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					  Introduction to Staff

Personnel Files
       Danielle G. Schulte
       Employee Relations
     UCSD-Human Resources
Topics to be covered today:

 What goes in a personnel file?
 What should stay out of the file?
 Who can see the file?
 What to do with the file when the
  employee leaves?
 How long do you need to keep the file?
Personnel Files: Generally
 The department maintains the employee’s
  official personnel record
 The file follows the employee
 Not everything goes into the file
Personnel Files - What goes in:

 Employment application and resume
 Requisition form
 College transcript (if applicable)
 Job descriptions (current & former)
 Hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer,
  layoff, rates of pay, other forms of
  compensation (e.g. PANS)
Personnel Files: What goes in
 Emergency contact information
 Service credits
 Military leave documents (i.e. orders)
 Letters of recognition
 Disciplinary notices or documents
 Performance evaluations
Personnel Files: What goes in?
 Training
 Personnel data form
 Patent Agreement
 Confidentiality agreements
 Computer use & security forms
Personnel files: What stays out
 Any records that contain medical
  information (FML, Workers Comp,
 Immigration Forms: I-9s, Visas;
 Safety Training Records;
 Grievances/complaints
Personnel Files: Access
   Within the department: MSO/DBO, Supervisor
    (with need to know), HR contact, employee
   Outside the department: (official business need to know)
     Campus   Counsel
     Risk Management
     AMAS
     Campus HR (i.e., ER/LR)
     Anyone that the employee provides written
      authorization to view his/her file
Personnel Files: Access cont’d
   Employment Candidates:
     Priorto an offer being made and accepted:
      You do not have the right to access a current
      UC employee’s personnel file without his or
      her authorization.
     You may ask the candidate to share a copy of
      his/her most current evaluation
Personnel Files: Access cont’d

   Employees
     May   they view their personnel files?
       Make an appointment
       Private location

       Do not leave employee alone with file

     May   an employee get a copy of his/her file?
Personnel Files: Retention
   When an employee goes to another

   When an employee leaves the University?
Personnel Files:


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