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					                                 DONALD L. KINOSZ                             DAVID A. REGOLI
                                Department of Public Affairs

                       FRANK TROZZI, JR
                      Parks & Public Property
                                                      IRENE J. KARRS
                                                Streets & Public Improvements
                                                                              Accounts & Finance

                                                                           RICHARD W. LIPPERT
                                                                               Public Safety
                                   VICTORIA FARINA
                                                                     BRIAN ESHBAUGH
                                                                         Controller                      News
                                                               VOLUME 16       ISSUE 1                  December 2005

        ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!                         Theater was has been approved. This            that he demolished Gippers when the
                                                     came about as a result of the efforts of       business operator decided to no longer
At the December 12th Council Meeting the             Senator Sean Logan and his staff. This         maintain that business. At the same time
decision was made to continue to recycle             grant will go a long way in opening the        the lake which was man-made was
plastics designated with a #1 and #2. This           possibility of taking a former “boney          drained. The lake had been steadily losing
means there will be no change in 2006 for            dump” and converting it to a vibrant           volume from leakage and silt buildup and
all materials currently recycled. Recycled           enterprise that produces both jobs and         presented more of a hazard than a value.
materials are glass bottles, cans, newsprint         revenues.                                      The lake bed is currently being stabilized
and #1 and #2 plastics.           The 2006                                                          and the entire plot of land being cleaned as
Recycling schedule is included in this               Crossroads Plaza (Corner of Craigdell          weather permits.        At that point the
newsletter.                                          Road and Leechburg Road) – A developer         developer will consider his options on the
                                                     is continuing to formulate plans to expand     next course of action. Stay tuned.
        Messages from the Mayor                      that shopping center. As reported in the
                                                     media, he has accumulated several              Major Park Improvements – As
   NO TAX INCREASE FOR 2006!!                        properties along Leechburg Road. The           Councilman Trozzi discussed in the last
                                                     developer still has many steps to continue     newsletter there have been significant
        NO INCREASE IN                               forward including items such as submitting     improvements in all of our major parks.
     SEWAGE RATES FOR 2006!!                         plans and receiving approvals from             For those that don’t know, the parks are
                                                     Planning,    Zoning,     PennDOT,      etc.    Burrell Lake Park on Delberta Road,
Taxes                                                Hopefully things will go smoothly and the      Veterans Park, next to City Hall and Wolf
                                                     expansion will occur. I have heard many        Pack Park at the bottom of Wildlife Lodge
As you can see there will be no tax                  rumors on who the tenants will be but to       Road. There are excellent walking trails,
increase for the year 2006. This was made            the best of my knowledge there are             picnic sites, etc.
possible by a combination of items. Cost             multiple discussions but nothing is firm at
containment was one of the biggest and               this point.                                    And the geese are gone from Burrell Lake
takes year round efforts by each of the                                                             Park.
Council members. Grants were another                 Wards/Penneys – Nothing new to report.
major factor. We are also aggressively               Negotiations are continuing. These can         Begin now to plan your picnics, parties,
working     closely     with    surrounding          very lengthy.                                  etc. Spaces get reserved quickly.
communities to share resources and hold
down capital costs. And finally user fees            Hillcrest Plaza – Ames – Eckerds –             AK Forum – Over the last two years a
were increased where it made sense for the           Likewise nothing new to report. There          regional group of representatives from
fee to balance the costs incurred.                   have been several visits by potential          social service organizations, clergy,
                                                     tenants for both of the empty sites. I don’t   government, industry and residents have
Sewage Rates                                         know any names. Remember I don’t own           come together to tackle some of our social
                                                     the properties, but do assist in providing     or socio-economic issues for the region.
The sewage rates will not increase in 2006.          any information the developers/owners
As with taxes, this was possible through a           need.                                          The Forum played a significant role in
combination of items. Once again cost                                                               identifying providers and needs and
containment, upgrading and/or elimination            As always, we have some excellent retail       facilitating their interaction around the
of costly pump stations was a major factor.          shops and eating establishments right here     floods of last year. That work is nearing
Also the Municipal Sanitary Authority of             in Lower Burrell. These businesses are         its final stages but is still continuing.
New Kensington, who treats our sewage,               very dependent on your support if they are
was able to refinance at some very                   to survive.                                    The next project is attacking issues related
favorable rates and realize some of the                                                             to aging in the area. To that end a meeting
improved performance with plant upgrades                       “Shop Lower Burrell First”           for providers of services was held in
made over the last couple of years.                                                                 November to identify what is available
                                                     Rabbit Foot Lake/Gippers – I have              with needs. Several areas were identified
Business Development                                 received a number of calls on what is          to improve delivery of services and
                                                     going on at Rabbit Foot Lake and Gippers.      educate those in need. The Forum is
A    $175,000  planning grant    for                 This site is directly opposite the Valley      working those issues. Watch the media for
development of a commercial site in                  Sports Complex and is along Craigdell          information on services available and how
Kinloch where the former Gateway                     Road . The developer has informed me           to access them. The Forum is designed to
                                                                                                                        City News

play a coordination role so everything       upon us and we need to give thanks
possible will be done to keep you            and be thankful for our friends and                   Lower Burrell Citizens
informed.                                    family and for all the things we’ve                      Police Academy
                                             accomplished throughout the year. We
Social Security Medicare Prescription                                                     On March 30, 2006, the Lower Burrell
                                             also need to be mindful of the many
Plan – Are you confused about the new                                                     Police Department will begin its annual
Medicare D Prescription Plan? So am I.       challenges and opportunities ahead.          Citizens Police Academy. Exact dates are
To help the VFW Post 92 is holding a                                                      March 30th, April 6th, 20th, 27th, May 4th,
meeting on December 21st, 2005 from 2:00     As we reflect on this year’s                 11th, 18th, and 25th. The Academy is based
P.M. to 4:00 P.M. to answer, or attempt to   accomplishments I want to thank all          on the theory that the more we know about
answer your questions and guide you          the wonderful people involved with           one another the more we can help one
through deciding what is best for you.       the City and specifically with our           another. This community service program
                                             Parks. We are extremely lucky to have        is designed to promote “Partnerships
Soliciting on Roads, Streets, Highways –                                                  Through Education”.            During the
                                             so many friends and great volunteers
By now you have probably noticed that                                                     Academy’s eight week sessions you will
some familiar solicitations did not occur
                                             who donate their time, professional          be provided a wide range of information
this year on Leechburg Road. Particularly    services, and money. We should all           intended to help you better understand the
the Firemen Boot Drive for the Salvation     feel thankful because we live in such a      goals     and    objectives,    rules   and
Army and the Lions Club for Community        wonderful City surrounded by so many         responsibilities and legal parameters under
Charities. This occurred because we found    people who genuinely care about each         which the Police Department functions. If
out that we were in violation of the         other and about the quality of life in       interested in attending the Citizens Police
Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code and          Lower Burrell.                               Academy, applications can be picked up at
were not permitted to give permission.                                                    the Lower Burrell Police Department, call
This could have put the City in a serious                                                 724-339-4287, ext. 262, or complete the
                                             I am personally thankful to be
liability situation.                                                                      application at the end of this newsletter
                                             associated with such an experienced          and mail it to City of Lower Burrell Police
These organizations still are and perhaps    and knowledgeable administration,            Department, Attn: John Marhefka, 2800
more than ever in need of your financial     and a caring and dedicated staff of          Bethel St., Lower Burrell, PA 15068.
support. So if you see them soliciting at    employees. And thank you Parks
various businesses or door to door, dig a    Commission and Recycling Task
little deeper and be generous. The work      Force members. These folks are true                      Public Works
they do is invaluable.                       volunteers who give up their time in              By Councilwoman Irene Karrs
                                             the evenings with little or no
Hope Haven – By the time you receive                                                      Snow! Snow! Snow!
this it may already be gone, but Hope
Haven (formerly Villela’s Motel for us old
                                             I hope everyone is as proud and              Your patience during the winter
timers) will be demolished. This was
made possible through a public-private       thankful as I am to live in such a           season is always appreciated. The
partnership and will now change the          wonderful City. Thank you and happy          Public Works Department strives to
property from a “blight” to a viable         holidays.                                    deliver a level of service that is not
productive site.                                                                          easily matched. Please review the
                                                                                          following matters so that we can meet
Merry Christmas and a Happy and                                                           our goals.
Prosperous New Year to everyone!                       A Message from
                                                Lower Burrell Police Department           1) When a snowstorm is approaching
                                                                                          and you have off street parking, please
            A Message from                   As of December 31, 2005 Detective            remove your vehicles from the street.
           Councilman Trozzi                 Lieutenant Richard Ogurchock will retire
                                                                                          If our trucks cannot get through your
                                             from the Police Department. Richard
 Hello and happy holidays from the           began his career with the Lower Burrell      street without possible damage to your
City of Lower Burrell. I want to start       Police Department November 1, 1981.          vehicles or ours, your street will not be
out by thanking the residents of this                                                     plowed.
City for your continued support of the       Rich has done a great job for the City. We
Lower Burrell Parks and the many
                                             wish him the best of luck as he enters a     2) If you have a basketball hoop
                                             new phase in his life. As a result of this   mounted near the street, either remove
suggestions and ideas we receive             retirement Robert Galvanek has been
throughout the year. Please keep the                                                      it or turn it around so that it doesn’t
                                             promoted to the rank of Detective            hang over the street. When the beds of
ideas and suggestions coming.                Lieutenant and Scott Cardenas has been
                                                                                          the trucks are lifted to spread cinders
                                             promoted to the rank of Detective
This is an exciting and magical time of      Sergeant. Our Detectives can be reached      or salt, they will catch anything that is
year no matter how old you are or            at 724-339-4287, extension 211.              overhanging the edge of the street.
what you believe. The Holidays are
                                                                                                                   City News

3) If you have a non-emergency              development that has occurred. The         I am sure that most people can
request for service that isn’t related to   station has also had many breakdowns       appreciate, as I do, the Team approach
snow removal, we ask that you delay         and the maintenance costs were             to City Governance and commitment
in calling us until after the snowstorm     constantly increasing. It was also         to the residents of Lower Burrell.
has passed. We are now in a two-shift       determined that the current 1,800 foot
work schedule, which leaves us              long discharge line was too small and       I    thoroughly     embraced       the
without men to handle non-emergency         required replacement.                      opportunity and time that I had to help
requests.                                                                              shape the direction of Lower Burrell.
                                            An initial cost estimate for this work     I encourage everyone to continue to
4)     A major problem we have              was found to be approximately              provide support to your local
regarding snow removal concerns             $200,000 including engineering and         government by attending the meetings,
residents who continue to push snow         construction costs. In an effort to        asking questions, and being involved.
from their driveway onto the street.        minimize these costs it was decided
Often they simply leave this snow           that City personnel would perform           Again, thank you and see at the next
directly in the middle of a driving lane.   most of the work. The City Engineer        go around!
Existing City Ordinance states, “No         developed specifications for the major
person shall deposit or cause to be         equipment. This was then publicly bid
deposited any snow or ice on or             and the equipment was provided by                  How did they know?
immediately next to a fire hydrant or       Smith and Loveless though their local
on a sidewalk, roadway or loading           dealer, W.C. Weil, Inc. The City           Did you ever wonder how someone
and unloading areas of a public             personnel have since installed this        was privy to events occurring in the
transportation system.”                     equipment and replaced the discharge       city     prior     to    any      public
                                            line. The station was recently placed it   announcement? The answer is simple.
If you have any questions, please           into operation and is working well         They subscribe to the city’s electronic
contact our office at 724-334-0690.         should be able to operate for 20 to 30     distribution of the newsletter. Join in
                                            years with only regular maintenance.       and be better informed by receiving
We wish one and all a safe and happy                                                   the newsletter before it goes to print.
holiday season!                             The budget for this upgrade was
                                            estimated to be $75,000 using our own      To       enroll,       respond        to
         Sewer Department                   workers. We are happy to report that
                                            we are under budget. This is an            Type newsletter in the subject line and
This has been a challenging year for        instant savings of $125,000 to the         provide your name, address and e-mail
the Sewer Department. We have               Sewer Department budget. We feel           address.       All information is
performed several major repair              that this is further evidence to the       confidential and our site is spam free.
projects that were made necessary due       dedication of our workers and our
to the destruction of the flooding of       concern in controlling costs.
September 17 of last year.        The
funding for most of these projects
came from FEMA. We used our own                A Message from Public Safety
manpower and equipment to stretch             Councilman Richard W. Lippert
the funding so that it was not
necessary to use our own funds. We          I wanted to take this brief but timely
are happy to report that all of these       opportunity to thank the citizens of
repairs are now completed and were          Lower Burrell for all of the support
below budget. We are now moving             that was provided to me during my
forward with our previously scheduled       tenure on City Council as the Director
repairs.                                    of Public Safety. I also want to
                                            publicly thank the Fire Departments
In 2004, prior to the flooding, it was      for the immeasurable commitment to
deemed necessary to completely              the public safety of the residents of
upgrade one of our sewage pump              Lower Burrell. To the current Council
stations that is located along Pucketey     members and all of the City
Church Road.         This station was       employees, I have learned so much
originally constructed to service the       from your expertise and leadership
area east of the High School. Since         characteristics.
then the area has greatly expanded and
the station was undersized for the
                                                                                                           City News

              Lower Burrell Citizen Police Academy Application




Social Security:___________________________

Date of Birth:_____________________

Signature acknowledges consent to a background investigation by the Lower Burrell Police Department.


                                    City of Lower Burrell                                 PRSRT STD
                                        2800 Bethel St.                                   U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                              Lower Burrell, PA 15068-3227                                NEW KENSINGTON, PA
                         Phone: (724) 335-9875          Fax: (724) 335-9881               PERMIT NO. 332

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