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Basic Dimensions by sdsdfqw21

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              MAJESTY 101

                                  P 1/1

Basic Dimensions
▫ Length                                      : 101’ (30.88 m)
▫ Length Waterline                            : 85’40” (26.11 m)
▫ Beam                                        : 21’31” (6.5 m)
▫ Draft                                       : 4’ 78” (1.46m)
▫ Fuel capacity                               : 4,000 US Gal. fuel tank
▫ Water capacity                              : 800 US Gal. water tank
▫ Grey Water Capacity                        : 100 US Gals (380 liters)
▫ Black Water Capacity                        : 100 US Gals (380 liters)

Main propulsion
  ▫   2 x CAT C32 1800 HP@2300 rpm / ZF2050A gear box 1:2.5 gear ratio
  ▫   Maximum speed with 2 x CAT C32 1800 HP               : 24-27 knots


Hull and Superstructure Construction

        Hull                         :   Sandwich ATC corecell
        Frames                       :   Closed Cell ATC corecell Foam
        Outer Skin & Inner Skin      :   Solid Glass
        Superstructure Outside       :   Sandwich Balsa
        Frames                       :   Closed Cell ATC crocell Foams
        Resin                        :   Polyester & vinyl ester Resin

Fuel Tanks
  ▫ Integral storage fiber glass tanks with capacity of 4000 US Gal.
  ▫ Tanks provided with manhole, ventilation pipes and sounding system.
  ▫ Intenal tanks coated with vinalyster resine for good barrier to the internal laminate .

Fresh Water Tanks
  ▫   Integral storage Fiber glass tank with capacity of 800 US Gal.
  ▫   Tanks provided with manhole, ventilation pipe and sounding system.
  ▫   Fresh water pump A/C
  ▫   Fresh water pump D/C

Black Tank & Gray Tank
  ▫   One each Integral storage fiber glass tanks with capacity of 100 US Gal eatch.
  ▫   Tanks provided with manhole, ventilation pipe and sounding system.
  ▫   Optional black water treatment plant ( head hunter or Hamman)

Hull and Superstructure Fittings

Porthole windows
  ▫   Stainless Steel Portholes, with clear Opening and Clear safety glass
  ▫   S.ST. dead light cover
  ▫   Window opening sensors
                                                                                              P 2/2

 ▫   The windows in the superstructure of frameless toughened safety glass
 ▫   All windows are toughened safety glass.
 ▫   Wheelhouse front windows are full view clear, curved, all other
     Windows will be tinted.

 ▫ Forward anchor room FRP hatch (2)
 ▫ Forward escape hatch

External Doors
  ▫   One stainless steel weather tight Curved patio door on aft deck for main saloon entrance .
  ▫   2 X Pantograph weather tight doors on port and stbd side for side entrance to main deck .
  ▫   One Water Tight Door at Swim Platform For Crew Cabin and Engine Room

Deck Fittings and Equipments


One vertical hydraulic anchor winch (MUIR VRC 6000) mounted on fore deck and equipped with
capstan head.

Two nos. of Quick capstan (1700 w each) mounted on aft deck port and stbd side for easy mooring.


      One approved galvanized anchor of 85kg SHHP .
      One set 100 mtr. Of short link chain 13mm. Last link of chain
      Fastened securely in the chain locker with an emergency release.

Cleats and Fairleads

  ▫     Necessary cleats and fairleads for fender lines are fitted
        and finished with stainless steel ( 6 nos )


  ▫     One electro hydraulic Opacmare swim ladder at swim platform.

 ▫   FRP hard top as shown on General Arrangement Plan .
 ▫   Platform for Radar and aerials, combined with signal halyards, cleats and
     masthead-light platform.
 ▫   Flood light
 ▫   Built-in deck lights in underside of hard top
 ▫   Signal air Horn ( KAHLENBERG D1/KA500 )
 ▫ One Search light, remote controlled.( jabsco)
 ▫ G8 Sat . TV receiver ( KVH)
                                                                                                   P 3/3

        All machinery are installed to manufacturer’s requirement. Flexibility of all connecting
pipes, cables, hoses and shafts are matching to the flexibility of the supports of the equipment.

        Engines are equipped with sea water cooling, heat exchanger, seawater pump, oil cooler and
oil drain pump.
        2 x CAT C32 1800 Hp @ 2300
        Make : ZF 2050A direct coupled with reduction ratio of 2.5 :1
        Two Alum. Bronze propellers, diameter approx. 38” x 48” , 5 blades.
        Stern tubes are fitted with self water-lubricated bearings with self-aligning inner seal.
         Duplex S.St.Temet 25 Propeller shafts ( 76mm diameter ).
        Twin spade rudders, made of Alum.Bronze with rudderstock and tiller arms
        Servo power steering system ( kobelt ) with twin helm station and full hydraulic powered
        servo assisted steering gear, providing torque 35 degrees ruder angle. With manual back up
        system capability on the same helm .
Engines are mounted on flexible mountings as well as pumps , gensets and other machinery .

Propulsions engines are controlled from wheelhouse and by fly bridge station.

The yacht are equipped with a basic monitoring system for propulsion units, generator, fuel system,
water system, bilge alarm, fire alarm etc.

        Two Marine Diesel Generator sets of 40KW-50 Hz each. Northern lights.
        Both sets provided with ventilated sound shield and water lock mufflers
        Heat exchangers, fresh water cooling and sea water pump are built on these units.
        Electric starting system 24V
                                                                                                      P 4/4

        Flexible mounting are used.

        Hydraulic Bow Thruster, SIDE POWER SP 550 with 16 “tunnel.

       The yacht is equipped with Hydraulic trim tabs BCS MY 4000 model. Controls are fitted in
the wheelhouse and fly bridge including gauges.


    1. A fixed fire extinguishing system for engine room of FM200 is installed with necessary
       nozzles and a trigger outside engine room.
    2. Dry powder portable fire extinguxers in all cabins , galley , wheel house and engine room .
    3. Central fire alarm and monitoring system with heat and smoke detector in the yacht cabins ,
       galley , wheelhouse as well as engine room.
    4. central Fire hydrant system.
    5. Fire Hydrant pump. ( 2 nos )
    6. Fire hose reels ( 3nos )
    7. Fire axe ( 1nos )
    8. Fire blanket. ( 1 nos )

Engine room ventilation system
Engine room is ventilated through natural and mechanical ventilation system designed for smooth
engine running and machinery operation within the engine room using Delta system of one
powerfull 2hp 19” axial fan through insulated ducting with shut off damper .

        Fresh water tank is filled up through one unite of 140 ltr/hr HP water maker

        Hot water is supplied through one unite of 120 ltr Zenith water heater 220v/50hz .

        Engine room compartment have enhanced insulation system for heat and sound.
        Cabins and superstructure also are insulated for heat and sound.
                                                                                                     P 5/5

        Advanced Tecma toilet system utilizing fresh water with built in discharge pumps .
        All toilet compatments are ventilated through extraction fans

Air Conditioning

  ▫    Air conditioning system is HFL marine Chilled Water air conditioning system ( HFL )
  ▫    System is installed according to manufacturer’s requirements.
  ▫    Two independent Systems are installed for port and stbd side of the yacht for extra advantage
       in breakdown situation as well as power conservation.
  ▫    Total Capacity of 260,000 BTU in compressor capacity & 296,000BTU in air handlers
       capacity .
  ▫    Duel sea water pumps
  ▫    Duel chilled water pumps



  The electrical installation over all, such as equipment, wiring and cables, fixture, labeling etc. is
  designed in such a manner, that maintenance and repair can carried out easily.

  All electrical equipment are proven satisfactory for marine use.

  In all living areas cables are concealed.


  All cables and wiring are suitable for marine use and color coded.

MAIN ELECTRIC SYSTEM 3 phase 380V & 240V single phase , 50 HZ .

  The installation are a 3-wire system, 3-phase, 380V, 50 Hz. As well as 220V single phase .
  Shore supply 380V/50Amp, 3-phase with one shore power connection.


  The low voltage system will be 24 volt DC


       1. One set of 24 Volt 220AH gel type starting batteries, will be arranged for each engine and
          generator set. Both banks for main engines are inter connectable with switch.
       2. One set emergency bank for electronics.
       3. One set general service battery for auxiliary circuits.
       4. Above mentioned batteries will be charged by two 80A battery chargers.
                                                                                                          P 6/6


  Main switch board in the engine room. All devices will be accessible from the front.
  The 380 Volt systems will be monitored from the main switchboard.
  The panel is equipped with the gauges for load , voltage, frequency and generator monitoring .


The lighting system will be 2-pole installed partly 24 Volt DC and partly 220V AC.


The navigation lights according to international regulations colereg .

    1.   side lights (Red & Green)
    2.   Stern lights.(clear)
    3.   Head light (clear)
    4.   Anchor light (clear)


         Leather upholstered opacmare model 6494 helm seat.
         Console hood, raised helm panel and leather upholstered .
         Full view curved windshield,
         windshield wipers.
         Alarms for engines, reduction gear and generators, audible and visible.
         Electronic engine controls.
         Smoke detector.
         Master control panel with AC/DC circuit breakers.and navigation panel


    1. Complete set of simrad GB60VSI-BB basic configuration with three high resolution 19” flat
        screen color displays
    2. GB60 black box with video signal interface .
    3. GB60 computer unit
    4. GB60 processor unit
    5. 6kw,64n.m open radar scanner
    6. 4kw,48n.m open array scanner
    7. pass port world chart data with world folioDVD
    8. 3Dbottom mapping .
    9. Synchronized satellite photos .
    10. Simrad C31GPS plotter.
    11. Simrad AP50Auto pilot .
    12. Simrad instrmentaion pakage.
    13. CCTV camera system ( 2nos pan&tilt, one fixed)
    14. Simrad AIS system
                                                                                                   P 7/7

    1. Large bed with base leather upholstered with wood trim, storage and drawer under, reading
    2.   night stands with storage and drawers, built-in deck with matching chair.
    3. LCD screen and home theatre system.
    4. Refrigerator/mini bar,
    5. Direct and indirect designer lighting,
    6. Large walk-in closet.
    7. Custom built-in mirrors.
    8. Customs lamps, opening ports.
    9. Custom wall and ceiling coverings,
    10. Fabric and trim plus custom carpets.

              1. Marble vanity with custom ceramic sink and storage below,
              2. custom faucets and fixtures,
              3. custom mirrors and cabinets.
              4. Custom towel bar,
              5. soap dishes and tissue holder,
              6. full size toilet & bidet,
              7. inlaid Marble floor,
              8. extraction fan.
              9. Linen closet,
              10. custom lighting,
              11. custom décor enclosed shower.

Port Side Guest Room
    1. Two Single beds with base leather upholstered with wood trim,
    2. Reading lights.
    3. Side stands with storage and drawers,
    4. LCD display
    5. Direct and indirect designer lighting ,
    6. Locker closet. ,
    7. Custom built-in mirrors.
    8. Custom lamps, opening ports.
    9. Custom wall and ceiling covering,
    10. Fabric and trim plus customs carpets.
                                                                                                   P 8/8

Port Side HEAD Guest Room
    1. Marble with custom ceramic sink storage below
    2. custom faucets and fixtures,
    3. custom mirrors and cabinets.
    4. Custom towel bar,
    5. soap dishes and tissue holder,
    6. full size toilet
    7. inlaid Marble floor
    8. Exhaust fan.
    9. Linen closet,
    10. custom lighting,
    11. custom décor enclosed shower

Stbd side Guest Room
    1. Twin beds with base leather upholstered with wood trim
    2. reading lights.
    3. Direct and indirect designer lighting
    4. Locker closet,
    5. custom built-in mirrors.
    6. opening porthole window ,
    7. full size toilet
    8. Custom wall and ceiling coverings,
    9. fabric and trim, plus custom carpet.

Stbd side Guest Head Rooms.
              1. Marble top with custom ceramic sink and storage below,
              2. custom faucets and fixtures,
              3. custom mirrors.
              4. Custom towel bar,
              5. soap dishes and tissue holder,
              6. full size toilet,
              7. inlaid marble floor,
              8. exhaust fan.
              9. Linen closet,
              10. custom lighting,
              11. custom décor, shower,.
                                                                          P 9/9

        Marble counter and serving top. galley cabinets and storage lockers with actuator latches.
        Double sink with strainer, water filters.
        Faucet with sprayer.
        Cabinets and storage locker below counter top.
        waste disposal.
        Gagganu 4 burner hob oven.
        Custom Cooker hood,
        Gagganu microwave.
        Gagganu Coffee maker

    1. Built-in cabinets,
    2. Large upholstered couches
    3. Table with trim and base.
    4. Bar with marble top accents sink and ice maker,
    5. Matching stools .
    6. Direct and indirect designer lighting,
    7. Flush designer carpeting, telephone outlet/fax.
    8. Entertainment center with TV,
    9. Large full-length panoramic view windows port and STBD sides.
    10. Large curved SS center opening sliding door to aft deck,
    11. Stairs to lower level accommodations

        Single bed,
        Full height closet
         Lighting and reading lights.

        Two bunk beds, storage under bunks, large full width storage shelves and drawers, overhead
        lighting and reading lights.
        In-laid tile floor, access to engine room & pantry.
                                                                                                     P 10/10

        Vanity with ceramic sink storage below, mirrors overhead lighting, overhead cabinet, shower.
        Full size toilet,
        corian floor and exhaust fan.

        Built in seating arrangement .
        Built in Captain helm chair
        F/b control station repeaters
        Alarms for engines, reduction gear, bilge and generators audile and visible.
        Electronic engine controls.
        Dinette table.
        Radar arch,
        Large sun top area.
        Hand rails
        Built in Jacuzzy
        Bar with barbecue, sink , fridge and storage.
        600kg opacmare Tender crane .
        Storage for jet ski and dingue

        Custom teak decking,
        Stairs both sides for access to transom sport deck.
        Built in Aft deck seating area
        Serving Table.
        Storage compartment .

        Stairs both side to aft deck and retractable swim ladder.
        Door in back of transom for access to crew cabin and engine room.
        Fresh water shower, hot/cold.
        Custom teak decking,
        Capstan and hawser pipe, aft deck wash down system.

        One MUIR VRC6000 anchor windlass Hydrulic vertical type with capstan
        85 kg SHHP galvinsed Anchor
                                                                                                       P 11/11

        S.St. bow roller

       Anchor wash down system

Bilge System
Provision will be made to ensure unobstructed flow of bilge water to suction outlets of bilge system
One electric self priming bilge/general service pump 380v/3 phase with back up of
▫   5nos. submersible electricDC bilge pumps with automatic
    float switches of 1750 gph.

▫   Manual bilge pump

Stern Gear
▫ Designed to suit engine installation
▫ Comprises of Duplex stainless steel shaft 3” dia. Carried aft
   in a manganese bronze “P” bracket with aerofoil and
   formed palm
▫ Inboard end is fitted with stern tube
▫ Injection points for the raw water feed to lubricate
   the inboard rubber bearings
▫ High quality 5 blades AB2 aluminum bronze propellers
▫ Manganese bronze with through hull installation
▫ Incorporating and aerofoil section blade of the spade/
   balanced type rudders.

▫   Camera monitoring system
▫   KVH TV Satellite G8
▫   Side power 35hp Bow thruster with dual control stations
▫   Central Fire alarm system throughout cabin and engine room
▫   Central Bilge system
▫   Hydraulic trim tab BCS MY4000
▫   Port & STBD mooring capstan at rear deck
▫   Kahlenberg Air Horn T1
▫   Hepo wiper system
▫   Delta air engine room system

Specifications, standard equipment configurations and models may be changed or withdrawn at any time
without prior notice.
The actual specifications for each vessel will be agreed on as part of the sale contract between the customer
and Gulf Craft Inc. We recommend our customers to carefully check compliance with local regulatory
requirements before taking vessels from one country to another.

All detailed information has been provided in good faith, but performance and range figures given, are
estimates as a guide only. Dirt or growth on the hull, tuning of the engines, size, make of engines fitted,
damage to propellers, the temperature of the air and water, the weight of fuel, water, stores and number of
people can all affect the boat's performance and range. For these and other reasons we can give no
                                                                                                                P 12/12

performance and range guarantees and they do not constitute an offer of contract.

Tank capacities mentioned are total volume only; do not rely on more than 90% of tank volume; actual useable
capacity will vary due to boat trim and sea state.

Generators are not intended to supply power to all standard and option accessories simultaneously. Load must
be limited to output rating. Power management may be required.

In case of any inconsistencies between specification sheet, product catalogue and price list, the price list
prevails. Customers are recommended to contact our sales representative to reconfirm standard and optional
features on the vessels.

                                                                                                               P 13/13

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