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					                       D ATA S HEET

                          Data Domain DD400
                                     Enterprise Series
                      Today’s traditional disk backup systems go no further than providing a front-end to a tape
                      library infrastructure with a fast cache, temporarily alleviating backup window problems.
                      They fail to replace tape automation technology because they lack the requisite economic
                      and operational qualities. Plain disk cannot cost efficiently retain backup data for any
                      length of time, and backup data is too large to be replicated over a wide area network

                      Data Domain has revolutionized disk backup and

                      remote office data protection by addressing the data
                      volume issue with Capacity Optimized Storage (COS)
                      solutions. Backup data is reduced in size by an average of
                      20x with Data Domain’s patented combination of high speed
                      deduplication and compression. Disk backup storage is now cost-
                      effective for long-term onsite retention and highly efficient for WAN vaulting to disaster
                      recovery sites. Data Domain’s Capacity Optimized Storage solutions are central to any
                      tapeless data protection architecture for the enterprise.

                      MASSIVE DATA REDUCTION                                                 Easily Inserts Into Existing Enterprise

                      The DD400 Enterprise Series of restorers is                            Backup Infrastructure
                      the industry’s highest throughput family of                            The DD400 Enterprise Series is qualified
                      scalable COS appliances for backup/recovery                            with all leading enterprise backup software
                      storage. All DD400s are designed with                                  – no infrastructure change is required for
                      Data Domain’s deduplication technology,                                either data center or distributed office data
                      Global Compression™. All restorers store                               protection.
                      each unique data sequence only once and
                      save significant physical storage capacity                             Use the DD400 Series to protect enterprise
                      by substituting small references for each                              or developer application data, including:
                      identical redundant sequence. Backup                                     • Oracle and other databases
                      data is ideal for this technology, and                                   • Exchange and .PST files
                      Data Domain is the only vendor to offer                                  • Home directories
                      the benefits of data reduction and the                                   • Developer files, e.g. ClearCase, CVS
                      throughput to meet backup windows. The                                   • Enterprise applications such as
                      DD400 Series offers an average 20x data                                     CRM and ERP
                      reduction for enterprise recovery images,
                      enabling cost-efficient retention on disk for
                      high-speed and more reliable recoveries.

                                                           Data Domain In Your Enterprise
                           Branches Offices                                Regional Datacenters                            Corporate Datacenters
                                       UP TO 1 TB DATA                                    1-5 TB DATA                                 UP TO 5 TB DATA

                                                DD400                                             DD400


                                                              Capacity                                        Capacity
                                                             Optimized                                       Optimized
                                                             Replication                          DD400
                                                                                                  Restorer   Replication

                                               DD410                                    DD430 / DD460                                                DD460
                         High Capacity, High Throughput COS                                   deduplication technology, backup data sets
                         The DD400 Series offers capacities from                              are effectively shrunk by 99%, to a size
                         15 TB to more than 200 TB of usable                                  where WAN vaulting is now economically
                         storage per system for a typical enterprise                          and operationally feasible.
                         data set and backup policy. With its high
                         performance system architecture, the                                 Ultra Safe Backup Storage For
                         DD400 Series offers hundreds of GB/hour                              Reliable Recovery
                         of throughput, comparable to LTO3                                    The DD400 Series is built with resilience
                         performance.                                                         and data invulnerability in mind. Fans
                                                                                              and power supplies (N+1) are redundant
                         Local Or Multi-site Data Protection                                  and easy to replace. Disks are configured
                         Connect a DD400 appliance to your backup                             with DD RAID, a dual disk parity RAID
                         software’s media server as either a file server                      configuration, so two disks can fail
                         via GB Ethernet or a virtual tape library                            simultaneously and the system will remain
                         (VTL) fibre channel. It takes just minutes                           healthy. Data Domain’s Data Invulnerability
                         for you to start backing up and recovering                           Architecture means recoverability is
                         data. You can duplicate to tape using your                           verified at backup time, a claim no other
                         existing software for offsite and archive                            enterprise array or file system can make.
                         support. Also, the Data Domain Replicator                            And recoverability is continuously reverified
                         software option is ideal for WAN vaulting                            because Data Domain believes nothing is

                         to another site for disaster recovery (DR),                          more precious than a fast, correct recovery
                         remote office data protection or multi-site                          of your data.
                         tape consolidation. With Data Domain’s

                                                                                   DD410                    DD430                    DD460
                             Capacity: Raw                                         8x160 GB                 8x400 GB                 15x400 GB
                             Capacity: Standard(1)                                 15 TB                    42 TB                    83 TB

                             Capacity: Redundant(2)                                55 TB                    101 TB                   233 TB
                             Throughput maximum                                    160 GB/hr                220 GB/hr                290 GB/hr
                             Consider for primary data of this size(3)             Up To 1 TB               Up To 2.5 TB             Up To 5 TB
                           1. Mix of typical enterprise data (file systems, databases, mail, developer files), full backup weekly, incremental backup
                              daily, to system capacity
                           2. Mix of typical enterprise data (file systems, databases, mail, developer files), full backup daily, to system capacity
                           3. Estimates based on conventional use. Please contact Data Domain Sales for site analysis.

                          SOFTWARE                                     Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) 3.x
                          Software Features                            Global and local compression, integrated dual parity RAID (DDRAID),
                                                                       Data Invulnerability Architecture™, telnet, ftp, ssh, email alerts,
                                                                       command line management interface, GUI, end-to-end verification
                                                                       (ongoing), scheduled capacity reclamation (clean), SNMP, Data Domain
                                                                       Replicator (add-on option)
                          File Protocol Support                        NFS v3 over TCP, CIFS, NDMP v2

                          HARDWARE PLATFORM                3U 19-inch rack-mount enclosure, hot-plug disks, redundant fans,
                                                           N+1 power supplies, 2 copper 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (optional
                                                           dual add-on GB Ethernet, copper or fiber), serial port
                          Normal Operating Current         (for 115VAC/230VAC) DD410/430: 3.0/1.5A; DD460: 3.5/1.8A
                          Maximum Current at Power Up      (for 115VAC/230VAC) DD410/430: 4.5/2.3A; DD460: 5.0/2.5A
                          System Thermal Rating            DD410/430: 1370 BTU / hr.; DD460: 1570 BTU / hr
                          System Weight                    DD410/430: 60 lbs (28kg); DD460: 80 lbs (36.3kg)
                          System Dimensions (WxDxH)        19” x 26” x 5.25” (48.3 cm x 66 cm x 13.3 cm)
                          Operating Temperature & Humidity +5C to +35F @ 5%-90% RH, noncondensing
                          Non-operating Temperature        -40C to +65C
                          Minimum Clearances
  3400 Hillview Ave.          Front, w/Bezel Closed        1” (2.5cm)
  Bldg 3, 2nd Floor           Front, w/Bezel Open          5” (12.7cm)
                              Rear                         5” (12.7cm)
  Palo Alto, CA 94304     Operating Acoustic Noise         Max 75 dbA, at rear of unit when all drives seek simultaneously
                          REGULATORY APPROVALS      Safety                                     UL1950
                            Emissions                                  FCC Class A
                            Immunity                                   EN 55024: 1

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