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					                                                                                        Vol. 59, No. 1, January 2011

                                                 A monthly publication for Exchange associates and their families

                                                                                                  A New Year’s
                                                                                                resolution: set
                                                                                                  goals to help
                                                                                                   you and our
                                                                                            customers—Page 3
                                                                                  Chief Operating Officer Michael Howard

2   The Exchange ‘playbook’          5   A renovated ‘store’                  24 Teamwork
    How you can help the Exchange        Exchange’s website changes                The engine that drives the
    meet its five strategic goals.       its look—and its name.                    Exchange . . . read about this
                                         Take a look!                              important core value.
Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella
‘Playbook’ keeps us focused on reaching goal lines
                                                               ver the past few months, I’ve talked       our customers is by telling them about the great
                                                               a lot about building community and         values they receive by shopping at the Exchange.
                                                               reaching out to local organizations.          Make sure to tell them about the items we
                                                               Part of that means keeping in touch        have on sale in the tabloids and the more than 18
                                                   with what’s going on in your local area.               million items they can find on our website,
                                                       For many of our communities, football is a, 24 hours a day, seven
                                                   popular way to bond and connect. This time of          days a week.
                                                   year especially, people rally together to support         Build a culture that: (A) promotes associate
                                                   one of the two teams that played successfully          loyalty and ownership and (B) encourages
                                                   enough throughout the season to make it to the         enterprise sustainability and continuous im-
                                                   Super Bowl.                                            provement.
                                                       It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a foot-       Check out Corporate University for all of the
                                                   ball fan because we can all learn something from       great online programs. Learn as much as you can
                                                   the way the teams played this past year. They had      about the products sold in your area. Talk with
                                                   a common goal, identified strategies to meet that      the vendor representatives to learn the latest and
                                                   goal and practiced endlessly to be successful.         greatest features of their products.
                                                       Those are the keys to success for any team,
                                                                                                          Counting on us
                                                   including the Exchange.
                                                                                                              Provide expeditionary and mission support
                                                   The Strategic Plan ‘playbook’
                                                                                                          capabilities…to “go where you go.”
                                                       Just like how sports teams have playbooks, the         Participate in local community events. It’s
                                                   Exchange also has a common resource where we           important for our patrons to see us involved in
                                                   can find what we’re going to focus on for the next     their communities.
                                                   year. Our playbook is called the “Strategic Plan.”         Support our troops by participating in wel-
                                                   In it, you’ll find our five Strategic Goals, what we   come home events or volunteering to deploy. Our
                                                   are doing to meet the goals and how we’re mea-         warfighters downrange count on us to provide
                                                   suring our progress.                                   that familiar feeling of home when they’re thou-
                                                        Here are our five 2015 Strategic Goals:           sands of miles from their loved ones. In addition,
                                                       • Develop a lifelong emotional connection          their families rely on us to support them while
                   Just like how sports
                                                          with our customers.                             they remain at home.
                                                       • Build a culture that: (A) promotes associate         Be the premier collaborative partner with
                    teams have playbooks,                 loyalty and ownership and (B) encourages        federal and commercial entities.
                                                          enterprise sustainability and continuous            Look for ways you can participate with local
                     the Exchange has                     improvement.                                    military organizations on the installation.
                                                       • Provide expeditionary and mission support            Keep the shelves stocked with desired mer-
                       a playbook, the                    capabilities … to “go where you go.”            chandise. Our vendor partners depend on us to
                                                       • Be the premier collaborative partner with        keep their merchandise available. Our patrons
                                                          federal and commercial entities.                and their families need to know they can find
                           “Strategic Plan.”
                                                       • Communicate the benefit, value and               what they’re looking for in our stores.
                                                          capabilities of AAFES.                              Communicate the benefit, value and
                                                                                                          capabilities of AAFES.
                                                   Tips on supporting the strategic goals                     Telling the Exchange’s story is up to each of
                                                      It’s important for each of us to know what we       us. We truly value our military patrons and their
          The Exchange Post                        can do every day to support our Strategic Goals.       families, and we need to let them know we’re
          Vol. 59, No. 1       January 2011        Here are a few examples:                               here to serve them.
                                                      Develop a lifelong emotional connection                 Let your customers know about the great sav-
        Army and Air Force Exchange Service
          P.O. Box 660202, ATTN: MK-SCC            with our customers.                                    ings and benefits we offer through programs like
               Dallas, TX 75266-0202                  The best way to build connections with our          We Match Prices, Mobile Marketing, social media
                Phone: (214) 312-2766                                                                     initiatives and the MILITARY STAR® Card.
                   or DSN: 967-2766                shoppers is through outstanding customer service.
          e-mail:           Greet them. It’s especially important to greet         Achieving goals collectively
           Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella                 our uniformed military members by their names
                    Commander                      and ranks. Corporate University has an excellent           I’m confident that when each of us has a copy
                 Joyce Bowers                      reference on its portal site if you need help learn-   of the playbook, we can collectively achieve our
                    Vice President,
                                                   ing the ranks.                                         goals. To get yours, visit the Plans portal site, click
         Strategic Corporate Communication
                                                      It’s also important to listen to your customers.    on “Corporate Strategy” and then on the image of
                 Barbara Kirsch                                                                           the 2015 Strategic Plan.
                           Editor                  Tuning in to what they really need is key to help-
                                                   ing them.                                                  Be sure to share this with your coworkers so
                   Steve Smith
                   Assistant Editor                   Another way we can show how we focus on             we all know the game plan. Here’s to a great 2011
                                                                                                          and making our warfighters proud to follow us.
2   January 2011 The Exchange Post
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Howard                                                                           Look for the online
                                                                                      Goals 2 Go course on
Goals 2 Go . . .                                                                        the Exchange home
                                                                                    portal in the near future.
A main cornerstone of the Exchange

         ne of my favorite quotes
         comes from the book, The
         Fred Factor: “There are no
insignificant or ordinary jobs when            “Significant and extraordinary people are what
they’re performed by significant or      distinguishes us from the competition and will continue
extraordinary people.”
    Significant and extraordinary                      to bring success to the Exchange.”
people are what distinguishes
us from the competition and will
continue to bring success to the
Exchange.                                                                      have a key role in completing the
    The year 2010 was an interesting                                           Operational Goals. Finally, Individual
one for the Exchange and its ex-                                               Goals and the positive actions you
traordinary people. We introduced                                              take every day have a direct impact
our new branding to customers and                                              on the Facility/Division Goals at
associates, which we expect to bring                                           your location.
a great look to the Exchange and                                                   So, you can see how goal setting
a necessary standardization to our                                             is a vital force in the Exchange’s
signing and store layout.              affect the Exchange every day is a      success.
    We also opened our first town      main cornerstone of this foundation.        The Goals 2 Go program was
center at Fort Bliss, Texas, to the        As an organization, we create       created because of the importance
cheers of a rapidly growing com-       long-term, five-year Strategic Goals    of goal setting. Goals 2 Go helps re-
munity.                                that challenge us to remain vibrant     mind us to take goal setting seriously.   expect full 100 percent participation
                                       in the future.                              This year, a Zoomerang Survey         in 2011.
Strong foundation for success                                                  was sent out to access your aware-            We should all remember to treat
                                       Operational, facility/division,
    Our 2010 achievements will set a                                           ness and experience with Goals 2          our customers and fellow associ-
                                       your goals
good marker for what we are going                                              Go. Associates from the Exchanges,        ates as we would like to be treated.
to accomplish in 2011 because of          To reach these long-term goals,      distribution centers and headquar-        Make sure you not only answer
the strong foundation for success      we establish annual goals, better       ters took advantage of the opportu-       questions from internal and external
we have put in place. Setting goals    known as Operational Goals.             nity to let us know what they think       customers, but give answers they
and understanding how these goals         Facility/Division Goals are set to   and completed the survey. Your            need to make that buying decision,
                                                                               feedback helped us make revisions         complete an order or become a bet-
                                                                               to the program.                           ter Exchange associate.
 A real early morning pick-me-up                                                                                             Be sure to greet your customers
                                                                               Core values, enduring keys,
                                                                                                                         and thank them for their service.
                                                                                                                         Make this your primary personal
                                                                                    In fact, 75 percent of the re-       goal.
                                                                               sponses came from our associates
                                                                                                                         Could your contributions include
                                                                               in the field and the distribution
                                                                                                                         these things?
                                                                               centers. Based on your input, Core
                                                                               Values, what makes a goal SMART,             In addition, your contribution
                                                                               and the Commander’s Enduring              might include ensuring customers
                                                                               Keys to Success were added to the         aren’t forgetting something that
                                                                               Goals 2 Go card as inspirations to        would complete their purchase like
                                                                               use when writing your 2011 goals.         a power cable; telling customers
                                                                                   The basis for understanding           about an item on sale online or in
                                                                               goals and how to write them can be        your facility; unloading and stocking
                                                                               obtained from taking the Goals 2 Go       merchandise safely and efficiently;
                                                                               course. I encourage each of you to        keeping the store clean and aisles
                                                                               take the online Goals 2 Go course,        clear of obstacles; or answering e-
                                                                               found on the Exchange home portal,        mails clearly and completely.
  FORT DRUM, N.Y. — Food court associate Ivonne Coxie, right, shows
                                                                               so you can see specific examples of          Everyone has a role to play…
  how she could meet goals of boosting sales and customer satisfaction
  by providing drinks and food to sleepy shoppers who had lined up
                                                                               how your daily actions impact the         what’s yours?
  at 2 in the morning on Black Friday. The cart sales helped Charley’s         Exchange’s success.                          I thank you for your extraordi-
  boost Black Friday sales by 21 percent over the same day in 2009.                Nearly 85 percent of you took         nary efforts and look forward to a
  (Photo by Becky Van Valkenburg)                                              the course this past year and I           successful 2011.

                                                                                        The Exchange Post January 2011       3
Grand Forks undergoes floor-to-ceiling remake
                                      M ore than 500 shoppers braved the
                                        biting North Dakota winter to enjoy
                                 the grand opening of the Grand Forks
                                 AFB’s new Exchange store, a culmination
                                 of a floor-to-ceiling image upgrade that
                                 began in early 2010.
                                     With base Commander Col. Don Shaf-
                                 fer helping slice the ribbon, Exchange
Shoppers flood into the Grand managers and associates ensured custom-
Forks AFB Exchange on grand
opening day.
                                 ers were entertained with holiday music,
                                 vendor demos, visits from Mrs. Claus and
the Purina dog, and 100-plus giveaways. In addition, gun fans scooped up
more than $11,000 in guns and ammo at the store’s new firearms counter
during its first two weeks.
   “Our customer comments have all been favorable, from the ‘new’ look of
the mall and concessions to the vast improvement in the merchandise,” said
General Manager Kathi Zeller. “What a beautiful complex we have for the
Grand Forks community.”

                       Santa stuffed his bag with more Exchange toys

                        anta apparently made the Exchange one of his major
                        pit stops this year for toys. Worldwide toy sales
                    increased by 5.7 percent, or $945,000, and gross profit
                     rose by 8.1 percent, or $394,000 over the previous
                      holiday shopping season in 2009, Exchange managers
           The Pacific Region scored the highest percentage increase—14.2
percent—followed by the Central Region at 6.5 percent. One stop for Santa
and Mrs. Clause was the Toyland at Offutt AFB, Neb., left.

               Rewards & Recognition Program

                    is revising the rewards and recognition program to align
                    with corporate strategies and drive behaviors that support
                    a high performing workforce.
    Why change?
    Successful awards programs in the industry are tied to corporate strat-
    egy. They’re easy to understand, timely and, most importantly, they’re
    meaningful to associates.
    The projected rollout is July and here’s what to expect:
       • Four new award names to align with the four perspectives
         (customer, internal, learning & growth, and financial)
       • Two levels for each award, one for consistent demonstration of
         desired behaviors and one for consistently exceeding the expectations
       • Awards will be redesigned to follow the new Exchange brand
       • No more waiting five years for a service award. Now, associates will    Fifteen food managers from Exchange restaurants throughout the
         be recognized after one year of service                                 United States gather with SD-F program specialists after a recent
       • Non-cash awards                                                         week-long advanced training class at headquarters. They learned about
                                                                                 the Exchange’s extensive restaurant business; finance, safety and loss
       “Operation Sneak Peek,” a new feature in the Exchange Post, highlights    prevention issues that affect their operations; and ways to deal with
    special programs and new initiatives.
                                                                                 stressful work situations. (Photo by Robert Weller)

4     January 2011 The Exchange Post
AAFES Federal Credit Union
                                                     Sleek, revamped Exchange website offers
Got $25? Open a                                      shoppers deals, endless aisles of products
credit union account                                 By Sonny Bohanan

F                                                    T
      ormed in 1967 by a small group of as-                 he Exchange’s largest store has
      sociates at Exchange headquarters, the                undergone a quiet transformation—and
      AAFES Federal Credit Union exists for                 a name change.
one reason—to serve the financial needs of its ’s new look and
members.                                             name debuted in September as part of the                   • Visiting the Savings Center regularly.
    Join the credit union by opening your primary    Exchange’s new corporate branding. The website,            Two of the most popular places on the website
savings account with a $25 minimum deposit.          formerly, is cleaner and easier for          are the Exchange Online Mall and Specialty
Log onto and click on “Not a       customers to use, and key in the Exchange’s            Stores.
Member Yet? Join Now,” or stop by the main of-       strategy as a multi-channel retailer.                       The Online Mall features top retailers, such
fice across from Exchange headquarters in Dallas.                            In March, the website          as Books-a-Million, Fingerhut and FTD, with
    U.S. associates, retirees, immediate family                           will debut an even more           military discounts on each purchase. More than
members around the world and Exchange mili-                               dramatic redesign to              100 concessionaires offer thousands of items, so
tary personnel are eligible for membership.                               fully incorporate the new         customers can surely find what they want—mu-
                                                                           branding and improve             sic, cell phones, auto parts, tires, gift baskets,
Wide range of services
                                                                            usability.                      prescription eyewear and contacts, audio books,
     Open the door to these financial services:                                 “The benefit to             crafts, hobbies and more.
     • Account-to-account transfers—move funds                               customers is that the              The Specialty Stores also offer no sales tax and
for free between your credit union accounts and                          website will be much better        free standard shipping offers.
those at other financial institutions.               organized and consistent,” said Jon Leines,                Because of security upgrades, customers who
                    • ATM and debit cards—ac-        e-commerce marketing manager.                          have not logged on to the site since July must up-
                 cess 40,000-plus, surcharge-free        The home page, simplified to emphasize             date their profile. Associates should log on to the
                  ATMs around the country that       shopping, includes larger fonts, an “accordian”        website and check it out to better help customers
                  display the Allpoint Network       menu, scrolling promo area and easy-to-use             update their profile.
                   logo.                             tabs. Info links about the Exchange now reside             Customers who need help or want to place
                       • Audio response teller;      at the bottom of the home page, Leines said.           an order by phone can also call (800) 527-2345
                        • Certificates of deposit;                                                          anytime day or night.
                        • Home banking—verify        Urge customers to go online
                    balances; check recent depos-        The website and brick-and-mortar stores
its, withdrawals and loan payments; transfer         tag-team to assure that customers access
                                                                                                                             At a glance
money between eligible accounts; view both           quality goods and services at competitively
sides of cleared checks.                                                                                      With more than $204 million in sales in
                                                     low prices whenever and wherever they want,
     • Live chats with service reps;                                                                          2009, is roughly
                                                     24X7. In fact, online sales within 40 miles of a
     • MasterCard debit and credit cards;                                                                     equal to four Exchange main stores.
                                                     store are credited to that facility.
     • Mobile money—access your accounts,                Store associates should urge customers to                                 $137.5 million — Sales
obtain balances, review transactions and             check out when                                         (through Nov. 2010)
transfer money between accounts any time via         they can’t find what they are looking for, such                               300,000+ — Customers
mobile phone. Personal text message alerts are       as a broader selection of colors, sizes or models,                            who shop the website
available through Home Banking.                      Leines said.                                                                  annually
     • Money orders and mortgages;                       Also online, shoppers can save money by:                              68 — Percentage of
     • Night depository and notary services;             • Browsing the Super Daily Specials;                 purchases with MILITARY STAR® cards
     • Online loan applications;                         • Subscribing to the Buddy List;
     • Retirement accounts and youth accounts;                                                                $307 — Average order amount through
                                                         • Signing up for text messages;
     • Safe-deposit boxes, signature guarantees                                                               Nov. 2010
                                                         • Entering weekly sweepstakes;
and wireless transfers.
Be a member for life                                 CFL bulbs: glowing reviews                              the cash registers for CFL
                                                                                                             bulbs they were buying. In

   When you join, you’re a member for life,                 t Fort Lewis, Wash., both the customers and      turn, the store would get the
even if you change jobs. If you PCS, you keep               Exchange reap the benefits of energy-reducing    markdowns paid back from
your account and your family memberships are                CFL bulbs.                                       the power company.
not affected.                                                                              Exchange              “We have almost
                                                                                       managers and the      doubled what we at first
  Check out, to review                                                 Tacoma Power         thought we were going to
competitive rates and current loan specials.                                            Utility developed    sell,” said Neil Grigsby, an
                                                                                         an incentive        energy specialist with the
                                                                                          program in         power company.
                                                                                          which custom-          Since Nov. 9 when
                                                                                 s of ers received
                                                                          Seed ty markdowns at
                                                                                                             the program began, the
                                                                                                             utility has reimbursed the
                                                               Susta                                         Exchange more than $21,000.

                                                                                           The Exchange Post January 2011     5
                                         COO’s Customer Mania                                             would get exactly what I wanted. He always returned my
                                                                                                          phone calls and, if I were not available, he would always
                                         Tim Correll, Spinelli Furniture Store                            make sure he called back.
                                         Mannheim, Germany                                                   He really went out of his way to help me.

                                              am writing to let you know that Tim Correll, who            ‘Someone I could rely and count on’
                                              works at the Spinelli Furniture Store in Mannheim,
                                                                                                              The moving experience is a really stressful one, espe-
                                              has outstanding, out-of-this-world customer service
                                                                                                          cially if you’re abroad. Knowing that Tim was someone
                                                                                                          I could rely and count on—and that I was sure he would
                                             Truly, I have never met anyone so helpful as him. As
                                                                                                          get back to me whenever he said he would—has made the
                                          he helped me throughout my furniture purchasing, he
                                                                                                          whole process much easier.
                                          was always kind, understanding and ready to help. I had
                                                                                                              I cannot thank him enough. Thank you, Tim, you are
                                           to exchange some furniture, and he really took the time
                                                                                                          the best!
                                           to ensure all my questions were answered and that I

Shoppers shout out about customer service
                      Eastern Region                    ing a warmth and genuine attitude of service to         as the motherboard, and gave me information
                           We met our son at Fort       this division. She would be a tremendous asset          on how to call HP toll-free from Germany. To
                       Drum’s Military Clothing         to any organization. She has a “can-do, make-it-        my pleasant surprise, HP had my information
                       Store so we could buy his        happen” approach that makes me feel valued as a         in their system—and my warranty expired that
                       first dress blues. Lori Huey,    customer.                                               day at midnight. Without Peter’s help, I would
                       the associate who assisted                                                               have ended up paying more than $100 to get my
                       my son in determining the                                         Pacific Region         computer fixed, rather than getting it repaired
                       size of the jacket, pants,                                      Jesse, Laurel and        by HP for free. Too many times to count, I have
      Lori Huey        dress shirt, etc., was wonder-                              Josh are three superior      witnessed employees indifferent attitudes toward
ful, very helpful to us and patient with a soon-to-                                firearms associates at El-   customers who have problems with items that
be young Soldier who only knew that he wore a                                      mendorf AFB. With their      have already been purchased. It would have been
medium. We appreciate the time she took to help                                    knowledge, I narrowed        very easy for Peter to tell me that I should’ve kept
us and the great customer service we received.                                     my choices down to two       my receipt and gone about his day. Instead, he
                                                                                   firearms and finally to      went the extra mile. I truly wish there were more
                      Central Region                      Laurel Lengyel, Josh
                                                         Eanes and Jesse Binns
                                                                                   one. It’s obvious they       employees with his attitude and dedication.
                          I visit the Exchange at                                  were not in it simply for
                       Fort Riley, La., about once to   the “sale.” Their familiarity with the products’                             MK-Catalog Call
                       twice a week. Lizzie, the        notable safety features, options, product guaran-                            Center
                       Popeyes’ shift manager, is       tees and popularity of the products only began                                    I found a fire pit I wanted
                       there, always with a smile,      their level of expertise—and I trust them!                                    to buy at the Exchange.
                       very friendly and profes-                                                                                      When I called your catalog
                       sional with all customers.       Europe Region                                                                 department, Chimera Revels
  Lizzie Pittre-Flores She provides the type of             I had problems with a                                                     began searching for it and
customer service that guarantees me as a loyal          computer I bought at Mainz-                                                   gave me the information. She
customer. Even if there is a wait, it’s always worth    Kastel’s PowerZone about a                                Chimera Revels      went out of her way to find
it. Thanks for hiring employees like her. The           year ago. I did not have the                            the details and located four at Fort Hood, Texas.
product is great and service                            receipt, so I figured warranty                          They will not be available for purchase until the
is awesome!                                             work was out of the ques-                               day after Thanksgiving and I will be out of town,
                                                        tion. I was debating whether                            but told her I would contact her that morning if I
Western Region                                          to pay to have it fixed or buy       Peter Farmer
                                                                                                                decide to try to get one of the four sent to your
   Marena Alfaro, customer                              another computer when Peter asked if I needed           headquarters in Dallas.
service clerk at Luke AFB’s                             help. I explained the situation, and he asked me           She was very quick with a response and was
Military Clothing Store, is                             to bring in my computer so he could personally          very sweet to help me.
always very pleasant, bring-        Marena Alfaro
                                                        look at it. Afterwards, he identified the problem

“...always there, witheea smile...” ...not “..wentfoutrof her way....”
                                      “ ply in it o
                                                                                         “Very qu sponse”                           “Without Peter’s help, I would
                                 nt s
                            guaraer”                                                     with a re                                  have ended up paying more .... to

                                      sim sale..s“.eP”voicduct is great...
“...makes “...service t l custom

                                                                    do                                                              get my computer fixed....”
                                                           make-it ,
me feel me as a lo   ya                               r             -happe

                                                                           n   attitud

valued                                               r e is aw
as a
customer...”                                                     “I trust them!”                                                           esome!”

6   January 2011 The Exchange Post
  Making and spending money                                                                                  Rogue’s Gallery
  The Exchange Post debuts a series on the Defense                                                           By Capt. Lucas McMillen
                                                                                                             Assistant General Counsel
  Department’s largest military reseller and its finances
                                                                                                                         hile only a few jobs at the Exchange
                                                                                                                         are official “positions of trust,” all man-
                                                                                                                         agers and associates are entrusted
                                                                                                              not to abuse their roles and responsibilities.
                                                                                                              Most of them embrace this aspect of their
                                                                                                              jobs, but a regrettable few demonstrate they
                                                                     Total: $7.3 billion                      are not to be trusted.
                                                                                                                  First, we travel to Kentucky, where at Fort
                                                                                                              Campbell’s Popeyes in March 2009, a surveil-
                                                                                                              lance operation rooted out
                                                                                                              the cause of suspicious
                                                                                                              cash variances. For one
                                                                                                              roguish associate, these
                                                                               Food                           surveillance cameras
                                                                               Vending/Services               don’t lie: Our ne’er-
                                                                                                              do-well was caught
                                                                               Main Stores
                                                                                                              stealing small amounts
                                                                               Specialty Stores
                                                                                                              of cash every day.
                                                                               MCSS                               A magistrate sentenced
                                                                               Direct Marketing               the now-former Exchange
                                                                               Total Concessions              associate to a year’s probation and full restitu-
                 Source: Finance & Accounting
                 Directorate                                                                                  tion.

                                                                                                              Even retirement homes
      f you believe the Exchange makes                         www.shopmyexchange.
      money only from its flagship                             com, which brought in                              Now to the Armed Forces Retirement
      main stores, think again.                                $204 million in sales in                       Home—yes, thieves even hit homes for elderly
          What’s more, did you know that although             2009 and $138 million from                      veterans—in Washington, D.C. In June 2009,
the Exchange falls under the Defense Depart-           January through November 2010.                         Exchange officials conducted a surveillance op-
ment, the organization gets only 3 percent of             Out of $7.3 billion in total sales from January     eration in response to suspicious sales figures
its funds from the federal government; the rest        through November of 2010, main-store sales—            tied to the shifts of an associate. Like many
comes from what we make in our stores.                 the dark blue chunk of the pie—comprise 29.6           culprits, he was nabbed in the act of stealing
    For the department’s largest military reseller,                                                           hundreds of dollars in cash—and confessed
                                                       percent of the total. Sales from gas stations,
sales streams flow into the Exchange from main                                                                to investigators a habit of pocketing several
                                                       shoppettes, auto parts stores and other “direct
stores, restaurants, military clothing sales stores,                                                          thousand dollars of Exchange cash.
                                                       specialty stores”—the brown piece—represent                In Superior Court, the rogue discovered
hundreds of thousands of vending machines on
                                                       nearly 41 percent of sales.                            the cost of his illicit activity: nine months of
military installations around the world and thou-
                                                          So when it comes to making money, the               supervised probation and full restitution of the
sands of concessionaires, among other sources.
    And let’s not forget the Exchange’s website,       Exchange definitely isn’t relying on one source.       amount he stuffed in his pockets.
                                                                                                              No popcorn for this rogue
 Rolling the dice: don’t take a                        football pool; selling or purchasing of a numbers
                                                                                                                  Now, how about a movie theater?
                                                       slip or ticket; or any game for money or property;
 chance by gambling at work                                • consideration for the opportunity to play,           In December 2009, during a movie at the
 By Karen Seale                                        such as participation fee, wager of money and          theater at Sheppard AFB, Texas, a Loss Preven-

 T   he end of the holiday season means the            something of value in return for the possibility       tion official counted heads in the audience and
     Super Bowl quickly approaches. In addition,       of a reward or prize;                                  found the number didn’t match the amount of
 “March Madness” will capture the imaginations             • an offering of a prize, such as money or         money in the register. Investigators found $112
              of college hoop fans.                    things like a meal, drinks, administrative leave,      hidden in the register drawer and immediately
                   This time of year is ripe for       gift certificates or cash.                             tagged the theater supervisor as the culprit.
               friendly wagers. However, federal           People’s confidence in government is                   During his interrogation, the mischievous
                regulations prohibit civilian em-      influenced by how federal employees serve the          associate admitted to granting free admis-
                 ployees from gambling while on        public and how they conduct themselves. Each           sion to family members and helping himself to
                 duty or on government-owned or        employee must maintain an unusually high               concessions. A magistrate sentenced him to
                 leased property, unless necessi-      standard of honesty, integrity, impartiality and       lots more than eating a box of stale popcorn:
 tated by their official duties. Violations may lead   conduct in the proper performance of govern-           the ex-associate was found guilty of swiping
 to disciplinary action, plus penalities from law      ment business and the confidence by citizens in        $7,250 from the Exchange and ordered to repay
 enforcement.                                          their government.                                      every cent of it back.
     Gambling requires:                                    In other words, make your wagers at the bar            Wonder if “Ocean’s 11” about a bunch of
     • a game of chance, such as a raffle, lottery,    or at the game, not at the Exchange.                   crooks is his favorite movie now?

                                                                                            The Exchange Post January 2011             7
Inventory: putting the final touches on Exchange earnings
By Gerald J. Danish                                                                                               • Take time as you prepare to reflect back
Vice President, Loss Prevention

                                                                        The shrink accrual is more                on your 2009 inventory results, ensuring
          ou survived the holiday sales rush                            important than ever to achieve            your top shrink and overage departments
          and popped the cork on your                                                                             are organized and counted carefully. Include
                                                                         goals for corporate earnings.            these departments in your recounts as you
          favorite drink to usher in a new
          year, but a critical time lies ahead                            Ultimately, it could mean pay           take the physical inventory.
as the Exchange prepares to conduct the                                    bonuses — or not.                      • Remove all merchandise from offices
2010 annual physical inventory.                                                                                   prior to inventory to ensure everything is
     Results from fiscal year 2009 were                                                                           counted. Follow-up with Loss Prevention to
nothing short of phenomenal. Inventory                                                                            ensure any merchandise retained by law en-
shrink came in at .37 percent of sales, tack-                                                                     forcement as evidence is counted by using
ing $41 million onto the Exchange’s bot-                   and scanned for price accuracy.                        evidence control forms.
tom line. As a result, the organization exceeded         • Complete all required training prior to              • Ensure all documents in ASAP are in “re-
its goals for earnings and associates received pay         inventory. Be sure to keep training rosters            leased” status prior to inventory, which is
bonuses.                                                   for all associates involved in the actual              essential to ensuring accountability for the
    However, the 2009 success story is no                  inventory.                                             physical period where the receipt, transfer,
guarantee for success in 2010. Proper execution          • Utilize your top performers to inventory               write-off or price changes occurred.
of shrink-reduction strategies early in the year           those departments that have had histori-             • Carefully review and investigate your mer-
helped reduce losses. Now, as we approach inven-           cally high variances.                                  chandise in transit and payment in transfer,
tory, pinpoint accuracy in the actual inventory                                                                   otherwise known as MIT and PIT. Account-
count is critical.                                                                                                ing for everything that has been charged to
Ways to guarantee a good inventory                                                                                your facility is important before the books
    The time for planning is now.
    A detailed floor plan with fixture layout is a
                                                                                                               As we close out this fiscal year, the shrink ac-
must. Once the plan is established, ensure the
                                                                                                            crual will be more important than ever to achieve
integrity of the departments using the plan prior
                                                                                                            the corporate earnings. Ultimately, it could mean
to initiating the inventory counts. Remember to
                                                                                                            the difference between paying a bonus or not.
account for the totals of every fixture assigned to
the floor plan.
    In addition:                                                                                         Associates engage in post-holiday tradition:
    • Ensure all merchandise in the stockroom                                                            preparing for and taking inventory in the Middle
      has been properly organized by department                                                          East. (Photo from Exchange history archives)

 10 tips to stay safe                       • Lift with your legs, not your     Sergeant shoulders the Exchange benefit
                                              back.                             By Maj. Sonia Leach
 this inventory season                      • Ask for assistance with heavy     Chief of Inspections

                                              loads.                                      e go where you go!” is a very personal reality
            e opened presents over                                                        for Exchange associates who voluntarily sacri-
            the holidays, lifted a          • Use a pallet jack, hand truck
                                              or forklift, if possible.         fice the safety and comforts of home to serve alongside
            toast to the New Year                                               deployed Soldiers and Airmen.
 and packed away the remnants of            • Cut away from your body
                                                                                    However, some troops serve at extremely danger-
 the holidays. So it’s time to rest,          with an approved box cutter,
                                                                                ous forward and contingency operating bases—and                Master Sgt.
 right?                                       not towards it.
                                                                                the Exchange is only there in the form of a limited          Wartisha Reed
     NO Way! It’s inventory time at         • Replace the box cutter’s          assortment of essential hygiene and tactical products.
 the Exchange!                                blade, if needed.                 Rather than an Exchange associate running the “store,” a military member
     Regardless of where you work,          • Use a ladder and don’t climb      manages merchandise and funds. This type of facility is a “unit-run tactical
 there are always a certain amount            on shelving.                      field exchange.”
 of safety challenges, whether you          • Don’t leave merchandise in
 prep the sales floor, stockroom,                                               Adding a special spark
                                              the aisle so that people won’t
 remote storage area, or a connex                                                   While few in number and small in size, these TFEs are often the only
 downrange.                                                                     access many troops have to the products they need. Luxury, or even simply
                                            • Allow yourself plenty of time     comfort, is not a factor at these sites. But Master Sgt. Wartisha Reed adds a
     Keep safe with these tips:
                                              to prep because                   special spark to her TFE in Afghanistan with innovative solutions and solving
     • Box back-stock merchandise             time-saving short-
       early to keep from packing                                               for “Yes” on behalf of her customers. In fact, many patrons bypass closer
                                              cuts aren’t always                TFEs to reach her store.
       everything at the last minute          safe.
       and straining your back.                                                     Exchange inspectors were not surprised to discover that of the 16 unit-run
                                            Remember – Bee                      stores, hers was one of the largest and best run in Afghanistan. We are excited
     • Rotate boxing of merchandise      Safety Smart Right                     to bring back many lessons learned from Sgt. Reed, and hope other unit-run
       with taping containers.           From The Start.                        tactical field exchanges can emulate her success.

8   January 2011 The Exchange Post
Your retirement nest egg
                                                                                                              9 excuses that may
What’s keeping you from putting $$ into your 401(k)?
                                                                                                              stymie you from
       ach year, the IRS states what the maximum
       pre-tax contribution limit is for 401(k)                                                               retirement savings
       retirement savings plans.
   The IRS also provides the maximum pre-tax                                                                         our Fidelity
contribution for “catch-up” contributions, which                                                                     Investments 401(k)
are a separate election for participants 50 and                                                                      Retirement Savings
older.                                                                                                        Plan is an easy, convenient
   The 2011 401(k) contribution limits are:                                                                   and affordable way to save
                                                                                                              for retirement.
   • Contribution limit - $16,500
                                                                                                                  However, are you
   • “Catch-up” contribution limit - $5,500                                                                   having trouble getting
Catching up on retirement savings                                                                             started saving for your golden years?
                                                                                                                  Consider these facts that can help you
    You may feel like you’re running behind meet-     for the catch-up percentage to come out of your         overcome nine common excuses for not saving
ing your financial goals for retirement and need      check.                                                  for retirement:
to do some catching up on the amount of money             However, keep in mind that your catch-up                Excuse #1: I don’t understand investing.
you set aside out of each paycheck for your 401(k)    payroll deduction kicks in only after you’ve met        You don’t need to be an expert. Fidelity can help.
plan.                                                 the IRS maximum pre-tax limit for the year.                 Excuse #2: I can’t afford to save. Small
    If you’re 50 or older in the calendar year Jan.       If you’re a regular full-time or regular part-      contributions can make a big difference. Just
1-Dec. 31, you may decide to do “catch-up” contri-    time associate, you’re eligible to enroll in the        $14 each pay period adds up to $364 at year’s
butions. First, select a regular deferral contribu-   Exchange’s 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan at any        end. Think of how much that will come to over,
tion percentage; then, make a separate election       time.                                                   say, 20 or 30 years?
                                                                                                                  Excuse #3: I have           To enroll or learn
                                                      No charge to you . . . and $100                         plenty of time. If you
 New, improved                                         to help pay medical claims!                            start saving early, you
                                                                                                              actually could build up
                                                                                                                                              more about your

 Aetna Navigator                                      A    re you aware that                                  more money for retire-
                                                                                                              ment than a coworker
                                                                                                                                                  options, visit

                                                           your Department                                                                    Fidelity’s website,
                                                      of Defense Nonappro-                                    who starts later and sets
                                                      priated Fund medical                                    aside more money.    , or
     Aetna Navigator                                  plan offers preventive                                      Excuse #4: I worry
 has a new look with                                                                                                                                    call (800)
                                                      care and a Health                                       about losing money.
 more choices, making                                 Incentive Credit to                                     Okay, this is understand-                 835-5098.
 it easier and quicker                                pay for it, starting this                               able, but not investing
 for you to:                                          year?                                                   means your money won’t
                                                          The Aetna PPO,                                      grow, either. The 401(k) plan offers conserva-
    • Find information;                               Traditional Choice and Aetna Global Benefits            tive to aggressive investment options.
    • Get details                                     cover preventive care services at 100 percent to            Excuse #5: I’ll have Social Security. Social
      about your                                      detect and prevent illnesses.                           Security currently provides less than a fourth
      claims;                                             The new $100 Health Incentive Credit will           of what many retirees need to cover expenses.
    • Print member ID                                 offset coinsurance or deductibles. The maximum              Excuse #6: I don’t plan to stay at my job.
      cards.                                          credit per person is $100; maximum credit per           Take your contributions and earnings with you.
                                                      family, $300.                                               Excuse #7: Small investments aren’t going
     Don’t fret! The                                      You can get the credit by taking the health risk    to get me the retirement savings I need.
 website still features the same great, user-         assessment under “Simple Steps to a Healthier           Don’t underestimate how a small amount can
 friendly ways you’ve enjoyed to manage your          Life” on or seeing your doctor for        grow over time. The longer the compounding
                                                      a preventive care exam.                                 process continues, the better your chances to
 and your family’s health care 24/7.
                                                                                                              accumulate the money you need.
     Log onto Aetna Navigator to:                     What preventive services are covered?
                                                                                                                  Excuse #8: I’ve waited too long. Now it’s
    • Review details of your coverage;                    The following services (one per calendar year)      too late. It’s never too late when you consider
    • Estimate your costs of health care;             will earn you the incentive credit.                     how your money can grow. If you start now,
    • Find doctors, dentists, hospitals and               • Routine physical exam                             you can make good progress. Don’t wait any
                                                          • Well-child exams up to age 7                      longer.
      pharmacies near your house;
                                                                                                                  Excuse #9: I won’t be able to get at my
    • Get Explanation of Benefits statements              • Routine gynecological exams
                                                                                                              money if I need it. While the plan is for
      and much more.                                      The HMO plans also offer preventive care
                                                                                                              retirement, you may be able to borrow or
                                                      services. Check your plan to see which ones are
                                                                                                              take a withdrawal from your account if a
         Check it out at:!
                                                                                                              financial hardship occurs.

                                                                                            The Exchange Post January 2011       9
35 Years of Service                       Superior Accomplishment                  Maxine Suivaaia, Hickam AFB               Ruddy Catapang, Joint Base Lewis-       Chizuko Hasegawa, Misawa AB
Odette Ingham, Hurlburt Field             Edgardo Agag, Guam                       Tomohisa Taneichi, Misawa AB              McChord                                 Hannelore Hasler, KMCC
Haru Nmi Kendall, McClellan AFB           Pete Alaniz, Joint Base Lewis-McChord    Karin Taylor, HQ                          Gloria Causer, Dan Daniel DC            Doaa Hassan, Selfridge ANGB
Mary Loree, Fort Riley                    Brenda Allen, Atlanta DC                 Kenneth Terry, Dan Daniel DC              Afework Cherenet, Dan Daniel DC         Judy Hathaway, HQ
Euloise McDougal, McClellan AFB           Todd Anderson, HQ                        Marissa Tinoco, HQ                        Mayumi Chiba, Misawa AB                 Andrea Hatton, HQ
Joseph McDougal, HQ                       Benjamin Andrade, Davis-Monthan AFB      Dalila Torres, Fort Carson                Virginia Chisum, HQ                     Tina Hays, HQ
John Morton Jr., Keesler AFB              Karen Armstrong, Camp Speicher           Srinivas Venkateswarlu, HQ                Luzviminda Chock, Schofield Barracks    Maria Head, Vicenza AB
Rosa Robinson, Fort McPherson             Lorraine Arthurs, HQ                     Robert Viramontes, Davis-Monthan AFB      Nina Christmann, KMCC                   Yumi Herai, Misawa AB
Steven Trobaugh, Livorno AB               Brenda Barnett, HQ                       Bradley Wacks, Dan Daniel DC              Pamela Clare, KMCC                      Isabelle Herringshaw, Fort Knox
                                          Lynette Belknap, HQ                      Linda Wiley, HQ                           Miriam Cisneros, White Sands Missile    Martina Hettmann, KMCC
30 Years of Service                                                                April Wilson, HQ                          Range                                   Kristina Hildebrandt, KMCC
                                          Stephen Bielefeldt, HQ
Geneva Alvarado, HQ                                                                Mark Wright, Dan Daniel DC                William Cline, NAS Fort Worth JRB       Mika Hirano, Misawa AB
                                          Tonya Borcherding, HQ
Marta Antonio, Fort Carson                                                         Debra Zarsk, HQ                           Alexandra Cobos, HQ                     Maria Hoffman, KMCC
                                          Christine Brown, HQ
Ronda Avery, Fort Wainwright                                                                                                 Shelly Combs, Fort Knox                 Iulai Holi Jr., Elmendorf AFB
                                          Mitchell Burnett, HQ                     Excellence
Leslie Barch, Shaw AFB                                                                                                       Priscilla Conley, Fort Belvoir          Shandler Hollis, Fort Campbell
                                          Donald Canary, Fort Knox                 Rashod Adams, Stuttgart
Lurlene Gordey, Tyndall AFB                                                                                                  Raymond Conner, KMCC                    Letty Honer, March AFB
                                          Maria Cherota, Wiesbaden                 Justina Aganon, Guam
Ruby Hambrick, HQ                                                                                                            Mike Copeland, Fort Huachuca            Jeanne Horne, U.S. Military Academy
                                          Cher Colquitt, HQ                        Loreto Aguilar, Fort Wainwright
Larry Hodges, HQ                                                                                                             Eduardo Costales, Joint Base Lewis-     Gail Howard, NAS Grand Prairie
                                          Evlin Comer, KMCC                        Maria Aguilar, West Coast DC
Kenneth Larsen, Wiesbaden                                                                                                    McChord                                 Patricia Howell, Wright-Patterson AFB
                                          Tanisha Davis, HQ                        Vicente Aguilera II, West Coast DC
Deborah Leaming, Presidio of Monterey                                                                                        Dorothy Couchman, HQ                    Kirsten Howley, Fort Wainwright
                                          Robert Diaz, HQ                          Fogalele Ah-Fua, Elmendorf AFB
Robert Leistner, Fort Huachuca                                                                                               Connie Cox, HQ                          Cvetka Howard, KMCC
                                          Marietta Duff, Kuwait                    Marissa Alcantara, West Coast DC
Randy Matthews, Elmendorf AFB                                                                                                Jennifer Craven, West Coast DC          Mellisa Hughes, NAS Fort Worth JRB
                                          Roger Duncan, HQ                         Maricris Aldana, Misawa AB
Leslie Miller, Atlanta DC                                                                                                    Maria Crisostomo, Guam                  John Hunter, Elmendorf AFB
                                          Joann Enecial, Fort Sam Houston          Britta Alexander, KMCC
Roberto Montalvo, Little Rock AFB                                                                                            Ellen Crispe, Hickam AFB                Linda Hunter, Fort Dix
                                          Michelle Fann, HQ                        Ronel Alquisola, West Coast DC
Barnchuen Mozee, Fort Hood                                                                                                   Donna Crouch, HQ                        Vanessa Hurguy, HQ
                                          Alma Ferguson, Camp Arifjan              Raymunda Amio, Schofield Barracks
Lisa Piper, Goodfellow AFB                                                                                                   Jimmy Crumbley, Atlanta DC              Brenda Hypolite, Fort Sam Houston
                                          Patricia Fields, Grand Forks AFB         Mario Anaya, West Coast DC
Louretha Pitts, Fort Belvoir                                                                                                 Ashlee Cunningham, Eielson AFB          Jo-Lynn Iriarte, Hickam AB
                                          Yvonne Finch, HQ                         Jennifer Anderson, KMCC
Ethel Stafford, HQ                                                                                                           Lodrito Dacuag, West Coast DC           Aya Irie, Misawa AB
                                          Joseph Francisco, Fort Bliss             Stephen Anderson, Mountain Home AFB
Scot Staggs, HQ                                                                                                              Robert Danek, HQ                        Satsuki Iwasawa, Misawa AB
                                          Michele Franklin, HQ                     Norma Andrade, Fort Huachuca
Eugene Szafarowicz, Misawa AB                                                                                                Victoria Daniels, Elmendorf AFB         Kevin Jackson, Eielson AFB
                                          Joel Gagui, HQ                           Renee Andrews, Elmendorf AFB
Dierdre Taylor, Aberdeen Proving Ground                                                                                      Annette Davis, Dan Daniel DC            Frances Jacobs, Guam
                                          Polly Galmore, HQ                        Merry Aquino, Fort Huachuca
Zaida Torres, Fort Buchanan                                                                                                  Raul Deano, Elmendorf AFB               Melanie Jenkins, Fort Shafter
                                          Michael Gerth, HQ                        Ivan Arellano, West Coast DC
Glenda Valladares, HQ                                                                                                        Joe Deerdoff, HQ                        Melissa Jenkins, Fort Knox
                                          Shelley Gibson, HQ                       Andrea Arnold, HQ
Kimberly Walker, Wright-Patterson AFB                                                                                        Rieko DeMann, KMCC                      Satinderbir Johal, West Coast DC
                                          Victoria Gibson, HQ                      Alfredo Arzabal, West Coast DC            Eric Desveaux, U.S. Military Academy
25 Years of Service                       Lorrisa Gipson, HQ                       Baljeet Atwal, West Coast DC
                                                                                                                                                                     Dennis Johnson, Fort Knox
                                                                                                                             Akiko Deto, Misawa AB                   Julia Johnson, Fort Huachuca
Amir Alidina, HQ                          Leslie Gunderson, Fort Bliss             Aurora Azevedo, West Coast DC             Maximo Diaz, Dan Daniel DC              Maria Johnson, Wright-Patterson AFB
Angelo Brittian, Schweinfurt AB           Loretta Hackler, HQ                      Bernadino Babauta, Fort Knox              Patricia Dinsmore, HQ                   Andrea Jones, HQ
Ronald Cipriano, Guam                     Jennifer Hall, HQ                        Richard Bachman, Elmendorf AFB            Teddy Domingo, West Coast DC            Sherry Jones, HQ
Lynette Clark, Fort Jackson               Jerry Hanson Jr., HQ                     Jeannette Bailey, Wright-Patterson AFB    Sandra Dougherty, KMCC                  Ashley Jordan, Misawa AB
Madaline Cochran, Fort Belvoir            Danielle Hernandez, West Coast DC        Kimberly Bailey, HQ                       Kirk Drake Jr., HQ                      Cheryl Kahalekulu, Schofield Barracks
William Eddings, HQ                       David Hill, West Coast DC                Marilou Bailey, West Coast DC             Ninfa Driscoll, Hickam AFB              Jessica Kaiser, Ramstein AB
Fannie Gutierrez, Waco DC                 Maria Holland, HQ                        Maribel Balean, Elmendorf AFB             Robin Duclos, Fort Belvoir              Marie Kang, Yongsan AB
Wayne Hansen, Nellis AFB                  Timothy Holt, HQ                         James Ballard Jr., HQ                     Randy Duhaylongsod, West Coast DC       Gemma Kapalungan, Fort Knox
Gulcin Hillman, Nellis AFB                Susan Humphress, Grand Forks AFB         Arnold Banks, Dan Daniel DC               Dawn Dunning, HQ                        Kouichi Kariya, Misawa AB
Janis Kimball, HQ                         Ricky Hurst, Fort Sam Houston            Mabel Barber, Fort Huachuca               Michael Durbin, Eielson AFB             Taiyo Katchi, Misawa AB
Elton Macabeo-Spahn, Hawaii               Ronald Hurst, Joint Base Lewis-McChord   Derrell Barefield, Misawa AB              Robert Dussetschleger, HQ               Andrea Keene, Fort Campbell
Lourdes Merritt, Nellis AFB               Margaret Jacobs, KMCC                    Daniel Bass, Fort Huchuca                 Liezl Ehrensberger, Fort Sam Houston    Divina Gracia Keeler, Misawa AB
Rodney Paris, HQ                          Matthew Keller, West Coast DC            Merle Bass II, West Coast DC              Doris Eigner-Schmieden, KMCC            Dante Kelly, Spangdahlem AB
Delores Perry, HQ                         Vivian King, HQ                          Sara Bateman, Wright-Patterson AFB        Sandra Ellerbe, KMCC                    Hattie Kelly, Fort Belvoir
Windy Perry, Fort Hood                    Lena Kirk, HQ                            Tetsuko Battle, Misawa AB                 Syreeta Ellis, HQ                       Teri Kirk, NAS Fort Worth JRB
Mark Stanley, HQ                          Donald Lara, HQ                          Monika Becker, KMCC                       Jane Engel, KMCC                        Katrina Kirkwood, KMCC
Yukihiro Taneichi, Misawa AB              Stephanie Lara, HQ                       Karen Bedtelyon, Hickam AFB               Andrea Engfer, HQ                       John Kline, EUCOM
James Timothy III, Hanscom AFB            Phyllis Latham, HQ                       Camille Belizaire, Dan Daniel DC          Pamela Evenson, Grand Forks AFB         Margit Kloos, KMCC
Chong Tracey, Fort Riley                  Mark Leitner, Guam                       Nichole Bennett, KMCC                     Fe Catalina Favor, Fort Huachuca        Nikisha Knowlton, HQ
Satoshi Yamahata, Misawa AB               Jennifer Little, HQ                      Michael Benton, Fort Huachuca             Arcenia Ferguson, NAS Fort Worth JRB    Ursula Koeniger, KMCC
                                          Kim Luce, HQ
20 Years of Service                                                                Dagmar Bird, KMCC                         Stephen Ferry, KMCC                     Olimpia Krnfli, West Coast DC
                                          Larhonda Lyons, Dan Daniel DC            Cheryl Blakeley, HQ
Carolyn Bishop, Keesler AFB                                                                                                  Carmen Feyer, KMCC                      Marilyn Kropka, NAS Fort Worth JRB
                                          Gail Manigo, Dan Daniel DC               Brian Blecha, Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Nancy Bungal, Hale Koa                                                                                                       Efrain Figueroa, Hickam AFB             Karl-Heinz Kunisch, KMCC
                                          Dwayne Mawson, Wiesbaden                 Juvilyln Bobo, Elmendorf AFB
Eileen Charles, Fort Carson                                                                                                  Angela Fincher, HQ                      Winifred Labrador, Schofield Barracks
                                          Robert Mcauley, HQ                       Herminia Bodison, Elmendorf AFB
Dale Cherry, Dan Daniel DC                                                                                                   Denesia Fore, HQ                        Sunny Laguitan, Schofield Barracks
                                          Ralph McGhee, Joint Base Lewis-McChord   Milagros Bodomo, Misawa AB
Robin Cloud, HQ                                                                                                              Maurice Foster, Dan Daniel DC           Julia Lagunes, West Coast DC
                                          Kathleen McKay, HQ                       Amber Boling, Whiteman AFB
Cher Colquitt, HQ                                                                                                            Cynthia Franco, HQ                      Ruth Lamparth, KMCC
                                          Janet Mahaffie, HQ                       Anna Boller, Stuttgart
Richard Giardelli, Keesler AFB                                                                                               Genny Garcia, HQ                        Deanna Lange, Fort Huachuca
                                          Marco Mejia, Davis-Monthan AFB           Rodine Bondy, Fort Knox
Sheila Groomes, Fort Bliss                                                                                                   Tom Garcia, Joint Base Lewis-McChord    Cooper Langford, Atlanta DC
                                          Bryan Moon, HQ                           Kenneth Boston Jr., HQ
Lydia Hall, Fort Rucker                                                                                                      Jesus Garibay, West Coast DC            Deborah Lawrence, HQ
                                          Deborah Mori, Iraq                       Heather Boulware, HQ
Dale Hazard, Selfridge ANGB                                                                                                  Manuela Genao, KMCC                     Charles Lawson, Fort Wainwright
                                          Kim Nasalroad, HQ                        Jeaneen Boyd, Fort Huachuca
Daphany Horne, Fort Belvoir                                                                                                  Kathy George, Buckley AFB               Kristen Lawson, Fort Wainwright
                                          Crystal Newhouse, HQ                     Ursula Braun, KMCC
Karen Jett, Fort McClellan                                                                                                   Kulwant Gill, West Coast DC             Paula Lax, Fort Campbell
                                          Michelle Nurse, HQ                       Ralph Brewington, KMCC
Phyllis Jones, Fort Gordon                                                                                                   Rose Gillard, Fort Belvoir              Nadine Lee, Fort Huachuca
                                          Clyde Ormsbee III, HQ                    Rebecca Bristol, Elmendorf AFB
Launa Maddox, HQ                                                                                                             Karl Gillen, KMCC                       Gudrun Leimig-Bounds, KMCC
                                          Stephen Ostrowski, HQ                    Geneva Britt, Fort Dix
Karen Martin, Whiteman AFB                                                                                                   Nicole Ginunas, Wright-Patterson AFB    Patricia Lein, KMCC
                                          Kyung Min Park, Korea                    Bernice Brown, McGuire AFB
John Oliviero, Randolph AFB                                                                                                  Abelardo Gomez, West Coast DC           Cynthia Lewis, HQ
                                          Sing Poon, HQ                            Pamela Brown, Fort Benning
Deidra Perez, Nellis AFB                                                                                                     Naoko Gonohe, Misawa AB                 Christopher Lindsay, Grand Forks AFB
                                          Darryl Porter, HQ                        Tangamicka Brown, U.S. Military Academy
Mary Pope, Fort Hood                                                                                                         Elizabeth Goodrich, Mountain Home AFB   Tuitofa Livai, West Coast DC
                                          Tiffany Reder, HQ                        Tyrone Brown, Fort Campbell
Gloria Rivera, Elmendorf AFB                                                                                                 Leonard Gouveia, West Coast DC          Inge Lobacz, Spangdahlem AB
                                          Albert Reyna, Davis-Monthan AFB          Sandra Bruce, HQ
Lee Robinson, Fort Belvoir                                                                                                   James Grant Jr., Atlanta DC             Heather Lobrillo, Schofield Barracks
                                          Lynda Richey, HQ                         Helen Buck, West Coast DC
Sun Saulo, American Somoa                                                                                                    Matthew Griffin, HQ                     Sandra Long, NAS Fort Worth JRB
                                          Shannon Robards, HQ                      Jonathan Bumanlag, West Coast DC
Richard Sharman, Dan Daniel DC                                                                                               Paul Griffin, KMCC                      Genesis Lopez, U.S. Military Academy
                                          Martha Robuck, HQ                        Kay Bylsma, Goodfellow AFB
Juanita Stephenson, HQ                                                                                                       Thomas Gross, Europe Region             Robert Lucas, Dan Daniel DC
                                          Michael Ruben, Wiesbaden                 Eida Caballero, Fort Belvoir
Petra Swanson, Tyndall AFB                                                                                                   Danilo Guban, Schofield Barracks        Aracely Maldonado, West Coast DC
                                          Melanie Runyon, Grafenwoehr              Mary Grace Camantang, Schofield
Linda Swinegar, Fort Knox                                                                                                    James Hadden, Misawa AB                 Mary Elizabeth Malloe, Elmendorf AFB
                                          Robert Schmid, HQ                        Barracks
Amy Togiola, Hickam AFB                                                                                                      Linda Hall, Fort Wainwright             Christy Malugin, Selfridge ANGB
                                          Susan Shields, Fort Huachuca             Manuel Cano, Goodfellow AFB
Sabine Wagner, HQ                                                                                                            Ok Han, Yongsan AB                      Henrietta Martinez, Fort Sam Houston
                                          Regina Shope, HQ                         Sylvia Carpenter, Fort Wainwright
Leroy Ybarra, Goodfellow AFB                                                                                                 Leann Hardwick, Hawaii                  Jesus Martinez, Fort Belvoir
                                          Michael Siegfried, UK DC                 Jennie Carrizales, HQ                     Fe Harris, NAS Fort Worth JRB
Extraordinary Achievement                 Barbara Slaughter, Fort Huachuca         Jennifer Carter, HQ                                                               Margarita Martinez, Fort Sam Houston
                                                                                                                             Sandra Harris, HQ                       Rachel Martinez, Fort Sam Houston
Paula Gunderson, Fort Bliss               Shirley Strano, HQ                       Michickia Carter, Fort Meade

10    January 2011 The Exchange Post
                                     Major General Casella
                                      Coin Presentations

Commander’s Coin

Fort Leonard Wood
Trudy Page, Anthony’s Pizza
Costella Hogan, main store
Donna Campbell, main store
Christine Bell, main store
Fort Riley
Jennifer Williams, PowerZone
Chong Tracey, softlines
Sukhui Stout, Popeyes
Patricia Lemay, MCSS
Fort Leavenworth
Cecilia Batillier, Einstein Bagels
Stacy Tuttle, Starbuck’s
Linda Morris, main store
Nellis AFB
Winston Brown, main store
Alan Timbol, main store
Amy Antunes, main store
Fort Irwin
Keon Boney, Dust Bowl
Ricardo Orfin, main store
Camille Gonzales, Burger King
Vaneza Moya, main store
MacDill AFB
Jean Degener, shoppette
Dr. David Monbeck, services
Valarie Wilson, main store
Shades of Green
Cristina DePasion, associate
Virginia McGhee, supervisor
Homestead AFB
Bert Rollins, main store

                                           The Exchange Post January 2011   11
exchangenews                                                                                                                                 Central Region

                                              A cowpoke and a fairy

Jim Skibo, Adrian Shamsudeen, John
Solan and others ran in the marathon.

       o carry on the mission of the
       Exchange’s Operation Be Fit                                                                                    FORT MCCOY - Two of the dozens
       program, 14 associates from                                                                                    of young shoppers are all smiles
headquarters ran recently in Dallas’                                                                                  as they create works of art out of
                                                                                                                      plain pumpkins. Meanwhile, their
famous White Rock Lake Marathon.
                                                                                                                      parents were boosting sales by 44
     Peter Beauvais, Robert Cox, John                                                                                 percent above the same day in 2009
Jenkins, Larry Marshall, Ajay Mistry,                                                                                 at the Wisconsin store. (Kathie Hartley,
Darren Miller, Paul Monda III, Kathy                                                                                  reporter)
            Morris, Elena Ramos,
               Adrian Shamsudeen,
                Dr. James Skibo, John
                 Solan, Chris Ward and
                 Chad Young proved             LITTLE ROCK AFB - He may not be in Texas, but this little cowpoke,
                that getting older is no       left, and a fairy just waiting to grant a wish show off their getups
              excuse for not getting           during the Exchange’s annual Halloween costume contest. In ad-
        fit: their ages range from 24          dition, managers and associates collaborated with a local animal
to 63.                                         shelter to send six pets home with new owners. Great family events
                                               helped build strong emotional connections with valued shoppers.
    Beauvais, a program manager in the                                                                                OFFUTT AFB - An ecstatic custom-
                                               (Roberto Montalvo, reporter)
Information Technology Directorate,                                                                                   er shows off her companion at the
finished 75th in the 22,000-person                                                                                    Nebraska store’s pet fair. Exchange
field—tops for the associates.                                                                                        managers and associates collabo-
    Of course, you don’t have to run                                                                                  rated with base vets, Air Force
a marathon to get fit. To learn how                                                                                   Services and the food court to pull
to lose weight, keep it off, improve                                                                                  off one of the best pet fairs within
your health and eat right, check out                                                                                  recent memory. Sales were 16 per-
                                                                                                                      cent higher than the same day in
the Operation Be Fit website,
                                                                                                                      2009. Pet lovers enjoyed contests
                                                                                                                      for the best trick, look alike and cos-
                                                                                                                      tume. The four-footed participants
                                                                                                                      seemingly enjoyed themselves, too.
                                                                                                                      (Nancy Copada, reporter)

FORT CUSTER - Battle Creek Store
Manager Sandra Lewis helps post               KEESLER AFB - Panamanian dancers in traditional attire entertain
commander Lt. Col. Dennis Nadrasik            shoppers at the Mississippi base during recent celebrations honor-
and Sgt. Maj. John Engel cut the rib-         ing contributions of Hispanic Americans to U.S. society. The fes-
bon at the Michigan Army National             tivities included various dances, which included shoppers, and
Guard training facility’s new store.                                                                                  REDSTONE ARSENAL - Sheila Luck,
                                              information about the dresses and Hispanic culture. (Armando            right, an Exchange security spe-
(Janet Larson, reporter)                      Moncayo-Pallares, reporter)                                             cialist, is congratulated by Stanley
                                                                                                                      Walker, a criminal investigations
                                                                                                                      chief with the U.S. Attorney Gen-
                                                                                                                      eral, for nabbing a thief making off
                                           HQ - Chief Operating Officer Michael Howard, center, recognizes            with nearly $1,100 in commissary
                                           Real Estate’s Tony Lopez, Jackie Faircloth, Kelli Whitaker, Jan Brandon,   meat. During video surveillance
                                           Allison Bryan, Allen Alonzo and Isaiah Bluitt as “super users” of the      behind the Exchange, she spotted
                                           Exchange’s advanced procurement system. They have issued nearly 2,900      the commissary employee leaving
                                            requisitions since the system went live last February. The associates     a grocery cart packed with meat in
                                            work closely with contracting officers on construction and renovation     the woods. He was jailed for 120
                                             projects around the world. (Shalandrea Smith, reporter)                  days and fined nearly $3,300. (Ruby
                                                                                                                      Downing, reporter)

12   January 2011 The Exchange Post
Central Region                                                                                                  exchangenews
                                       A goblin good time

FORT RILEY - At a recent wine-                                                                                            WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB - At
tasting event, Associate Tammy                                                                                            least 750 people enjoy the best in
Maden hustles to keep up with                                                                                             spirits during the Class Six’s Fall
some of the 300 customers paying                                                                                          2010 Wine Festival. More than
for products at the Kansas post.                                                                                          $24,000 in wine was sold in three-
The Exchange’s Class Six team col-                                                                                        and-a-half hours during the festival,
laborated with MWR, DeCA and                                                                                              an event that community members
vendors for the festivities, selling                                                                                      highly anticipate each year. Such
50 cases of wine in three hours.                                                                                          gatherings, among many others,
(Elisabeth Pringle, reporter)                                                                                             are great ways for managers and
                                        FORT KNOX - Some of the 70 Exchange shoppers                                      associates to build a “sense of com-
                                        of tomorrow enjoy a goblin good time as they make                                 munity” with their military installa-
                                        turkey masterpieces from Oreo cookies and candy. Ven-                             tions, says Exchange Commander
                                        dor partner Helen Little, left, and Associate Lisa Fuller make sure the           Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella. For his tips
                                                        eager artists don’t wolf down their creations before              on building that sense of communi-
                                                        getting a chance to show them off. A youngster, in-               ty, check out November’s Exchange
                                                         set, is all smiles as he displays his turkey just before         Post. (Christy Beenenga, reporter)
                                                          gobbling it down at the post in Kentucky.

                                                           At FORT POLK in Louisiana, left, a product rep
                                                           beams as David Anthony Guza shows off his prize-
SHEPPARD AFB - Associates Theresa                          winning creation. (Kathy Turpin and Jeanne Young, reporters)
Newcomb, left, and Nancy Nelson
show off the special coins present-
ed to them by Exchange Deputy
Commander Brig. Gen. Fran Hendricks
during his recent visit to the Texas
base. (Debra Melton, reporter)

                                                                                                                          FORT RUCKER - Product vendor
                                                                                                                          Alan Bradshaw-Sheely, front, helps
                                                                                                                          Associates William Jones and Calvin
                                                                                                                          Young meet customers at the popu-
                                                                                                                          lar Veterans’ Appreciation Gun Show.
                                                                                                                          Shoppers got a bang out of the big
                                                                                                                          deals for a wide selection of firearms
                                                                                                                          and ammo and a sweepstakes to win
FORT SILL - Soldiers at this Okla-                                                                                        guns. (Christina Caldwell, reporter)
homa base like their turkeys fryin’
style. Service members taste the
free turkey samples made with fry-     FORT HOOD - A pampered pooch gets its first belly scratch as a new
ers they could buy in the Exchange     member of a family, who adopted the canine during a collaborative
for their Thanksgiving meals. (Brian   promo between the Exchange and a local animal shelter. (Reatha Stockton,
Sonntag, reporter)

 TINKER AFB - Now this is establishing an emotional connection.
 Happy Airman Cole Robinson shows off the four tickets to NASCAR                                                          FORT MCCOY - Manager Erin Wasie
 races at the Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth and $1,000 in                                                          presents customer David Lechelt
 spending money he won during a recent vendor-sponsored giveaway.                                                         with a 46-inch LCD TV during a
 (Rosalina Johnson, reporter)                                                                                             recent Samsung sweepstakes. The
                                                                                                                          promotion resulted in a 108 percent
                                                                                                                          increase in sales compared to the
                                                                                                                          previous year. (Neal Smart, reporter)
                                                                                            The Exchange Post January 2011   13
exchangenews                                                                                                                              Eastern Region

                                         Lining up for Harry

CARLISLE BARRACKS - Class Six                                                                                         JOINT BASE MCGUIRE-DIX - For-
Manager Rick Condran, right, pres-                                                                                    mer New York Giants star Carl
ents the Chandlers with an iPod                                                                                       Banks, center, visits with troops at
Speaker Dock donated by Bud-                                                                                          the Tri-Service Military Clothing
weiser. They are among the hun-                                                                                       Store in New Jersey. Banks greeted
dreds of customers who entered                                                                                        a long line of Soldiers, Airmen and
summer sweepstakes giveaways at                                                                                       family members and signed auto-
the Pennsylvania store. (Rick Condran,                                                                                graphs. (Michael Farren, reporter)
                                                                         FORT DRUM - Harry Potter fans line
                                                                          up and pack the New York post’s
                                                                          Reel Time Theater for a military ap-
                                                                           preciation screening of the new
                                                                           movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly
                                                                            Hallows.” Nearly 800 people came
                                                                            out for the one showing and
                                                                            generated more than $3,000 in
                                                           concession sales. That’s a ton of popcorn. Die-
                                          hard Potter devotees began lining up at 11 a.m. for the 4 p.m. showing.
                                         (Becky VanValkenburg, reporter)

                                                                                                                      FORT JACKSON - Young shoppers
                                                                                                                      line up for the annual costume
JOINT BASE MCGUIRE-DIX - The                                                                                          contest at the South Carolina post
Grinch visits his fans of all ages as                                                                                 with dreams of winning treats, not
product rep N0emi Parsons reads                                                                                       tricks. (Nancy Kessler, reporter)
Dr. Seuss’ classic, How the Grinch
Stole Christmas. This Grinch, how-
ever, isn’t about to steal anything.
(Megan Wakeman, reporter)

                                                                                                                      FORT DRUM - Post and Exchange
                                                                                                                      leaders kick off the New York
                                                                                                                      store’s Exchange Mobile Center
                                                                                                                      kiosk, one of about 30 that have
                                                                                                                      opened around the U.S. since Sep-
                                                                                                                      tember. By later this year, 60 kiosks
JOINT BASE ANDREWS - Associate                                                                                        will sell the most popular wireless
                                         SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB - A child experiences first-hand how to ex-
Renee Carter, right, presents shop-                                                                                   products and plans. Find a deal for
                                         tinguish a blaze during a fire prevention education event put on by the
per Joan Maltaggliati with a $150                                                                                     yourself at www.shopmyexchange.
                                         North Carolina Exchange and the local Boy and Girl Scouts. (Vicki Deselms,
Exchange gift card in a recent sweep-                                                                                 com/mobilecenter. (Becky VanValkenburg,
stakes. (Amy Brandt, reporter)                                                                                        reporter)

14   January 2011 The Exchange Post
                    Elevate your
                    hair to healthier,
                    smoother heights
                    Eye-catching Inferno Red metallic finish

                    1" clamp flat iron

                    High temperature- heats to 400°

                    Tourmaline and Nano-Ceramic plates

                    Crushed from precious gemstones,
                    Tourmaline crystals emit negative ions that
                    quickly seal the cuticle layer and eliminate
                    frizz for smoother, silkier hair.

                    Nano-Ceramic, with its ultra smooth finish,
                    minimizes friction and delivers far-infrared
                    heat. It penetrates hair from the inside out,
                    for deep, long-lasting styles.

                    20 variable heat settings for all hair types

                    Fast 60 second heat-up. Dual voltage.

                    Tangle free swivel cord

                                                                    Available at your Exchange. Selection may vary by location.

                                                                             The Exchange Post January 2011   15
Available at your Exchange. Selection may vary by location.
exchangenews                                                                                                                                        Europe Region

                                        Appointment, please!

AVIANO AB - HR’s Manuela Rovere
lets incoming Airmen know about                                                                                        KMCC - While visiting Ramstein
available jobs at the Exchange dur-                                                                                    AB in Germany, Tom Branning,
ing a community fair.                                                                                                  left, vice president of the Food and
Telling “the Exchange story” at such                                                                                   Theater Division, presents Food
events as job and newcomers’ fairs                                                                                     Management Professional plaques
are great ways for managers and                                                                                        to Nalan Green, Maria Marx and
associates to build a “sense of com-                                                                                   Torstein Hahn. They are joined
munity” on their installations, says                                                                                   by Moreno Alarilla, chief of the
Exchange Commander Maj. Gen.                                                                                           Exchange’s Europe Food Branch.
Bruce Casella. For his tips on build-                                                                                  The highly prestigious and rec-
ing that sense of community, check                                                                                     ognized honor is sought-after by
out November’s Exchange Post.                                                                                          Exchange restaurant managers.
(Nancy Head, reporter)                                                                                                 (Michael Sitrin, reporter)

                                         HEIDELBERG - Fido makes an appointment with
                                         Suzi Beth-Joans at her new Pet Alley Grooming concession
                                         operation, the first such service for the Exchange in a European hous-
                                         ing project. Fido and 35 of his other four-legged buddies lined up for
                                         the first appointments when the shop opened in November. (Frank Niccoll,

MAINZ KASTEL - In a Toyland
sweepstakes, Manager Sam Ali                                                                                           MANNHEIM - Larry Legrand, Karen
presents customer Martina Owens                                                                                        Kloess, Carmen Oquendo Matos
with her new TV. (Sam Ali-, reporter)                                                                                  and Thudung Nguyen celebrate af-
                                                                                                                       ter receiving an “awesome job”
                                                                                                                       rating on food inspections. They
                                                                                                                       and their teammates serve meals
                                                                                                                       to 530 base students in grades K-12
                                                                                                                       every day. Throughout the world,
                                                                                                                       the Exchange dishes up about four
                                                                                                                       million meals a year to students at
                                                                                                                       92 Department of Defense schools.
                                                                                                                       (Patricia Olson, reporter)

BAUMHOLDER - Associates Jutta
Neugebauer, Monika Ohliger, Lea                                                                                        VICENZA AB - MTV’s Jason Acuña,
Sacchetti, left to right, and Marina    GRAFENWOEHR - Young shoppers seemingly struggle to tell Santa                  better known as “Wee Man,” hams
May, bottom, gather for a devilishly    Keith Harry what they want for Christmas as elf/associate Martina Deiss        it up with a Soldier during an au-
good time at the Exchange Hallow-       listens to the wish list. On “Black Friday,” Harry, a community resident,      tograph session during the “Jack-
een party. Managers and associates      arrived at the shopping center in Germany aboard a fire truck, which,          ass 3-D” star’s frolicking Salute the
paid for the party with money they      of course, sent kids of all ages into holiday ecstasy. Deiss, who is a sales   Service tour. Afterwards, Soldiers
won in a MILITARY STAR® competi-        associate in the PXtra, volunteers every year to don her elf costume to        got to see the movie for free. (Debbie
tion. (Marina May, reporter)            children’s delight. (Crystal Chatterton, reporter)                             Byerly, reporter)

16   January 2011 The Exchange Post
OEF/OND                                                                                                       exchangenews
                                          Missing the salsa

CAMP MIKE SPANN - As further
proof of the Exchange’s service to
the additional troops in Afghani-
stan, Managers Ron Barfield and
Merce Marulli, an Army sergeant
and third-country national con-
tractor Nazar Turgangaziev open
the new store in the remote north-
ernmost section of the country. In
2001, Spann became first American         CAMP BUEHRING - Associate Betty Villareal said “goodbye” to Soldiers
killed in Operation Enduring Freedom.     in the 1836th Transportation Company before they return home from
(Jack Scott, reporter)                    Kuwait. To the troops, Villareal became known as “Salsa Betty” because
                                          of her famous salsa she whipped up for functions. When not deployed,
                                                                                                                         CAMP AS SAYLIYAH - Managers
                                          Villareal works in the Marketing Directorate’s Catalog Call Center at HQ
                                                                                                                         and associates let off some steam
                                          in Dallas. To read a grateful Soldier’s “customer shoutout” about Betty, see
                                                                                                                         at the Qatar store by celebrating
                                          November’s Exchange Post, Page 6. (Daniel Wise, reporter)
                                                                                                                         Halloween and creating an excit-
                                                                                                                         ing shopping destination for the
                                                                                                                         troops. (Mary Lou Tangadik, reporter)

Margarita Sanderson and Kelly
Rannes don traditional, fiesta-
colored Nalu dresses during the
recent Hispanic Heritage Month                                                                                           CAMP AS SAYLIYAH - A Soldier
at the Qatar store. (Mary Lou Tangadik,                                                                                  takes a picture of his comrade at
                                                                                                                         a holiday display promoting the
                                          CAMP VICTORY - During gala evening festivities full of giveaways, music
                                                                                                                         store’s Christmas trees and sodas.
                                          and refreshments, Services Business Manager Thomas Gagnon, right, helps
                                                                                                                         In fact, Sgt. Maj. Douglas Dunn of
                                          Lt. Col. Larry Hart, the Exchange’s senior liaison officer in Iraq, and New
                                                                                                                         the Europe Region presented Store
                                          Car Sales Manager Asher O’Rourke draw a Soldier’s name to win a Dodge
                                                                                                                         Manager Mary Lou Tangadik with
                                          Challenger. The lucky guy serves at JOINT BASE BALAD in Iraq—and
                                                                                                                         a special coin for designing the
                                          he’ll probably remember this night and the Exchange for the rest of his
                                                                                                                         display in Qatar. (Mary Lou Tangadik,
                                          life. (Thomas Gagnon, reporter)

                                                                                             AL UDEID AB - Staff at the Qatar base’s Blatchford Preston
CAMP ARIFJAN - Subway spokes-
                                                                                             Exchange and Ops Town Shoppette gather to celebrate
man Jarod Fogle, in red, visits with
                                                                                             Thanksgiving and thank folks for what they do for customers
associates at the Exchange Op-
                                                                                             downrange. (Brigette Licona, reporter)
erations Center in Kuwait. Fogle
lunched with Soldiers and visited
clinics during his tour just before
the holidays. (Monica Kostak, reporter)

                                                                                           The Exchange Post January 2011   17
exchangenews                                                                                                                                    Pacific Region

                                        Pacific-style tigers, ghouls, goblins, witches

                                                                                                                          HICKAM AFB - During early Christ-
EIELSON AFB - Manager Michael                                                                                             mas shopping, young shoppers enjoy
Lowry, left, presents customer                                                                                            their balloons made by the clown and
Phillip Finney with a $1,000 Ex-                                                                                          artist, left. Like in Exchange Toylands
change gift card in a recent Mon-                                                                                         around the world, kids enjoyed give-
ster energy drink sweepstakes.                                                                                            aways, prizes, tastings, and a carnival
At the store in Alaska, Finney put                                                                                        atmosphere that created special holi-
the card to good use by immedi-                                                                                           day memories and emotional connec-
ately buying a washing machine                                                                                            tions. (Nanami Taniguchi, reporter)
and other items off his wish list.
(Michael Lowry, reporter)

                                                             YONGSAN AB - A mother shows off her
                                                              wee one dressed as a tiger during a Hal-
                                                              loween costume contest at the base
                                                               in Korea. Junior is probably wonder-
                                                                ing what all the fuss is about during                     YOKOTA AB - Shoppers crowd the
                                                                 the festivities, which featured give-                    newly renovated PowerZone dur-
ELMENDORF AFB - You couldn’t                                                                                              ing a Moonlight Madness promo.
                                                                 aways, drawings and treats for an
find a happier shopper at the                                                                                             Sales soared 34 percent compared
                                                exciting shopping destination.
Alaska store than Miguel Arroyo,                                                                                          to the same day in 2009 as excited
left, after Manager Mark Neeley               Meanwhile, a ghost and goblin at CAMP ZAMA in Japan,
                                              left, look like they want people to stop taking their pictures              customers enjoyed free drawings
presented him with a $1,000 gift                                                                                          and great selections. (Rosie Womack,
card in a Hanes sweepstakes.                  so they can dive into the delicious Halloween cake. At right,
                                              Associate Anna Nakajima is all decked out and ready to ask                  reporter)
(Mark Neeley, reporter)
                                              “Steak or chicken? Soft or crunchy?” at CAMP FOSTER’s Taco
                                              Bell, also in Japan. (Atsushi Matsuda, Hiroko Mochizuki, Miki Shoop, Carl
                                              Reed, reporters)

CAMP FOSTER - Soldiers compete
to see who would win a free copy of
the new “Call of Duty–Black Ops” at
the Okinawa store. On the first day                                                                                        CAMP FOSTER - Overcoming brain
of the video game’s release, cus-                                                                                          freezes while downing large cups of
tomers bought nearly 900 copies          OSAN AB - Military family members, left, enjoy themselves in a
                                         Baskin Robbins cake-decorating contest to see who would leave with                soft-serve ice cream, Cpl. Roxanne
as the Exchange was one of the first                                                                                       Aporongao and Cpl. Celiar Anzua
major retailers to be first to market    a $50 Exchange gift card for making the best cake within 20 minutes.
                                         At right, Nam Mi-hyon, the Subway manager at the base in Korea,                   see who can eat the most in a recent
with the hot product. At Exchanges                                                                                         Baskin Robbins contest. The winner
around the world, shoppers flooded       times a contestant as he tries to make the best looking sub in the fast-
                                         est time. The winner built a killer sub in one minute and 30 seconds.             got a $50 Exchange gift card, while all
the stores to buy the first copies of                                                                                      participants took home meal cards.
                                         (Hak-ku Yim, reporter)
the game. (Ken Limtiaco, reporter)
18   January 2011 The Exchange Post
     Pacific Region                                                                                                     exchangenews
                                             How to make an Oreo turkey

                                                                                                                                   CAMP FOSTER - Marine Sgt. Maj.
                                                                                                                                   Timothius Robinson from MARINE
                                                                                                                                   AIR CORPS STATION FUTENMA
     SCHOFIELD BARRACKS - MWR’s                                                                                                    helps a girl put her contributions
     Allan Criss, Ruben Moreno and Tim                                                                                             in the Toys for Tots donation box.
     Pugh dress up in Halloween finery                                                                                             To build a sense of community with
     to help the Exchange welcome new                                                                                              the Okinawa military complexes,
     residents to the complex in Hawaii.                                                                                           Exchange associates helped gather
     (Deborah Williams, reporter)                                                                                                  toys for needy children during the
                                                                                                                                   Marines-sponsored event.
                                                                                                                                   For Exchange Commander Maj.
                                                                                                                                   Gen. Bruce Casella’s tips on build-
                                                                                                                                   ing that sense of community, check
                                                                                                                                   out November’s Exchange Post. (Sgt.
                                                                                                                                   1st Class Jon Cupp, reporter)
                                             HICKAM AFB - Sisters show off their Oreo turkeys during a fun and
                                             family-friendly promotion at the Hawaii store. All the items used by the
                                             kids were on sale, so they didn’t have to worry about running out of
                                             money. Besides, the event was so popular among parents and children
                                             that managers and associates passed out the recipe:
     HICKAM AFB - Customers enjoy                                            Oreo Cookies
     free samples of great-tasting turkey                        Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups
     made with one of the fryers sold in-                            Whoppers Malted Milk Balls
     side the Hawaii store. In fact, shop-                                Brach’s Candy Corn
     pers were so impressed with the                                      Chocolate frosting
     tastiness and juiciness that they                                      White Frosting
     bought seven fryers just during the                       Orange food coloring (for the turkey’s feet)                        YONGSAN AB - Valued veteran
     demo. (Nanami Taniguchi, reporter)                                       Toothpicks                                           Kirk Dressler, who fought in World
                                                                                Directions                                         War II, Korea and Vietnam, clutches
                                             Place Oreo cookies as base and place a dab of chocolate frosting on top to attach
                                                                                                                                   the Exchange gift basket he re-
                                             mini-peanut butter cup.                                                               ceived during ceremonies honoring
                                             Place a dab of chocolate frosting on top of the peanut butter cup to attached
                                                                                                                                   retirees. Associates spread the “Ex-
                                             malted milk ball for the head.                                                        change story” with catalogs, flyers,
                                             Place candy corn in the edge of the second Oreo cookie (tail).
                                                                                                                                   current event calendars, MILITARY
                                                                                                                                   STAR® applications, coupons and
                                             Place a dab of chocolate frosting on the widest part of the mini-peanut butter
                                             cup and attach to Oreo tail.
                                                                                                                                   plenty of cake, coffee and refresh-
                                                                                                                                   ments. (Marie Kang and Carl Reed, reporters)
                                             Break off the white tip of a candy corn, dip in chocolate frosting and place on
                                             malted milk ball for the beak.
                                             Use toothpick with white frosting to add eyes and feet.
                                                                                                    (Nanami Taniguchi, reporter)

Above, what would a holiday be with-
                                                                                CAMP HUMPHREYS - A youngster really
out seeing who could wolf down the
                                                                                enjoys her ice cream cone after she com-
most pumpkin pie? At the Okinawa
                                                                                pleted a reading program at the Hawaii
complex, Marines dig into the goodies
                                                                                Army garrison’s school. The Exchange’s             YONGSAN AB - Manager Marie
to win a $50 Exchange gift card. Now
                                                                                food court collaborates with the school            Kang, right, serves up samples from
that would buy plenty of pies—or Ex-
                                                                                to reward students who meet their goals            the Main Street USA Food Court
change Select tummy medicine. (Sgt. 1st
                                                                                in the program. (Song, Song-in, reporter)          holiday catering menu to hungry
Class Jon Cupp, reporter)
                                                                                                                                   yuletide shoppers. (Carl Reed, reporter)
                                                                                                     The Exchange Post January 2011         19
exchangenews                                                                                                                                    Western Region

                                                A little princess and her Iron Men

                                                                                                                         MOUNTAIN HOME AFB - Mindy
HILL AFB - As characters from                                                                                            Webb, a stylist at the beauty sa-
the classic movie, “Wizard of Oz,”                                                                                       lon, helps a customer get purple
associates Roberta Calligaro, Eliza-                                                                                     hair just in time for Halloween
beth Hargraves, Linda Crisostomo,                                                                                        parties and festivities. She and her
Nakima West and Falane-Anita Mills                                                                                       teammates handed out “Spook-
ensure shoppers follow the yellow                                                                                        tacular Special” coupons to parents
brick road to Charley’s Steakery at                                                                                      and kids at the Idaho Exchange.
the Exchange in Utah. (Espie Capulong,                                                                                   Don’t worry, the purple coloring
reporter)                                                                                                                was just temporary. (Lynn Masters,
                                                                          BUCKLEY AFB - A princess and her Iron Men
                                                                          companions guess what’s in the gift boxes
                                                                           during the Safe Alternative to Halloween
                                                                           festivities in the Exchange food court.
                                                                           About 65 children, including the wee one,
                                                                   inset, played games, won prizes, and ate plenty
                                                 of delicious candy and fruit. Exchange managers and associates col-
                                                 laborated with base housing to sponsor the event. (Jeanine Limberger,

LACKLAND AFB - Sports broad-
caster and former Dallas Cowboy
Everson Walls poses for a pic-                                                                                           JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD -
ture with a fan during his visit                                                                                         Stand-up comic Carlos Mencia, left,
to the San Antonio base for an                                                                                           visits with a family during his visit
autograph session. (Crystal Carrasco,                                                                                    to the Washington State base. He
                                                                                                                         signed autographs and posed for
                                                                                                                         pictures with about 200 Soldiers,
                                                                                                                         Airmen and family members. His ap-
                                                                                                                         pearance was sponsored by the Air
                                                                                                                         Force Reserves. (Rebecca Hill Dussetschleger,

BEALE AFB - The Exchange’s
                                                 MOUNTAIN HOME AFB - Happy customer Kayla Walters surely
shoppers of tomorrow parade
                                                 has a strong emotional connection with the Idaho Exchange after         JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD -
through the California store in
                                                 deployed husband, Sgt. Phillip Walters, sent roses and a pumpkin        Reps from Elizabeth Arden perform
their best Halloween costumes
                                                 centerpiece through Petals and Blooms. The concessionaire was           free makeovers to make their custom-
to the smiles of parents and as-
                                                 advertising a deployment/TDY special for the holidays. (Lynn Masters,   ers feel special. (Rebecca Hill Dussetschleger,
sociates. (Theresa Weir and Charlie Marshall,
reporters)                                                                                                               reporter)

20   January 2011 The Exchange Post
Take your DVDs on-the-go!
It has never been easier with the
Coby TFDVD1029 10.2" Portable
DVD Player. Its sleek, compact
design features a colorful 10.2"
LCD display. Connect to video
games, VCRs, or other AV sources
with an AV input jack and enjoy
private listening with its available
headphone jack.

                              The Exchange Post January 2011   21
         Come in and see our selection
         of tvs and dvd players.

22   January 2011 The Exchange Post
     Available at your Exchange. Selection may vary by location.
                                                 Melody Henry – loss prevention manager              Catherine Sherman – food court manager,           Deborah A. Carmon-Coleman, 51,                 Ada, Okla. The former HQ inventory man-
          transfers                              V, EUCOM, to loss prevention manager V,
                                                 Fort Knox
                                                                                                     Schofield Barracks, to restaurant manager
                                                                                                     (SW), Fort Bliss
                                                                                                                                                       died Nov. 2 in Fort Worth, Texas. The for-
                                                                                                                                                       mer catalog/online merchandise manager
                                                                                                                                                                                                      agement specialist retired in 1990.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Joyce E. Marrow, 72, died Sept. 3 in
                                                 Hope Higgins – shift supervisor, Fort               Geraldine Silva – sales & merchandise             retired in 2010.
Pete Alaniz – retail business manager,                                                                                                                                                                Arlington, Texas. The former Pacific Region
Fort Lewis, to general manager, Beale AFB        Polk, to sales area manager, Fort Bragg             manager, Fort Lee, to sales & merchandise         Marjorie P. Dade, 37, died Sept. 18 in         associate retired in 1995.
                                                 David Hill – logistics operations manager           manager, Schofield Barracks                       Yigo, Guam. She was a Guam Area food
Robin Ayling – general manager, Offutt                                                                                                                                                                Dorothy J. Mays, 70, died Nov. 10 in
AFB, to general manager, Wright-Patterson AFB    I, West Coast DC, to region facility manager,       Richard Silvis – logistics operations             service worker.                                Churchville, Md. The former Aberdeen
                                                 Waco DC                                             manager III, Atlanta DC, to logistics opera-
Pamela Brown – store manager (BR/Gas),                                                                                                                 Earl Ealey, 45, died Nov. 16 in Clarksville,   Proving Ground associate retired in 2010.
                                                 Salvatrice Honshul – restaurant manag-              tions manager V, HQ
Fort Benning, to store manager (CS/Gas),                                                                                                               Tenn. He was a laborer at Fort Campbell.
                                                 er (BK), Grafenwoehr, to restaurant manager         Ivelisse Solazayas – operations manager,                                                         Phillip M. Menteer, 90, died Oct. 17 in
Wright-Patterson AFB
                                                 (BK), Fort Bliss                                    Fort Eustis, to operations manager, Langley AFB   Darlene Fields, 77, died Nov. 7 in El Paso,    Duncanville, Texas. The former HQ associate
Michickia Carter – reorder assistant,                                                                                                                  Texas. The former Fort Sam Houston MCSS        retired in 1973.
MacDill AFB, to store manager (BR/Gas),          Cheryl Hurdle – shift manager (retail),             Christine Stallwood – operations man-
                                                 Thule AB, to shift manager (retail/gas),            ager, Denver, to store manager (MS), Max-         manager retired in 1990.                       Kathleen D. Miller, 92, died Sept. 21 in
Fort Meade
                                                 Fort Dix                                            well AFB                                          Fidel D. Figueroa, 78, died Nov. 11 in San     Lawton, Okla. The former Fort Sill operator
Alison Clement – store manager (BR/Gas),                                                                                                                                                              retired in 1984.
Dyess AFB, to sales & merchandise man-           Shirley Huth – sales & merchandise man-             Anna Stanton – general manager, Beale             Antonio. The former Lackland AFB assistant
ager, Lackland AFB                               ager, Sheppard AFB, to general manager              AFB, to general manager, Offutt AFB               Four Seasons manager retired in 1990.          Lucy A. Moose, 89, died Oct. 7 in At-
                                                 (dual), Camp Zama                                   Patricia Taylor – sales & merchandise             Carolyn G. Gailey, 76, died Oct. 6 in San      lanta. The former HQ senior buyer retired
Janet Costen – store manager (MS), Patrick
AFB, to store manager (MS), Andrews AFB          Charles Knighten – store manager (MS),              manager, Andrews AFB, to store manager            Antonio. The former Lackland AFB senior        in 1983.
                                                 Fort Lee, to sales & merchandise manager,           (MS), Fort Lee                                    store associate retired in 1998.
Edward Devlin III – general manager                                                                                                                                                                   Philip A. Nuno, 61, died Nov. 9 in Cali-
                                                 Puerto Rico                                         Jonah Thomas – dispatcher, HQ, to logis-
(Dual), Camp Zama, to general manager                                                                                                                  Ruby Y. Goodman, 59, died Oct. 18 in           fornia City, Calif. The former Los Angeles
(Dual), Sheppard AFB                             Qiana Leonard – visual merchandiser,                tics operations manager I, Dan Daniel DC          Junction City, Kansas. The former Fort Riley   AFB senior store associate retired in 2003.
                                                 Fort Meade, to brand execution manager, HQ          Stephen Weaver – general manager
Stacy Driggers – sales & merchandise                                                                                                                   food activity foreman retired in 2007.         Gordon T. Orr, 71, died Nov. 2 in Gaiberg,
manager, Offutt AFB, to sales & merchandise      James McCready – region food pro-                   (dual), Kirtland AFB, to senior business pro-
                                                                                                                                                       Ida R. Hughes, 75, died Oct. 17 in La          Germany. He was a senior store associate
manager, Eglin AFB                               gram specialist, Western Region, to food            gram specialist supervisor, HQ
                                                                                                                                                       Monte, Mo. The former Whiteman AFB op-         in Heidelberg.
                                                 program manager, Pacific Region
Chris Floden – food service worker, Heidel-                                                                                                            erations clerk retired in 1987.                Will T. Owens, 47, died Nov. 10 in Dallas.
berg, to store manager (BR), Fort Campbell
Jeovany Garza – logistics operations man-
                                                 James McKane Jr. – restaurant manager
                                                 (CC), Fort Belvoir, to restaurant manager                   inmemory                                  John R. Jenner, 87, died Sept. 3 in Bald-      He was an HQ collection technician.
                                                 (BK), Fort Polk                                                                                       winsville, N.Y. The former Exchange ware-      Diane R. Smith, 43, died Sept. 21 in Pe-
ager V, HQ, to logistics operations manager V,
                                                 Michael Musser – restaurant manager                 Delphina Billie, 91, died Sept. 26 in San         house worker retired in 1984.                  tersburg, Va. She was a food service worker
Dan Daniel DC
                                                 (BK), Fort Irwin, to restaurant manager (BK),       Antonio. The Sales Directorate advertising                                                       at Fort Lee.
Michael Gerth – vice president, Direct                                                               associate retired in 1982.
                                                                                                                                                       Floyd Johnson, 91, died Nov. 1 in In-
                                                 Misawa AB                                                                                             dianapolis, Ind. The former Fort Benjamin
Marketing, to region vice president, Europe                                                                                                                                                           Elsie Smith, 95, died Oct. 6 in Kissim-
                                                 Hazel Paul – store manager (BR/Gas),                Nimia E. Booton, 84, died Oct. 19 in              Harrison warehouse worker retired in 1980.
Michael Gissendanner – supervisory                                                                                                                                                                    mee, Fla. The former Patrick AFB associate
                                                 Fort Drum, to store manager (BR/Gas),               Oklahoma City. The former Tinker AFB as-                                                         retired in 1977.
store associate, Eglin AFB, to shift manager
                                                 MacDill AFB                                         sociate retired in 1987.
                                                                                                                                                       Seymour Kapiloff, 95, died Oct. 4 in
(retail), Thule AFB                                                                                                                                    Deerfield Beach, Fla. The former HQ asso-
                                                 Ronnie Ramsey – retail project man-                                                                                                                  James C. Van Gronigen, 75, died Oct.
Brian Gonzalez – area loss prevention                                                                Karen Boulware, 50, died Nov. 8 in                ciate retired in 1973.                         12 in Le Mars, Iowa. The former Ellsworth
                                                 ager, HQ, to facility manager II (LG), Hawaii       Columbia, S.C. She was a senior store asso-
manager III, Western Region, to health &                                                                                                               Irene P. Kelly, 91, died Sept. 5 in Chester,   AFB manager retired in 1987.
safety specialist, HQ                            Natascha Richardson – accounting techni-            ciate at Fort Jackson.
                                                                                                                                                       Va. The former Fort Lee associate retired      Wanza J. Wallin, 89, died Oct. 13 in Del
                                                 cian IV (s), Europe, to accounting reconciliation
Alfreda Harden – area HR manager,                                                                    Frances C. Burney, 97, died Oct. 6 in             in 1975.                                       City, Okla. The former Tinker AFB opera-
                                                 supervisor, HQ
HQ, to HR manager IV, Okinawa                                                                        Biloxi, Miss. The former Keesler AFB associ-
                                                                                                                                                       Phyllis A. Lenard, 76, died Oct. 11 in         tions assistant retired in 1995.
                                                                                                     ate retired in 1975.

                                                 Rizalina Mendoza, West Coast DC                     Dollie Nichols, Fort Campbell                     Idalia Rios, Fort Sam Houston                  Lisa Taylor, HQ
       spotlight                                 Nichole Meno, Wright-Patterson AFB
                                                 Maria Karen Misagal, HQ
                                                                                                     Victor Nisperos, West Coast DC
                                                                                                     Geraldine Noble, Fort Sam Houston
                                                                                                                                                       William Risinger Jr., Fort Campbell
                                                                                                                                                       Marvin Roberts, HQ
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gladstone Tenhue, KMCC
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Julia Thornsley, Panzer Barracks
Cont. from Page 10                               Hezekiah Moody, Atlanta DC                          Birute Nolley, HQ                                 Rebecca Roberts, Fort Huachuca                 Deborah Tillotson, Goodfellow AFB
Excellence Awards                                Nathan Mooney, KMCC                                 Jeffrey Norris, Elmendorf AFB                     Artago Robinson, Fort Dix                      Nozomi Todate, Misawa AB
                                                 Sharon Moore, HQ                                    Nagisa Ohta, Misawa AB                            Edna Rock, Fort Dix                            Leilani Tomabechi, Misawa AB
Tina Massey, Fort Campbell                       Virgil Moore, Atlanta DC                            Hiroko Okamoto, Misawa AB                         Raquel Rodriguez, Fort Belvoir                 Guilma Tovar, West Coast DC
Waltraud McClenney, Fort Belvoir                 Yuko Morinaga, Misawa AB                            Klaus-Dieter Omlor, KMCC                          Ernest Rogers Jr., Fort Hamilton               Karen Trefurt, Guam
Walter McChord, Fort Knox                        Kathy Morris, HQ                                    Michael Oravec, HQ                                Virgilio Ronquillo, Misawa AB                  Victoria Tugade, West Coast DC
Michael McCoy, NAS Fort Worth JRB                Jose Munoz, HQ                                      Sagani Orenia, Joint Base Lewis-McChord           Steven Rosa, Schofield Barracks                Hiromichi Uchiyama, Misawa AB
Rex McDermott, KMCC                              Lanna Murdock, Grand Forks AFB                      John Osborne, Elmendorf AFB                       Scott Rose, HQ                                 Alvina Ulloa, Guam
Linda McGhee, HQ                                 Maricela Murillo, West Coast DC                     Daniela Owsley, Fort Huachuca                     Brigitte Ruebel, KMCC                          Timothy Urbanowski, KMCC
Lisa McIntire, HQ                                Pamela Mutchie, Fort Knox                           Anita Owusu, Fort Belvoir                         Kawinnartthaya Ruesopha, Fort                  Rodolfo Valenciano, HQ
Stacey McIntosh, HQ                              Laura Myers, Eielson AFB                            Miku Oyanagi, Misawa AB                           Belvoir                                        Glenda Valladares, HQ
Stefanie McKnight, KMCC                          Shuichi Nakano, Misawa AB                           Chieko Ozaki, Misawa AB                           Nicholas Sajulan, West Coast DC                Sauafiafi Vao, Schofield Barracks
Cynthia Mclain, Panzer Barracks                  Satomi Narita, Misawa AB                            Elwira Pachacz, KMCC                              Diane Salerno, Selfridge ANGB                  Ashley Vaughn, KMCC
Rickie Mclain, Ramstein AB                       Nora Nauma, Elemendorf AFB                          Feliciano Pacheco, Atlanta DC                     Pablo Sanchez, West Coast DC                   Michael Verdeyen, HQ
Josette McQuinn, Fort Belvoir                    Aida Navarro, West Coast DC                         Josephine Palacios, Guam                          Teresa Sanders, HQ                             Aniceto Villanueva, Schofield Barracks
Janet McSherry, HQ                               Rowena Navor, Hickam AFB                            Kamaldeep Pamma, West Coast DC                    Alexandra Scruggs, Elmendorf AFB               Rebecca Vroegindewey, Stuttgart
Lourdes Melgar, Fort Belvoir                     Stephen Neubauer, Fort Campbell                     Don Paratore, West Coast DC                       Peggy Seay, HQ                                 Kimberly Walker, Wright-Patterson AFB
Daisy Mendoza, West Coast DC                     Kindell Newberry, Fort Hood                         Elizabeth Pasese, Hawaii                          Karen Seigh, HQ                                Maria Luisa Walston, Misawa AB
Estelita Mendoza, Hickam AFB                                                                         Elisa Pasvogel, KMCC                              Nathan Selle, Ramstein AB                      Ada Walters, Eielson AFB
                                                                                                     Anne-Katharina Patterson, KMCC                    Ivin Serdenia, Fort Shafter                    Patricia Walthour, Fort Bragg
                                 retirements                                                         Rogelio Paz, Schofield Barracks
                                                                                                     Johnny Pedro, Elmendorf AFB
                                                                                                                                                       Richard Shaw, Stuttgart
                                                                                                                                                       Barbara Shelton, Maxwell AFB
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Danyell Watkins, NAS Fort Worth JRB
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lorna Watkins, HQ
                                                                                                     Mitchell Pennington, White Sands                  Misaki Shirai, Misawa AB                       Gloria Way, Atlanta DC
  Elizabeth Beale, Andrews AFB, 21 years         Phyllis Moore, Fort Campbell, 8 years               Missile Range                                     Juana Sierra, West Coast DC                    April Webster, Nellis AFB
  Kathryn Cramer, HQ, 23 years                   Willie Morris, Fort Sam Houston, 6                  Jamie Phillips, Wright-Patterson AFB              Ajit Singh, West Coast Dc                      Marylou Wery, Fort Wainwright
  Uralonda Crews, Fort McPherson, 11 years       years                                               Valbona Phillips, HQ                              Abby Sithirath, HQ                             Russell Westfall, Misawa AB
                                                 Frederick Norwood, Atlanta DC, 25                   Richard Pickering, Europe Region                  Angela Skinner, Eielson AFB                    Taeko Westfall, Misawa AB
  Joe Deerdoff, HQ, 36 years                                                                         Gabriela Pietzko, KMCC                            Janet Smiley, HQ
                                                 years                                                                                                                                                Mark White, Baumholder
  Antonya Deguzman-Brown, HQ,                                                                        Sharlene Piskorowski, NAS Fort Worth              Edith Smith, KMCC
  35 years
                                                 Claudia Pyle, Eglin AFB, 21 years                   JRB                                               Lita Smith, Eielson AFB                        Travarus White, Buckley AFB
                                                 Shawn Revilla, Waco DC, 34 years                    Louretha Pitts, Fort Belvoir                      Shalandrea Smith, HQ                           Victoria White, Fort Benjamin Harrison
  Gwendolyn Drew, HQ 23 years
                                                 Guadalupe Rodriguez, Fort Sam                       Nancy Place, Wright-Patterson AFB                 Terrie Smith, Fort Knox                        Mark Willars, Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  Corenthia Hambrick, Atlanta DC, 32                                                                 Barbara Puryear, Fort Dix                         Barbara Snider, Fort Knox                      Nuntarata Williams, HQ
                                                 Houston, 8 years
  years                                                                                              Michelle Quintana, Elmendorf AFB                  Ivelisse Solazayas, Fort Bliss                 Susan Willis, Fort Belvoir
  Sandra Harris, HQ, 26 years                    Bernard Smith, Kaiserslautern-Vogelweh,             Marjorie Radcliff, Guam
                                                 20 years
                                                                                                                                                       Sandra Solis, Goodfellow AFB                   Latanya Wilson, West Coast DC
  Debra Jackson, Fort Jackson, 23 years                                                              Ashley Rahman, Fort Campbell                      Janell Sosa, Wright-Patterson AFB              Maxine Wilson, Schofield Barracks
                                                 Juliane Stephens, Fort Knox, 7 years                Danielle Range, KMCC                              Imogene Sparks, Fort Belvoir                   Rena Wilson, Fort Huachuca
  Graciela Jones, Fort Leonard Wood,                                                                 Carl Reed, Yongsan AB                             Georgina Stasiak, Whiteman AFB
  21 years
                                                 Dalila Torres, Fort Carson, 20 years                                                                                                                 Jodi Wojcik, Fort Dix
                                                                                                     Betty Reisel, KMCC                                Bernd Steffen, KMCC                            Kimberly Womble, Stuttgart
  Sue Kallinen, Korea Capital, 18 years          Mary Warren, Fort Campbell, 20 years
                                                                                                     Tina Retka, Nellis AFB                            Christy Stevens, Eielson AFB                   William Wray, KMCC
  Shirley Mack, Fort McPherson, 9 years          Jane Webber, Korea, 29 years                        Natascha Richardson, HQ                           David Stewart, HQ                              Latonya Yancey, Fort Campbell
                                                 Perpetua Williams, NAS Fort Worth                   Natasha Richardson, Misawa AB                     Sabine Strauss, KMCC                           Ratchanee Yates, Fort Huachuca
  Lance McCloskey, HQ, 23 years                                                                      Samuel Richardson, Joint Base Lewis-
                                                 JRB, 11 years                                                                                         Raymon Sweezy, HQ                              Takuzo Yonaiyama, Misawa AB
  Yolanda Medelez, San Antonio, 18 years                                                             McChord                                           Vilma Tamayo, Hickam AFB                       Kristi Yost, Elmendorf AFB
                                                 Laurell Wolff, Nellis AFB, 23 years
  Howard Mims Jr., HQ, 20 years                                                                      Shannon Richardson, Fort Knox                     Claudia Tanny, KMCC                            Mara Zuckermann, KMCC
                                                 Lynn Wong, Hickam AFB, 27 years                     Richard Riley, Fort Huachuca                      Momoko Tatem, Fort Dix                         Candace Zulian, Wright-Patterson AFB
  Steven Mollohan, HQ, 30 years                                                                      Elena Ringle, KMCC                                Aimee Taylor, Elmendorf AFB

                                                                                                                                                  The Exchange Post January 2011                             23
                                                                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                    Waseca, MN
                                                                                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 351

Teamwork: you always have others on your side
       resident Harry
       Truman, known
                                                                                                              “You cannot raise the roof by yourself; it
       as a man who
didn’t mince words,
put it simply when                                                                                            sometimes takes a helping hand.”
talking about team-
work: “It is amazing                                                                                                         —Scott Maynard, quoting what
how much you can accomplish            a more cohesive workforce. What’s                                                           a mentor once told him.
when it doesn’t matter who gets the    more, teamwork can give people
credit.”                               insights into what coworkers are
    Experts also attribute the quote   enduring in their daily jobs, lending    vehicle registration offices and their      work through that difficult time,”
to famous UCLA basketball coach        to a new sense of appreciation.          counterparts in Dallas nearly every         Wagner said.
John Wooten, but that’s beside             “In today’s environment, people      day.                                           Maybe they were channeling
the point. To Scott Maynard, store     sometimes feel overwhelmed and              “The program works only                  author Margaret Carty, who once
manager at Fort Lewis, Wash., and      wonder how they can accomplish           because all different entities work         said, “The nice thing about team-
Ruth Wagner, senior program retail     everything,” Maynard said. “I had a      together as a team,” Wagner said.           work is you always have others on
specialist in Germany, teamwork is     young manager who looked stressed        “Without us working together, the           your side.”
the engine that drives the Exchange,   and perplexed. I asked her what          program would
                                       was wrong, and she responded, ‘I         be nowhere

allowing managers and associates
to accomplish goals they couldn’t do   just cannot seem to get this project     near as suc-                                       heck out what other manag-
individually.                          done.’ I remembered what a mentor        cessful as it is                                   ers and associates are saying
    Of the Exchange’s eight cor-       once told me and I repeated it to        and we would                                       about the Exchange’s Core
porate core values, Maynard and        this manager, ‘You cannot raise the      not be able to                              Values:
Wagner said that “teamwork” is their   roof by yourself; it takes a helping     look back at                                   • “Core Values: Those behaviors
favorite because it helps associates   hand sometimes.’”                        almost 118,000                              most valued by a group,” by Chief
accomplish a task quicker and builds                                            active fuel                                 Operating Officer Michael Howard,
                                       Teamwork: essential to smooth
                                       operations                               cards issued                                September’s Exchange Post.
                                                                                                       Ruth Wagner
                                                                                and more than                                  • Trust—Beth Goodman-Bluhm
                                           Maynard and the supervisor then      $4.9 million                                and Gina Woodruff, October’s
                                       formed a team of associates from         successful transactions.”                   Exchange Post.
                                       throughout the store, who worked
                                                                                True team spirit, difficult times
                                                                                                                               • Integrity—Amanda Schulze
                                       together to accomplish the task.                                                     and Marla Smith, November’s
                                           “At the end of the project, the         Wagner provided a good exam-             Exchange Post.
                                       supervisor smiled and said, ‘Roofing     ple of teamwork, recalling the time            • Empowerment—Steve Martin,
                                       isn’t as hard as I had thought,’”        when one of them made a mistake             Lynn Thompson and Dottie Black,
                                       Maynard said                             that left customers unhappy. Rather         December’s Exchange Post.
                                           Meanwhile, Wagner said team-         than making the person get stuck               Check back monthly to see what
                                       work is essential at the Mainz-Kastel    with taking the blame, the trio of as-      managers and associates say about
Associates at the Exchange bakery in
                                       bustling fuel card office, where she,    sociates banded together to work as         the other core values: risk-taking,
Gruenstadt, Germany, know all about    Robyn Horton-Cornish and Karen           long as it took to fix the mistake.         accountability, compassion and
teamwork.                              Haddox deal with stores, gas stations,      “True team spirit allowed us to          creativity.

                                                                                   Blog with us.

24 January 2011   The Exchange Post

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