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Little miracles every day


									                                                                                                           NEVERones to be afraid of
                                                                                                           a good, honest cliche, we
                                                                                                           can honestly say that EFT
                                                                                                           (Emotional Freedom
                                                                                                           Technique) is taking the
                                                                                                           therapy world by stor~.
                                                                                                           Emotional blockages are
                                                                                                           cleared by simply tapping
                                                                                                           accupuncture points, so it
                                                                                                           is an easy treatment to
                                                                                                           receive -and to
                                                                                                           administer yourself.
                                                                                                           Connect spoke to leading
                                                                                                           EFTtrainer Ann Ross, and
                                                                                                           then to some of the
                                                                                                           practitioners working
                                                                                                           across Connectland

Little miracles every day                 TRAINERAnn    Ross,right, believes EFT  will
IT'S    practitioners to for
            not unusual talk
        enthusiastically about their
                                          eventually have a vital part to play in
                                          schools, in the mainstream health service -
                                          and in the Third World
therapies, and we often hear too
from readers who have found a
therapy to be particularly                Scotland to Sri Lanka). After                "It's difficult to believe anyone
beneficial. But what makes                returning to the UK, it was while         can live in those conditions," said
Emotional Freedom Technique               training as a counsellor that she         Ann. "It's 40 degrees, with no signs
unusual is the level of activity and      discovered EFT.                           of plant or animal life. There are
pure excitement surrounding it.              "I was totally blown away by           amazingly pure crystals there and
   Regular readers will know that         what EFT can do - and how easy it         natives sell them at the roadside -
some counsellors have hailed it as        is to use," says Ann.                     but for food and clothes because
the greatest devel,opment in their           She trained as an EFT trainer          the shops are too far away,"
field - ever. And the simple-to-          and now splits her time between              There she taught EFT to
learn technique, which involves           running EFT workshops and                 nutrition experts and psychiatrists,
tapping energy points (as used in         corporate coaching, where she             who are working for the
acupuncture) to break-down                uses EFT to help stressed                 government, so they can teach it
emotional blockages, has changed          executives help themselves cope           to people livingin the villages.
people in all walks of lif~.              with the pressures of business.              "They have literally no medical
   While EFT can't cure phys!cal             But Ann didn't particularly want       facilities - not even herbs to pick -
illness, it can take away                            to talk about                              and it struck me what a
the anxiety surrounding            'EFT can any of that. She                   'I was           truly powerful tool EFT         available in every school and
the ailment, and it has                              wanted to tell                             can be," says Ann.              doctor's surgery," she said.
proved successful for a
                                      work           us, and you,             totally             "When someone suffers         "Childrl'n's psychological problems
                                                                                                                                couldlbe tapped away at their
whole range of problems,           with the about her                         blown             discomfort - through pain
                                                                                                                                source, at home or at school, and
from giving up smoking                               experiences of                             or illness - all their energy
and dispelling fear of            emotions working with                     away by systems are out of                          anyone suffering illness can
                                                                                                                                untangl~ the physical symptoms
flyingto easing the
distress of chronic pain
                                                     EFT in
                                 around the and of Africa -   her
                                                                                                balance, so
                                                                           what EFT cure criticalwhile weEFT   illness,
                                                                                                                                from the anxiety and emotional
sufferers and even                   illness'        vision of EFT as        can do'            can work with the               impact - just think of the
treating children and                                a vital tool in                            emotions around the             possibilities.
animals, using the parent or owner        the future of family and society,         illness."                                     "Psychological and emotional
as a surrogate.                           there and in the Western world.              The social services agencies back        problems create massive barriers
   Exeter-based Ann Ross ,is largely         Ann was first invited to South         in Cape Town could also see EFT's           for people and EFT can give them
                                                                                                                                emotional and financial freedom.
responsible for the spread of EFT         Africa because they have no EFT           potential - "We MUST get funding
in the Westcountry (and in other          training facilities there, and she ran    for this!" they told Ann.                   That is my vision, my purpose -
                                                                                       And that is Ann's dream, to              what I'm about."
parts of the world - more of that         one and two-day workshops for
in a moment), having trained the          more than 60 people in                    connect with charities working in
                                                                                    the Third World.                            WANTTO       KNOW MORE?
majority of people practising the         Johannesburg and Cape Town.
therapy in Devon and Cornwall.               But Ann saw EFT's ultimate                "I see a series of little miracles       Call Ann on 0870 167000I,
   Ann's career roots lie in              potential being realised in more          every day here 'in the UK," says            email reception@link-
commerce and she worked for               remote regions, so she decided to         Ann, "and those people in Africa  , or visit
   erchant banks and other financial take a flight to Windhoek in                                                               www.emotional-freedom-
                                                                                    really need miracles."
     iwtions in the UK and Africa         Namibia, and then a four-hour                And Ann has great hopes for EFT
   ,- 'C Eivingit all up to travel (15    cross-country drive to a desert           in the UK too.
                             ere <.-.-    region on the coast.                         "It is my dream for EFT to be            More EFTover the page
                                                                                                                                                     connect     11

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