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                                                                                               Many Applications, One Solution

                 CASE STUDY -
                 FIRE SECURITY LIMITED

                 Protecting their customers                                 Embracing the need for change

                 Fire Security Limited is the leading provider of fire      During the early part of 2002, Fire Security recognised
                 detection and security systems in Northern Ireland,        the need to improve its service management systems.
                 Ireland and the Isle of Man. Based in Belfast, the         Hamill recalls, "Our existing system was difficult to
                 company serves both commercial and domestic                manage and use, and we had problems obtaining
                 customers. Its Fire Division provides monitoring,          support. Invoicing was slow, we had poor visibility of
                 detection, alarm and reporting services using              spend and inventory control was lacking in detail. A
                 market renowned Gent technologies. It is the sole          particular threat to efficiency and quality of service was
                 provider of Gent fire detection products in the region.    decentralised data, there was a need to rationalise
                 Its Security Division provides intruder alarms, access     disparate sources into one database, accessible
                 control, boundary protection and CCTV monitoring.          throughout the business. We needed a system
                 Fire Security's major customers include government         capable of supporting significant growth and
                 bodies, The Airports Authority, The Ulster Bank and        expansion."
                 Queens University. The company also serves the
                 European market.                                           Fire Security is an ambitious company. In order to
                                                                            increase market share and achieve revenue growth it
                                                                            was imperative to maximise utilisation of resources,
                                                                            meet their SLA obligations effectively and generate
                                                                            customer satisfaction. This meant having faster access
                                                                            to contract information, details of deployed assets and
                                                                            engineer activity; closer control of stock management
                                                                            issues and asset tracking; and better monitoring of
                                                                            costs against both contracted and T&M work.

                                                                            In the longer term, they needed to be able to respond
                                                                            to changing markets and quickly adapt business
                                                                            processes to new customer requirements, as well as
                                                                            support change driven by business growth and

                 Robin Hamill is managing director of Fire Security         In short, Fire Security needed a flexible and extensible

                 Limited and the driving force behind the company's         total business solution.
                 success. "Our customers rely on us for protection.
                 Their safety and security are our responsibilities and
                 can often be matters of life or death. To guarantee a
                 world class service, we deploy leading edge                             "We now have
                 technologies and provide field support to ensure their

                                                                                      a service lifecycle
                 faultless performance. Evidence of our commitment
                 includes 40 engineers in the field and a region-wide
                 logistics network to support their activities."

                 Field service provision is central to Fire Security's
                                                                                   management system

                                                                                       that will manage
                 business and drives its two core revenue streams:
                 contracted delivery of proactive maintenance and fault
                 response; and ad hoc time and materials service
                 requests on non-contract equipment. Hamill
                 acknowledges its importance, "As the company grows,
                                                                                       our business for
                 the efficient management of our field service activities
                 is fundamental to delivering customer satisfaction and                 years to come."
                 improving revenues."
                 A solution for excellence and growth

                 In July 2002, Hamill began the search for a supplier by
                 visiting the SME 2002 website. He was assisted by
                 Elaine Douglas, Fire Security's Operations Manager at
                 the time. With over 20 years' experience in the field, a
                 proven record of successful implementations and a
                 reputation for excellent customer service, Hamilton Hall
                 was a strong contender from the start. From the initial
                 list of six suppliers, its LEO Service Management
                 System was selected as the one of three shortlisted

                 The pre-sales emphasis was on product evaluation and       LEO Field Service Job Scheduling - Fully automated
                 Hamill remembers being impressed by the Hamilton           or drag and drop capability.
                 Hall team , "They went to great pains to show us the
                 full breadth of their capabilities so that we could map
                 our business processes to their product and assess         Phase 1 implementation was planned to be a fast
                 fully the benefits it offered. Their approach convinced    process, concluded during the first week of December.
                 us they would make a long term commitment to our           However, early in the process Hamill became
                 company's growth." Elaine Douglas reinforced this          concerned about the reliability of Fire Security's
                 view, "The team at Hamilton Hall provided expertise,       existing data. To protect the integrity of the new
                 vision and support when we approached them. This           system he took the decision to include complete data
                 distinguished them from the competition and is what        validation as part of the implementation. As Neal
                 made them our number one choice."                          Yeoell, operations director at Hamilton Hall, recalls,
                                                                            "This was not an easy decision and a very brave thing
                                                                            for Fire Security to do. It would delay the
                                                                            implementation, but it was essential consolidation."

                                                                            Working in partnership, Hamilton Hall and Fire Security
                                                                            extracted and collated data from every source available
                                                                            to compile and present it for validation. Hamill
                                                                            acknowledges Hamilton Hall's contribution, "It's taken
                                                                            understanding on both sides of the partnership to
                                                                            achieve this and the business relationship has
                                                                            strengthened as a result."

                                                                            An important step in consolidating the contracts
                                                                            business stream was configuring the preventive and
                                                                            proactive maintenance schedules. Hamill was pleased

                 Fire Security selected the LEO Service Management          with the outcome, "Much of the detail of our scheduled
                 System for its comprehensive capabilities as an            service activity, the system by system, customer by
                 enterprise business solution, ready to support their       customer knowledge, was held in my head. It was
                 development into a fully mobile, Web accessible            essential to our business that this was accurately
                 service management provider. Hamill explains in            modelled."
                 business terms, "LEO will manage the full life-cycle of
                 the asset world, from concept to design, hand over to      To accelerate go-live and the early attainment of
                 in-service, in-service maintenance and management to       business benefit, training and implementation were
                 disposal, as well as the service activities taking place   conducted concurrently. Training focused on
                 around these assets - people, time and money - which       performing end-user business processes using the
                 earn the revenue and maintain customer satisfaction."      LEO Service Management System. The stock
                                                                            inventory was fully audited on April 30th 2003 and
                                                                            LEO began managing contracts, the preventative
                 Collaborating to succeed                                   maintenance schedule, the closure of job tickets and
                                                                            invoicing. Douglas was impressed with LEO's ease of
                 Hamilton Hall began on-site implementation in              use, "The Visual Despatch Board enables any operator
                 November 2002. The focuses of Phase 1 were core            to tell at a glance the status of a call. This is
                 data and managing the in-service phase of the asset        fundamental for scheduling calls to the right person in
                 life cycle for existing installations and new systems.     the right location and, most importantly, on time."
                                                                                                                      Many Applications, One Solution

Given the success so far, Hamill is keen to progress,         to individual costs per action, such as travel time and
"Phase 2 of the implementation will focus on system           time on site, " says Hamill. This operational view of the
planning, workforce mobilisation and managing the             financial world provides a full asset history to create a
sales process. Looking further ahead, Phase 3 will            detailed breakdown of liabilities and revenues over
introduce Fire Security's Web portal for on-line call         time. Fire security are confident of achieving
creation and tracking. We also hope to consider               measurable financial benefits. Revenue collection is a
remote monitoring during this phase. It would be a            simple example. "Invoicing now occurs at the end of
significant development and put us securely in the            each job," enthuses Hamill, "which is a considerable
lead of our market sector."                                   improvement on a three day batch process at the end
                                                              of each month!"

                                                              Fire Security is also benefiting from LEO's flexibility,
                                                              as Hamill confirms. "Workflow provides us with the
                                                              capability to alter processes to satisfy each customer's
                                                              specific business needs. We are not dependent upon
                                                              Hamilton Hall to achieve this. In doing so, LEO
                                                              protects our business, our relationships with our
                                                              customers and our investment."

                                                              Yeoell is certain that Hamilton Hall can protect Fire
                                                              Security's investment and meet their evolving business
                                                              needs, "Our use of Oracle as the architectural
                                                              foundation of our product ensures Fire Security will
LEO Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) screen               benefit from unparalleled research and development
with graphs showing Jobs vs. Available Engineers.             and enjoy access to upgrade programmes that will
                                                              refresh their technology throughout the life of their
At Hamilton Hall, Neal Yeoell is excited by his new           business. They will be able to embrace new
customer. "Fire Security Limited is a significant             capabilities and techniques as their business evolves."
customer for Hamilton Hall. It's a vibrant young
company doing some wonderful things and its culture           Hamill is in no doubt about the benefits Hamilton Hall
breaks the mould of larger companies with more formal         has brought to Fire Security's operation, "We now
structures. This implementation has forced us to take         have a service lifecycle management system that will
a fresh look at how we manage our product to meet the         manage our business for years to come."
simpler needs of a smaller company at the beginning of
significant growth. I have thoroughly enjoyed the
robust, yet simple utilisation of our product. It will have
significant benefit for future releases."

Delivering benefits into the future

Robin Hamill is confident about the future with LEO
and its technologies, "LEO's comprehensive
capabilities and scalability will allow us to execute a                                     "The team at Hamilton Hall
controlled strategy of business development."                                               provided expertise, vision
The benefits achieved so far bode well for the future                                       and support when we
and are testimony to the value Hamilton Hall delivers.                                      approached them. This
"The day-to-day management of the business is greatly                                       distinguished them from the
improved, " says Hamill. "I have a far clearer                                              competition and is what
understanding of engineer loading against customers."                                       made them our number
He is confident this will deliver significant                                               one choice."
improvements in efficiency. "I believe we will gain the
                                                                                            Robin Hamill, Managing
equivalent of two engineers as a result of the greater                                      Director, Fire Security Limited
visibility LEO provides. This is an immediate 5%
increase in capacity."

LEO has also significantly improved the financial
control of the business. "I can report on the financials
of operational activity at a very low level of detail, down
                                                                                                             Many Applications, One Solution

                 Customer                                                    Benefits

                 • Fire Security Limited                                     • Accelerates access to information
                                                                               throughout the business
                 • Leading provider of Fire protection and
                   security systems in Northern Ireland, Ireland,            • Increases control of day-to-day operations
                   Isle of Man
                                                                             • Maximises SLA performance and
                 • Gent technologies                                           minimises penalty risk

                 • 40 field engineers
                                                                             • Increases customer satisfaction and retention

                                                                             • Releases hidden service capacity

                                                                             • Improves monitoring of costs against
                 • Consolidate existing business data                          service activities

                 • Optimise service operation                                • Improves revenue collection

                 • Establish infrastructure for growth                       • Enhances stock management and asset tracking

                                                                             • Manages the full asset lifecycle

                                                                             • Ensures rapid response to changing
                                                                               business requirements
                 • Total business solution

                 • Company-wide access to business data                      • Supports strategic planning, development
                                                                               and growth
                 • Flexible business process modelling

                                                                             Next steps

                                                                             • System planning management
                 • LEO Service Management Software
                                                                             • Workforce mobilisation
                 • Oracle technologies architecture

                                                                             • Sales process management
                 • Tailored to customer's requirements

                                                                             • Web enabled service
                 • Scalable and future proofed

                 • Easy to use                                               • Remote monitoring

                   Hamilton Hall Consultants Limited, 3 & 4 The Windmills, St Mary’s Close Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1EF, UK

                                        Telephone +44 (0) 1420 548 548 Fax +44 (0) 1420 548 549

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