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Cascade 700


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                            Cascade 700
                                                    Safety Information                             4. If an extension cable is required, this
                                                                                                      should be connected to the end of the
 GB                                                 The appliance is not intended for                 pump cable using a weatherproof cable
                                                    use by persons (including children)               connector. The joint must be positioned in
                                                    with reduced physical, sensory or                 a suitable weatherproof housing. The
ATTENTION                                           mental capabilities, or lack of                   extension cable should be of 3 core
                                                    experience and knowledge, unless                  0.75mm2 Polychloroprene rubber insulated
AUTOMATIC CUT-OUT. To help ensure
                                                    they have been given supervision or               cable (ref: HO5 RN-F) and permanently
your pump’s long life and to prevent                                                                   wired to the mains supply with a 3 or 5
damage, it is fitted with automatic                  instruction concerning use of the
                                                    appliance by a person responsible                  Amp fuse.
thermal overload protection. This                                                                  5. The pump cable (and extension cable)
switches off the pump if it overheats. If           for their safety. Children should be
                                                                                                       should be positioned and adequately
this occurs, switch off the power at the            supervised to ensure that they do                  protected against damage especially
mains supply to the pump. Check for the             not play with the appliance.                       where contact with gardening equipment
cause. Usually it will be debris blocking           (Australia & NZ only) This appliance               (lawn mowers, forks etc..) children and
the inlets of the pump or obstructing the           is not intended for use by young                   domestic animals may occur.
impeller. Remove the obstruction and                children or infirm persons unless               6. CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN OR
wait 15 minutes for the pump to cool                they have been adequately                          LOCAL AUTHORITY IF IN ANY DOUBT
down and automatically reset. Then                  supervised by a responsible person                 ABOUT WIRING TO THE MAINS SUPPLY.
switch on the pump again.                           to ensure that they can use the
NOTE: YOU MUST SWITCH OFF THE                       appliance safely.                              ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY
MAINS SUPPLY BEFORE THE PUMP WILL                                                                  Telescopic Stem Assembly.
                                                    Young children should be supervised            Take the outer telescopic stem ‘A’ and slide
RESET.                                              to ensure that they do not play with           the inner stem ‘B’ into it, as shown. See Fig 2.
From 1st January 2005 installing this               the appliance.
product in the garden is classed as                                                                Bell Fountain
'notifiable' in the revised Building                                                                1. Locate the Bell Support (D) to the Bell
Regulations for England and Wales. The              WARNING: SAFETY AND                            Main Body (E) and push fully home.
                                                                                                   2. Position the Bell (F) to the Body Assembly
Regulations now require you to tell                 ELECTRICAL                                     and press into the central location.
your local authority building control               CONNECTIONS                                    See fig 3.
department that you intend to install
                                                 1. The pump is supplied with 10m of 3 core
this product before installation. Your
                                                     electric cable which is permanently
                                                                                                   PUMP INSTALLATION
local authority will let you know how                connected and sealed to the motor.            Position
you can get your installation approved.              The supply cable cannot be replaced. If the   Construct a solid and level platform on which
                                                     cable is damaged, the pump should be          to place the pump. Which using spray
The Hozelock Cyprio Cascade 700 pump is                                                            fountains, the top of the platform should be
designed for submersible use only. The pump          discarded.
                                                     This product is designed to be                240-330mm (10-13”) below the water surface.
does not use oil or grease for lubrication and                                                     When using the bell fountain, the top of the
can be used safely in ponds containing fish or        permanently wired to the mains supply in
                                                     a dry weatherproof enclosure through a        platform should be 100mm (4”) below the
plants. The motor consists of a sealed stator                                                      water level.
and water-cooled permanent magnet rotor.             Double-Pole Switched Fused Spur -
                                                     (Disconnector) to BS 3676, with a             A typical installation is shown for guidance in
All electrical components are isolated from                                                        fig 4.
the water.                                           minimum contact separation of 3mm in
                                                     each Pole - Fitted with a 3 or 5 Amp fuse.    Flow Control
 IMPORTANT                                           The installation must conform to the          The flow from the pump can be regulated to
                                                     national and local wiring regulations         meet your needs by rotating the flow
 1. WARNING: ALWAYS UNPLUG OR                        which could include the use of plastic or
   DISCONNECT ALL APPLIANCES IN THE                                                                controller wheel (G) near the outlet of the
                                                     metal conduit to protect the cable.           pump. See Fig 5.
   POND FROM THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY              2. A 10MA OR 30MA RESIDUAL CURRENT                Fountain Only
   BEFORE PUTTING YOUR HANDS IN THE                  DEVICE (RCD) MUST BE FITTED TO THE            1. Place the pump next to the pond and route
   WATER WHILST EQUIPMENT IS BEING                   MAINS SUPPLY.                                     the cable back to the mains supply.
   INSTALLED, REPAIRED, MAINTAINED OR            3. WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE                2. Select the desired fountain accessory. The
                                                     EARTHED AND IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE              2 and 3 tier fountainheads simply snap
   HANDLED.                                          CONNECTIONS ARE MADE USING THE
 2. Do not use the supply cable to lift the                                                            onto the fountain stem (See Fig 6). The
                                                     FOLLOWING CODE;                                   fountain stem pushes onto the narrower
   pump, as this may cause damage. We
   recommend fitting a lifting cord to the                                                              tube section of the telescopic fountain
                                                                          Brown - Live                 stem (See Fig 6). Then place the pump in
   handle eye on the top of the strainer cage
   when the pump is installed in deep water.                              Blue - Neutral               the desired position. Note: Check that the
   See fig 1.                                                                                           inner stem of the telescopic tube has not
 3. Do not operate or leave the pump in                                   Green/Yellow - Earth         been pushed inside the outer tube.
   freezing conditions.                                                                            3. a). 3 tier fountain – Creates a wide and
 4. Do not allow the pump to run dry.               The BROWN lead should be connected to              attractive fountain spray.
 5. Check that the voltage marked on the            the LIVE terminal which may be marked              b). 2 tier fountain – Creates a higher and
   pump corresponds to the mains supply.            with an ‘L’ or coloured brown or red.              narrower display.
 6. A 10MA OR 30 MA RESIDUAL CURRENT                The BLUE lead should be connected to the           c). Bell fountain – Creates a decorative
   DEVICE MUST BE FITTED TO THE MAINS               NEUTRAL terminal which may be marked               water bell. Adjust the telescopic stem to
   SUPPLY.                                          with an ‘N’ or coloured blue or black.             the required height and regulate the bell
 7. DO NOT OPERATE THIS PUMP WITHOUT                The GREEN/YELLOW lead should be                    by rotating the flow controller by the
   THE STRAINER CAGE ATTACHED. USING                connected to the EARTH terminal which              outlet of pump.and by sliding the inner
   THE PUMP WITHOUT A STRAINER MAY                  may be marked with an ‘E’ or coloured              bell in and out of the bell assembly.
   INVALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY.                        green or green/yellow.                         4. The ball joint - See Fig 5 (H), fits onto the
    pump outlet and the telescopic stem            away from the Motor Body.                          misused.
    pushes onto the top. This can then be used 4. Pull the Rotor Assembly out of the Motor            Liability is not accepted for damage due to
    to adjust the fountain angle so that it is     Body. See Fig 7 (L).                               accident, improper installation or use.
    vertical.                                   5. Wash out all of the components in clean            Liability is limited to replacement of a faulty
                                                   water. Do not use detergents or other              pump. This guarantee is not transferable. It
Waterfall Only                                     chemical cleaners.                                 does not affect your statutory rights.
1. Fit a suitable length of hose 12.5mm bore    6. Replace the Rotor Assembly into the                To obtain the benefits of the guarantee,
    hose on to the hose adaptor. See Fig 5 (I).    Motor Body and refit the Pump Chamber               firstly contact Hozelock Cyprio Consumer
2. Route the hose back to the waterfall.           and Strainer Cage.                                 Services who may request that the pump is
                                                                                                      sent along with proof of purchase directly to
MAINTENANCE                                                                                           the address below.
The Hozelock Cyprio range of Cascade pumps            ALL YEAR PUMP CARE
has been designed to allow fast and easy              A quick daily check should be carried out to    DAMAGE CAUSED BY RUNNING THE PUMP
maintenance. As with all pumps of its kind,           ensure that the pump is performing              DRY OR BY FROST INVALIDATES THE
occasionally it will become necessary to clean        satisfactorily.                                 GUARANTEE.
the Strainer Cage and Fountain Spray head             Once a week- Remove and clean the Strainer
ring.                                                 Cage and Fountain Head in accordance with        FAULT FINDING
ALWAYS UNPLUG OR DISCONNECT ALL                       the general maintenance notes. Depending         WARNING: ALWAYS UNPLUG OR
APPLIANCES IN THE POND FROM THE                       on pond water conditions, cleaning may be        DISCONNECT ALL APPLIANCES IN THE
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY BEFORE PUTTING YOUR                required more frequently.                        POND FROM THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY
HANDS IN THE WATER OR STARTING                        Once a year- Completely disassemble the
                                                      pump including the Rotor Assembly as             BEFORE PUTTING YOUR HANDS IN THE
                                                      described in the general maintenance notes       WATER WHILST EQUIPMENT IS BEING
Fountain Head                                         and wash all components in clean, fresh          INSTALLED, REPAIRED, MAINTAINED OR
1. Place a coin or similar in the slot and            water. Replace worn or broken parts.
   gently lever off the fountain head.                                                                 HANDLED.
2. Rinse in clean water and reassemble.                                                                IMPORTANT - PLEASE KEEP THIS
                                                      SPARE PARTS                                      SECTION FOR REFERENCE
                                                      Contact the Consumer Services Helpline on        LOW FLOW FROM PUMP
1. Remove the accessories from the pump               0121 313 1122
   outlet.                                                                                             1. Ensure the Strainer Cage is clean.
2. Holding the pump in one hand, press the                                                             2. A small diameter outlet pipe will
   release button (J) on the top of the pump                             Item Numbers
                                                                                                          restrict outlet flow.
   and open Strainer Cage. See Fig 5.                 1.   Pump Chamber and Seal.         Z13248
3. Slide the pump out of its location and                                                              3. Clear any blockages and adjust the flow
   wash/rinse the Strainer Cage with clean            2.   Rotor Assembly.                3419            controls.
   water. The hinges on the Strainer Cage             3.   Strainer Cage.                 Z13225       NO FLOW FROM PUMP
   should also be washed clean at this time.          4.   Fountain Kit.                  3426         1. Check power supply is on.
4. Reassemble the pump.
                                                                                                       2. Check fuse and wiring.
Rotor Assembly                                        HOZELOCK CYPRIO 3 YEAR                           3. Check the Rotor Assembly is not
1. Remove the Strainer Cage as described
   above.                                             GUARANTEE                                            jammed, damaged or showing signs of
2. Release the Pump Chamber, Fig 7 (K), by            If this pump, excluding the Rotor Assembly,          excessive wear.
   rotating it until the two retaining tongues        becomes unserviceable within 3 years of the      4. Ensure the Strainer Cage is clean.
   are clear of the lugs on the Motor Body.           date of purchase it will be repaired or
                                                      replaced at our option free of charge, unless    POOR FOUNTAIN DISPLAY.
3. Gently pull the Pump Chamber squarely                                                               1. Clean the Fountain Head. (see
                                                      in our opinion it has been damaged or

                                                                             F                                             PLEASE NOTE:
                                                                                                                           Do not dispose
                                                                                                                           of in household
  Fig. 1                                              A                      D                                             waste

   Fig. 5

                                                      B         Fig. 3
                                                                                        Fig. 4

                                             Fig. 2


Hozelock Cyprio
Midpoint Park, Birmingham B76 1AB
Tel: +44 (0)121 313 1122
The Aquatics Division of Hozelock Group                                                 Fig. 7
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