; Meeting Minutes - Parkwood VI Homeowners Association
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Meeting Minutes - Parkwood VI Homeowners Association


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									                                Parkwood VI Homeowners Association

                                         Board Meeting Minutes

    Meeting called to order at 6:10pm.

In attendance: Jen Lamon, Marie Ritchie, Elizabeth Tatum, Derrick Holmes, Dana Taylor,
Jack McQuestion, Daine Kahler.

Not in attendance:

Approval of Minutes: December Board Meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.

President’s report:

      -   2010 Budget/ Financials
             o Diane K has ad trouble maintaining the new on-line banking system and Quick Books.
                 Diane will come by Jen’s after work on January 20, 2011 to update the records.

Treasurer’s Report: Estimated amount in checking account is $3,600.00, CD amount is the same with an
additional approximate $1.200.00 added to it. Information can be obtained from banking on-line.


Resident update form- Liz developed the neighborhood update form. Board members reviewed the
form. Some corrections were made. It was approved. Liz will make corrections to the form. Copies will
be made and delivered to all residents. Due back to us by February 1, 2011. If residents do not get it
back to us by then, they can bring it to the February 22, 2011 Elections and Board meeting.

Repainting of the speed bumps: Jack and Dana painted the speed bumps. They look great!

Recommendation to change speed bumps to humps by resident Sabo: Jen researched the information
with the City of Coconut Creek. Since it was brought up by 1 resident and there has been no other
interest in it the board agreed to bring it up for discussion at our Annual February Elections meeting and
Board meeting.

Lot 40 tree- No one has seen the resident. Derrick will speak with the renter to discuss trimming the
Drainage System in Parkwood VI- our 5 year renewal is due by the end of 2011. Shennandoah
completed the work the last time. Jack obtained a quote from PCI to have the work done it is
approximately $2,450 + $750.00 fee, to complete the job. Jack will obtain other quotes.

Annual Re-Election7 Board Meeting: the meeting will be held at the City of Coconut Creek Recreation
Center 6:00 P.M. for the Board and 7:00 P:M for the board & residents on February 22, 2011. Notice of
election meeting, letter from the president, and proxy were prepared by Marie, Derrick and Jen and sent
out to all residents today. Derrick will post dates of the meeting on the front board.

Vacation of easement along canal: a new resident would like to put a pool in and there is an easement
along the canal. Jen Lamon continues to research with the City of Coconut Creek, how the easement
was recorded in records. In speaking to the resident as well, he will contact the City as well.
We continue to work together on this.


Parkwood VI Garage Sale: Several residents expressed interest in having another community garage
sale. Board agreed the first one was a great success. We will set a date at the February Board meeting.

Log of Parkwood VI Maintenance: What’s done monthly/yearly? Board will create a log for easy access
to know what needs to take place at specific times for maintenance of the community.


Annual Election Meeting: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 7:00 pm @ the Recreation Center.

Parkwood VI Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 6pm @ the Recreation Center

Derrick will post dates on the front entry sign.


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