LOCAL 575
                            SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2007 EDITION
                                Lyn Klein/Susan Barrett –Editors

                                                          None of the other bargaining units came close to
                                                          gaining anything near what we (Local 575) did.

                                                          This month AFSCME has launched a campaign to
                                                          have every member become an MVP member of
                                                          P.E.O.P.L.E.. This is our legislative arm of
NEXT MEETING                                              AFSCME. Recently we've seen the results of
SATURDAY: Saturday September 8, 2007                      P.E.O.P.L.E. at work in finally getting the Bill
TIME: 9:30 A.M.                                           passed that will get us our Retro pay from the first 2
PLACE: Council 36 514 Shatto Pl 3rd Fl.                   months of the "Re-Class". This has been a long hard
Los Angeles, CA                                           fought battle. We've proposed more than one Bill
Between 1 block North of 6th street and East of           trying to get the court's to pay AFSCME members the
Vermont.                                                  difference that came with our reclassification. There
AGENDA ITEMS INCLUDE:                                     was a two-month period that SEIU received
Council 36 Convention and Delegate nominations.           substantially more than AFSCME members simply
                                                          because they did not question the amounts and
Questions or comments:                                    numbers assigned by RSG. That has now been
E-mail stopby575@yahoo.com                                rectified and all AFSCME members will get the
********************************                          money to which they were entitled at the time of the
Officers:                                                 re-class. The difference only existed for about two
Carole Prescott: President                                months, but that money should have been yours.
Gwendolyn Jones: Vice-President                           AFSCME, P.E.O.P.L.E., in particular kept up the
Yvonne Lane-Treasurer                                     fight until the Bill was signed by your Governor
Vivian Yoshioka-Secretary                                 directing the Court to pay you your money. All this
                                                          having been said and a prime example given of how
                                                          P.E.O.P.L.E. helps each of us, I encourage all of you
                 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                      to become regular MVP donors to P.E.O.P.L.E. that
                                                          amounts to $4.00 per pay period or $8.00 per month,
                 Message from your                        a really small price to pay to keep someone fighting
                 president.                               for your rights as workers in the Capitol.

                                                          Remember, elections are at the end of this year.
                                                          Think about becoming involved in your Union.
                  I hope that all of you are as pleased   Nominations are set for November, plan on attending
with our new contract as I am. I have finally reached     that meeting and nominating or being nominated to
one of my personal goals. that was to obtain some         serve on your Executive Board.
parity for the members of the unit not receiving the
51/2% bonus. I had hoped that we would be able to         In Solidarity!
obtain that same 51/2% bonus for everyone that was
on their top step, but that was not doable. We did        Carole Prescott
however get a form of parity for those not receiving
the "bonus", 14 Special Paid Leave days each year of
the contract, which equals 42 days over the life of the
contract. I offer KUDOS to the entire Negotiating
Team for hanging-in and fighting to gain these days.

                                                              Also I invite anyone of you to submit any labor
                HAVING TECHNICAL ISSUES                       related, or other materials that might be of interest or
                ON YOUR JOB?                                  importance to our members.
                LET YOURSELF BE HEARD-
                Gwen Jones

                 Quarterly (or somewhere in that
vicinity) I attend a Joint Labor Management
Technology Ad Hoc Committee that addresses issues
that may arise when working with the many archaic
computer systems that we have been given to do our                             MESSAGE FROM YOUR
jobs.                                                                          CHIEF STEWARD’s
                                                                               DAUGHTER PHOENIX
We have brought and resolved issues to the table that                          MASON :
have made some of our                                                          Greetings!
lives simpler.                                                                 Many people don’t realize the
                                                                               sacrifices that the families of shop
After several years and                                       stewards have to make as well as the
many meetings there is                                        shop stewards themselves. I have gone many nights
finally a system that                                         without homework help or someone to talk to about
allows the juvenile clerks                                    how my day went because of my mother’s union
to prepare minute orders on the computer. Although            involvement. However, I have also seen what great
not yet complete it is a start.                               things my mother and other Executive Board
                                                              members have done for otherpeople.
We were able to divert a program called Agis which
would have dumped some of the work the probation              The grievance process may seem long and
officers are responsible to process on the clerk/JA. It       cumbersome, but it is well worth it. I have heard of
has however come to my attention that once again the          many people getting their suspensions lifted or their
probation department is trying to raise the issue             “u” time reversed because they called my mom and
again...We stopped them once, we can do it again.             decided they were ready to fight. Honestly, I see no
                                                              downfall to filing a grievance. They may not all end
Please feel free to e-mail me                                 up the wayyou want them to, but at least you can say
GJones@lasuperiorcourt.org with any issues you may            that you put up a fight.
feel need to be addressed. I will respond to each
inquiry as quickly as I can.                                  I recently heard about a grievance from my mom and
                                                              I think it is my favorite one date. My mother was
                                                              defending a veteran clerk from Compton. She was
                                                              having an issue with management demanding
             DID YOU KNOW ……                                  doctor’s notes out of her despite their own policy that
                                                              requires them only after someone has returned to
             If you don't have the DMV                        work. Well, needless to say that my mom won the
             CONFIDENTIALITY FORMS at your                    grievance because she had the best defense; the
             location contact Human Resources @               words straight from management’s own mouth
(213) 974-0020 and request them.                              (policy.) But that was not the best part of the
                                                              grievance. The best part was the phone call that my
                 FROM YOUR EDITOR:                            mother received the day after the clerk found out that
                 Dear members,                                she had won. The clerk was so happy she was giddy,
                 Usually I post a message directly            and she was so grateful towards my mom that she
                 from Cher Mason re: Steward                  made the lack of homework help worth it for me. I
                 Activities. However this month I am          love listening to that message on my mom’s phone
                 publishing an article by her daughter        because it reminds me of the great things that she is
                 Phoenix. I hope you find it inspiring.       doing. It reminds me that there are people out there
                 It is nice to know that daughters are        who really need help at work. Management does not
still proud of their parents.                                 care about them, and someone needs to. I am very
                                                              proud to say that one of those people is my mom.

Since my mother began her extended union                       mentioned this morning that he believes it is a
involvement, I have spent many nights at union                 violation of our MOU.
meetings. I have heard the issues that people have at
work. I have been informed of their mistreatment. I            I don't have a copy of our MOU, what do the masses
have imagined their grief. But I have also seen the            think?
accomplishments that the union has won for workers.
I have met people like the aforementioned clerk                Penny Daniel Doval
whom have been given a voice through my mother.                Judicial Assistant
And for those of you who don’t know Cher Mason,                Long Beach Superior Court
that voice is a very loud one!! I have seen people get         Department 3 - Drug Court
redemption for their situations, get peace of mind and         (562) 491-6240
a sense of justice.

I am going to end this article with a call to action for
EVERYONE. Everyone needs to participate because                DELINQUENCY COURTS:
management does not discriminate when it comes to              Memo to Deliquency Clerks:
oppression. Old or young, you are eligible to be a             Monday of this week, 8/27/07, the Delinquency
victim of management’s “mis-management.”                       Administrators and representatives from Probation,
Employees need to file grievances and send a strong            Pubic Defender, Alternate Public Defender, and DA
message to management that they need to follow the             met with Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Nash to
rules, too. As a young person, it restores my faith in         discuss SB81 which goes into effect on Saturday,
the power of the working class knowing that people             9/1/07. Although at this time no concrete
like the members of Local 575’s E-Board are                    implementation policies and procedures are in place,
protecting the rights of the rank and file.                    I do want to give you a brief overview of the main
                                                               points of this bill so that you will have a general idea
Phoenix Q. Mason                                               of what it is about if you should receive an SB81

                                                               The 4 main points of this bill are as follows:
                      MESSAGES FROM AROUND
                      THE COURTS                               1. Any minor who was ordered committed to DJJ, is
                      Dear Fellow Members,                     still confined in a DJJ institution and the commitment
                      I have gotten a few tidbits of           offense was not a 707(b) WIC offense, could have his
                      info from your fellow clerks that        commitment recalled by the Court. In such cases the
                      I have put in the column below.          Court shall have a recall disposition hearing so that
I encourage all of you to send me your “bits and               an alternative disposition can be made. Pending this
pieces” for the newsletter. Who knows, maybe                   hearing, the minor must remain detained.
something that is happening in your court may be
happening elsewhere as well. Also send some                    2. Any minor who is paroled from DJJ on or after
positive (if any) “puff” pieces if you want! We could          9/1/07 and their commitment offense was not a
all use a good joke, smile and good feelings every             707(b) WIC offense, that minor shall be returned to
once in a while!                                               and supervised by the committing county. Upon
Lyn Klein Dept. 21 Central Courthouse.                         receipt of the minor, the Court shall have a parole
                                                               disposition hearing.
I work in Long Beach Court. Here in Long Beach                 3. Effective 9/1/07 any DJJ parolee whose parole is
there is a practice of rotating staffing when Judges           suspended, canceled, or revoked shall be returned to
are asked to call other court calendars. For instance,         the custody of DJJ if the commitment offense was a
yesterday, my Judge was asked to sit in another                707(b) WIC offense or to the custody of the county
courtroom. Another Judge came to my court (with his            of commitment if the commitment offense was a non
JA/Clerk), which meant I had to go with my Judge to            707(b) WIC offense.
another courtroom or float. I have been a Judicial
Assistant for 20 years, and have worked in many                4. Effective 9/1/07 any minor adjudged to be a 602
locations, and have never seen anything even                   WIC ward of the Court shall not be committed to DJJ
remotely similar to this practice anywhere. My Judge           when their most recent offense is not a 707(b) WIC

offense, unless it is a sex offense as described in                      Invite your manager to your courtroom to
paragraph (3) of subdivision (d) of 290 PC.                              show you how they would do all this in 8
Probation estimates that currently there are                        •    REMEMBER: State law requires only 8
approximately 133 non 707(b) minors at DJJ. About                        hours worth of work shall be done in an 8
58 are to be paroled and between 125-160 are                             hour period. We know that many of you
currently on parole. There is a 70-90 percent                            have much more than 8 hours worth of work
revocation rate per Probation.                                           per day!

Probation and the DA have stated that they will not
be recalling any minors' DJJ commitments. The PD                UNION MEMBER BENEFITS
estimates that it has between 6 and 13 minors who               Check out the Member Welfare Center at
fall within the recall guidelines. If a minor is                AFSCME.org. Among numerous benefits are: credit
recalled, the case may come across the Detained                 cards, legal services, homework help web sites, pet
Desk for placement on the detention calendar. Please            services, moving van discounts, and car rentals. The
be on the lookout for any of these cases as described           web site includes additional benefits and information
above, i.e., any case that involves a minor who was             important to our members.
previously committed to DJJ. If you should come
across any, please notify me immediately. These
cases should not be calendared or filed as 778                                     HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT
petitions!! Instead the hearing may be either a Parole                             OUR WEBSITES?
Disposition Hearing or a Recall Disposition Hearing.                               LOCAL 575:
Once more info is received I will make certain that                                Check out our links to other Union
you also receive it. Thank you for your cooperation.            sites and your legislators. Our MOU is now on the
                                                                web, too!
                                                                INTERNATIONAL’S WEBSITE:
                                                                 Check for all updates for pending legislation
                         DON’T STRESS OUT!                      effecting labor issues, committees, Union activities,
                         Remember the following                 and P.E.O.P.L.E., and the AFSCME ADVANTAGE
                         guidelines;                            PROGRAM (Includes: education scholarships,
                                                                mortgage loans, credit cards, life insurance, travel
                                                                discounts, car rentals, legal services, theme parks
                                                                discounts, etc.)
    •    Work to Rule: Do your job, and do it
         thoroughly.                                                                      KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!
    •    Work at your pace, DO NOT go into                                                “WEINGARTEN RULES”.
         overdrive and stress yourself out!                                               YOU HAVE THE
    •    Your working hours are from 8:00 a.m. to                                         RIGHT….If management
         5:00 p.m. plus two 15 minute breaks and                                          requests a meeting with you
         your lunch hour (of course who gets those                                        and you believe (and even if
         15minute breaks, those are normally added              you don’t, but after you start the meeting you might!)
         to the lunch break).                                   it may result in disciplinary action; you have the right
    •    If it is noon and your Judicial Officer is still       to union representation.
         on the bench, call your supervisor for relief          EMPLOYEE MUST MAKE CLEAR THEIR
         clerk! If no relief available, they must pay           REQUEST for UNION REPRESENTATION
         you for working through your lunch!                    BEFORE OR DURING the hearing/interview.
    •    WORKING AFTER 5:00P.M?                                 An employee CAN NOT be punished for this
         Call your supervisor get relief, no relief they        request. After the request the EMPLOYER must
         must pay the overtime!                                 choose 3 options:
    •    DON’T LET MANAGEMENT                                   • Grant the request and delay questioning until a
         INTIMIDATE YOU.                                         union representative (steward) can be present.
         Don’t let them tell you “a good clerk can do            Employee should be given reasonable time to
         all this work in an 8 hour period”!                     consult with their Union Representative.

• Deny the request and end the interview                       How P.E.O.P.L.E. Makes a Difference
 immediately; or                                               P.E.O.P.L.E. works to affect the political process on
• Give the Employee a choice of                                many levels. Since by law union dues cannot be used
   a) having an interview with representation or               to fund political campaigns, voluntary member
   b) ending the interview                                     contributions to the P.E.O.P.L.E. fund are used to
                                                               help elect pro-worker candidates.
IF THE EMPLOYER DENIES THE REQUEST                             It is important to realize that pro-worker candidates
FOR UNION REPRESENTATION, and continues to                     are generally outspent by opponents — often by more
ask questions, it is committing an UNFAIR LABOR                than 10 to one. Big Business is always a big spender
PRACTICE and the EMPLOYEE has a right to                       for their candidates. Without our member
refuse to answer.                                              contributions, pro-worker candidates would face
The EMPLOYER may not discipline the                            almost impossible odds.
EMPLOYEE for such refusal.                                     But P.E.O.P.L.E. provides more than money to
                                                               candidates and campaigns. Trained AFSCME
CONTACT:                                                       volunteers participate in campaigns to give pro-
Cher Mason: Dept 19 CCH                                        worker candidates the winning edge. Our political
213 974-5615 cmason@lasuperiorcourt.org                        activists can make the crucial difference in any race.
Carole Prescott: cprescott@lasuperiorcourt.org                 AFSCME also serves as a strategic resource for pro-
                                                               worker candidates to help map out successful
                                                               campaign strategies.
                    Be a P.E.O.P.L.E. person!                  And last but not least, P.E.O.P.L.E. works with
                    Now more than ever,                        AFSCME members at the council and local levels to
                    Please join the P.E.O.P.L.E.               help create a structure for evaluating campaigns and
                    PROGRAM; our jobs depend                   endorsing candidates in state and local races. Politics
                    on Union friendly legislators.             is everywhere, but fortunately, so is P.E.O.P.L.E.
                                                               P.E.O.P.L.E. Needs You
                                                               Like all aspects of our union, P.E.O.P.L.E. is nothing
Make Things Happen With P.E.O.P.L.E.                           without our members. To provide a strong political
NOTE: In accordance with federal law, the                      voice for public employees, we need your help. You
P.E.O.P.L.E. Committee will accept contributions               can become an active part of P.E.O.P.L.E. in many
only from members of AFSCME and their families.                ways. The easiest way is by participating in a
Contributions or gifts to AFSCME P.E.O.P.L.E. are              P.E.O.P.L.E. check-off program to provide a regular
not deductible as charitable contributions for federal         contribution that we can count on as we work with
income tax purposes.                                           candidates and campaigns throughout the year to
Politics Affects Everyone                                      make sure our members' interests are represented.
P.E.O.P.L.E. (Public Employees Organized to                    Politicians will make decisions that have a great
Promote Legislative Equality) is about the difference          impact on you — from privatization to pensions —
between having things happen to you and making                 with or without your input. Make your voice heard by
things happen.                                                 joining with other members in P.E.O.P.L.E.
By participating in P.E.O.P.L.E. (AFSCME's                     Join Now and Get Involved By:
political, legislative and fundraising arm), you can                 • Making a P.E.O.P.L.E. donation. Individual
have a direct impact on the political process — from                     contributions can be made by check, money
helping shape policies on privatization and other                        order, cash, or credit card.
issues that affect us to helping elect the public                    • Signing a payroll deduction card for
officials who are your bosses.                                           P.E.O.P.L.E. check-off.
As a public employee, your job, wages and working                    • Signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer
conditions are directly linked to politics. We need the                  (EFTs) through a credit union account, your
active participation of all members in order to make                     regular checking or savings account.
our legislative/political program strong and in turn, to             • Organizing P.E.O.P.L.E. fundraising events.
be effective when we work on behalf of our                           • Becoming active in your union's
members. From possible changes in Social Security                        P.E.O.P.L.E. committee.
retirement benefits to anti-union initiatives in the                 • Joining the Presidents Club, for an annual
states, politics affects everyone. No other group of                     contribution of at least $35.
employees has such a direct connection to politics as                • Becoming a VIP (Very Important
AFSCME members. That is why P.E.O.P.L.E.                                 P.E.O.P.L.E.). For an annual contribution of

          $50 you will receive all the benefits of the          • Health Club Discounts
          Presidents Club plus VIP premiums                  Union Shopping
          according to your year of membership.                 • Entertainment Discounts
          CONTACT AILEEN SANDERS AT                             • Pet Services — Pet Insurance and Vet
           asanders@lasuperiorcourt.org or                          Discounts
               AFSCME P.E.O.P.L.E.                              • Cingular Wireless Discounts
                 1625 L Street, N.W.                            • Union Plus Computer Discounts
                Washington, DC 20036                            • Union-printed union-made checks and return
                                                                    address labels
                                                                • Union Member Flower Program
                                                                • Other Union Shopping Web Sites

   Member Only Benefit Programs
                                                                 • Life Insurance — Current Union Plus Life
(Check out the website for more in-depth information
                                                                     Insurance policyholders may call 1-800-
                                                                 • Accident Insurance — Current Union Plus
        • Union Plus Scholarship Program
                                                                     Accident Insurance policyholders may call
        • Union Plus National Labor College
                                                             Money and Credit:
        • Union Plus Education Services
                                                                 • Union Plus Credit Card — Call 1-800-522-
        • AFSCME Scholarships and Financial Aid                      4000 for details (TTY: 1-800-655-9392).
            Web Sites
                                                                     AFSCME Advantage Credit Card holders
        • Homework Help Web Sites                                    can securely access their accounts online at
        • Test Preparation Web Sites                                 http://www.unionpluscard.com
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   House and Home                                                • Loan Program — Call 1-888-235-2759 for
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