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									                       IEEE North Queensland Section

       Minutes of Executive Committee and

Date: 14th August 2007
Venue: James Cook University – Acoustic Room

Meeting Start: 6:08pm

1.     Attendance and Apologies
Name                     Position(s)                    Email Address                Attendance
MR GEOFFREY D REID       Secretary                      geoffrey.reid@ieee.org       Present
GRAHAM S WOODS           Chair                          graham.woods@jcu.edu.au      Present
CORNELIS J KIKKERT       Vice Chair                     keith.kikkert@jcu.edu.au     Present
                         Student Branch Counsellor,
MOHAN V JACOB                                           mohan.jacob@jcu.edu.au       Present
                         MTT/Comms Chapter Chair
PROF MALCOLM L HERON     Ex Comm Member                 mal.heron@jcu.edu.au         Present
                         Membership Development
KEVIN G EASTMENT                                        kevin.eastment@telstra.com   Apologies
MR ADAM B RUXTON         Student Branch Chair           adam.ruxton@jcu.edu.au       Present
                         Ex Comm Member,
ARTHUR C TSAKISSIRIS     MTT/Comms Chapter Vice         ArthurTsakissiris@ieee.org   Present
IAIN G MORRISON          Treasurer                      iain.morrison@ieee.org       Absent
PAUL L CHANDLER          Ex Comm Member                 paul.chandler@ieee.org       Present
PHILLIP MUSUMECI         Ex Comm Member                 p.musumeci@ieee.org          Apologies
RONALD W GOODWIN         Education Liaison Officer      ronald.goodwin@ieee.org      Present
PHIL TURNER              Student Branch Mentor          phil.turner@jcu.edu.au       Apologies

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                                    Page 1
2.     Minutes of Last Meeting: 12th June 2007
The last minutes were read.

Moved as true record              Ron Goodwin
Seconded                     Mohan Jacob

Action Item                  Description                        Responsibility
1                            Postcodes: Write a letter to the   Graham Woods
                             Queensland Section with a
                             proposal based on pre-sort
2                            Nominate kit building initiative   Discuss at next meeting
                             for Student Branch award and
                             also nominate Student Branch
3                            Contact Janina Mazierska for       Graham Woods
                             section history
4                            Web site update: webmaster,        Discuss at next meeting
                             borders , seminars, history
5                            Write a letter to the Western      Graham Woods
                             Australia section proposing a
                             name change to “Northern
6                            Skype hookup for next              Graham Woods
7                            IEEE promotional material          Discuss at next meeting
8                            Publicise the Student Paper        Keith Kikkert
                             competition when AC gives us
                             the timetable
9                            DVD distribution: DVD’s to         Geoff Reid
                             CDU and Cairns
10                           Approach Phil Turner to be         Graham Woods
                             student paper judge
11                           Technical Activities               See table above

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                                     Page 2
3.     Business arising from last Minutes
Item 1 Postcodes

Graham Woods:

IEEE require a list of postcodes to define our Section borders. Queensland
Section did not agree to a list of postcodes so a letter has been written proposing
Australia Post pre-sort codes are used instead. They are considering the

Item 2 Student Branch Mentor

Phil Turner has agreed to join the Committee as Student Branch Mentor: he has
been added to the email distribution list.

Item 3 Section History

Graham Woods: Emailed Janina who was founding chairperson, nothing back
yet, will follow up with Serena for previous Committee members list.

Keith kikkert: Has list of Section start dates, NQ Section was a sub-section of
Queensland Section until 15 years ago.

Item 4 Webmaster Role

Adam Ruxton will take on this role: update Section website with IEEE template
(see Keith Kikkert) and History information as it comes in, ask Jihong Li to
provide link from Adam’s home directory to the websites location.

Action: Adam Ruxton to update IEEE NQ Section website

Item 5 Section Name Change

Proposal is that the new name be “Northern Australia” and Graham Woods has
asked Western Australia Section if they can discuss it at their next Executive
Committee meeting: emailed Douglas Chai.

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                         Page 3
Item 6/7 Discussion with Paul Chandler regarding IEEE and Charles Darwin

Paul Chandler: Engineers Australia is well promoted amongst staff and students
but IEEE is known amongst staff, primarily. How do we promote IEEE
membership to students?

Keith Kikkert: In NQ Section we have a subsidy where the student pays $10 AUD
and the Section puts in the balance to make up the total Student membership of

Mohan Jacob: Each student fills in the web page online without entering credit
card details. They print the form with reference number and then forward the
result to a Student Monitor who collects them all and pays IEEE for the total
remaining amount. This is to cover 1st year membership.

Adam Ruxton: Has membership pamphlets.

Keith Kikkert: Suggest a BBQ for Charles Darwin University with membership

Action: Paul Chandler to find out the costs of a CDU BBQ.

Action: Paul Chandler to look at topic for Technical Seminar to introduce
new staff to IEEE

Graham Woods: CDU Student Prize is proposed - $250 for best 2nd and 3rd year

Keith Kikkert: Must be a student member

Action: Paul Chandler to check with Rob Wolff

Keith Kikkert: wording has to be approved by Section Executive

Item 8 Student Paper Competition

Keith Kikkert: Awaiting final information about the process from Australia Council
and we need to encourage thesis and postgraduates to contribute papers

Item 9 DVD’s for Distribution to Cairn’s and Darwin

Keith Kikkert: See me for blank DVD’s. Low resolution downloads are available
on Section website: checked OK by Mohan Jacob.

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                        Page 4
Item 10 Judge for Student Paper Competition

Phil Turner has kindly agreed to be judge for the Student Paper Competition

Item 11 Technical Seminar Activities

Date                  Proposed              Venue/            Contact/Action
                      Speaker               Attendance
2nd Feb 2007, 11-     Mr. Chris Palazzi     DD015-111         Graham Woods
12noon                                      18 attended, 9
21st Feb 2007         Mr. Simon Willis      DD014-001         Keith Kikkert
                                            24 attended, 13
4th April 2007        Prof. Sandy           DD014-001         Mal Heron,
                      Williams              17 attended, 7    Graham Woods
9th May 2007          Prof. Raj Jain        DD014-201, Web    Mohan Jacob
                                            presentation, 8
                                            attended, 5

12th June, 2007       Renato Filipin        DD014-001         Graham Woods
22nd June, 2007       Graham Brodie         DD014-001         Graham Woods
July                    No Talk This
August                Graham Woods,         DD014-001, 18     Graham Woods
                      Reef Comms            attended, 10
September             Eric Gill, Billy                        Mal Heron, Owen
                      Graham                                  Kenny
October               Martin Werner                           Graham Woods,
                      Sensor Network                          Keith Kikkert
November              Andy Kulessa                            Graham Woods

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                         Page 5
4.      New Business
Chairmans Report: Graham Woods

No Technical Talk was held in July but we will make up for it in the remainder of
the year

Treasurers Report: Iain Morrison

Rebate in May                $3535.39
Australia Council Levy       $58
Total in Account             $24,879.96

Comment: Plenty of funds to put towards increasing student membership.

Student Branch Report: Adam Ruxton

     1. Executive serves from July to June to allow handover of roles
     2. Nominations have been called for Executive positions, open for one more
        week then one week for voting
     3. 2006 activities eligible for Student Branch Competition – entries close 31
     4. Phil Turner is facilitating a Tinkerer’s group: kit building then a year long
        project: make something practical and market it!

5.      General Business
Item 1 Outstanding Payments: Reimbursed Graham Woods for Filipin expenses

Item 2 Voice Recorder to assist Secretary in taking minutes for Australia Council
and Section.

Motion:Geoff Reid purchase digital voice recorder (Voice Bank - $140.00)
Propose: Mal Heron
Second: Ron Goodwin

Action: Geoff Reid to purchase voice recorder

Item 3 Credit Card for IEEE Australian Members: ANZ@Work?

Keith Kikkert: Engineers Australia and Amex have an arrangement but Amex is
not interested in IEEE as well

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                           Page 6
Adam Ruxton: Do we have enough members for a critical mass?

Keith Kikkert; there is an existing IEEE credit card on which there is exchange
rate transaction fees and in any case with a card one does not have the two
signatories that a cheque makes allowance for

Adam Ruxton: Is it possible for there to be an IEEE Student credit card?

Mal Heron: This idea should only be pursued if there is a genuine advantage to
student members, otherwise it would be best not to encourage an arrangement
such as this – ANZ@work or others.

6.       Other Business
     No Other business

     Meeting Closed: 7:30pm

     Action Items

Action    Description                                   Responsibility
1         Update IEEE NQ Section website                Adam Ruxton
2         Establish costs of a Charles Darwin           Paul Chandler
          University IEEE Student Membership drive
3         Nominate topic for Technical Seminar to       Paul Chandler
          introduce new staff to IEEE
4         Purchase voice recorder                       Geoff Reid
5         September Technical Activities (Eric Gill,    Mal Heron / Owen Kenny
          Billy Graham)

                                       *** End ***

Minutes of IEEE North Queensland Section and MTT/Comm                        Page 7

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