile”
       3. A text box opens
       4. Add the email address, subject and introduction message
       5. Click Send.
       Replies to your email submissions are sent directly to you, via your email address – ensure your email address is
       always up to date. Producers generally do not contact you, if you are not suitable, with some replies taking up to 2

   Appling for Roles/Auditions

       All Productions casting are listed on the left side of the home page and via “Auditions” on the main menu, by
       location. All roles casting have a closing date, after this date they are not open to apply for. Click your location under
       “Auditions” on the main menu or via the link on the left side of the home page.

       How to Apply
       1. Locate a production of interest and click to open the casting notice
       2. Read the casting notice thoroughly. Casting notices are job listings and therefore, you should always read the
          full requirements.
       3. If you are matched to the role/s casting, click “Apply Now” at the top of the casting notice, unless there is a
          “How to Apply” message at the top of the casting notice.
       4. Make sure you always follow “How to Apply” if an alternative process to apply is listed
       5. Your profile is sent to our talent screening area, to make sure you are matched to the role casting.
       6. Once checked, an email is forward to the producer or casting person with your main photo, name, age, location
          and phone, with a link to view your online CV Profile.

       Alternative Submission Process
       Every casting notice has “Apply Now” at the top right, however you must read the casting notice fully, as there may
       be other requirements. If “How to Apply” is listed at the top of the casting notice, there will be an alternative
       requirement to apply.. This must be followed regardless of the “Apply Now” button, which is on all casting
       notices by default and not able to be turned off for individual castings.
       For example:
       1. Download the script and video your audition,
       2. Fill in a form at a web link provided or attached to the casting notice
       3. Phone the producer to book an audition
       4. Send a voice over demo
       5. Answer a question which is listed on the casting
       6. Just turn up – generally open dance castings
       The casting board and notification system is currently being upgraded. A new and easy to use feature,
       allowing search by role, age and location, is currently being developed. Our email bulletins will advise you of

   My Auditions

       This feature keeps a record of roles you have applied for, lets you see when your application is pending (waiting to
       be submitted) and when it has been submitted. This is a new addition to our system, added with the Talent
       Screening system which tracks and records all your applications, submissions and auditions. It will be extended to
       allow you to update the records yourself, so you can select when you have been successful, or landed a role, once
       our new site is completed, which is currently in development. Some of the custom features we have developed will
       be used in the new system we are developing, over the next 3 months.
   SMS Notifications

       Gold Member Subscriptions include SMS notifications for urgent local casting calls. You will be emailed within 24
       hours with further details to add to our SMS service.

   My Messages

       My Messages, is Dare 2 Audition’s internal message system, this allows you to be contacted regarding work, when
       selected from the Talent Search Database. You should check your messages regularly, so you do not miss out on
       work offers. You can set you account to send you an email, when there is a message at Dare 2 Audition, see
       My Account/My Settings to set up this feature.

       The message system is not an email program, you are not able to send to email addresses, or add
       attachments. Follow below to use My messages.

       How use My Messages
       1. Go to My Account
       2. Click “My Messages”
       3. Add the nickname/username of the person you wish to message
       4. Add the subject and message
       5. Click Send
       The system will send the member an email, to let them know there is a message at the site. All sent messages are
       viewable in your outbox, until they are collected, then they move to your sent box.

   Audition Update Bulletins

       It is important to sign up for our weekly “News & New Audition” bulletins, with newly listed casting opportunities
       emailed 2 x weekly as they come in. The bulletins have a link to each of the jobs listed. Log-in to the site first and
       then click the links in the bulletin to access the casting notices and apply directly.

       How to sign up for our “Audition Update Bulletins”
       1. Go to the home page and click the button on the left side above the list of auditions
       2. Click to subscribe to our mailing list
       3. An email confirmation letter will be sent
       4. Collect the confirmation email to complete your mailing list registration

       Add Our Email Address to your email address book to ensure delivery .
       Because spam has become such a major problem for Internet service providers, they have had to bring in some
       strict protocols, to try and stamp out spam problems, In doing this, they have also rated legitimate email as spam.,
       which means some mail is not delivered to the inbox correctly. To ensure all mail from Dare 2 Audition is delivered
       to your email inbox, either add our email address to your security program as a safe email or to your email programs
       address book. This will then ensure delivery of our „update bulletins‟ to your inbox, so they are not accidentally sent
       to the bulk or junk folder, by mistake.

   Industry Discounts & Bonuses

       Regular discounts are available with various companies, for headshots, show reels, acting workshops and various
       events. Plus Dare 2 Audition also awards membership bonus‟ throughout the year, free upgrades, free photo
       optimization or sponsorships to attend workshops and for headshots. Last year we awarded over $6,000 in bonus„s
       to proactive members. It‟s very easy to win, generally we just want you to send us some feedback on using the site,
       or details of how you would benefit from that bonus. These are listed in our email bulletins, as well as the news area
       of the site.

   How to Change My Email Address
       You need to change your email address in both your account as the site and to receive the email update bulletins

       Changing your email address in your account
       1. Go to My Settings
         2.   Add your new email address
         3.   Click Save

         Changing your email address for email update bulletins
         1. On the bottom of the email bulletin is a link “update profile”
         2. Select this option
         3. Change your email address and save

         If you are not able to collect the email bulletin due to the old email address being closed or not accessible,
         simply go to the home page and sign up again to our email notification using your new email address

The above set up instructions contains all the processes required to set up your profile and to use the site. Further information
is also available via our help section via the link at the bottom of the site.

However ,if you require further assistance after following the above instructions, please feel free to either private message
Helen(dot)Edwards, or email audition@dare2audition.com.au


Helen Edwards
Casting Coordinator

Dare 2 Audition
Acting & Audition Portal
Ph: 02 80062157
Skype: dare2audition
ABN: 11776291002
10/2 Fawcett Street Ballina NSW 2483

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