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Cardinal Wiseman
                                                              School                                 Newsletter 75                                April 2009

Mission Statement
The Cardinal Wiseman School believes in education for all. We aim to achieve this in a caring Catholic community based on the Gospel values
of equality and justice. Our community seeks to follow the example and teaching of Jesus Christ to love God and help one another. We live by
our motto: ‘All things for Christ’. ‘Education for all = Achievement for all’

Dear Parents,                                 Wiseman Geographers debate triumph!
Thank you for your support during
the last term. I am thankful for the          A team of Cardinal Wiseman                                                       All four students represented
positive feedback and remarks made            Sixth-Form Geographers                                                        our school brilliantly and proved
to staff, at recent parent’s evenings.        triumphed recently at an                                                      themselves deft debaters, easily
  On 11th March the schools                   International Climate Change                                                  demolishing questions from
Religious and Spirituality Inspection         Festival hosted by the illustrious                                            the floor and some even from
took place. I am delighted to inform          Royal Geographical Society.                                                   important environmentalists
                                                 The team consisting of Ben                                                 such as David Bellamy, the
you that our school was graded
                                              Durkin, Robert Magin, Seamus                                                  acclaimed botanist and
as ‘outstanding’ in each category                                                     the packed Ondaatje auditorium.
                                              Reilly and Connor Watts were                                                  naturalist.
of inspection. I will forward the             invited to participate in the             In the run up to the debate, the       As an endnote, all the
complete Inspection Report to                 debate, joining opponents from          team was groomed by student           Geographers involved gained
you as soon as it is released by              the Graveney School, Tooting,           members of the highly regarded        invaluable experience that will
Westminster Diocese.                          south London.                           Oxford University Debating Club,      provide them with a great story to
  Finally, I wish you all a happy                The motion for the debate,           Dr. Lucy Cummings from Hong           tell when completing their UCAS
Easter.                                       proposed by the Wiseman team            Kong University and our very          personal statements in Year 13
  Yours sincerely,                            –‘that climate change is the            own Wiseman debaters lead by          and should help distinguish them
                                              greatest threat facing humanity’        Ms Murphy, English Department         in the eyes of classy universities.
                                              required our students to invest a       and Mr Bird, MFL Department,             A special word of thanks also to
                                              good many hours preparing for           not forgetting the Geography          Ashleigh Willis, Eleanor Murray
                                              the showdown during the winter          department itself. The debate         and Amy Tobia from Year 12
                                              months. Needless to say, all the        was chaired by the renowned           debating – thanks for your
  Michael Kiely                               effort paid off as the motion was       Polar explorer Ben Saunders           encouragement and support.
  Acting Headteacher                          carried comfortably following a         pictured with Robert Magin and        Mr Cassidy
                                              vote thrown open to the floor at        Connor Watts above.

Sixth Form News
Congratulations to our new
Head Boy, Billy Forshaw and
Head Girl, Gitanjeli Kler along
with Deputy Head Boys Conor
McMahon and Dominic Sowa
and Deputy Head Girls Connie
Simmonds and Amy Tobia on
their appointments in January.
They all have demonstrated               Head Boy and Head Girl                    Deputy Head Girls                       Deputy Head Boys
excellent leadership skills and          booths is seeing a lot of action!         process.                                have also started collaborating
have carried out their duties            Year 13 students have been                  Many Sixth Form students              with some of our local schools,
with great enthusiasm and                given conditional offers from             have been involved or are about         e.g. Greenford High and Drayton
professionalism. Congratulations         universities with many hoping             to go on visits, e.g. Cuba and          Manor by exchanging Able
also to those Year 12 students           to be accepted into Russell               Lourdes.                                and Talented students and
who have become prefects                 Group (leading universities)                There have been wonderful             offering appropriate workshops
and are giving up their time to          institutions.                             fundraising efforts for HCPT            to challenge and develop our
help the school in a number of             Thank you to Year 12 parents            and I would like to personally          students further.
different ways.                          who attended an information               thank those Year 13 students               Finally, the Sixth Form Ball is
  As we approach the public              evening on 11th March focussing           who washed my car so well for           on Friday 8th May and we will
exams in May, Year 12 and Year           on the introduction of UCAS. It           charity! Thank you to tutors            be preparing a leavers assembly
13 students are busy working             was lovely to see so many of you          and students for all their efforts.     and presentation for Year 13 the
towards achieving or surpassing          there, including Year 11 parents,         A number of our students                following week. I wish all our
their minimum target grades.             who are keen to find out how              are involved in the Duke of             students success in their exams
The Sixth Form study area,               to support their son/daughter             Edinburgh award scheme and              – keep revising!
with its new carpet and study            through the higher education              other enrichment activities. We         Ms Somrah
                             The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 2

From Cecilia, School Chaplain                                                          Paris Trip
                                                                                       This February half term Mr Quinn,
LITURGY                                    London a better place to live in.
                                                                                       Miss Harris, Ms Bhana and I took
Our Lenten                                 The results were taken to a Youth
                                                                                       a group of 42 Year 8 and Year 9
Seasons began                              Delegates Assembly on Friday 6th
                                                                                       students to Paris.
with our usual                             March, where Primary and Secondary
                                                                                         The coach left London at 8am
Liturgy of                                 Schools came to debate the issues.
                                                                                       and despite a minor case of sea-
the Word and                               It was an excellent day and the
                                                                                       sickness the ferry journey passed
Communion,                                 results of the debate – top three
                                                                                       uneventfully and we arrived
with the                                   priorities for London’s young people
                                                                                       in Paris in time to watch the
Distribution of                            will be presented to MPs, Mayoral
                                                                                       sunset from the top of the Arc de
Ashes. As in past years, the school hall   representatives, business people and
                                                                                       Triomphe – a beautiful first view
was packed for this voluntary service      lead people in the Met Police at a large
                                                                                       of the city. The second day saw
which holds deep meaning for many          rally (1,500 students) in the 02 Arena
                                                                                       an action packed sightseeing schedule, starting off with
in our school community.                   on 1st April.. Fifty of our students will
                                                                                       a cruise up and down the River Seine to see some of the
  Our Morning Prayer is well attended      be there to represent our community.
                                                                                       best known buildings in the city by boat. Next stop was
and we are following the Diocesan
                                             4TH MAY 2009                              The Louvre and we were able to see the Mona Lisa and
booklet ‘Lord, Giver of Life.’
                                              Keep this date in your diary –           many other priceless works of art. From there we went on
  Our Holy Week Services will include
                                            RALLY IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE                  to Sacré Coeur, situated at the top of Mont Martre – lots of
a presentation by performing arts
                                            – MORE DETAILS LATER!!                     steps to climb up, although everyone felt it was worth it to
students, based on ‘Godspell’, the
                                                                                       experience the atmosphere inside the famous cathedral.
musical. These will be held on the last
                                           CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING                    Many students had their portraits drawn in the nearby
day of term for all year groups.
                                           CONFERENCE                                  square, which resulted in some lovely drawings and some
  A special Mass was held in the
                                           Trinity Catholic High School,               very funny caricatures!
school Chapel for John Heffernan,
                                           Woodford Green, Essex, hosted a               Other highlights of the trip included a visit to the Eiffel
Headteacher of Gunnersbury School,
                                           brilliant Conference for Secondary          Tower and a day spent at Eurodisney – a lot to fit into three
who died recently. Prayers were
                                           Catholic students on the topic of           days but students seemed to really enjoy themselves and
also offered for his family and the
                                           Catholic Social Teaching and how            behaviour was excellent. Many thanks to the teachers who
Gunnersbury School community.
                                           this is lived out through our actions in    accompanied the trip and to the students too, who were a
  We also had special prayers for
                                           London Citizens.                            credit to the school and a pleasure to take.
Martin East, teacher in Our Lady of
                                                                                       Ms Shepherd
the Visitation Primary School, who         WEST LONDON CITIZENS
also died recently and very suddenly.      NEWS
                                                                                          YEARS 8 & 9 MADRID TRIP
SEASONS for GROWTH                         Following our action to get a
                                                                                        A reminder for students who have not yet brought in
Mr Bird, from our Modern Languages         better wage for Ealing’s canteen
                                                                                        their passports, EHIC cards or consent forms should do
department, trained last year to           staff (mainly in Primary schools)
                                                                                        so ASAP.
deliver the Programme. He ran a            last year, we are now working to
                                                                                        The meeting for parents and students will take place on
very successful group this year            challenge Medirest to get the living
                                                                                        Wednesday 22nd April at 5pm in the main hall.
and is a great asset to our team of        wage for cleaners, porters etc in
                                                                                        Mr Roberts
Companions.                                Ealing Hospital. This action is being
  A reminder that this Programme is        organised between ourselves and all
                                           Ealing member groups in Citizens.
                                                                                       Library Resource Centre News
for any student who is suffering a loss
of a significant person in their lives     The membership includes Our Lady            On Tuesday 10th February,       answer is
through death, separation, divorce         and St Joseph Parish, Hanwell, St           two Year 7 tutor groups         relatively
or relocation. Please contact me if        Anselm’s Parish in Southall, SS Peter       and some other specially        simple….
you think it might benefit your child/     and Paul Parish in Northfields and          selected students were          he weighs
children.                                  the Anglican Churches Consortium            invited to a session of         Pick &
                                           in Southall, CWS and Douay Martyrs          puzzles and games with the      Mix!
LONDON CITIZENS                            School in Hillingdon. If any parent,        Happy Puzzle Company.              If you
With the employment by London              family member or friend would like            The Company came to           would like
Citizens of a Secondary Schools            to join this action, please get in touch    the LRC to show us their        a taste of
Lead Organiser, a lot is being done        with me as soon as possible.                new range of entertaining       the sort
to recognise the contribution by             I would like to take this opportunity     games and puzzles. We           of things
students to the organisation and the       to wish you all a prayerful Holy Week       also discussed riddles and      we did on
local community. This term we have         and a joyful Easter.                        problem solving and were        the Puzzle
surveyed KS3 and KS4 students for          Cecilia                                     shown that the simplest         Day, we
their top priorities on how to make                                                    and most obvious answer is      have a
                                                                                       often the right one.            Puzzle Club in the LRC
   Year 11 MFL Revision                    targeted should attend every week.            Try this: I have a friend     every Wednesday before
 Revision sessions for French and          All other students are free to come         named James who works           school. We hope to see you
 Spanish are now running as follows:       along when they want to. Students           in a Pick & Mix Shop. His       there!
 French - Mondays at 1pm                   should bring their revision guides to       height is 6 feet 4 inches       Aaron Suresh and
 Spanish - Wednesdays at 1pm               every session.                              and his shoe size is 12.        Paramveer Bansal
    All students who have been             Mr Roberts                                  What does he weigh? The         Year 8 Librarians
                                     The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 3

6th Form Art and Music Trip to Cuba                               Sixth-Form Geographers Enjoy Scenic Splendour of the
This was the fourth visit for the Art                             Jurassic Coast!
Department to the prestigious San                                 One of the exceptional benefits               On the second and final day of the
Alajandro School of Art in Havana.                                of studying Geography is the                visit, the plucky geographers walked
Yet again we took excellent students                              opportunity to get out into the world       energetically for miles across the cliffs
who soon made lifelong friends with                               and experience it firsthand.                to view one of England’s most famous
Cuban artists. Every night invitations                               Year 12 and 13 geographers spend         coastal monuments - ‘Old Harry’ where
from tutors and students to visit                                 two days over half term getting to          the devil himself is reputed to have
their houses and studios for parties                              know the majestic Chesil Beach, home        spent the night. The weather was
were offered. This year we combined                               to some 90 billion perfectly rounded        glorious as the mettlesome students
with the music department, many            Working in San
                                                                  pebbles of all sizes stretching along       gazed at the sensational views across
of whom were on their second visit                                the south coast from Abbotsbury to          Studland Bay to Bournemouth and
to Havana. They worked with Cuban musicians, attended             the Isle of Portland. Surprisingly and      beyond to the Isle of Wight.
Salsa classes and performed for the art tutors and students       despite the enormous number of                To put the icing on the cake, the
at San Alajandro. It was a superb event and both socially         pebbles, it is actually illegal to remove   return drive to London was a dream
and professionally, Wiseman students were ambassadors             any of them, as the beach forming           with a completely clear run back
not just for our school but for Britain as well. Remember, this   process that put them there millions        to Greenford where the euphoric
is the first time since the revolution that our two countries     of years ago is no longer operating.        students piled out onto the school car
have worked together like this. Thanks to Paul Patrick, we        Chesil Beach is therefore classified        park and headed off into the sunset to
have created an exchange and dialogue that politicians            officially as a ‘relic’ beach – a remnant   enjoy the remainder of the their half
could never achieve.
                                                                  from the past.                              term respite.
   How successful this twelve day visit became can best be
                                                                     The next stop for the stout-hearted        A special thanks to Mr Sutherland
demonstrated by the attendance of forty Cuban students at
                                                                  geographers was the sensational             for doing a splendid job organising the
our hotel to bid us farewell. Many also came to the airport.
                                                                  Lulworth Cove, an almost perfectly          visit and the solicitous Ms Gorlej for
There were many tears shed from both sides. However,
                                                                  formed haven of calm water virtually        keeping us all talking!
Cuban students will make the journey to London this
                                                                  surrounded by cliffs.                       Mr Cassidy
summer for the return visit.
   My thanks go to Marjorie, Chris, Mat, Mike, Aliette and
Tristan who all worked to help make this the most successful      Year 7 History Trip To The Tower of London
visit. Many thanks also to the music and art students and         On Friday 13th February, a number
most particularly Shirley, who tirelessly organised the trip      of Year 7 History students visited the
from her office. We all know that we have made history and        Tower of London, with Ms Fletcher, Ms
brought greater understanding to our countries.                   Haughey and Ms Carlin. The trip was
Mr Davies                                                         a fantastic success and we all came
                                                                  away from it having learnt even more
Medical Ethics Seminar                                            about the most famous ex-prison in
On a cold sunny morning          a patient can be forced to       Great Britain.                              groups again and visited other parts
of 6th December 2008, six        have medical treatment,             We started off with simply               of the Tower, such as the green where
of our best Year 10 science      abortion and the use of          wandering around the castle, in small       the execution block once stood and the
pupils (Orit Addous, Marta       stem cells in biomedical         groups and each teacher was able to         part of the prison that held the most
Granatir, Hannah Plant,          research. Although the           point out the significance of various       famous prisoners in Tudor times. We
Grzegorz Oleniacz, Eric          seminar was aimed at 6th         buildings or points e.g. Traitors Gate,     also examined the memorial to, among
Pradhan, and Justyna             Form students and our            the original water entrance to the          others, Anne Boleyn and Katherine
Pleszynowicz) headed             pupils were the only KS4         tower, by which Princess Elizabeth,         Howard, victims of their husband’s
off from Ealing Broadway         students there, they more        later Elizabeth I, entered, to be tried     harsh punishment i.e. Henry VIII.
tube station with Mr             than held their own in the       for heresy. We then met our guide, a        We had a fantastic day out and the
Martinez to a seminar            debates and discussions.         servant girl, in original Tudor costume     teachers really enjoyed themselves,
on Medical Ethics taking           It was an extremely            and she brought us to three parts of        even if it was absolutely freezing.
place at the University of       interesting and thought-         the Tower of London and told us about       Naturally we ended up with a visit to
London Union in the West         provoking day out and            three different escape attempts over        the gift shop – what’s a History trip
End.                             each of the students was         the centuries, from this prison. We         without a bit of shopping! Thanks to
   The aim of the seminar        presented with a book            had to work out which one succeeded         the Year 7 students who accompanied
was to give students             on medical ethics by Mr          and it did take some clever thinking        us and to Ms Carlin also for being part
interested in studying           Martinez to help them            on the part of our students to get this     of the trip.
medicine an insight into         gain an even deeper              right. After lunch, we split up into our    Ms Haughey & Ms Fletcher
some of the decision-            insight into the issues they
                                                                    Congratulations to Megan
making processes doctors         encountered on the day.
                                                                   Schiavino-Rigler (Year 8), on
have to go through on a            Finally, let me just say        winning a gold medal at the
day-to-day basis.                that the behaviour of the         British National Ice Skating
   The students discussed        students was exemplary            Championships in February.
the ethics of various topics     and they were excellent           Megan has been skating for four
including euthanasia, the        ambassadors for the               years and only competing for one
right of a patient to refuse     Wiseman.                          year, therefore this is a wonderful
medical treatment, when          Mr Martinez                       achievement.
                                     The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 4

Partnership with Local Schools and the Community
“In our role as a Specialist School we are aiming to provide learning opportunities through
sharing the school facilities and resources including our teachers with pupils and teachers in
partner schools and local community groups”.
Here is a taste of some of the activities, as we continue to work with our partner schools and the community, with a particular focus
on sharing our specialisms in Science, DT, Mathematics, ICT, Geography and R.E.

 The ‘WISE’ way to Health Programme                             Twentieth Century Philosophy for Adults
 The ‘WISE’ way to health,                                      By popular demand Andrew O’Neill is offering a follow-up to the ‘Introduction to
 Cardinal Wiseman’s very                                        Philosophy’ course which ran last year on Tuesday evenings. People said that the
 own health, lifestyle and                                      course was “fantastic” and “easy to understand”. This year’s course will be focusing
 fitness programme got off                                      on Philosophers of the Twentieth Century. As before, the course will be an informal
                                                                opportunity to discuss these philosophers and their ideas – there will be no formal
 to a ‘jumping’ start, with
                                                                essay writing and no prior knowledge is required.
 many eager and keen
                                                                   The four week course begins on Tuesday 21st April, between 6pm and 8pm. There
 health enthusiasts from
                                                                are still places available. To book a place call Christine Plant on 0208 575 8222
 the local community. The programme which started               Ext 411 or email leaving your name and contact
 in January 2009, runs every Tuesday evening 6.30 to            telephone number or email address.
    To date, classes have been a great success with             Fireworks, flame-testing and fire-writing
 numbers increasing week to week. Those on the course                                          What            colours of the fireworks.
 have shed excess pounds, increased fitness levels and                                         gives              With the first part of the session
 toned the ‘essentials’ ready for the summer.                                                  fireworks       going off with a bang, we were ready to
    The emphasis of the programme is setting realistic                                         their           re-enter the warm science laboratory
 goals to achieve optimum health. Participants have                                            brilliant       and do some fire-writing. This involved
 learnt the basics of good health, nutritional guidelines                                      colours?        lighting a trail of dried potassium
 and how to implement positive lifestyle changes.               How can you reveal a secret message            chlorate solution to reveal a secret
 They are coached and supported by health experts               by burning paper? In January, Year 6           message letter-by-letter.
 weekly and many are reporting significant weight loss          students attended a Cardinal Wiseman              The students enjoyed learning about
 and improved wellbeing. The classes have structured            science masterclass to investigate.            the science behind fireworks and fire-
                                                                   Students started by safely using the        writing. We should see them again
 teaching on specific health topics and include a ‘high
                                                                beloved Bunsen burners to heat small           when they are part of the next Year 7 at
 energy’ funky aerobics class, focusing on cardiovascular,
                                                                drops of metal salt solutions. Each            Cardinal Wiseman.
 flexibility and toning.
                                                                metal gives off a different colour flame           Many thanks to my science
    With only one week left of the current programme,           when burned, e.g. potassium is lilac           colleague Katarina for expertly
 participants are ‘begging’ for more!!                          and sodium is bright orange. Working           providing the chemicals and equipment
    For details of this or any of our adult courses please      in groups, the students found the flame        and helping the pupils safely perform
 contact Christine Plant on 0208 575 8222 Ext 411 or            colours of a few metal salts. They then        their experimental work. Thanks also to
 email                            successfully used their detective skills       Joe Martinez for donating the fireworks
 Ms Omisore                                                     to find the metal compound present in          that went up in smoke.
                                                                mystery solutions by using the flame              This session followed from a series
Textiles for Adults                                             test technique.                                of masterclasses, where the students
                                The very first Textiles            Fireworks contain metal compounds           enjoy coming to the school to extend
                                evening class for adults ran    which give them the stunning colours           their investigation skills. The scheme
                                                                seen when they ignite. The students            is one of the many Specialist Schools
                                for 10 weeks from October to
                                                                were taken outside to see some Roman           initiatives our school runs with its
                                January. During that time
                                                                candle fireworks being let off. As well        partner primary schools: St John Fisher,
                                many exciting projects were
                                                                as the excited ooh-ing and aah-ing the         St Joseph’s, St Anselm’s and Our Lady of
                                completed by using the heat     students correctly called out the names        the Visitation.
transfer press and the computerised sewing machine.             of the metal compounds matching the            Mr Davies
These eager students completed projects ranging from
block printed cushions, curtains, bags, a personalised          Maths Masterclasses
patchwork quilt and a child’s fully lined cape.                 The maths masterclasses for the Year 5 and Year 6 primary school children
The course “has allowed me the time and freedom to              have been a great success. Students from St Anselm’s, St John Fisher, St Josephs
pursue a long time dream to master my sewing machine            and Our Lady of the Visitation all participated in the sessions as part of our
of 20 years old. I found it very enjoyable. The difficulties    Specialist Schools Partnership Programme. The children were very engaged while
                                                                investigating relationships between areas and surface areas of various shapes and
I encountered were soon solved by the ever wonderful
                                                                solids. They also took part in some investigations into the Legend of the 64 Disks
teacher who encouraged and cajoled and supported
                                                                which is said to predict how long we have until the end of the world!
through every stitch” enthused one of the participants.
                                                                  Assisting the teachers in the delivery of the masterclasses were a number of
Another commented, “With the ‘credit crunch’ upon us            Cardinal Wiseman students: Gitanjeli Kler, Fuad Mosis, Jue Chen, Joshua Paulinus
knowing that I can make cushions or handbags or print a         and Owen Keating (Sixth Formers) and Rianna Wright (Year 9), who all did a
design on a shirt has been a worthwhile experience”             fantastic job and the pupils found them very helpful and approachable. Some of
A further course is planned later in the year. For details of   the students from the primary schools said: “I really enjoyed meeting up with other
this or any of our adult courses please contact Christine       schools” “It wasn’t good, it was brilliant!” “I liked making the hats as it contained art
Plant on 020 8 575 8222 Ext 411 or email spadmin@               as well” “I liked calculating the end of time!”                                           Ms Mercurius
                                     The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 5

International School News                                                              St. Patricks Day Parade
                                                                                       Sixteen students from Cardinal
Singapore Visit                                                                        Wiseman’s Gaelic football
On the 2nd December 2008 The                                                           teams attended the St. Patricks
Cardinal Wiseman School were host                                                      Day parade on Sunday 15th
to Senior Leadership team colleagues                                                   March. This was one of the
from First Toa Payoh Secondary                                                         most successful parades to date
School, Singapore who were looking                                                     with 50,000 people in attendance. Many of the students had
at comparative education. Our visitors                                                 the privilege of meeting the London Mayor, Boris Johnson
                                                                                       at Trafalgar Square. Our school were also awarded a cup for
were welcomed by Acting Headteacher
                                                                                       “Outstanding Contribution to the Parade”.
Mr Keily and Head of Specialist and
                                                                                          Next year, Cardinal Wiseman School will be leading the
International Schools, Ms St Valle. The     enriching learning environment with        parade and hope to have more students, a float, Irish dancers and
visitors spent an interesting morning       great teachers”. Overall they felt that    musicians. Many thanks to the parents who accompanied us for
interacting with staff and students and     their visit had been “a great trip for     their help on the day.
described Cardinal Wiseman as “an           them all”.                                 Mrs McLaughlin

Mi experiencia de Pedagogía 2009!                                                      Senior Maths Challenge
                                                                                       The Maths department are very pleased to announce the results
                       What a               Collaboration and the Classroom’           for the Senior Maths Challenge. Pupils in Years 12 and 13 were
                       fascinating          that was met with much enthusiasm          awarded 2 Silver and 6 Bronze awards.
                       experience it was!   and generated enormous interest.              The entrants were chosen from the top Mathematical
                       Scientists meet      Papers on ‘Building Schools for the        performers in Years 12 and 13. The challenge consisted of a
                       scientists and       Future’, ‘Satisfactory to Outstanding      variety of questions which tested problem solving skills to the
                       medical doctors      Leadership styles’ and ‘Teachers           highest level. Special congratulations go to Neeraj Karwal who
                                                                                       achieved the best score in the school.
                       and dentists         and students becoming authors of
                                                                                          Well done to everybody that participated, especially the
                       meet their peers     Multimedia through constructivist          following students:
to discuss their findings, experiences      strategies’ were delivered by a cross
and various research ideas and              phase of other British colleagues
                                                                                       Neeraj Karwal, Connor Byrne
methodology, so why not the same for        from Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
us in Education?                            sector and the Education Consultants
                                                                                       Chevone Barretto, Daniel Gregory,
   In January I had the most                Navigant Consulting.                       Ravinder Ghattaura, Jue Chen,
fascinating five days at an                    The Conference was an ideal             Joseph Shamimi, Jennifer Li Yan        Neeraj Karwal (Best in
International Conference held at            opportunity for teacher to teacher         Hui                                    school and Silver award
the Palacio de Convenciones de              contact. Delegates had the                                                           winner) and Connor Byrne
                                                                                       Ms Fitzgerald would also like
la Habana, Cuba. Six thousand               opportunity to take part in activities,    to thank all the Year 12 Maths            (Silver award winner)
educationists from forty three              visit schools and various educational      students who have been taking
countries around the world spent a          establishments depending on their          part in the Maths mentoring scheme. Over the past half term, a
week sharing their pedagogy, trials                                                    number of Year 8 and Year 9 students have benefited from their
and errors in the classroom with one           “Education is like                      expert help. It has been really pleasing to see so many Year 12
another in nineteen different silos                                                    students effectively helping younger members of the school and
                                              a tree, you plant a                      sharing their skills. I know that all students on the scheme are
under one roof. They were also able to
exchange ideas on their research and          seed and it grows                        benefiting considerably from the extra help they are receiving. A
                                                                                       BIG THANK YOU.
their various visions for educational         and opens with many                         The Intermediate Maths Challenge took place on the 5th
practice in their respective countries
and for the world as a community.             branches.”                               February. Pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 were invited to take part.
                                                                                       Results will follow in the next newsletter.
   Pedagogía, a biannual education            Jose Marti                               Miss Fitzgerald
forum founded eleven years ago
                                                                                       For more information on the UKMT Maths challenge visit the
by the Cuban Government as a                interests. It was a chance to exchange     website:
conference for the unity of educators,      ideas on pedagogical experiences and
did not fail to live up to its reputation   form relationships with educational        MFL Able and Talented Mandarin Clubs
for excellence. This forum has been         authorities, teachers and students.        The Languages’ department is pleased to offer our Able and
                                                                                       Talented linguists the opportunity to learn Mandarin during
well known in the Latin-American               Pedagogía 2009 was one of
                                                                                       the lunch break each day. Year 8 attends on Tuesdays, Year 9
world for years. It is equally well         the better Career Professional             on Wednesdays and Year 10 on Thursdays. These classes have
known in the Caribbean islands              Development sessions that I have           been taking place since October 2008. A new Year 7 beginners’
and among African nations as a              experienced to date. I hope other          course in Mandarin began immediately after the February half
place for interesting, stimulating          British educators can experience           term on Monday lunchtime with many students attending. In the
and sometimes heated pedagogical            Pedagogía in two years’ time.              MFL department, we are delighted that our students are given
debate, as I found out. It is now fast         Local Headteachers who attended:        an opportunity to learn such a useful language from beginners’
becoming so for some of us in Britain.      •	 St.	Joseph’s	Catholic	Primary	School	   level in a fun and informal setting. The benefits of being able
   Along with Canadian, European               - Mr B Cassidy                          to converse in Mandarin will have a major impact upon the
                                                                                       future careers of our students. The clubs take place in classroom
and other British colleagues from           •	 Elthorne	Park	High	School	–	Mr	M	
                                                                                       P1 from 12.45pm to 1.30pm. We hope that many of the clubs’
education and the teaching Unions,             Sabur
                                                                                       members will go on to study Mandarin at GCSE level. The clubs
my head teacher Paul Patrick, a             Ms St Valle-Smith                          are taught by a native speaker of Mandarin, Ms Wang, whom we
national leader in education and I,         Head of Specialist and                     thank for her dedication and enthusiasm.
delivered a paper on ‘International         International Schools                      Mr Bird
                                     The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 6

Public Speaking and Debating News
                                  It has been     competition with his speech on the credit          On 11th February, Cynthia Otote (speaker),
                                  a busy          crunch. Reece will potentially go onto           Katherine Tyler (chairperson) and Laurel
                                  term for Ms     represent Ealing in the London final of the      Dunne (vote of thanks) in Year 9 went to
                                  Murphy          competition in July 2009.                        St. Benedict’s School for the Ealing Youth
                                  and Mr             On 31st January 2009, Nathan Byrne,           Speaks Rotary Club semi final. The students
                                  Bird’s public   Katherine Tyler, Cynthia Otote and Laurel        won the competition for our school and also
                                  speaking        Dunne in Year 9 went to Cambridge                won individual awards for best speaker,
                                  and             University for the International Competition     best chairperson and best vote of thanks
debating teams. A large number of local and       for Young Debaters. Both teams did               respectively. These students will go on to
national competitions have been entered by        extremely well and had to debate against         the district final to represent the borough
teams from the Cardinal Wiseman.                  some of the top debating students in the         of Ealing. Their title is: ‘Body image: body
  Before Christmas, our school hosted             country. Katherine Tyler was positioned          suicide.’
the Institute of Ideas ‘Debating Matters’         highly in the individual speaker’s tab for         Well done to all students involved in these
competition. We had two teams who worked          the way that she put her ideas across when       competitions.
on this project and represented our school in     debating for our school.                         A great deal of time and effort goes into
a professional manner. They were: Dominic            On 4th February 2009, our Year 12             competing at such a high level and you
Sowa, Declan McCloskey, Sarah Lonergan            debating team went to Latymer Upper              should be duly proud of your achievements.
and Anisha Kochhar from Year 12. Whilst           School for the Oxford Schools’ Debating          Our Year 12 team travelled to Durham
we did not win the competition, the students      Competition South West round. These              University for the Durham Schools’ Debating
argued in a lively and mature manner.             students were: Ashleigh Willis, Dominic          competition on the weekend of 21st March
Ashleigh Willis from our school won an            Sowa, Amy Tobia and Eleanor Murray in            2009. Details of our achievements will follow
award for best question from a member of          Year 12. The students learnt a great deal        in the next newsletter. If you want to find out
the audience.                                     from taking part in this competition.            more about debating, please speak to Mr Bird
  Immediately after Christmas, Reece Miller          On Saturday 7th February 2009, members        or Ms Murphy. Ms Murphy has experience at
and Lorna Byrne in Year 10, went to Acton         of all year groups from our debating clubs       training teams who compete at the highest
High School for the Ealing final of the Jack      went to Thames Valley University for the         level in debating competitions across the
Petchey Speak Out Challenge. Both students        Ealing Youth Action Annual Conference. The       country. We would both like even more
were great ambassadors for our school. The        young people had a chance to express their       students to join our debating and public
Cardinal Wiseman won a special award              views on issues such as: crime, health and       speaking clubs in the future.
for most supportive school. Reece won the         education.                                       Mr Bird and Ms Murphy

ICT Trip to New York City
                                         During the                       The Statue of Liberty and               We also visited Ground Zero,
                                      trip we learnt                      Ellis Island. This provided an       the former site of the World
                                      about how                           interesting insight to the history   Trade towers which provided a
                                      ICT impacts                         of both New York and migration       point in the trip to reflect and
                                      on different                        into America. The records            remember the tragic events of
                                      places, companies and the city      kept by the then Immigration         September 11th. Sadly the ICT
                                      as a whole. An example of this      department and Shipping              New York trip came to an end
During February half term, 45         was during our visit to Madison     companies, who brought over          as we made our goodbyes to
Wiseman students studying ICT         Square Garden. We learnt how        the immigrants from around the       our amazing tour guide Geoff,
embarked on a trip to New York        the HD Scoreboard systems           world, were amazing considering      Kaz our patient coach-driver
City accompanied by Ms Ah-            are completely dependent            it was all recorded by hand. Just    and New York, departing on a
Sam, Ms Murray, Ms Kennedy,           on IT as well as the cash           imagine the endless possibilities    flight bound for Heathrow and
Mr Brown, Mr O’Neill and Mr           registers being linked together     we have now with records being       home, which gave many a much
Adofo. The six day excursion to       to allow any member of staff        kept electronically and the          needed opportunity to rest and
New York was to allow students        to process transactions. The        legislation that we now have to      look back on another excellent
to see the impact of ICT on           same automated system was           keep that information safe and       ICT trip!
society and people and where          used in Macy’s, the world’s         secure.                              J Impey (Year 10)
else to see this than in the “Big     largest department store. We
Apple”. Our group visited all of      also managed to learn a few of
                                                                             Quotes from New York
the major attractions including       the trading secrets as to what
                                                                           “I’m the world’s greatest!” – Mr Brown as he held back
the famed Statue of Liberty, Ellis    makes Macy’s so successful
                                                                           the tears and stood on the same scales that had weighed
Island, Empire State building, as     – something for the budding
                                                                           Mohammed Ali at Madison Square Garden.
well as Madison Square Garden         entrepreneurs’ in our group!
and Macy’s – both of which were       The biggest example of ICT           “Is there shopping there?” – Year 10 girls as they were given
seen from “behind”. We also           being used was Times Square          the day’s itinerary.
managed to attend Sunday mass         which was alive with people          “The view is amazing, but it’s freezing up here!” – Joshua
at St. Patricks Cathedral, where      and vibrant advertisements and       Hawkett-Jones at the top of the Empire State building.
we were welcomed openly and           signs all controlled through IT.
even got a special mention by            Our last day was probably         “WOW! It’s even cooler up close than on TV” – Shami Banga at
the Priest.                           the most poignant as we visited      Times Square
                                           The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 7

Boys PE News                                                                                          Gym’ll Fix It
Year 10 Football!!                                                                                    “Gym’ll Fix It” is into
Once again, the boys in the Year 10                 areas of the pitch,                               its third session this
team have had a fantastic season.                   David Sobers, Zak                                 year, with 6th Formers
Unbeaten in the Ealing League, they                 Joseph and recently                               Michael, Alex and
have also reached the final of the                  Meridian Reason,                                  Hayley introducing
Middlesex Cup. After a couple of close              all proving to be valuable assets to the          street dancing (hip hop
games in the opening rounds, they went              team with their keen eye for goal.                and popping). Physical
on to sail through the quarter final 5-0.              All that is left is to wish them the           fitness activities
The semi-final was a much anticipated               very best of luck for the final (date to be       have been led by the
game against St Thomas More, (a repeat              arranged). Having won the Middlesex               dynamic Debbie the Determinator, whose boundless energy
of last year’s final which was eventually           Cup in Years 7 and 9, this final is               and enthusiasm affects all those present. Specialist activities
won by Cardinal Wiseman on penalties,               becoming a regular occurrence. I have             include line dancing, kick boxing, self defence and judo.
after going 2-0 down at half time).                 enjoyed every moment as manager                   Sessions take place at Gurnell Leisure Centre after school on
   The game got off to a tense start,               and have no doubt they will continue              Wednesdays and have been well attended and enjoyed by all.
with neither team wanting to take the               to succeed! Good luck to the following            Ms Martin and Ms Fruzza
initiative. However, after composing                boys: Jack Middleton, Kieron O’Connor,
themselves mid-way through the                      Bradley Simmonds, Edwin Osejindu,                 LONDON ZOO
first half, they went on to win 6-1.                Elliott Dobbs (Captain), Jordan Brennan,                                     On Thursday the 12th February,
It has been impossible to single out                Oliver Duffy, Danny McDonnell, James                                         Year 8 students went to London
an individual player throughout the                 Vella, David Sobers, Zak Joseph, Shane                                       Zoo to support their Geography
season, but special mention has to go to            Fahy, Keegan Wilkinson, Meridian                                             topic “Tropical Rainforest and
Bradley Simmonds, Oliver Duffy, Danny               Reason, Ryan Powlett, Fraser Naughton.                                       Deforestation”. It was a beautiful,
McDonnell and Captain Elliott Dobbs                 Mr Brown                                                                     sunny day perfect for exploring.
for their tireless work rates and effort.                                                                                        The purpose of our trip was to
Goals have come thick and fast from all                                                                                          learn about the different types of
                                                                                                                                 animals and their natural habitats.
Basketball Ealing Schools Junior and Inter Leagues                                                    We achieved this and had great fun at the same time. The
This has been a record season for games played and training sessions. Coach Carroll                   Gorilla Kingdom was the most exciting area due to the playful
and Mr Doyle have helped us play well over twice as many games as any other                           nature of the monkeys. As we were going around the Zoo, Miss
Ealing school. We entered four teams, one in A and B divisions of both the Junior and                 Monahan was telling us to pay attention to room temperature
Inter Leagues. This is tough on our Year 8’s and 10`s who, although they compete                      and choice of plants, as this should reflect their life in the wild.
in the B division, have to do so against Year 9’s and 11’s in a sport where the goal is               Lunch time was fun; we all got together near the restaurant
ten feet off the ground and height advantage is significant. It is to their great credit              and shop, took photos and talked about our day. This was
therefore that the Year 10’s won their league. It is great experience for them and the                followed by shopping for mouth-watering candy cane and
current Year 9’s who had to work so hard in the B league last year have won all their                 souvenirs. After some more walking about, it was time to go
games this season.                                                                                    back to school. We would like to thank Miss Monahan and
                                                                                                      the other teachers for organising such an enjoyable and
Week       Junior A KS3          Junior B KS3           Inter A KS4            Inter B KS4            successful trip to London Zoo.
10th Nov Elthorne (W 36-32)      Villers (Not played)                                                  L Goodman and F Marago (Year 8)
24th Nov Greenford (W 45-21) Dormers (L 29 -18) Northolt (L 64-62 Ot) Dormers (W 58-25)
8th Dec                          Twyford (L)            Drayton (L 56-42)                                London Zoo Comes To Cardinal Wiseman!
5th Jan    Acton( W 29-7)                               Brentside (W74-5)      Acton (L by 18)          Staff from London Zoo have been visiting Year 8 students
19th Jan Brentside ( W 77-12) Northolt (L)              Elthorne( L 48-36)     Villers (W 58-26)        in their Geography lessons, to help enhance the student’s
26th Jan                         W.L.A. (L)             Greenford ( L 22-15)                            understanding of animal adaptations and deforestation
9th Feb    F`Stone ( W 20 -0)    Drayton (L 70-7)       F`Stone ( W 70 - 6)    Twyford (L)              issues. They brought in a ferret, a corn-field snake and
           5-0 Ealing Champions 0-5 4th                 2-4 3rd                2-2 Ealing Champions
                                                                                                        a giant Madagascan cockroach, to help illustrate their
                                                                                                        points and discuss how humans have changed the
The County Cup competition has stalled at the quarter final stages while we wait for                    habitats of different species. All
our opponents to play their third round games. Full details will follow on completion.                  the students were enthusiastic
Our thanks to Coach Carroll. He is a superb coach and has made a real positive                          participators in the sessions,
impact on over 70 students in Years 8 to 11.                                                            asking some very advanced
He has signed up the Year 10 and Year 11 squads to his local team.                                      questions and they were great
He has secured the free use of a quality court at Southall sports centre from 4pm to                    ambassadors for the school.
6pm every Tuesday for coaching Wiseman students and for senior games.                                   Miss Monahan
He has found the funding for and has helped Year 11 students qualify as coaches
with the aim of building a leadership cadre within the Sixth Form.                                    NEW ROAD LAYOUT OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL
He runs three club nights, an extra Monday senior session and an early morning                        After a long period of consultation with our School Travel
KS4 circuit session.                                                                                  Plan team, Ealing Council and TfL have installed new
He and Ms Galvin will again organise the Ealing schools teams at the London Youth                     crossing points outside Cardinal Wiseman and OLOV
Games this year, details of the trials are on display in the new Gym.                                 schools. There is also a northbound bus lane, with a re-sited
                                                                                                      bus stop opposite the School.
Girls PE - New netball kit
The Girls’ PE Department is pleased to announce the launch of the new Netball dresses. They             Also, the stretch of Greenford Road from the School to the
are navy and white with navy cycle shorts underneath (these need to be purchased from the PE          town centre is a NO PARKING zone, with the exception of
Dasprtment for £5). The dresses look smarter and the Year 10 girls say that they are much better to   the recessed bays. We hope that the measures will increase
play in..                                                                                             road safety for our students and the local community.
                                   The Cardinal Wiseman School | Newsletter to parents | April 2009 | page 8

‘Top tables’ for high flying Hospitality                          Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies
students                                                        AS Level Trip to Kevin Spacey’s Old Vic Theatre, London
                                      How do Wiseman            Overall the day was an exciting and informative experience, throughout the
                                      students celebrate        actor/director led workshops which was based on
                                      their successes on        the themes of power, trust and conflict which were
                                      their courses, some       evident in the play ‘Complicit’ and in the evening we
                                      run in our own            watched a professional performance of ‘Complicit’ at
                                      amazing kitchen and       the Old Vic Theatre.
                                      others on Saturday           After arriving at this well renowned theatre
                                      mornings at TVU?          and meeting the other two schools we began the workshops, whereby
  Answer: they go straight to the top!                          we did activities that stretched our imaginations, tested our acting and
  In fact, they were treated to (probably) the best tables      improvisation skills and greatly encouraged teamwork with the other
in London, for a very special lunch at Galvin – the famous      schools. All of this was brilliantly done and we all really enjoyed the work.
restaurant at the top of the Park Lane Hilton!                  One of the workshops tested how much we could trust others (even people
  Sponsored by the Forte Foundation and supported by            that we had only known for ten minutes!) by literally allowing ourselves to
Chef Chris Galvin’s team – who opened especially for our        fall into their arms, another saw how sly we could be by luring people into
students on a Saturday lunchtime – the aim was to show          taking an unknown drink (which was later, quite disappointingly revealed to
the students just how far a career in Hospitality could take    be iced tea) whilst the final workshop saw us being deceived by the team-
them.                                                           leaders themselves. This (the power workshop) enabled us to perform on the
  Certificates were presented by Mr Nick Scade MBE, the         actual stage at the Old Vic that was later occupied by extremely well-known
Director and Chief Executive of the Academy of Food and         actors like Richard Dreyfuss (who starred in ‘Jaws’ and ‘Close Encounters of
Wine Service Skills, who works with the Forte Foundation        the Third Kind’) and David Suchet (most well known for playing ‘Poirot’.)
to promote excellence in Hospitality training.                  Whilst these few hours were entertaining and enjoyable, they also left us
  Mr Scade was extremely impressed by the achievements          with a great deal of information regarding the use of torture methods for
of our students and commented most favourably on their          suspected terrorists to reveal information, which is what the play ‘Complicit’
mature and impressive conduct.                                  is about. Whilst this sounds fascinating and was so in the workshops, sadly
  His views were endorsed by the Wiseman and TVU staff          the production was appalling.
who helped organise the event and by Fr Tom Daly, who is           The play which we were so excited to see was directed by Kevin Spacey
himself a keen cook.                                            (‘American Beauty, Se7en and Superman Returns) and was actually an
                                                                utter disappointment. Unfortunately the performance was very dull and I
                                                                am quite certain that if we hadn’t had the workshops prior to watching the
                                                                production, we wouldn’t have understood the plot at all. Nevertheless for all
 Our very successful programme of Saturday
                                                                us aspiring actors and actresses it was an experience and a great opportunity
 morning classes, run in partnership with The
                                                                to watch some extremely well known and talented actors and directors at
 London School of Hospitality at TVU, will continue             work.
 in the Summer term.                                               Overall the visit to the Old Vic was a success with us all leaving tired and
   For more details and to sign up – please contact             hungry but equally inspired and motivated to pursue our own acting hopes.
 Mr Lawrie at the School, on 020 8833 2062.                     S Lonergan (Year 12)

   Dates for your diary                                        Art Dept News                             offered and students compete from
                                                                                                         across the world, mainly from private
 April 2009                                                    Jasmin                                    and public schools.
 Mon 6th – Fri 17th April – Easter Holiday                     Chohan –                                     Jasmin came to Wiseman two
                                                               Year 13                                   years ago from Villiers in Southall.
 Mon 20th Students return to school
                                                               Jasmin has                                She was passionate about art and
 May 2009                                                      just earned                               through drawing and visiting the San
 Mon 4th Bank Holiday                                          a place at                                Alajandro School of Art in Cuba; she
 Fri 8th   6th Form Ball                                       the Courtauld Institute to study Art      built a perceptive visual mind. She
           Year 11 Prom                                        History. This is the most prestigious     is a pure joy to teach and coaching
 Thur 21st TARGET DAY                                          Art Historical Academy in the world       her for these gruelling interviews has
 Fri 22nd TARGET DAY                                           with Alumni boasting Ernst Gombrich,      stretched me as a teacher. She has a
 Monday 25th – Friday 29th May – Half Tern                     Anthony Blunt and Charles Harrison.       political awareness well above her age
                                                               Originally founded by Roger Fry of the    and I am convinced she will test the
 June 2009                                                     Bloomsbury Group with money from          professors at the Courtauld. Jasmine
 Mon 1st Students return to school                             Samuel Courtauld, it is dedicated to      has certainly taken Wiseman into the
 Thur 11th Year 10 Celebration of Success                      modernist theory. Applicants number       super league. With respect.
 Fri 26th  Year 6 Induction Day                                700 each year but only 20 places are      Mr Davies
 Mon 29th Year 7 Celebration of Success
                                                                                   Important Notice For Parents/Carers
 Tue 30th Year 8 Celebration of Success
                                                                If your child is asthmatic, he/she should carry their inhaler with them at all
 July 2009                                                      times. A spare should also be left, with Mrs Kearney, Pupil Care Assistant
 Wed 1st Year 9 Celebration of Success                          in the Medical Room. Please ensure the spare is clearly marked with your
 Fri 3rd  Last day of Summer Term                               child’s name.

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