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									La BeLLe Peau's News

                  Spring - September to november 2010                                                    la belle peau
                               Welcome to                   YOUR SKINCARE SPECIALIST

                               La Belle Peau's SPRING news!
                                       Welcome to La Belle Peau’s Spring News. Over the past winter months a buildup of dull, dry, dead skin
                                       cells is very common with the low temperatures and blistering winds. In a lifetime, the average person
                                       sheds enough dead skin cells to fill an entire two story house. Hard to believe but it is true! New cells
                                       are produced in the deepest layer of the epidermis where its gradual migration to the uppermost layer
                                       of the epidermis for shedding begins. This process is called desquamation. Normal desquamation takes
                                       approximately 28 days and is essential for skin health. Let’s spring into the new season with a good
                                       exfoliation from head to toes, bright nail polishes, and dewy skin!

                                       To help get you into Spring’s spirit we’ve packed this season’s essentials into one convenient package.
                                       Ask for La Belle Peau’s Spring Essential Package for only $150 (save $43) and you will receive a relaxation
                                       facial tailored to your skin, eyebrow wax, basic manicure, and basic pedicure. If you’re quick enough and
                                       are one of the first 7 callers, you will also receive an Indio Body Complex Moisturiser valued at $58 as
                                       your BONUS gift!

                                       I hope you enjoy reading our Spring news and don’t forget to mark our VIP events in your diary now!
                                       If you haven’t been receiving our email-only specials, visit www.labellepeau.com.au today to join our
                                       VIP list!

              WhAt'S neW!
   Achieve perfectly defined eyebrows at home using
                                                                               SpeCiAL oFFerS
   the NEW Bitty Brow Kit® by jane iredale®!! Finally,           ipL photorejuvenation & permanent hair reduction
   professional eyebrow results you can achieve all by
   your bitty self without complication!                       buy 1 get 1 Free of the same area. First 7 clients will also receive indio renew
                                                                Cream valued at $119. Available only in oct 2010. Limited to 1 per customer.
   The Bitty Brow Kit is comprised of brow wax, blonde
   or brunette powder and three grooming tools (two
   angle brushes and a spoolie brush). For a limited
   time only, receive a Lash Conditioner and Longest
   Lash Mascara valued at $19 as your BONUS gifts
   with each Bitty Brow Kit®. Pop into La Belle Peau              BEFORE                AFtER                 BEFORE                 AFtER
   today for your FREE 5 minutes brow makeover
   using the new Bitty Brow Kit®.
                                                                                                      Spring essential package
   Bring this newsletter in to receive an eyebrow wax
   and colour session for only $20!! Limited to one                                            relaxation Facial, eyebrow wax, basic manicure,
   per person.                                                                                 basic pedicure – only $150 save $43. First 7 cli-
                                                                                               ents will also receive a Free indio body Complex
                                                                                                   valued at $58. offer ends nov 30th 2010

                                                                    Ultraceuticals Free Cleanser offer
                                                             receive your choice of an Ultraceuticals gentle Cleansing gel
                                                              valued at $45 or Ultra milk Cleanser valued at $55 as your
                                                             bonUS gift with the purchase of $75 worth of Ultraceuticals
                                                                         skincare. Available only in Sept 2010

                                                                                           purchase 2 Ultraceuticals products and receive an
                                                                                          Ultraceuticals beach towel and a limited edition pro-
                                                                                                tective Daily moisturiser SpF 30+ 100ml.
                                                                                                        Available only in oct 2010
La BeLLe Peau's News

                  Spring - September to november 2010                                              la belle peau
                                                                                                    YOUR SKINCARE SPECIALIST

                                                        UpComing eventS
    September 30th, Thursday 10am to 6pm                                     - 1 hour each person
    Have you ever wanted your very own makeup artist? We are giving away 15 makeup consultations
    with your very own Jane Iredale makeup artist! Learn the secrets to mineral success, application
    tips and tricks, how to create your own mineral look and of course the latest fashion trends! Jane
                                              Great XMAS Gift Idea
    Iredale, the mother of all mineral makeup, is your answer to healthy flawless skin! $60 booking
    fee applies and is redeemable on JI makeup purchased on the day. Bookings are essential. Only 15
    spots available.

    October 19th & 26th, Tuesday 10am to 7pm - 1 hour each person
    Ultraceuticals Skin Consultant, Bree Atkin, is visiting La Belle Peau. As a special offer, she is giving 14
    clients the opportunity to experience a FREE full face and neck treatment using Microdermabrasion &
    Vitamin Infusion valued at $195 with the purchase of 3 Ultraceuticals products on the day. A thorough
    skin diagnosis and aftercare are included. $45 booking fee applies and is redeemable on products
    purchased on the day. To get yourself on the right road to beautiful skin, call 6361 1500 now to reserve
    your free skin treatment with Bree Atkin. Only 14 spots available!

    November 28th, Sunday 12pm to 5pm - Pre-Xmas 5 Hours Super Sales
    This is a sales not to miss and will not disappoint!! A huge selection of quality
    and unique gifts at prices not to be repeated again. Sales items include
    skincare gift sets, pamper packages, makeup boxes, jewelry boxes, tea sets,
    photo frames, paintings plus much more!! Most are one off handcrafted
    pieces and are not available anywhere else. To register your interest, simply
    email your name and address to kimntran@hotmail.com. An e-catalogue
    will be sent out closer to the event. These special gift items are now in their
    making and will be available for preview in beginning of November at La Belle
    Peau. Mark this date in your diary now!! Drinks and nibbles are available.

    treatment of the Quarter
    eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. they are      From September to November, receive a complimentary
    also the most expressive feature, as well as the one that can be   eyebrow makeover using the NEW Bitty Brow Kit® by jane
    changed most dramatically without cosmetic surgery. that is        iredale® with every eyebrow wax.
    why creating a very well groomed naturally defined eyebrow
                                                                       please refer to the “What’s new” section for more information
    that enhances all of your features is an art in itself. eyebrows
                                                                       on our new eyebrow kit. Wait! there’s more! bring this
    must vary with each individual in shape, size, length, and
                                                                       newsletter in to receive an eyebrow wax and colour session
    color. A person's face shape, cheekbones, and nose all affect
                                                                       for only $20!! Limited to one per person.
    the outcome of their brow shape.

    At La belle peau we pride ourselves
    in designing beautiful eyebrows
    every time.

                                    324 FITZGERALD STREET, NORTH PERTH WA 6006
                  p: 6361 1500 F: 6361 1501 e: info@labellepeau.com.au W: www.labellepeau.com.au
   Sunday closed Monday & Tuesday 10am – 6pm Wednesday & Thursday 9:30am – 7pm Friday & Saturday 8:30am – 5pm

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