Invitation to U.6th Parents' Evening by dfsiopmhy6


									30th November 2010

Dear Parent

                      YEAR 13 SIXTH FORM PARENTS' EVENING
                             Wednesday 8th December

Now that your son/daughter has had time to settle down into the routines of this year’s
work, I hope that you will welcome the opportunity to discuss his or her progress with
subject teachers. On Tuesday 7th December A level students will be receiving their first
Progress Update, which will include teacher feedback about performance so far this year.
We feel that it is of great benefit to meet parents now – in the early part of the year – so
that we can discuss current progress, identify early difficulties and resolve any problems
while there is still time.

We have, therefore, scheduled the Parents’ Evening for parents and members of Year 13
on Wednesday 8th December, from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm in the Upper School (East)

In addition to subject staff, the Heads of Sixth Form will also be available during the
evening, by appointment, to discuss the more general aspects of students’ progress,
attainment and future prospects.

•   Mrs Dodd                  (forms 6.84, 6.85, 6.96, 6.97, 6.98)
•   Mrs Lucas                 (forms 6.90, 6.91, 6.93, 6.94, 6.95)
•   Mr Ranganathan            (forms 6.81, 6.86, 6.87, 6.88, 6.89)

From January (10th January - 2nd February), U6 students will be sitting external AS/A2
unit examinations in some of their subjects and during mid-February (14th - 16th) internal
A2 mock examinations in all their other subjects. Results of the external examinations
taken in January are due in school on Thursday 10th March and the second Progress
Update will be issued on Monday 21st March. Parents of any students giving cause for
concern at this point will be contacted individually.

I hope that you will accept this invitation to be present, ideally with your son or daughter,
and we look forward to meeting you then.

Yours sincerely

Mrs J Dodd
Head of Sixth Form
                                                           HAZELWICK SCHOOL

                                                      Upper Sixth Parents’ Evening

                                                           Wednesday 8th December

Please enter in the space below the names of the teachers you would like to see. The teachers will then, in consultation
with your son/daughter, arrange appointments as conveniently as possible for you. It will help if you can indicate
whether you will find it easier to come early or late in the evening, or at almost any time.

Student’s Name ................................................................................................   Student’s Form .....................................

                                                 I would like appointments made with these teachers:

                     Teacher                                    Subject                                       Teacher                              Subject

                                      I would like appointments early/late/at any time during the evening.

     Time                 Appointment with                         Teacher’s                  Time                Appointment with                   Teacher’s
                                                                    initials                                                                          initials
      5.30                                                                                     7.00
      5.35                                                                                     7.05
      5.40                                                                                     7.10
      5.45                                                                                     7.15
      5.50                                                                                     7.20
      5.55                                                                                     7.25
      6.00                                                                                     7.30
      6.05                                                                                     7.35
      6.10                                                                                     7.40
      6.15                                                                                     7.45
      6.20                                                                                     7.50
      6.25                                                                                     7.55
      6.30                                                                                     8.00
      6.35                                                                                     8.05
      6.40                                                                                     8.10
      6.45                                                                                     8.15
      6.50                                                                                     8.20
      6.55                                                                                     8.25

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