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									BMT Defence Services Limited                                                                                    Issue 1          April 2002

                                                       Brakes off
                                                       for Carrier
                                                 Thales Naval Limited has awarded BMT Defence Services a
                                                 contract to support the second stage of its bid to design and
                                                 manufacture two new aircraft carriers, designated CVF, for the
                                                 UK Royal Navy, replacing the ageing Invincible Class. The design
                                                 and manufacture contract is expected to be awarded in 2004,
I am very pleased to introduce BMT               with the first of the ships, anticipated to be of 40,000 ~ 50,000
Defence Services’ new Newsletter. Our            tonne displacement, due in service by 2012.
intention is to publish new information
and views on topics of interest to our           BMT has been a member of the Thales
customers on a regular basis.                    Team since 1999 and the company’s
                                                 involvement focuses on the areas of ship
I am aware that I am probably a new              design and support. BMT is responsible for
name to many of you, having succeeded            naval architecture (ship sizing, general
Roger Babington as Managing Director in          arrangement, hydrodynamics, stability and
November last year. Having worked in a           structures), survivability and platform systems
number of areas in BMT over the past 12          design. The company also leads the
years my background is strongly focussed         Integrated Logistic Support studies.
in the maritime field: most recently as
Managing Director of BMT’s information           The carriers will operate the new US
systems company.                                 developed Joint Combat Aircraft as the
                                                 primary part of a Carrier Air Group; which
At BMT Defence Services we have prided           will include fighter, strike and surveillance
ourselves for many years on the standard of      aircraft and support helicopters. Lockheed
our technical services and the independence      Martin is developing two variants of the
of our designs and advice. Technical             aircraft, a conventional catapult launch and                CTOL design for UK carrier
superiority remains at the core of our           arrested recovery variant and a short take
business, but it is increasingly our impartial   off and vertical landing variant. Pending the     180 staff are based at the Thales office in
view that differentiates us in a market dom-     decision on the variant to be procured for        the Bristol Business Park, close to MoD’s
inated by a few major contractors. From          the UK, the team’s studies will encompass         Abbey Wood site.
requirements analysis to supporting ships in     both options.
service, we believe that the best solutions                                                        CVF is the flagship project of the UK
will always evolve from independent technical    The Thales Team is a multi-national group of      MoD’s Smart Acquisition Initiative. BMT
excellence.                                      companies whose key members also include,         look forward to their continued and
                                                 Lockheed Martin, Devonport Management             long-term involvement in the evolution of
Andrew Tyler                                     Ltd and Raytheon. A dedicated team of             the programme.
                                            Expansion Triggers Move
                                            Following a sustained period of growth, the company’s Weymouth division moved into larger
Commence                                    offices in January. Guest of honour at the official opening was John Coles, Chief Executive

  of MoD                                    of the MoD’s Warship Support Agency, with civic dignitaries and members of the Weymouth
                                            & Portland Chamber of Commerce in attendance.
Medical Ship
The Ministry of Defence has contracted
BMT to carry out studies in support of
the ‘Assessment’ phase for a new afloat
medical capability, known as the Primary
Casualty Receiving Capability (PCRC).

The study includes the outline design of
a generic medical complex specifically
for treating large numbers of casualties,
                                                                             John Coles chatting to BMT staff
and providing a high standard of co-
ordinated post-treatment care.

BMT will also assess a range of generic
deployment options, including modular         BMT Defence Services Gains
facilities for repeated installation on
existing vessels, ship conversions, or
                                               Training Scheme Approval
new-construction. Cost / capability         The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology - IMarEST, has approved the
trade-offs will identify solutions war-     company’s Initial Professional Development (IPD) scheme offered to graduates. This
ranting more detailed study. These more     achievement means that BMT Defence Services is one of the first in the UK to meet the
detailed design studies will provide a      requirements of new Engineering Council SARTOR 3 regulations.
basis for the Ministry’s determination
of the best value for money technical       Approval of IPD recognises that graduates with different academic qualifications may follow
approach to take forward any future         different pathways within the one overall IPD structure. Approval acknowledges our flexible
design and manufacture contract.            training scheme, which recognises individual skills and tailors individuals to aspects of the
                                            company’s business that will best utilise these skills.

    RN Tomahawk
   Missile Support                          Founder’s Memorial Award
  Contract Extended
                                            At the annual dinner held at the Assembly
BMT Defence Services, teamed with           Rooms in Bath, Claire Grattan, pictured on
Rolls-Royce Marine Power as the             the left, became the first recipient of the
Systems Information & Co-ordinating         John Hannah Memorial Award, for BMT
Agency (SiCA), have provided docu-          Defence Services’ most promising new-
mentation services and support to           comer. The award was made in memory of
the UK MoD’s Tomahawk Land                  the company’s founder and was presented
Attack Missile Integrated Project           by John’s widow Yvonne.
Team (TLAM IPT) since 1999.

The value of the partnership between
SiCA and the TLAM IPT has been
recognised by the recent award of a         Excellence South West
2-year extension to the current Post
Design Support Services contract, which     Commendation
is run from BMT’s Weymouth office.
                                            BMT was one of nine organisations including DPA, DASA and HMS MONTROSE to receive
We look forward to continuing our suc-      a commendation for their submission to the Excellence South West Annual Awards
cessful relationship with the TLAM IPT.     programme. Jenny Simmonds, Operations Director received the Commendation at the
                                            Awards Dinner in December.
We’re Talking Rubbish!
Today’s consumers are more aware than ever of global ‘green’ issues and
the state of our planet. These issues fuel pressure groups, allowing them
to wave the ‘save the planet’ flag and attract media attention. The European
Community and UK Government policy makers are encouraging industry
to consider the environmental impacts of their products; through the use
of fewer raw materials, reusable and recyclable items, and easier disposal.

Public    procurement        agencies       are    implementation        of   a    supply      chain
encouraged through European Strategy               Environmental Management System (EMS)
                                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of BMT Cordah
papers, such as Integrated Product Policy          based on the environmental standard
and Green Public Procurement, to purchase          ISO14001. Encapsulating through-life envi-            Comparing the results against existing
all things ‘green’, and are expected to set        ronmental management into the MoD’s                   environmental standards and legislation will
an example to the rest of the commercial           procurement strategies, it will enable closer         highlight any gaps. By subjecting the results
world. Consequently, within industry’s             co-operation with commercial counterparts,            to a formal environmental risk assessment
politically correct society, environmental         particularly those involved with procurement          the significant impacts can be identified.
buzzwords like ‘cradle to grave’, ‘whole           and in-service support.
life cost’, ‘due diligence’ and ‘sustainability’                                                         Including employees at all levels within the
have been born and are part of the board-          The first action of organisations wishing to          initiative, for example, through awareness
room dialogue.                                     consider the through-life environmental               training, can instil a sense of personal
                                                   implications of their activities is to examine        responsibility in everyone. BMT has recently
The UK MoD has recognised the benefits             their own environmental activities and                developed an intranet site for the DPA,
of environmentally sound procurement               those of its suppliers and customers. Issues          known as “Environet”, aimed at improving
policies. BMT has recently completed a             such as the choice of raw materials, product          their staff’s awareness of environmental
comprehensive review of policy documents           transport and packaging, energy use,                  issues and promoting cultural change. The
for the Defence Procurement Agency                 through life service requirements and, of             ultimate environmental aim is to achieve
(DPA), including a phased plan for the             course, final disposal must be considered.            continual improvement and this can be
                                                                                                         attained         by       setting        goals        called
                                                                                                         ‘Environment Performance Indicators’, which
                                                                                                         can be reviewed and reported periodically.
                                                                                                         Finally, to achieve maximum financial
                                                                                                         benefits, the overall system must include
                                                                                                         site-based activities; water and waste
                                                                                                         management and energy usage.

                                                                                                         By following simple steps, implementing a
                                                                                                         supply chain EMS can help both suppliers
                                                                                                         and buyers focus on environmental issues
                                                                                                         that consider procurement through to
                                                                                                         disposal. It will not only aid legal compliance
                                                                                                         and avoid fines, but also avoid bad publicity,
                                                                                                         which can be both embarrassing and
                                                                                                         financially devastating to organisations in
                                                                                                         today’s environmentally sensitive climate.

                                             Storage of bulky ship-board waste is improved by equipment such as Strachan and Henshaw’s plastic processing
                                            machine. BMT and S&H are working with QinetiQ on an integrated waste technology demonstrator for the MoD.

                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Strachan and Henshaw
South African
                                                                                                  BMT Defence Services
The South African Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism issued a
worldwide invitation-to-tender in mid 2000 for three 50 metre inshore environment patrol            BMT Defence Services offers a
and pollution vessels and one 80 metre offshore vessel, primarily for fisheries monitoring.         total design and support service
After an initial short-listing, tenders were received from shipyards in UK, Australia, Germany,    for warships ranging from aircraft
Holland, Italy, and South Africa.                                                                       carriers and submarines
                                                                                                         to fishery protection,
BMT Defence Services’ South African office has been contracted by the Department to               surveillance and coastguard vessels.
carry out a technical evaluation of these offers. The assessment includes the sea-keeping
analyses submitted by bidders for the southern ocean sea conditions that the ships will           The company offers specialist skills
operate in; checking of the intact and damage stability; assessing the scantlings; checking         in formal safety assessment and
the manoeuvring capabilities of the propulsion systems; evaluating the feasibility of the build     safety management, project and
programme, the practicality of the vessel designs, their maintainability and through-life             business risk management,
costs.                                                                                               and in the implementation of
                                                                                                        corporate governance.
BMT continues to advise the Department’s Tender Evaluation Committee as the bidders are
reduced to a final selection. The final decision will also be influenced by factors such as job   The company is actively expanding
creation, financial facilities and industrial participation. It is expected that orders will be    its innovative systems engineering
placed in July 2002 for first deliveries towards the end of 2003.                                 capability through the development
                                                                                                      of partnership arrangements
                                                                                                           with industry and
                                                                                                       governments world-wide

Surface Ship
Safety Certification
                                                                                                   For further information
BMT Defence Services has been authorised by the UK MoD to provide safety certification                 please contact:
services for surface warships and auxiliaries.
                                                                                                            Geoff Brooks
Granting authority to act on behalf of the MoD Naval Authority for structure, stability and              Commercial Director
watertight integrity certification, acknowledges the expertise and independence offered by
BMT Defence Services.                                                                                     Robin Mandeville
                                                                                                          Marketing Manager
Delegating regulation to selected organisations provides the MoD with far greater flexibility
to respond to the needs of project teams and harmonises MoD practice with that of the
world’s merchant ship regulatory authorities such as the UK Maritime and Coastguard
                                                                                                     BMT Defence Services Ltd
Agency.                                                                                                     Maritime House
                                                                                                        210 Lower Bristol Road
Tony Graham, Deputy Head of the MoD Sea Technology Group, said, “BMT Defence                            BATH, BA2 3DQ, U.K.
Services already play an important role in ensuring our ships are designed and maintained
as part of a fighting fleet – and Naval Authority delegation is a very logical development”.           Tel: +44 (0)1225 473600
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Having completed structural surveys on many UK warships, BMT are currently assisting the
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