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Liberals, Tories reject photo                 Aecon awarded $279M contract to extend TTC subway
radar at construction sites                   Aecon Group Inc. has been awarded a $279-million contract by the Toronto
Ontario’s Liberal government is               Transit Commission (TTC) to complete the first leg of the Toronto-York
rejecting a proposal from one of its          Spadina Subway Extension.
own backbenchers to bring back                   Under the contract, the Aecon team will extend the TTC’s Spadina subway
photo radar at construction sites and         line from the existing Downsview station to the new Sheppard West station
school zones.                                 and on to the new Finch West station.
   Former health minister David Caplan
has introduced a private member’s
bill that would give municipalities the       (L. to r.) Chris McNally, chair of CCA’s Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Council, and
authority to install photo radar cameras      Danièle Sauvageau, awards breakfast keynote speaker, present award to Tom Johnson.
near construction sites and schools.
   Caplan said the cameras will slow
drivers down and help protect workers
at the side of the road and kids near
school playgrounds.
   The cameras would snap a picture
of a speeding car and mail a ticket to
the driver, but there would be no
demerit points.
   Transportation Minister Kathleen
Wynne said there are no plans to                 New TTC station is expected to
                                                 be complete in April 2014.
reinstate photo radar, which was
introduced by the NDP in the early
1990s but removed by Tory premier
                                                 The contract includes construction of the new Sheppard West station,
Mike Harris in the mid-‘90s.
                                              an integrated subway/GO Transit rail station to be located southeast of
                                              Sheppard Avenue and Bakersfield Street, at the north end of Downsview
Construction unions urge
                                              Park. The three-level station, to be constructed by Aecon Buildings, will be
Quebec Premier to close
Jeffrey Asbestos Mine                         approximately 110,000 sq. ft. and is intended to provide access for existing
British Columbia construction unions          and future facilities and developments in the Keele Industrial Area located
are urging Quebec Premier Jean Charest        to the north of Sheppard Avenue, as well as to Downsview Park.
to permanently close the Jeffrey Mine            Within this contract, a joint venture consisting of McNally Construction,
in Asbestos, Que. rather than guarantee       Kiewit Construction and Aecon Constructors will build the 2.6 km of twin
a $58-million loan to expand asbestos         tunnel subway track from the north end of Downsview Station, through the
mining and exports.                           new Sheppard West station, to the new Finch West station. The twin tunnels
   The B.C. Building Trades Council,          will cross underneath Allen Road, several commercial/industrial properties
representing more than 35,000 con-            and Sheppard Avenue West.
struction workers, made its position             Work on the project is scheduled to commence in December 2010, with an
clear in a letter sent to Charest asking      estimated completion date of April 2014.
the province to shut down the mine
and end Quebec asbestos exports to
developing countries.                      with a University of B.C. medical study           allowed anywhere in the world,” said
   Council executive director Wayne        predicting that 1,500 B.C. residents              Peppard. “The Jeffrey Mine is solely
Peppard said the unusual interven-         will die from asbestos related cancers            based on exporting deadly asbestos
tion is a reaction to the deadly toll of   in the next five years.                           to vulnerable developing countries
asbestos-related cancer deaths that           “The horrible results of asbestos-             that have not yet banned asbestos.”
continue to grow among retired con-        related cancers now happening to B.C.
struction workers in British Columbia,     construction workers should never be                                   continued on page 8...

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                                          “This is not an attack on resource industries. Construc-
                                       tion workers understand and support the extraction of
                                       raw materials, but asbestos is different,” said Peppard.
                                       “We deal with widows and families in anguish, loss and
                                       grieving that follows from these premature deaths.”
                                          Underdeveloped countries, mainly India, are the
                                       primary customers for asbestos products.

                                       FWS Group reaches workplace
                                       health and safety milestone
                                       FWS Group of Companies has recently surpassed 1
                                       million person hours without a single lost-time injury.
                                          Based in Winnipeg, the FWS Group of Companies is
                                       a design build construction company specializing in
                                       construction services across Canada for the agriculture,
                                       industrial processing, mining, commercial real estate and
                                       seniors housing sectors.
                                          “We are exceptionally proud of this achievement,”
                                       said Rick Chale, president and CEO of FWS Group of
                                       Companies. “This milestone is remarkable given the many
                                       challenging, rigorous industrial and commercial job sites
                                       we work on, which can be very hazardous and have the
                                       potential for accidents.”
                                          He also noted that this accomplishment is the result
                                       of the company’s evolving workplace health and safety
                                          In 2003 the company implemented a revamped health
                                       and safety program, making all employees accountable for
                                       safety on the job site.
                                          “Our workplace safety program was a multi-faceted
                                       approach that involved creating a dedicated safety depart-
                                       ment, designating site safety specialists, specialized safety
                                       training, plus ongoing reviews of safety procedures and

                                       Contract awarded for courthouse project
                                       Infrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of the Attorney
                                       General announced that Plenary Justice Thunder Bay LP
                                       has signed a contract to design, build, finance and main-
                                       tain the new Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse.
                                          This announcement signifies that all contractual steps
                                       have been completed and construction is ready to begin.
                                       Plenary Justice will begin mobilizing equipment on site
                                       over the next few weeks, with an official groundbreaking
                                       ceremony to follow.
                                          The future courthouse will consolidate Thunder Bay’s
                                       two existing courthouses: the courts of the Superior Court
                                       of Justice, located on Camelot Street, and the courts of the
                                       Ontario Court of Justice, on East Arthur Street. The new
                                       courthouse, to be located in Thunder Bay’s downtown

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south core, will improve access to justice
in the city by consolidating the services
of the existing courthouses within one

modern facility, increasing the number
of courtrooms available and providing
better public access and security.                                      V-STEEL
   The construction project will boost                                  ULTRA TRACTION
the regional economy by creating and
supporting thousands of jobs. At the
peak of construction, it is estimated
that 225 workers will be on site daily.
Construction is expected to be
complete in late 2013.

                                                                              V-STEEL ULTRA TRACTION
                                                                              is an economical all-steel
Canadians support the use of
public-private partnerships                                                   casing radial tire for graders,
The Canadian Council for Public-Private
                                                                              loaders and earthmovers.
Partnerships recently commissioned
Ipsos Reid to conduct a country-
wide public opinion survey on views

toward government partnerships with
the private sector, and in particular,
to gauge support or opposition towards                                      THE V-STEEL
private-sector involvement in certain
                                                                            SNOW WEDGE
   Results show that two thirds of
Canadians support the use of public-
private partnerships (P3s) to deliver
infrastructure and some public
                                                                              The V-STEEL SNOW
Survey highlights:                                                            WEDGE radial tire provides
•	 nine out of 10 Canadians feel that                                         traction on icy, packed, or soft
   government cannot keep pace with
                                                                              snow without the use of studs
   their country’s infrastructure needs;
•	 youth are the strongest supporters                                         or chains.
   of P3s;
•	 support in Ontario has jumped
   dramatically from 56 per cent in
   2008 to 64 per cent two years             To locate the nearest authorized Bridgestone Off-Road Dealer
   later; and                                       go to and click on dealer selector.
•	 well over half of union members
   support P3s.

For more on the survey, visit

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Canada’s top construction                                                 Best Construction Employers in Canada
employers                                                                 Rank #2      EllisDon Corp. London, Ont.
                                                                          Rank #3      PCL Constructors Inc., Edmonton, AB
Staff Report
                                                                          Rank #4      CIMA+ Partners in Excellence, Laval, QC
Whether your company employs 50 people, or 50,000—
employee engagement is critical to the ultimate success of                Rank #16     Graham Group Ltd., Calgary, AB
your business. Ask any construction contractor, and they will             Rank #25     Aecon Group Inc., Toronto, ON
tell you this industry is only as strong as its people. Well, that’s      Rank #35     Clark Builders, Edmonton, AB
very easy to say, but the truth comes out when the employees              Rank #47     Hatch, Mississauga, ON
themselves are asked pointed questions about their employers.
   According to the 2011 Best Employers in Canada and Best
Small & Medium Employers in Canada studies, put out last
month by AON Hewitt, there are a lot of Canadian
construction firms that are doing it right.                               Best Small & Medium Construction
   Two hundred and fifty-one Canadian employers took                      Employers in Canada
part in the 2011 studies. Organizations are selected as Best
                                                                          Rank #5      ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.,
Employers based primarily on survey responses from more
                                                                                       Edmonton, AB
                                                                          Rank #25     Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.,
                                                                                       Mississauga, ON
                                                                          Rank #27     Cruickshank, Kingston, ON
                                                                          Rank #29     Concept Electric Ltd., Calgary, AB
                                                                          Rank #30     Terracon Geotechnique Ltd.,
                                                                                       Fort McMurray, AB
                                                                          Rank #35     Vista Projects Ltd., Calgary, AB
                                                                          Rank #47     Scott Construction Group, Vancouver, BC

                                                                          Seven construction firms made the 50 Best Employers in
                                                                       Canada list, and another seven landed themselves on the 50
                                                                       Best Small & Medium Employers List. Aecon Group Inc, one
                                                                       of Canada’s largest publicly traded construction and infra-
                                                                       structure development companies, is celebrating its fourth
                                                                       consecutive year on the Best Employers list.
                                                                          “Attracting and developing the best and brightest in the
                                                                       business is the most important of core strategic priorities,
                                                                       and a key area of focus and investment over the past five
                                                                       years,” said Scott Balfour, president of Aecon Group Inc.
than 134,000 Canadian employees at these organizations                 “Being recognized, once again, as one of the Best Employers
that gauge their level of engagement.                                  in Canada is an indication that we are on the right track.”
   According to AON Hewitt’s definition, employees are                    Maple Reinders Construction Ltd. is another success story.
engaged when they: stay and strive; speak positively about             Company president Mike Reinders explains that the company’s
the organization to others, are committed to remaining with            entrepreneurial beginnings and a culture that empowers
their current employer and are motivated by their organiza-            employees has gone a long way to landing it on the Top Best
tions’ leaders, managers, cultures and values to go “above             Small and Medium Employer list for the third consecutive year.
and beyond” to contribute to business success. The average                “The survey results now give us an opportunity to work on
engagement score for Best Employer organizations of all sizes          areas for further improvement and as well, the high ranking
was 80 per cent; the average for other organizations                   has generated tremendous energy, pride and optimism for
participating in the two studies was 59 per cent.                      the future,” said president Mike Reinders.

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