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									                           DAVID M. CARPENTER, CNA/CNE
                                             2170 Hartford Way
                                            Clearwater FL, 33763
                               Primary: 727-443-0397 ♦ Alternate: 727-709-5387


Lead Applications Developer, Senior Software Developer, Senior Ecommerce Developer with full lifecycle
management and execution of commercial and enterprise software development. Engaged internal and external
customers in obtaining development requirements. Successfully executed software architectural design, managed
developers, independently executed and worked with others to implement software development projects in time and
with-in budget. Experienced with MSSQL 2008 - 2000, Classic ASP, C# & VB (ASP.NET, MVC, Web Services,
XML and Winforms, LINQ and Entity Framework) Visual Studio 2010 and prior (.NET framework 4.0- 1.0)
Ajax/JavaScript and CSS. Past Novell CNE & experienced with NT2008 – NT 3.51 and Cisco router technology.

                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

CONSULTIS TECH SYSTEMS (Numara™ Software, Inc.), Tampa FL                                2010 – Present
Contract Programmer. Part-Time PM & Weekends Contract
 Preformed system maintenance and customer specific customization for the Numara TrackIT ™ - AddOn
 Utilized C#, Asp.Net, Visual Studio 200 MSSQL 2005/2008.

VERIDEAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS St. Petersburg FL                                                 2010 – Present
Contract - Senior Web Application Developer
 Developed and deployed custom web content and publisher/niche book sales web sales sites. Implemented
   custom web content delivery controls. Designed and maintained custom JQUERY interface controls and
   content displays. Configured web services. Created 3rd degree normalized database dynamic form creation and
   data gathering application.
 Utilized C# Asp.Net, Visual Studio 2008, MSSQL 2000 & 2008, Windows Server 2003 & 2008 (IIS6 & IIS7)

ONETOUCH DIRECT, LLC. Tampa Florida                                                                        2010
Contract - Web Application Developer
OneTouch Direct is a telephone call center.
   Maintenance on custom call center Application.
   Utilized C#, Visual Studio 2008, MSSQL 2005 & Visual Source Safe

CAREMEDIC SYSTEMS, INC. (a division of Ingenix/United Health Group), St. Petersburg FL              2008 - 2010
Senior Applications Developer, (2009 Acquired by Ingenix/UHG).
Caremedic Systems is a major SaaS healthcare/claims information management provider.
   Managed the maintenance/upgrade-conversion and new development work for internal support systems, client
    facing dashboards and transaction metric ETL systems.
   Delivered new development and maintenance of a medical claims management system. EDI/x12 information
    processing. Development of web deployed Smart Client tools.
DAVID M. CARPENTER                                                                                         Page 2
Primary: 727-443-0397 ♦ Alternate: 727-709-5387                                

   Utilized VB and C#, Asp.NET, Jquery, XML, Web Services utilizing SOA principles, Winforms, LINQ and
    Entity Framework, Visual Studio (2005, 2008 & 2010), MSSQL2000 – 2008, Pervasive PSQL ETL, Classic
    Asp, VSS and IBM Rational Team System (source control and project management).

CEDRELA CONSULTING INC. (BayCare Health System, Information Services), Clearwater FL                         2008
Contract Programmer.
   Completed re-engineering of a legacy classic ASP application system. JavaScript, DHTML business rules
    enforcement. Delivered modifications to a C# data migration utility and a C# Asp.NET Intranet application.
    Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 with Oracle 10g. Team Foundation Server.

CONTINUED LEARNING, (a division of Netsmart Technologies, Inc.), St. Petersburg FL                     2006 - 2008
Senior Software Engineer
   Design and new development and maintenance of a SaaS On-Line Learning Management System.
   Utilized ASP & SQL2005 stored procedure coding, JavaScript, PrototypeJS, DHTML, Web Services SOA,
    AJAX & XML.

TECH SYSTEMS (Numara™ Software, Inc.), Tampa FL                                                              2006
Contract Programmer. Part-Time PM & Weekends Contract
   Created synchronization service for integration of in-house CRM system with SalesForce.Com online CRM
    through Web Services and XML. Implemented SQL Trigger, Cursor processing. VB.NET Web Service
    development, VS2005 and SQL2005

BYDESIGN TECHNOLOGY, INC., Tampa FL                                                                          2006
Contract Programmer.
(Major provider of Extranet and BackOffice software for the Multi-Level Marketing industry.)
   Performed maintenance, new development and conversion of existing in line TSQL to SQL stored Procedures.
    Implemented AJAX processing library for detached report execution.
   Utilized VBScript & JavaScript, ASP, VB ASP.NET and SQL2000 & SQL2005 stored procedure development.

PCHOWTO, INC., St. Petersburg FL                                                                       2005 - 2006
Senior Software Developer.
(Provider of multi-language just-in-time training, with multiple content delivery systems.
   Provided new development and system maintenance on courseware delivery and course creation systems.
   Utilized ASP, VB6, VB.NET & C#, AJAX, PrototypeJS, SQL2000 & SQL2005.

KFORCE (Contract for Nielsen Media Research), Oldsmar FL                                                     2005
Contract Software Engineer.
   Principle Architect & Developer for Nielson Outdoor Media Sample Management System, Working with user
    from a detailed requirements document, designed and implemented a C# custom Winforms Sample
    Management System. Implemented as a 3rd degree normalized database system.
    o Created stored procedures & other data transformation scripts.
    o Created dynamic script based data import/export subsystem.
    o Designed and implemented custom search UI components, three layer normalized relational data selection
        components and other custom user interface components.
   Created custom geographic information analysis & plotting GPS/GIS utilities utilizing MapInfo / MapExtreme.
DAVID M. CARPENTER                                                                                        Page 3
Primary: 727-443-0397 ♦ Alternate: 727-709-5387                               

   Utilized C#.NET Winforms & MSSQL2000.

KFORCE (Contract for Raymond James Financial), St. Petersburg FL
Contract Programmer.
   Implementation of new features to a Custom CRM application.
   Performed work on MSOffice interface API integration. C#.NET Winforms.

GEORGETOWN SOLUTIONS, INC., Tampa FL                                                                    2004 - 2005
Senior Ecommerce Developer.
   Implemented the maintenance and new design coding of Ecommerce Sites, Online Presentation software and
    Streaming Media systems. Site Server 3.0 to Commerce Server 2002 migration, Creation and Modification of
    Commerce Server Pipeline Scripts.
   Performed VB6.0 program revision and Maintenance and Installation Package creation.
   Converted VB6.0 application engine “TheInsuranceAdvisor” (patented insurance analysis system) from COM
    object to VB.NET.
   Utilized C#.NET, VB.NET, VB6, XML, Web Services and Asp. Sql2000 and NT2003.

DYNAMIC FULFILLMENT & SERVICES, Tampa FL                                                                       2003
Contract Ecommerce Developer.
   Implemented retooling & debugging existing Catalog and Shopping cart system. Converted simple fixed item
    catalog to SQL2000 catalog.
   Corrected design problems in check-out system.
   Enhanced error handling and recovery.
   Ecommerce conversion of additional sites based on upgraded catalog and checkout system.
   Modified checkout system to allow for various promotions on-line. (Free Items, Free shipping, No-handling
    Charge for select Item.)
   ASP, JavaScript & SQL2000 development.

CARPENTER NETWORK CONSULTING, Clearwater FL                                                             2001 - 2004
Independent Network and Software consulting
   Primary contract: Performax3, Inc. Learning Management System development.
   VB, ASP.NET, ADO & SQL2000 Programming.
   Network support NT & NetWare 4 & 6.

AGENTLIFE, INC., Tampa FL                                                                    2000 - 2001
Chief Technology Officer and Managing Developer.
Transition to employment with agentLIFE from Hydrogen Media approved six months prior to project
   Selected, hired and managed development, database and systems support staff.
   Served as the architectural designer and project manager and participated in the successful re-engineering and
    transition of the agentLIFE web site to a stateless - Windows 2000, SQL2000, Commerce Server 2000, load
    balanced & fault tolerant web platform.
    ASP - VBScript, Commerce Server, SQL, JavaScript, and DHTML programming. MSProject, Visio 2000,
    Visual Studio 6 and Visual Source Safe.
DAVID M. CARPENTER                                                                                     Page 4
Primary: 727-443-0397 ♦ Alternate: 727-709-5387                            

HYDROGEN MEDIA, INC., St Petersburg FL                                                               1999 - 2000
Lead and Senior Ecommerce Developer
  Software Architect, Database Architect, and Project Lead for virtual life insurance office.
  Created and assisted in the design, implementation and maintenance of multiple Intranet/E-Commerce Web
 Served as the trainer for Cold Fusion Programmers in ASP VB Script Programming.
ASP, Tango Development System, SQL6.5 & 7, JavaScript and DHTML Visual Studio 6 & Visual Source Safe


             Major: Management, Minor: Computer Science, BSBA - University of Central Florida

Visual Studio 2010 - 2003, Dot Net Framework 4.0-1.0, Windows 2008 IIS7 - NT4.0 IIS4, Visual Studio 6.0 ,
Commerce Server 2005 & 2000, Site Server 3.0, HTML Kit. Tango Web Development System. Cold Fusion,.
Visual Studio 6 Install Packager. Source Control: Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server, Rational Team
Concert. Applications: MSProject. Visio 2000. Web Services: integration and custom Web
Service utilizing SOA principles of development.

Programming/Scripting: VB.NET & C#.NET (ASP, MVC & Win Forms), ASP/VBScript, AJAX (JavaScript &
VBSript) JQuery, PrototypeJS, JSON, CSS, HTML - DHTML, VB6 and predecessors. SQL: MSSQL 2008 –
MSSQL6.0 Software Development, Installation and Configuration, Oracle 8i & 10g Software Development,
Pervasive PSQL Software Development, SQL2000 DTS. EDI x12: 835, 837 and 997 documents. XML: MS
XML 6.0-3.0. Legacy Database Development Systems: MS Access, dBase II and FoxPro 2.6 for Dos. Misc:
Cold Fusion to ASP Trainer.

Network Operating Systems: Microsoft NT2008 through NT2000 and NT4.0 IIS4 & NT3.51 Citrix Winframe
Terminal Services. Novell NetWare 286 – NetWare 6. (CNE Classic, CNA3&4).
Workstation Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista and WinXP Pro. Firewall: Watch Guard
Systems. Routers: Cisco 2600, 3600 & 3700 Series. Linksys and Cisco SOHO Broadband & Wireless routers.
Switches: Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series, Bay Networks Baystack 350

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