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									                                                                                                                                               Cash ISA
                                                     Key Features of the Alliance Trust Savings Cash ISA
                                                                                                                                  Tax year 2010/2011

     Its Aims                                                    Your Questions Answered                                     How do I pay into a Cash ISA?
     •	 To	provide	you	with	a	low	risk	savings	                                                                              Our	Cash	ISA	offers	a	flexible	range	of	
                                                                 What is a Cash ISA?
        account	that	allows	trouble	free	access	to	                                                                          methods	for	you	to	make	payments	into	
        your money                                               A	Cash	ISA	is	a	tax	advantaged	account	                     your Account, so you may choose the most
                                                                 which	may	be	suitable	for	short	to	medium	                  convenient	method	for	you
     •	 To	allow	you	to	benefit	from	receiving	
                                                                 term	savings.	Interest	earned	in	a	Cash	ISA	
        interest on your savings tax free
                                                                 is	not	taxed                                                Direct Debit
                                                                                                                             You	can	arrange	for	regular	payments	into	
     Your Commitment                                             Who can apply for a                                         your	Account	by	Direct	Debit.	These	can	be	
     •	 The	minimum	payment	to	the	Cash	ISA	is	                  Cash ISA?                                                   set	to	be	monthly	or	quarterly	and	we	offer	a	
        £50.	This	may	be	lump	sum	payments	or	                                                                               choice	of	collection	dates	within	the	month	
                                                                 You	must	be	16	years	of	age	or	over	and	
        regular	savings	by	Direct	Debit                                                                                      for	your	convenience.	You	may	choose	to	
                                                                 resident	or	ordinarily	resident	in	the	UK,	or	
                                                                                                                             have	your	Direct	Debit	collected	on	1st,	8th,	
     •	 The	maximum	you	can	subscribe	in	any	                    otherwise	qualify	for	the	purpose	of	the	ISA	
                                                                                                                             15th	or	22nd	of	the	month
        tax year is £3,600                                       regulations.	You	can	only	hold	a	Cash	ISA	in	
                                                                 your	own	name                                               To	set	up	a	Direct	Debit	you	can	either	use	
     •	 There	is	no	commitment	on	your	part	to	                                                                              the Manage My Account section of Alliance
        make	subscriptions	to	the	Cash	ISA	and	                                                                              Trust Online	or	complete	a	Direct	Debit	
        you	can	stop	subscribing	at	any	time	                    How do I apply for a                                        Instruction.	Copies	are	available	from	the	
        without	penalty                                          Cash ISA?                                                   Literature	Centre	at	
     •	 The	rate	of	interest	paid	in	the	Cash	ISA	               You	can	apply	online	at	                                    or	by	calling	your	Client	Services	Team
        is	variable.	A	copy	of	our	current	rates	is	   	You	may	also	apply	
        available	from	the	Literature	Centre	at	                 by	post	by	completing	an	application	form	                  Cheque	or	by	calling	your	              which	is	available	from	the	Literature	Centre	
                                                                                                                             You	can	pay	into	your	Account	by	cheque	
        Client Services Team                                     at	or	by	calling	your	
                                                                                                                             at	any	time.	To	make	a	cheque	payment,	
                                                                 Client Services Team
     •	 You	can	withdraw	your	money	at	any	                                                                                  you	should	make	the	cheque	payable	to	
        time	but	you	cannot	replace	it.	Once	                                                                                Alliance	Trust	Savings	Limited	and	send	it	
        you	have	paid	in	the	maximum	Cash	ISA	                   Can I cancel my application for a                           to	us	attached	to	a	completed	Instruction	
        allowance	you	must	wait	until	the	next	                  Cash ISA?                                                   Form.	Our	standard	Instruction	Form	is	
        tax	year	to	begin	paying	more	in	                                                                                    available	from	the	Literature	Centre	at	
                                                                 Once	your	application	has	been	accepted	
                                                                                                                   	or	by	calling	your	
     •	 You	can	only	open	and	subscribe	to	one	                  we	will	send	you	a	cancellation	notice	
                                                                                                                             Client Services Team
        Cash	ISA	per	tax	year                                    reminding	you	of	your	right	to	cancel.	You	
                                                                 will	have	30	days	from	the	date	you	receive	
                                                                                                                             Debit card
                                                                 this	notice	to	cancel	your	application	
     Risk Factors                                                                                                            If	you	use	our	Online	or	Real	Time	
     •	 The	rate	of	return	you	receive	in	your	                                                                              Telephone	Dealing	services	you	can	
                                                                 How much can I subscribe to a
        Cash ISA may vary                                                                                                    also	pay	into	your	Account	using	your	
                                                                 Cash ISA?
                                                                                                                             debit	card	
     •	 The	value	of	cash	savings	can	be	eroded	                 You	can	subscribe	up	to	£5,100	in	any	
        by	inflation                                             tax	year.	This	will	form	part	of	the	overall	
     •	 Government	policy	regarding	Cash	ISAs	                   £10,200 ISA limit.
        may change in the future

        This literature is printed on paper made from trees grown in sustainably managed forests.

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Tel +44	(0)1382	321000					Fax	+44	(0)1382	321183					Email

ALLIAnCE TRuST ASSET MAnAgEMEnT                                                  ALLIAnCE TRuST PLC                                                 ALLIAnCE TRuST SAvIngS

Alliance	Trust	Savings	Limited	is	registered	in	Scotland	No.	SC98767;	registered	office,	PO	Box	164,	8	West	Marketgait,	Dundee	DD1	9YP;	is	authorised	and	regulated	by	the	Financial	
Services	Authority	whose	address	is	25	The	North	Colonnade,	Canary	Wharf,	London	E14	5HS	firm	reference	number	116115;	gives	no	financial	or	investment	advice.	          10-048	(Mar	2010)
How do I withdraw from my                        •	 our	Order	Handling	Policy                    Financial Services
Cash ISA?                                        •	 our	Conflicts	of	Interest	Policy             Compensation Scheme
You	can	withdraw	from	your	ISA	at	any	                                                           We	are	covered	by	the	Financial	Services	
                                                 •	 a	Cancellation	Notice                        Compensation	Scheme	(FSCS).	The	FSCS	
time	by	completing	a	Cash	ISA	Withdrawal	
Form.	Please	call	your	Client	Services	Team	     You	will	also	receive	separately	in	the	mail	   can	pay	compensation	to	depositors	if	a	
who	will	send	you	a	form.	The	minimum	           a	Personal	ID	and	Personal	Identification	      bank	is	unable	to	meet	its	financial	obliga-
amount	you	can	withdraw	without	closing	         Number	(PIN),	which	together	will	allow	you	    tions.	Most	depositors	–	including	most	indi-
your	ISA	is	£100.	We	will	make	the	              access	to	our	online	and	telephone	services     viduals	and	small	businesses	–	are	covered	
payment	to	you	by	cheque	subject	to	a	                                                           by	the	scheme.
                                                 In the event that there are any changes to
charge of £10
                                                 the	information	we	have	provided	you	we	        In	respect	of	deposits,	an	eligible	depositor	
                                                 will	notify	you	                                is	entitled	to	claim	up	to	£50,000.	For	joint	
Can I transfer a Cash ISA I have                 We	also	will	send	you	quarterly	valuations	     accounts	each	account	holder	is	treated	as	
with another manager to you?                     and	transaction	statements,	and	you	can	        having	a	claim	in	respect	of	their	share	so,	
                                                 check	the	value	of	your	ISA	at	any	time	if	     for	a	joint	account	held	by	two	eligible	de-
Yes.	You	should	complete	a	Cash	ISA	
                                                 you use Alliance Trust Online                   positors,	the	maximum	amount	that	could	
Transfer	In	Request	form	which	is	available	
                                                                                                 be	claimed	would	be	£50,000	each	(making	
from	the	Literature	Centre	at	www.
                                                                                                 a	total	of	£100,000).	The	£50,000	limit	or	by	calling	your	Client	
Services	Team.	We	will	then	arrange	the	
                                                 The Law                                         relates	to	the	combined	amount	in	all	the	
                                                                                                 eligible	depositor’s	accounts	with	the	bank,	
transfer	with	your	current	ISA	manager.	You	     In	the	unlikely	event	of	a	legal	dispute	the	
                                                                                                 including	their	share	of	any	joint	account,	
can	transfer	a	Cash	ISA	in	full	or	part.	You	    law	of	England	will	prevail	in	all	cases	
                                                                                                 and	not	to	each	separate	account.	
should	bear	in	mind	that	your	current	ISA	
manager may charge you to transfer your
ISA	and	you	should	assess	any	charges	you	       How are complaints                              For	further	information	about	the	scheme	
                                                 dealt with?                                     (including	the	amounts	covered	and	eligibil-
will	incur	before	instructing	the	transfer	
                                                                                                 ity	to	claim)	please	refer	to	the	FSCS	website	
                                                 We	aim	to	provide	you	with	excellent	service	   or	call	0800	678	1100.
Can I transfer my Cash ISA from                  but	in	the	event	of	a	complaint	about	your	
you to another manager?                          Cash	ISA	you	can	contact	us	either	by	
                                                 writing,	email,	telephone,	fax	or	in	person.	   Where can I get more
Yes.	You	should	contact	your	new	                                                                information about my
                                                 The	contact	details	for	complaints	are:
ISA	manager	who	will	arrange	the	
                                                 Head of Service Management
                                                                                                 Cash ISA?
transfer for you
                                                 Alliance Trust Savings Limited                  Further	information	about	your	Cash	ISA	
You	can	transfer	your	Cash	ISA	in	full	or	
                                                 PO Box 164                                      is	available	on	our	website	at	
part	and	you	can	transfer	it	either	into	
                                                 8 West Marketgait                     	or	by	
another	Cash	ISA	or	into	a	Stocks	and	
                                                 Dundee                                          contacting	us	at:
Shares	ISA.	However,	you	cannot	transfer	a	
                                                 DD1 9YP
Stocks	and	Shares	ISA	into	a	Cash	ISA                                                            Alliance Trust Savings Limited
                                                 Tel: 01382 573737                               PO Box 164
                                                 Fax: 01382 321183                               8 West Marketgait
What happens to my Cash ISA                      Email:              Dundee
if I die?                                                                                        DD1 9YP
                                                 Any	complaint	can	be	made	by	you	or	on	
If	you	die,	the	tax	benefits	which	apply	to	     your	behalf	by	another	person	provided	that	    Tel: 01382 573737
your	ISA	will	stop.	There	will	be	no	tax	to	     person	has	your	written	authority	to	do	so.	    Fax: 01382 321183
pay	up	until	the	date	of	your	death	but	tax	     A	leaflet	giving	more	information	on	how	       Email:
on	everything	earned	after	your	death	until	     we	handle	complaints	is	available	from	the	     Web:
your	ISA	is	closed	will	have	to	be	paid	by	      Literature	Centre	at	
your	legal	personal	representatives              or	by	calling	your	Client	Services	Team

                                                 If	you	are	not	satisfied	with	the	way	          Please retain this document for reference
What information will I receive                  that	we	answer	your	complaint	and	would	        purposes. It is issued by Alliance Trust
from you?                                        like	to	proceed	further	you	can	contact	the	    Savings Limited and is based on our
                                                 Financial	Ombudsman	Service	by	writing	to:      understanding of how the law applies at
Once	you	have	applied	for	a	Cash	ISA	and	
                                                                                                 6 April 2009. There may be subsequent
it	has	been	processed	and	accepted	you	will	     The	Financial	Ombudsman	Service
                                                                                                 changes. Contractual terms may have to
receive	a	Welcome	Pack	which	will	include	       South	Quay	Plaza
the	following	information:                                                                       be changed in response to legislative,
                                                 183	Marsh	Wall
                                                                                                 regulatory and business conditions.
•	 a	letter	acknowledging	and	accepting	         London	E14	9SR
                                                                                                 In order to comply with our legal and
   your	application                              Tel:	0845	0801800                               regulatory obligations, we may be
•	 an	Instruction	Form	which	you	can	use	to	                                                     required from time to time to apply
   inform us of future transactions                                                              additional or alternative conditions in
                                                                                                 relation to applications, either generally
•	 the	Alliance	Trust	Savings	Handbook
                                                                                                 or in respect of particular applicants.
•	 our	Terms	and	Conditions

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