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					Marci Katz                                                                       The artist will give a talk
                                                                                                                             Winter 2008
                                                                                                                             at the OCAC
Suspended Rumination                                                             on Saturday, January 19th
                                                                                 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
January 12th – 31st, Oceanside Gallery                                           (see article on Page 2)
Opening Reception Saturday January 12th at 7:30 pm                                                                           FOR JANUARY:
                                                                                                                             Marci Katz
Artist’s Statement:                  for spiritual growth. I believe       humour, irony, regret, and compas-                Suspended Rumination: mobiles.
As I work I sift through layers      this quest for meaning is a uni-      sion this process arouses in me.
of personal history and memory,      versal one, and I try to share my                                                       Joe Rosenblatt
trying to grasp the lessons of       insights with the viewer.             Assemblage is an aesthetic ap-
                                                                                                                             Reading and art exhibit
past experience. I examine the                                             proach ideally suited to this sub-
good, the bad and the ugly, be-      My search takes me to places full     ject matter. Making art from dis-
lieving in a larger sense that un-   of strong emotion, fairy tales and    cards is on its own an attempt to                 AAG Members’ Show
derstanding and accepting the        myths, conflict, failures, and tri-   dignify and celebrate the past, and               Continues with new work.
past are necessary conditions        umphs. I try to communicate the       the process of finding materials
                                                                           can be as flukey and surprising as                FOR FEBRUARY
                                                                           life itself. When found objects                   Jim Muir
                                                                           speak to old memories, they lead
                                                                                                                             Recent work
                                                                           me and the viewer in new direc-
                                                                           tions. And some objects are just
                                                                           fun to play with, to arrange in a                 AAG Members’ Show
                                                                           way that also delights the viewer.                Continues with new work.

                                                                           Life is a sort of thrift shop, re-                FOR MARCH
                                                                                                                             Annual Members’ Exhibition
                                                                           This is an exhibition primarily of
                                                                           mobile assemblages. The finished
                                                                           pieces are intended to express                    AAG Members’ Show
                                                                           the unexpectedness, the beauty,                   Continues with new work.
                                                                           the humour, and the elegant, pre-
                                                                           carious balance of life itself.                   See articles inside and Gallery Schedule
                                                                                                                             on back page for more information about
                                                                                                                             some of these exhibitions and events.
                                                                           Artist’s website:
                                                                           At left: Creepy Clock, assemblage by Marci Katz
                                                                                                                             The Oceanside Community
                                                                                                                             Arts Council (OCAC)
                                                                                                                             133 McMillan St., Box 1662
                    Oceanside Photographers’ Group                                                                           Parksville, BC V9P 2H5
                                                                                                                             Phone: 250.248.8185
     The Oceanside Photographers consists of             welcome new members. We enjoy guest speak-
                                                                                                                             Fax: 250.248.8156
     roughly 40 members varying in experience from       ers on photography, equipment, composition,
     novice to professional. “Our strength is in         colour, texture, light etc. We also welcome
     our collective knowledge, but we appreciate         slide show presentations by photographers.”               
     input from all sources as we seek new experi-       For more information contact: Dave Graham,                          Office, Gallery & Gift Shop Hours:
     ences and sights and look to learn more. We         Chairman:                                   10am - 4pm, Monday-Saturday
On Track                                                                                                                           Jan - Feb 2008
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                                           • Oceanside Community Arts Council Newsletter •

Joe Rosenblatt                                                                B2B 2008 Season
The Lunatic Muse                                                              Daily, June 28th - August 30th 2008
                                                                              Chrysler Theatre, Parksville Community & Conference Centre
January 12th – 31st, Nemeth Gallery                                           132 E. Jensen Avenue, Parksville
Reading/Opening Reception Friday January 12th at 7:30 pm                      Season Packages: After January 1st 2008
                                                                              4 shows, unrestricted dates - $78 (value $83)
Joe Rosenblatt will read from his just released book, The Lunatic             Includes Garden Tour ticket - $93 (value $103)
Muse. He will also have a selection of his renowned paintings and             In 2008, B2B will feature six Sunday afternoon matinees in addition to
drawings for display and sale.                                                shows each evening during the summer. Productions for 2008 include
                                                                              Annie Get Your Gun; You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown; Leading
Artist’s Statement:                                                           Ladies and The Love List.
I make no distinction between creating visual art and writing poetry;
for me, painting and drawing are just other ways of writing poetry.           And if that’s not enough --

My aim is to make people laugh at danger, the world, and themselves;          Razzle Dazzle: Dine with the Stars on Broadway
not as a way of escaping the frightful reality of life but rather as a way    February 16th, 2008
of confronting it directly. If concern with the human condition is diffi-     Chrysler Theatre, Parksville Community & Conference Centre
cult to find in my art, it is because of the comic elements, and because      Let B2B dazzle you with great music and food. A fabulous evening
my subjects (cats, birds, snakes, avaricious plants, insects, amphibians,     featuring showstoppers from Gershwin to Cole Porter performed by
bats) wear masks.                                                             Bard to Broadway’s stars.Add a little comic timing and you have enough
                                                                              razzle dazzle for a perfect evening.
My art and poetry lie outside the mainstream of modern art move-
                                                                              Reception at 6 pm; dinner and show 7 to 10 pm
ments. My work does not take up the cudgel for social reform, femi-
                                                                              No host bar; seating is reserved, tables for 8 or 10
nism, environmentalism or any other ism, even though I am greatly
                                                                              Ticket price $60 with a portion as tax receipt
concerned about environmental degradation in our earthly Eden. I
                                                                              Dress is casual elegance
believe making art to feed the soul. I may even be delusional in thinking
that in painting a canvas the Maker is talking to me. Possibly He is!         To reserve your space please leave a message at the box office.
Don’t I paint his creatures, birds, cats, bees and fauna in my garden? Is
                                                                              Box office: 250.752.6813; 1.877.752.6813
there a tiny morsel of God in all of us?
                                                                              Bard to Broadway Theatre Society
Most of my creative work is done in the late afternoon, or in the very
                                                                              PO Box 427, Qualicum Beach V9K 1S9
early hours of the morning when chronic insomnia prevails. However,
the specific time, place or circumstance is irrelevant; it is the technique
of drawing, painting or writing that dominates. I am only the servant of
my muse in these creative pursuits.

Most of my creative process is cerebral. My ideas are like rolls of film
that get developed in the darkroom of my mind. The images have
                                                                              Something New at the OCAC
infinitesimal dots of meaning that, bit by bit, start to take form in my
                                                                              Our new president Merry Hallsor and the OCAC board would like
brain. I distort and twist the mundane world to its essential reality
                                                                              to create more interest and activity within the OCAC in 2008. More
through craft, humor, fantasy, honesty and intensity.
                                                                              artists move to Oceanside each year and the Arts Council should be the
                                                                              space where their talent can be seen by visitors and the general public.
                                                                              It’s been suggested that authors’ readings, short plays, lectures and
                                                                              music be regular events at the OCAC along with the visual arts. Exhib-
ECHO Players 2008                                                             iting artists will be asked to give an artist’s talk and a demonstration
                                                                              based on their work. Art comes from idea, technique and interpreta-
Season Tickets, Information: 250.752.3522 or              tion. It is important for artists to critique each other’s work and ex-
                                                                              change ideas and information.There is the potential for a strong artistic
Feb. 6th to Feb. 24th • SUDS, the rocking 60’s musical                        community in Oceanside. For this to happen we have to come out and
April 3rd to April 19th • I Never Sang for My Father                          meet and support one another. Our first artist’s talk will be held Satur-
May 28th to June 15th (double bill) • Educating Rita and Oleanna              day January 19th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Marci Katz will discuss
Detailed schedule:                                       assemblage and give an introductory hands-on demonstration.
On Track                                                                                                                          Jan - Feb 2008
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                                               • Oceanside Community Arts Council Newsletter •

Jim Muir
                                                                               Calls for Artists
February 1st – 25th, Oceanside Gallery                                         OCAC Festival of Art
Opening Reception Friday February 1st at 7:30 pm                               Annual Juried Fine Art Show
                                                                               March 13th – 16th , 2008
                                                                               Parksville Community & Conference Centre
From an Artist’s Statement:
                                                                               132 E. Jensen Avenue, Parksville, BC
I keep hearing that the world as we know it is coming to an end. It won’t
be the first time. The world ‘as it was known’ has ended many times            Open to Vancouver Island artists for both 2 and 3 dimen-
over, and sure, I think there is one world dying now and another               sional work. Deadline for entries is February 23rd 2008.
world coming - and another after that . . . New worlds are coming so           For entry forms or more information contact the OCAC
fast now that soon people won’t grasp what they are before they are            in Parksville at 250.248.8185, or
gone . . . Our existence is becoming a blur, a dynamic rush. If something
refuses to settle into order, it is chaos. This is the state we were born
of, and the state we are rushing toward. Or something like it . . .
                                                                               Nordic Art and Photography Exhibit and Sale
What would it mean if/when science finally resolves the final mysteries        March 1st and 2nd, 2008
of existence? . . . What if we did get wiped out just as we were on the        Scandinavian Community Centre
verge of solving the great conumdrums of existence? Wouldn’t that be           6540ThomasStreet,Burnaby,BC V5B4P9
poetic irony at it’s best? And the final question, what would the universe     We are interested in works that are by artists of Nordic
be with no satient beings to comprehend it? A collection of raw, uncon-        background and/or works with a Nordic theme. So start
scious elements, driven by various pressures, randomly falling toward          painting, sculpting and snapping unique pictures! This exhibit
order. With something, somewhere in it striving to become aware of it          is sponsored by the Scandinavian Cultural Society. We
all. Rushing toward solution, then falling fast in dissolution.                want to see what you are doing and give you our support.

In the face of these questions and quandries l loaded up my paint brush        For registration forms or info contact: CarolynThauberger
with pigment and started dragging it across canvas . . . I am fascinated how   at 778.999.6339,, or the
little strings of random colour rush together to create something that         Centre at 604.294.2777.
has movement, and depth. This process seems to mimic something in
nature. I cover a canvas with random strings of colour, and I see water. I
break it up a little and I see clouds. Even if all order breaks down there     Nanaimo Art Gallery 2009 Exhibitions
still remains the order of nature. These paintings toy with the idea of        Submission deadline (post dated): January 31st 2008
that innate order. The underlying order that all else is built upon, and       900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5
what will remain if all else falls apart. What a rush.                         Ph: 250.740.6350
                                                                               Proposals from Canadian visual artists to exhibit work in all
                                                                               media are considered on an annual basis. CARFAC fees are paid
                                                                               to exhibiting artists. Full submission information is available at

                                                                               The ArtsWells Festival Of All Things Art
                                                                               August 1st - 4th 2008, Wells BC
                                                                               Submission deadline: January 15th 2008
                                                                               An invitation to artists and musicians of all kinds to partici-
                                                                               pate in this popular event. For more information and for an
                                                                               application form visit
                                                                               Questions: Island Mountain Arts at 1.800.442.2787 or

                              Eye See by Jim Muir
On Track                                                                                                                        Jan - Feb 2008
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                                         • Oceanside Community Arts Council Newsletter •

Gallery Schedule                                       2008                    OCAC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP
                                                                               Regular $25 Seniors and students $22
JANUARY 12th to 31st 2008
Opening Reception, Friday, January 12th, 7:30 pm                               3 YEARS / REDUCED RATES:
Artist’s Talk, Saturday January 19th, 11 am – 2 pm                             Regular $70 Seniors and students $60 Family $80

Marci Katz
Suspended Rumination, mobiles and assemblage. Artist’s talk and                OCAC Board of Directors, 2007-2008
demonstration Saturday January 19th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm. In the
Oceanside Gallery.                                                             President: Merry Hallsor
                                                                               Vice President: TBA
                                                                               Secretary: Jean Fitzpatrick
Joe Rosenblatt                                                                 Treasurer: Jim Varney
Joe will read from his just released book, The Lunatic Muse. Selected
paintings and drawings for display and sale in the Nemeth Gallery              Directors at large:
                                                                               Peter Bendz • Bill Friesen • Ed Varney
Arrowsmith Artists’ Group                                                      Margie Preninger • Melinda Brown
Continues in the Arrowsmith Gallery.

                                                                          OCAC 2008 Winter Classes
FEBRUARY 1st – 25th                                                       Minimum 6 registrations
Opening Reception Friday February 1st at 7:30 pm
                                                                          ACRYLICS - Devon Featherstone, 6 weeks
Jim Muir                                                                  Tuesdays, starts January 22nd, 10:15 am – 12:15
Vancouver Island artist Jim Muir shows his recent paintings in Rush. In   For beginners and intermediate students.
the Oceanside Gallery.                                                    $72 members, $82 non members

Arrowsmith Artists’ Group                                                 WATERCOLOUR - Jacqueline Murray-Hall, 6 weeks
Continues in the Arrowsmith Gallery.                                      Wednesdays, starts January 23rd, 10 am – 12:30
                                                                          For beginning and intermediate painters.
Between newsletters, you can get updated gallery information on           $90members, $100 non members
the OCAC website at
                                                                          KIDS CLASSES - Jill Owen-Flood, 6 weeks
                                                                          Thursdays, starts February 7th, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
                                                                          For the serious young artist, 8 to 13. Drawing, the basics of composition
     2008 Classes with Marilyn Timms                                      and use of both acrylic and watercolour paints. Fee includes all supplies.
     Wednesdays, January 30th to March 19th                               $60 Fee
     The Old School House Arts Centre
     122 Fern Road W. Qualicum Beach                                      LIFE DRAWING - Live model, no instructor, 6 weeks
     250.752.6133 |                                        Mondays, starts January 21st, 12:30 - 3:30 pm
                                                                          $50 members, $60 non members. $10 drop in
     Acrylics: 9:30 am - 12:00 noon | Watercolour: 1:00 - 3:30 pm
     Members $100+gst = $106.00 | Nonmembers $110+gst= $116.60            DROP-IN STUDIO - No instructor
                                                                          Wednesdays, 1 - 4pm
              Next Newsletter Deadline:                                   Anyone can come with their supplies and equipment and spend the
                                                                          afternoon working in the classroom.
              Friday February 15th 2008
                                                                          $5 drop-in fee, $2 for OCAC members

The OCAC would like to thank
our volunteers and community
sponsors for their generous
and continuing support:

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